Robot Chicken Invades PlayStation Home

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Adult Swim here. Fear not, Smut Police, we’re nothing to do with aquatic monkey business, but everything to do with bringing the funny. We’ve been asked by the guys at Playstation Home to tell you about our show, Robot Chicken, currently spooling its way across the screens in the Home cinema. Apparently. (You’re going to have to bear with us a bit with the lingo here; we’re not from round these parts.)

PBCLOGOPN [Converted]

In the unlikely event you internet-savvy types don’t know it already, Robot Chicken is an Emmy-grabbing, toy-mangling, mick-taking, celebrity-baiting, stop-animation sketch show by comedy genius Seth Green – y’know, the actor who plays Dr Evil’s son in Austin Powers and provides the voice for Chris in Family Guy and played a (pretty wussy, let’s be honest) werewolf in Buffy. Yeah, that guy.


Robot Chicken is one of Adult Swim’s top-rating shows. We figured we’d put it out there in Home because, well, why not? After much vigorous debate, we chose a scene from Robot Chicken Star Wars because we love a good ‘Your momma’ battle — and so did Mr Lucas — plus a few more classic Robot Chicken skits. We hope you enjoy them, but please don’t ask us how to get there; we’ve no idea.


Anyway, go check us out. Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken: down the rabbit hole, past the fat guy stuck in the internet and over gravity’s rainbow. Or something.

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