PS3 Firmware Update (v3.01) Now Available

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Hi everyone, PS3 system software update 3.01 is now available for download. This is an optional update that improves system stability during use of some PlayStation 3 format software.

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  • From what I understand this only fixes problems with games like Uncharted which appeared in 3.0, graphical enhancements are planned for future releases?

  • Cheers,
    I just hope that you guys add the in-game voice chat, smaller text, in-game music, etc. The lack of these features is stirring me away from the PS3. Cause I love music when playing games, guess my 360 will do the job ;)

    Thanks for the heads up though :D

  • USELESS, like always!

    Why release 3.01 fixing only 1 (ONE) of the many problems that 3.0 brought!?

  • Because VitalogyPJ 3.0 brought on no problems for most people. So isolating those problems and fixing them takes days/weeks, not hours

  • Hi VitalogyPJ,

    Be patient I am sure they are working on our feedback/requests and that they will come in future firmware.
    The most important for the moment is that they fixed freezes and big issues more than graphical ones or adding more functionalities :-)

    So I wish this one fixes the freezes that I have faced which is not useless believe me :)

  • @vitalogyPJ

    Seriously stop moaning. Its better than nothing. You would moan if sony didnt release any patch for a while. At least sony are doing something about the problems that have been occuring and are fixing them.

  • well my batman aa still freezes my ps3

  • fairly quick fix for those still playing uncharted and its not mandatory which is good for those that hate doing updates.

    Would be good if on these (“improves system stability during use of some PlayStation 3 format software.” ) if you could list the software in question. In this case its obviously uncharted but in the past its not so obvious and there would be people that have given up on games due to bad stability, and they may go back if they knew something had been done.

  • Great. You give out updates, people complains. You fix some of what people complained about, they still moans. Well, good work Sony anyway :D

  • You sir, make me laugh ^^

    So, what you’re saying is that not all have huge fonts, huge icons, 3 shortcuts for store? Should I keep going on this?

    Sony kinda reminds me britney spears: “Oops i did it again”

  • No specifics Jem?

    The speed in which you guys found and addressed the problem is still pretty impressive though :)

    Any chance someone from R&D could post a list of the features and request for the firmware updates that are deemed “viable”? :D

  • @indy-greg

    Moaning? So i guess you like not to have change to choose! Its not moaning, is asking them to do the right things and not ignore the community who indeed helps to pay their salaries. Are they or not professionals? So!?

  • Is there any ETA on a patch for the lack of iPlayer link for people with remanufactured or sold eu models in the UK yet?

  • Thanks for the update, Uncharted was simply unplayable.

    I still have a few issues with the new firmware, but they mainly revolve around not having control over items, e.g. Font size. However I can’t complain you fixed the game I want to play =]

  • I think that considering the release of Uncharted 2 is just around the corner, an awful lot of people are giving the first one a playthrough in the run up.
    In light of that, getting it fixed quick sharpish was a priority, kudos to Sony for getting it done so quickly.
    Judging by the speed it downloaded this morning, I’d say it was a small incremental update, so no big deal with downloading either.
    Anyone who’s complaining really needs to pipe down, at least Sony are doing something about the problems that arose, even if it’s only incrementally.

    I reckon anyone who complains about a firmware update in future should be automatically rolled back to 1.0 and then see exactly how well they get on without all the ‘useless’ updates.

  • ‘Is there any ETA on a patch for the lack of iPlayer link for people with remanufactured or sold eu models in the UK yet?’

    what he said.. for people not in the know.
    Refurbed consoles that were sent out and also some consoles sent out to UK retail are CHEC04 models (european models) while CHEC03 (UK models) get the BBC iPlayer icon, CHEC04 models don’t.

    Can someone please clarify that this issue is indeed being worked on as fellow CHEC04 model users are a little worried that come november we’ll be shut out of the video store and as anyone else can understand we feel like we’re missing out on an icon everyone else got :)

    many thanks in advance to any correspondance you are able to get for us unlucky few (though the thread on the boards gets bigger and bigger)

  • I dont get what was wrong with Unchartered cos it worked fine for me, did most of the game in 3.0.

  • I for one quite liked the 3.0 update and the friends list doesn’t really bother me. I really liked the fact you got rid of this boring news feed and i like the clock at the top, it’s really easy to see also if your friends are on line and have any new messages. I think that in the next update you should features more customization tools were you can change text size maybe even more fonts, change the colours of the friends lists etc. But to have the choice and not have it imposed on us… I really like the dynamic themes ( as it looks cool and also and acts as a screen saver) and look forward to more. I would love a Noby Noby Boy one please!!
    I do miss the chime when you launch into games, i never got sick of that. Why not just bring it back for PlayStation exclusive games? That would be really cool. It didn’t really effect the load time of games significantly and it gives the games a bit more class, like you were playing art in some kind of way. ;)

  • Still no ‘TV’ icon :'( i hear 3.01 takes away the Afrika theme from non Jap users . Is this meant to fix the ‘ TV’ Icon on the xmb ???

  • My ps3 is a 04 and it says its a UK model !!!!

  • Thanks for this Sony! Great turn around but it would be nice if you could list which software it has fixed. Obviously most people know Uncharted is amongst that list but still a complete run down of those corrected would be marvelous.

    As for anyone moaning about the large fonts/icons, grey friend boxes and three stores just ignore them. From the masses of comments on the original Firmware 3.0 post I’m pretty sure you got the picture of what people want and I imagine you are working on it right now.

    The one suggestion I will say is that maybe it might be an idea to put any major firmware updates to the masses so you can get their opinions before the release. Sure it might take longer to get them out but at least you’ll show the ‘listening to the community’ aspect and hopefully less complaints after firmware is available. Just a thought :)

  • @ Ivan_Krazy, the PS3 does support in-game music – but it’s optional whether a dev adds it to their game – they can’t have music overlayed over all games because of patent issues with Microsoft’s tech (or so I’ve heard). It’s always worth going to your XMB and choosing a music track, it’s surprising how many games support it but don’t advertise the fact – Motorstorm 2, LBP, and Killzone 2 (multiplayer) as some examples.

    To be honest I think it’s a overhyped feature, devs spend thousands developing the soundtrack of their game to fit the mood of the game – why would you want to replace it and ruin the experience, it’s like taking your iPod to the cinema! I can understand it in some games – like racing games or some PSN games etc, but support is added to most of these anyway. If devs don’t add the feature to their game it’s probably because they want you to enjoy the game as they intended using their music…

  • OK, this is something. But please, come with fixes for other issues (beginning with the GUI fixes) soon.

  • @Apnomis
    Yes but I still prefer Microsoft’s mentality. An option to enable the music is better than just disabling it ;)

  • @ VitalogyPJ, the other ‘problems’ with FW 3.0 are not ‘problems’ as such, they are differences of opinion over aesthetics and there are actually quite a lot of (less vocal) people that like the changes – I’ve even met the odd person that likes the new friends list!

    However, games breaking is a whole different level of problem – Sony were absolutely right to give their full attention to these issues rather than worrying how they go about adding a text size option.

    Although I wasn’t affected directly, I’m glad to see they fixed the critical issues first and did so quickly – I’m also glad this is an optional update so people don’t need to waste time downloading it if they aren’t experiencing issues.

    No doubt in FW 3.1 options will be added to further customise the look of the XMB to suit all tastes – but these are not ‘problems’ requiring an urgent patch to the current FW release…

  • is this a free update , what price is it on the psn store ?

  • Ivan_Krazy…….

    then stick to your xbox

  • Great to see a fast update to fix the Uncharted problems :-)

  • woow what a minor fix update, eric.L from scea-blog says yes it fixes the uncharted

    but i wish it add more or in this case remove the grey boxes btw did some1 say that the next update will address the big fonts & it will be optional

    im sure he did say that last week Q&A, & the 3.00 was suppose to be the last update for this year, & now we get this 1 & 1 more. :|

  • @ Ivan_Krazy, but unfortunately Microsoft have patented that mentality so there’s not a lot of choice in the matter ;)

  • It’s a start at any rate. Once the GUI is returned to some semblance of a non grey boxed hell, we’ll be peachy. Also @sandystrachan, where did you hear 3.01 takes the Afrika theme away from non Japanese users, as I love that theme.

  • @Skookie30: This was clearly a firmware they wanted to get out fast so they fixed the problems had with the ps3 freezing when playing Uncharted. They said they would look into a lot of the things people complained about 3.0, so have some patience will you. I can understand people complaining once in a while, but when Sony says they will look into it, give them some time. The PS3 freezing is much more important to fix fast than some design choices some people may or may not like.

  • @AshAbuse I know people who updated to 3.01 and Afrika is gone

  • I hope it doesn’t kill machines. 3.0 Killed 3 PS3’s on my Friends List, mine included.

  • For the record, the Afrika theme still worked fine after I downloaded 3.01

  • @mcwildcard , so for those of the people i know its gone , how did you get it back or did it not go from the theme settings ?

  • lol i like that no wonder there haveing problems “they wanted to get out fast” you say that the problem

    sure im a patience guy we all are even you, but it was a Mistake to add the grey boxes & yes i to meet a odd person that simply love the grey boxes & fonts.

    they never thought that we will [DELETED] @ them as much, i want sony to kick M$ [DELETED] all over the dam place but they not helping by doing silly things

    before you say get a [DELETED] 360 i had 1, it lasted 4 months (RROD) So im not a fanboy or a xbot im just a gamer. :)

  • “some PlayStation 3 format software”

    What about writing exactly what it fixes? You know we would like to know! If you guys had done that a lot of questions here would have been unnessesary. Anyway thanks for another FW update….

    They are all a Bonus. You could have left the PS3 as it was in the begining. I’m off to update!

    Stop being a fanboy. I like both consoles and both consoles have both pros and cons.

  • Nooooo i was careful what i put i even censored it meself *sigh* “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” that not good :(

  • hey jem don’t suppose you know why we don’t have the scrolling news in the notification bar?

    also thx for the news

  • Where is the news ticker from pre.3.0?

    US and Japan has it, why not EU?

  • I saw the ticker belive me when i say we dont want it, it look crap(bad

    it the best thing SCEE ever did not to put it on :)

  • What about the GUI problems? We’ll get a fix or is Sony going to ignore us and continue with the retarded XMB design?

  • cool update, finally we can play Uncharted again.

    One question, though:

    Do you have any plans for impoving the music player in the PS3? With Improving I mean new visualizations. The PS3 is praised as Multimedia Player, yet it has only 3 visualizations. Even the PSP has more! Would it be too ahrd just to port over the PSP ones? That would make me already a happy customer!

  • What’s up with Uncharted ‘n all? Were there any problems with Uncharted due to firmware 3.00? Because I’m playing it at the moment, trying to get it on platinum. Anyone?

  • @sandystrachan

    It went to the default background after the update, but I just went into the Theme settings and selected it again.

  • Hi Jem, just wondering if there’s any word on the Pain Bluray patch? Really keen to try out the dlc I bought in August..


  • Pathetic like always, this is all?

    2 weeks for “This is an optional update that improves system stability during use of some PlayStation 3 format software”?

    I can´t believe it, really.

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