Willkommen in deinem lokalen PlayStation.Blog! Benvenuti sul PlayStation Blog italiano!

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Hi Everybody,

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the launch today of two new Blogs for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

The first is the German Blog; you will meet Roland and the team who will share with you all events and news happening in Germany and Austria.

The second Blog that will go live today is the Italian Blog and the existing blog.playstationplanet.it will be replaced very soon by the Italian version of the PlayStation.Blog. It’s the same team that will be taking care of the new Italian PlayStation.Blog, you probably already know Maurizio who has been doing a brilliant job in providing the community with all the PlayStation news for Italy.

What can you expect from these new Blogs?

First of all, pretty much everything that we post on the English Blog that is relevant to a European audience will be localised and available in your language on the new Italian and German Blogs. On the top of this content, you will find all the news and events happening around you in your country.

You will probably wonder what happened to the French Blog and the Spanish Blog, they will both be launching very soon… I’ll announce the launch date on the European Blog soon. So watch this space!

A prestissimo sul PlayStation Blog italiano – blog.it.playstation.com

Bis bald in deinem lokalen Blog auf blog.de.playstation.com

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6 Author Replies

  • We want this blog in SPANISH!! PLEASE! Is a very good site but we want it in our language!

  • woohoo let the diversity begin! One question though how many languages will be available in the long run?

  • Will those blogs be local-only content or will they be simple translations of this (UK) Blog? (and do you need any help for the French blog?)

    • Both! Content from the English speaking Blog will be translated and the regional Blogs will be able to post their own local specific content, too.

  • good, hope they enjoy it :D

  • Nice job,
    but i’ve got a question, will dutch be supported in the future?
    And will it be available this year or next year (or not offcourse:P)


  • So is this going to officially become the UK Blog? Come on Jem, make it happen! We need a UK flag up there, not a Europe flag.

    • This is the English speaking Blog — though that doesn’t mean won’t have UK-specific events content on here from time to time.

  • i will soon be able to vist your sites soon ;)

    same news different language, does that mean scee localise games quicker, anyway it always best to have different blogs it suits different taste.

    now im back with my different language lesson‘s (bonjoer oui oui & non) lol :D

  • This is great! even if im not living in Europe. As i was reading i was like where is the french blog and then i read it was coming soon lol

  • Great news for Italian and German fans :D

    Thank you.

  • I hope this one is still going to be a EU blog (not UK). I don’t think local versions are really necessary. Maybe just as a translation – all should have the same content ;)

    • This Blog is the English version of the European Blog but also the Blog for all English speaking countries therefore you can expect to see more posts for English, Irish, Australian and New Zealand users with information specific to their countries.

  • Can’t wait for the french blog !!!!

  • jem is in tokyo for tokyo game show , so he can’t answer

  • I’m confused, so does this mean German and Italian members will now post on their blog and not this one, or are the comments sections the same for each site?

    For example when Mike Kebby (who actually updates the store) posts the update and proceeds to give loads of replies – will this post be duplicated across the other blogs, or will the local person in that Country translate it and post it themselves? In which case how do they get a reply as they aren’t dealing with the actual author – same with any of the developer/VidZone/SingStar posts, surely people would like address the person that can answer directly rather than through second hand translations?

    And what if there is something going on in the other territory like that Buzz event in Spain, or the GT Racers etc – will they be posted here still? I can understand having multiple languages, but I like the idea of a SCEE wide blog that we all share.

    I guess it’s good for those that don’t speak very good English, but I don’t like the idea of splitting out the content…

    • Don’t worry, you won’t see a drop in content here on the central EU Blog. What you *will* see is an increase in local content from the various regions.

      Your Spanish Buzz! competition example is a good one — that would still have been run on here (and therefor automatically pushed to the local blogs), because it was a “World Champions” tournament. It just so happened the final was held in Spain.

      Any German or Italian (or, eventually, Spanish or French) events that are relevant only to those local markets will have content specially written by the guys in that region. So not less content — more.

      As for blog responses, Mike Kebby (and most others) will still live on here. Comments will be unique to each territory Blog. It will be up to the local Blog admins to liaise with the relevant people to provide correct feedback in the comments. This could mean persuading language-savvy developers to comment in the German / Italian Blogs too, talking to the product managers at Sony Germany / Italy to find the answers or simply translating them across from the central EU Blog.

  • Finally :D
    i have no problems with english, but an Italian version is always welcome!
    Thanks a lot guys!

  • @14 – I just can’t agree more ;) I think that posts like weekly Store updates will be translated, but Mike’s replies won’t. So Italian and German people are going to still use this (EU) blog. It was good as it was till today ;)

  • Hello good stuff noticing other communities and stuff.


    Thats all i know, oh wait Wie Gehts Du

  • Does this mean that the English-Euro blog entries will be delayed until the translated versions are available, in which case people will just get the info first on the US blog?


    Will the Non-English blogs come after the English-Euro blog, in which case it will be too late cause people would have read the info on the English Euro blog?

    • Not “delayed”. We will schedule posts as normal, we will just require them to be written up earlier so that there’s time for translation. You won’t notice any change.

      Without pulling aside the curtain *too* much, often times post are set up several days before they go live. So this isn’t a massive change in our scheduling methods.

      As for the US, we will continue to aim to synchronise with them as often as possible. I know how much you guys love hearing Euro-relevant news as soon as it hits in the US.

  • I think we need a Norwegian/Scandinavian blog… i’d be happy to translate or anything… evne though i’m probably too young :( a guy can dream though

    • At the moment we are only planning to launch the French and Spanish blogs very soon but maybe later we’ll add more languages, there aren’t any plans just yet.

  • i want a UK blog, something to call our own!

    • This is the English Blog and you will find soon more and more content relevant to the UK on the top of the European content.

  • Like always, SCEE screwing things up and getting twice the work useless!

    We don’t need localized blogs all over the internet confusing people minds, We just want this one (european general) translated in ALL European languages, not only 2 or 3, so people who can’t understand EN can change the language and still read the exact same content.

    Another thing is:

    – if you’re not planning to launch translations for ALL European languages, then you shouldn’t be launching others then english.

    I call this discrimination. Just be fair once and for all!

  • MAMMA MIA (like Mario would say, i know it’s a nemesis but…)! I can’t believe we can get the italian blog so soon. thank you very much guys.
    I’m really glad that, after the first months, we’re really seeing improvements by the playstation team. Keep up the good work, Europe love ya :)

  • Hi. i signed up for the MAG beta code thing last week but mine hasnt arrived :( do you know why? is it that they havnt finished sending out the emils yet? or do they jusst not let some people?

  • I already DON’T like it.
    I don’t give a $h!t about reading stuff in English or German. I don’t need a Dutch blog (I went to school and learned a few languages) but I hate to read about stuff I don’t get and get completely ignored by the bloggers. I don’t want to read stuff that is happening in a cafe in London or about PLayTV or a movie or clip service I don’t get although I payed 600 euro’s for the game machine and supported Sony by buying games (yes I bought Lair) and blu-ray’s when they where very expansive because I believed in the PS3 and the new format. This is, again, a kick in the face.

  • an Arab version is envisaged? :)

  • I vote for a Norwegian blog!

    I know the entire Norwegian population will fit into a single London suburb, but come on, throw us a bone! You´re not still angry about all that pillaging and plundering from the viking era, are you? We´ve changed, I promise!


    Good to see that Europe isn´t totally backwatered by the US. A visible presence and proactiveness with regards to approachability for the different localizations is worth tons of goodwill.

    Oh, and a personal opinion: Nordisk Film isn´t doing you guys any favors up here in the north. One has the impression that the distribution of the PlayStation and related merchandise is some ill-gotten side-gig they´ve got stuck having to do, and they are half-assed about doing it too.

  • hey, are we going to get an Uzbekistanian blog soon? :)

    @ E-ROLE – is http://threespeech.co.cc not good enough? *smirks*

    and to all our non English gamer mates out there:-

    khodaa haafez
    Auf Wiedersehen
    Bis dann
    Buona sera
    À bientôt
    Do zobaczenia
    Do vstrechi
    Hwyl fawr
    Hasta La Vista
    Ha det bra

    and not forgetting


  • Great, thx in advance for the Spanish one. But just one thing, not for me, just a doubt.

    Of course some places are more, surely because a population matter, relevant to have an blog in their language and with their news. But, does it cost that much just to have a translator for each of the other countries? Even, sure there are some people experienced in two or three of the languages you would need. Most of the users in SCEE zone would have surely enough with a proffesional translation of the content here. Maybe that would have some issues with things like comments, but at least that could be let and have just the translation thing.

    How much could cost that to SCEE? Maybe not even for every SCEE country, but for the main 10-15 apart the main and usual 5.

    And don’t get me wrong, I appreciate every little effort you’re making (I even didn’t know you would make this blog Multi-5), but the only-translation thing was something I’ve been asking myself since the very first day the European Blog appear.

  • Yo, Tone

    threespeech cc is the dogs!

    It’s something to keep the spirit alive and Johnsketch sane.

  • @ Deviil-Boy – a blog for a region of the world that banned Pokemon because it promoted extreme zionist propagana? -hahah-

  • where is mr johnsketch? he hasn’t died of hypothermia in Scotland has he?


    people should check out our ‘how to fix the YLOD’ video :)

  • Will there come a Norwegian blog in the future? Not that I need it so much, you guys are doing so great allready :)

    • At the moment we are only planning to launch the French and Spanish blogs very soon but maybe later we’ll add more languages, there aren’t any plans just yet.

  • Erm, why is the english icon the EU flag, shouldn’t it be the Union Jack?

  • GRANDISSIMI..!! grazie ;)

  • And what about a blog in other languages? I think many people here in Poland would love to read Polish PlayStation blog ;)

  • Never mind Poland, just learn English lol,

    just kidding, I myself am polish:)

  • lol here a good idea jem, if they get different language blogs with they own content, it like SCEE tearing itself apart.

    so the question is: is SCEE going to be regionize e.g SCEUK, SCEESP (ESP)=Spain SCEAUS etc then they can sort out localisation of they own language games does that make sense. :|

  • EVVAI!!! thank you guys!!!

  • I agree with the posters here that the effort surely is appreciated but because of localizations like this EU is and will always be lacking with content and game releases.

  • “all events and news happening in Germany and Austria”

    How come not Switzerland? And is it going to be all about GERMANY or is it about german speaking regions including switzerland? Cause alot of games and content is not aviable in Germany wich is in switzerland. So will the leave that stuff out wich isn’t for germany and i never find out i could have it? Like the MAG beta for example.. it was aviable for switzerland but not germany.

  • Hey Jem / Emmanuel.

    Just wondering…?….does this affect the scandinavien countries, if so, in witch way. (denmark, norway, sweden)

    Personaly i would preferre if this blog would keep on being a EU blog with content that everybody from EU can join into, like competitions and so on.

  • This is good news,


    i hope that this will not mean that when i ask Mike Kebby or, say, a developer of some game, a question, they will tell me “You should ask that on your local version of the blog”. Because it’s OBVIOUS that Mike or other developers will NEVER answer questions on the Italian/German/French/Spanish blog (they already have got too much to do answering posts on the English blog!).

    IF it will be so, then it’s better to have only one blog for all Europe.

    If instead we will still be able to get answers from The English blog (which will be the ONLY ONE, i’m afraid, in which the developers will actually answer any questions) then it’s ok to get the local versions as well.

    Can anybody from Sony reassure me on this?

    • If you ask me a question on this blog qwerty, and provided I can provide some info, I will answer here; I certainly won’t tell you to go to another language version of the blog.

      Also if I were multi-lingual I’d do my best to visit all the blogs :)

  • I think you (Sony) focus a bit too much on regionalisation in general. While it’s not necessary a bad thing it has a cost to it in terms of money and lead time. While I understand you wrestle with legal and copyright differences on a whole other level than your US counterpart, don’t regionalize more than you really have to.

    Please don’t put any effort in creating a Swedish or ‘Nordic’ blog, we all speak and read English quite well.

  • @34

    Maybe they are using the standardised English chosen by the EU, it’s a little different from the UK English.

  • Zaphloo: PS3bloggen.se has everything you need from a Swedish blog :)


  • Zaphloo: I agree wholehartly … Most of Finns are quite capable on reading and writing half.decent English.

    I tend to things these translated blogs waste of time and money, money (mand manpower) that could have been spend way better to deliver real goodies (like games and acessories) to market.

  • Great, then we can know in German which game spaces and items we miss out on in Playstation Home and which german customers will never see because they are BANNED!

  • I don’t get why there are so many British people asking for a specific UK blog ‘to call their own’!

    Seriously; with a few exceptions made, everything posted on the EU blog is focussed on the United Kingdom and lots of content and support SCEE offers is UK based aswell. Why aren’t you satisfied?

    I think an Italian and a German blog only contributes to the big gap that already exists between the United Kingdom and the ‘rest of Europe’.

    Instead of forming a big and undeniable focus group as Europeans, Sony decides to cut Europe into even smaller pieces and makes it harder for themselves and us, the consumers who spent a pretty big amount of cash for the console.

    I am convinced that we should stick together, no matter what European country we’re from. English is our language and that’s exactly why I’m proud to be European!

    Anyway, who am I to complain. The Germans have it worse, they get left out even more.

  • Sorry all, for typos on my previous message. There is no edit-option for comments and my dyslexic habits seems to kick in when I write in a hurry.

    Anyhow. The point is that instead of localized Blogs I’d rather see either Sony release more goodies in time or lower the prices closer to what American people pay for same games. 1 euro is about 1.4USD.

    tojeka: Banned? Well I have to admit I do feel left out living in Finland, but at least I can access PS-home ..

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