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First of all, an apology. You might have been noticing an increasingly frequent and increasingly annoying amount of adverts in-between videos recently. This was due to a bug and was certainly not intentional and we have been working like dogs to fix it. We would never overload you with adverts like this and we apologise for any annoyance and also ask you to keep using the service (and tell your friends) as this has now been fixed.

Now to the fun stuff…

Since VidZone launched back in the summer of love 2009 (Wow time flies when you are having fun) we have been asking all of you to let us know what you think of the service. What you liked, what you hated, what you thought was good but needed improving what you thought was rubbish and needed getting rid of completely, what you loved so much that you can’t live without… etc. We have had teams of people compiling all correspondence from the various tweets and blogs and Facebook messages and worked out what you all wanted the most…

Long story short we have a major update for you that makes VidZone better than ever!!

Pre-roll advertising will be shown no more than once every 15 minutes – No more adverts after every video, guaranteed!

16:9 support, true full screen display – This means that if the video is shot in widescreen, it will display in its full widescreen glory on your TV.

VidZone Widescreen

Virtual Keyboard is now supported in Search – Use your external or the standard PlayStation virtual keyboard to type instead of scrolling through each letter.

VidZone Search

Search is faster and improved – Faster searching and you are now able to search for special characters (ie you can now search for P!nk etc)

Start up time is reduced – No more waiting about to get partying!

Audio volume on music videos can now be normalised – Each video will play at the same volume meaning no more volume control surfing

PlayStation Network presence now shows the music video being watched in VidZone on the XMB™ friends list – Your friends will now know what you are watching so no more secret Celine Dion video viewing sessions!

Support for PlayStation Store purchases in Download menu – Videos will link to equivelant RockBand track in the PlayStation Store with more game/product links coming soon.

VidZone Rock Band

Default settings are now saved – If you have turned the clicker off, it will remember it for the next time you open VidZone.

Cache has been increased – VidZone will store more of your last viewed videos on the PlayStation’s hard drive so you don’t have to stream so much data.

Help screens are available in Settings menu – Having issues? Try the new help screens to answer your questions

Settings menu has been reordered – More logical ordering of the setting menu.

As well as a load of other little bug fixes to make your VidZone experience a much more pleasurable one.

So that’s what you have all been waiting for I think. Of course we will continue to update both content and the application until it is perfect but hopefully this will keep you happy until we update again.

We want you to keep suggesting improvements to the service so below are all the channels of communication for you to get requesting.

1. Reply to any blog entry that is posted here on
2. Twitter us
3. Email us
4. Facebook

For any problems you having with the service please e-mail

That’s it I think, and this is me signing off once more. Let me know what you think and I will be back to write about more exciting stuff shortly.

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