This week on the SingStore (17 September 2009)

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It’s good to be back with the SingStore update and I hope you like what I have for you today! Check out the whole list of tracks and artists below.

Hot off the charts: Pixie Lott’s ‘Mama Do’ and La Roux with ‘In For The Kill’.

SingStar La Roux - In for the kill

Some good olde classics in the shape of Dusty Springfield and ‘Son Of A Preacher Man’, Tears For Fears with ‘Mad World’ and The Foundations’ ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’.

SingStar Tears for Fears - Mad World

If you’d like to inject a little more rock into your SingStar performance, you can with brilliant tracks by Nirvana, Black Sabbath, The Libertines and The Pixies.

The SongPack this week comes courtesy of the amazingly talented Dizzee Rascal including ‘Dance Wiv Me’, ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’ and his latest hit single with Armand van Helden, ‘Bonkers’.

To everybody who downloaded the Coldplay 2 SongPack: If you could delete and re-download it, the medley should definitely be working now! Apologies for the delay in fixing this one.

Before I forget, a big thanks to my colleague Chris for filling in for me two weeks ago. Cheers!

Keep on singing and see you soon,

Nina x

SingStar Pixie Lott - Mama Do

In English:

  • Eoghan Quigg – 28,000 Friends
  • The Foundations – Build Me Up Buttercup
  • The Libertines – Can’t Stand Me Now
  • Aqua – Cartoon Heroes
  • Gwen Stefani – Cool
  • Gluecifer – Easy Living
  • McFly – Five Colours In Her Hair
  • Pixies – Here Comes Your Man
  • La Roux – In For The Kill
  • Nirvana – Lithium
  • Boyzone – Love Me For A Reason
  • Tears For Fears – Mad World
  • Pixie Lott – Mama Do
  • The Sounds – Painted by Numbers
  • Black Sabbath – Paranoid
  • Friendly Fires – Paris
  • Blondie – Rapture
  • September – Satellites
  • Black Eyed Peas – Shut Up
  • Dusty Springfield – Son Of A Preacher Man
  • Girls Aloud – The Show
  • Spandau Ballet – Through the Barricades
  • I’m From Barcelona – We’re From Barcelona

SingStar Pixies - Here Comes your man

SingStar Blondie - Rapture

Song Packs

  • Dizzee Rascal
    • feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome – Dance Wiv Me
    • Flex
    • Holiday
    • with Armand van Helden Bonkers
    • Fix Up, Look Sharp

    In German:

    • Axel Fischer – Amsterdam
    • Krümel – Mädchen Mädchen
    • Peter Wackel – Manchmal Möchte Ich Schon Mit Dir

    In Italian

    • Lost:
      • Ascolta
      • Nel Silanzio
      • Oggi
      • Standby
      • Tra Pioggia E Nuvole

    In Norwegian

    • Prepple Houmb & Morten Abel – Hodet Over Vannet

    SingStar Prepple Houmb & Morten Abel - Hodet Over Vannet

    In Spanish

    • Sidonie – Los Olvidados

    SingStar Sidonie - Los Olvidados

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    17 Author Replies

    • ummm Nice I guess :D lol

    • Thanks for the update Nina. It’s good to have you back. :D Are we going to get a August Top 20 next week?

      (La Roux + Black Eyed Peas + Aqua = Awesome update!!)

    • Sweet.

      More Tears for Fears. I demand it.

    • Hi Back Nina, we miss you last week!

      Please, as always my request is for more Alternative-Electronic music.
      I like 80’s hits and some pop but the lack of other kind of music is growing up.

      Massive Attack, Portishead, Daft Punk, Moby, Black Box Recorder, AIR…
      You know…

      And please more Goldfrapp songs, maybe “Ride a White Horse”.

      Also tell me if Roxette – Wish i could fly will be aviable as a single.

      See you in next update!

      • Ahh, thanks!

        Roxette should be available as a single next month! Wishes noted – all already being looked at :)

        See you soon! x

    • Hey Nina any chance of meatloaf i do anything for love????? I know it’s on one of the ps2 games really want to download it and four tops!

      My partners going to love Build me up butter cup and love me for a reason she’s been nagging she want’s boyzone since with go singstar!

      Any Bon jovi singstore pack happening????

      Also will Robbie – Angels and Bon jovi Living on a Prayer ever appear on the store or just on the singstore pop edition?

      And finally what’s the ETA on the last Queen pack and will it include Under preausre or going slightly mad??

      • Hiya –

        mhh – we’re trying in meatloaf but not having much luck for the store at the moment – I’d LOVE it though!

        On the others: Again, trying, trying , trying… not much more I can say at the moment as I don’t know!

        Queen 5 is out at the end of October including Under Pressure – not telling you anymore! :)


    • Any Madonna also coming soon or more Whitney Houston or Cher??

    • Will get bonkers when it’s released seperatly, and apart from that, nothing else, although it’s a good update!

      Oh, please get nirvana drain you and weezer buddy holly on the store!

    • Do you believe in love after love!!!!

    • The Foundations – Build Me Up Buttercup is it the Something about Mary video?

    • Great update!
      I ll be getting :

      Black Eyed Peas – Shut Up
      Girls Aloud – The Show
      Gwen Stefani – Cool

      Nina, should I be expecting more Sugababes or Pussycat dolls any time soon? :P (If you know… oh and you can tease me if you want to :))

    • thanks for reply on one of my comments the updates have been so amazing lately just been through the list on Youtube and there’s at least 5 songs there i’ll be downloading!!!! Many thanks for the hard work and hope you had a great holiday!

    • jchurchley:
      The contents of the Ultimate Queen 5 song pack were announced by SCE Spain a while back. Unless things have changed since June, the pack will contain…
      * Queen – “Innuendo”
      * Queen – “These Are The Days Of Our Lives”
      * Queen – “Under Pressure”
      * Queen – “Headlong”
      * Queen – “Princes Of The Universe”

    • That’s an… interesting interpretation of my username. :P

    • Blind Guardian… please :)

      …and ‘Hooked on a feeling’ with Björn Skifs :P That one’s actually on a Swedish disc release, it would be nice to be able to download it from the store :)

    • NINA:

      Is there any way for North American fans to give feedback to anyone in the Singstar Camp? As far as I know, you are the only direct link to Singstar?

      Ever since the UMG deal in the UK, the US sing store updates have been probably the weakest updates in the history of the game.

      But fantastic job on the Uk updates… we’re very jealous!

    • What’s wrong with the German selections? They have the most wierd as songs out wich noone ever would care about but ultimate Stuff wich really most ppl would HAVE to buy like Die Ärzte not aviable. there isn’t a single song of that band. There are others but Die Ärzte should have been a no brainer to do from the begining of singstar 1 on the ps2. and never happend.

    • I have a question.

      What happened with the videoclip of CHER LYRICS If I Could Turn Back Time?
      I remeber that it had a hot clip of Cher on a military ship. Why do I only see a boring foto montage?

    • hmm, thinking of buying this game but I looked at a song-download list and didn’t see much music I like, can you put up more pop stuff?

    • Hi Nina… Good update for Europe but I was hoping for more Lady gaga’s songs… Guess we’ll have to wait for that… Hehehe
      Do you know any information about a Singstar Chartbreaker release this fall? The Amazon Germany has already posted the game here:
      Thanks ;)

    • Hi Nina

      any chance of an eminem song ??? please

      also are those dizzee rascal songs available seperately ??? i have dance wiv me already

    • Awesome update this week! You rock my socks off Sony!

    • Yay, a Norwegian song. Well 2, if you count 1/4 of Aqua.

    • Hi Nina

      Is there any chance of making the songs downloadable through a section of the standard playstation store? I’d probably download more that way and you’d have a little extra advertising for all the great updates every couple of weeks. It would definiely be much easier to have new songs ready for that impulse singalong rather than hunting for some.

    • I want a HIlary Duff song.

    • thats a great update. will be spending a fortune this week. any news on some other chart songs coming to singstar like boom boom pow or poker face. If my nephew can get tichey striders number 1 i think you will have a life long playstation fan. lol.

    • Yet again we’re faced with an update that’s either boring chart fodder, or has a few decent tracks which are just recycled tracks from old PS2 discs. Not a problem if Sony doesn’t want my money! Oh and The Libertines are rock now? Hahaha :D

    • Hooray Boyzone….although it’s a pretty boring one to sing. That’s about all that interests me this time.

    • Oh wow! Aqua, The Sounds and Nirvana?

      You just made my fortnight, Nina!!

    • hi, already ,sorry for bad english because im french ,and i dont know if i can send my message here ,but i dont understand ur language, and u must know ,in europe not only peopol who speak english ,and i think just one country speak english and 25 no speak englis in europe SO I WANT TRANSLATE IN FRENCH ,I BUY MY PS3 600€ FOR NOT UNDERSTAND BLOG, WHAT THE F… i just want u make your work for what i paid , its not a joke ,im really fed up . the peopol who speak english is not only in the world .the real language is my money,and I have not had my money, i want a respond ,hoping that you consider your customers ok

      • Bonjour,

        I believe the blog will be available in French in the near future. It was only launched in English to begin with so bear with us and you will be able to get all the news in French, too.


        Nina x

    • in the right corner u say :select ur language SINCE 3 MONTHS OR MORE

      no comment……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

      • I’m afraid this sonmething I have to pass on to the guys running the blog as it has little to do with my SingStore updates.


    • @Nina: Is there a special reason for your content team to hate on the german fanbase so much? It was funy for a week or so to see only utter trash songs. But it seems your content team has decided that it is a good idea to stuff us with MORE of this garbage “music” by wannabe musicians who only exist in the narrow Apres Ski drunk stupor market. Please surprise us with REAL songs now and then. There ARE great songs by i.e. Roger Cicero, Herbert Groenemeyer, Westernhagen, Nena, Julie, Prinzen, Udo Juergens etc epp. Why has it to be the nonmusician Peter Wackel and Wendler?

      @serialkiller78: funny how you whine after using an ENGLISH username …
      vous êtes un crétin, l’anglais est une langue internationalement acceptées pour la plupart des gens en Europe. Personne ne pouvait utiliser ou à comprendre des commentaires dans les 25 langues différentes. Même les utilisateurs polonais ne demandent pas un blog polonais, apprendre l’anglais ou rester loin du blog.
      Translation featured by google :p

    • Dizzie Rascal pack:D do like

    • Hi! Is there any chance that in the future we could have the likes of Michael Jacksons classic tunes added such as Billy Jean etc? Also what about some of the Beatles tracks as well? And finally what about some classic 70’s rap? Sugarhill gang and Grandmaster Flash? That would be awesome! Keep up the good work!

    • Any idea when this will arrive in other stores like Portugal?

    • Hi Nina
      you never seem to reply to me , is eminem headed to the singstore anytime soon , id reli like 1 of his songs even if its without me released in the store , coz you hav that on the disc

      this morning i downloaded update 4.20 when i had Pop Edition in , went into the store got the video editor , i then came out and loaded up singstar vol.1 it said i had to download 4.20 , stange , i came out deleted the 4.20 update , went back in on singstar vol.1 downloaded 4.20 , tryed Pop Edition agen says i need 4.20
      why do i need to downloads of the same thing
      also i cant use the video editor or voice command in singstar vol.1 , says i dont have it , so i go to download it , cant download becoz i hav it on a different system
      and in Pop Edition i only have voice command becoz its on the disc , wont let me hav the video editor

      please reply to me , or sum1 help me PLEASE

      • The store and the discs are different so I am not sure if Eminem will make it onto the store in future (see previous replies to other users).

        Let me pass this on to the team and try and get an answer for you.

    • soz for bad spelling
      also says i hav it on different system , when i only have it on 1 system
      and thats ment to say ”why do i need 2 downloads of the same thing

    • Hi nina, wonder whether you can help me with sth,

      I’ve bought 2 new songs, and am trying to download them, but each time it is telling me download failed.

      My psn is still on and there’s no other problem with my ps3, so is there a problem with those songs? Can you please chk it out? I get the error code ue86 and FT1.

      It’s on one republic-stop and stare, killers- when we were young,

    • Wow… from the time you signed this contract with Universal it’s getting worse and worse for me :/ I’m glad I’ve ordered The Beatles: Rock Band.
      But Nina, tell me please, will there be any McCartney/Wings/Panic At The Disco/Maroon5 (or maybe even Lennon?!) soon?
      Anyway, I’ll check updates for a good moment to fall in love with SingStar again :)
      Take care

    • NIna,
      is it possible that the studio 100 tracks are also getting released in the store,

      since next week the disc will be out in the benelux with the following “kids-partytracks”

      Amika – Amika
      Amika – Het Is Zomer
      Anubis – Het Geheim
      Anubis – Het Huis Anubis
      Anubis – Het Pad Der Zeven Zonden
      K3 – Ya Ya Yippee
      K3 – Kusjesdag
      K3 – Kuma Hé
      K3 – Toveren
      K3 – Oya Lélé
      K3 – Alle Kleuren
      Kabouter Plop – Het Ploplied
      Kabouter Plop – Kabouterdans
      Kabouter Plop – Lalala
      Kabouter Plop – Sjoebi Doebi Dabidee
      Mega Mindy – Tijd Voor Mega Mindy
      Mega Mindy – Ik Ben Mega Mindy
      Mega Mindy – Mega Mindy Tijd
      Piet Piraat – Halloween
      Piet Piraat – Piet Piraat
      Piet Piraat – Piet Piraat Is Op Vakantie
      Piet Piraat – Storm Op Zee
      Samson & Gert – Vrede Op Aarde
      Samson & Gert – De Wereld Is Mooi
      Samson & Gert – Samsonrock

    • Hey Nina a request for the next update would it be possible on the actions menu or when on the song for it to say how many days since you last played the song!??? And somewhere a count of how many times you’ve sung it. Also is it possible to split the charts so that short versions have different chart than long. An error also i found is that the artists amount is wrong it’s saying 214 which is the amount of songs I have but artists are a lot less could you see if it’s a common problem and make build a fix. Many thanks!!!

      PS Sad about Patrick Swayze so any chance of Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – I’ve Had the Time of My Life anytime soon??????

    • Hi Nina,
      Could you please tell me if there will ever be any Greek language songs on Singstar?

      Any response would be great as whenever I ask about this the comment just gets ignored.

      Thanks in advance!

      • Hi, there are no plans as yet to add Greek as language.

        I do try and answer as many comments as possible – not possible to always get back to everyone :)

    • Hey Nina not sure if it’s a problem with the PS3 Firmware Update (v3.01) or my PS3 just decided to delete half my songs stored on my hard drive!!! Anyone else had a issue???

    • As far as improvement go, please could you considder the following: Whenever I am shopping in the singstore and my connection to the singstore drops … once I get back in… everything I had in my basket has been forgotten..?!!!

      This very frustrating as I now have to go and find and select them all again! Please fix this so that basket content is kept active untill 5 minutes after leaving/being kicked from the SingStore?

    • Can we get any lighthouse family or a song called wonderful life by black.

      or david gray songs babylon would sell loads.

      THANX GF

    • @lubo: you’re right…

      nina? what about the popular german singer…? monrose, no angels, juli, silbermond etc…. ???

      most of the germans are not these drunken people who likes to sing such songs like Axel Fischer,Krümel,Peter Wackel…
      … >_> apres-ski and mallorca party…

      we have many german singer who sing english… :( are there going to come any of them? … :(

    • Hi all,

      I’m really sorry but this SingStore update will be delayed until tomorrow morning.



      Nina x

    • Hi Nina,
      I am wondering why the songs released in the European Singstore can not be released in the U.S. Singstore simultaneously? Is this because of copyright laws or something? Also will there be any Maroon 5 or anything on the store soon?

      Thanks for the updates.

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