PSP Firmware (v6.00) Update

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Hi everyone, PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware update (v6.00) will be available soon. This is a minor update, but here’s quick head’s up on what to expect.

  • For those of you looking to customize your XMB, a few new colors will be added under the Theme Settings.
  • A security patch has been added.
  • [Network Update] has been renamed as [System Update].

As always, we look forward to reading your feedback.

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  • What?? I’s a 6.00 update and still there are only a few small things addes… C’mon!

    Why call it 6.00, creates false hope.

  • 2nd
    why is there nothing spechial in a X.00 firmware it could be 5.71 or something like this but not 6.00!6.00 has to be something special and big

  • what’s with the: Games can now be grouped and displayed in folders based on their expire date under [Game]? sounds intriguing

  • WTH man!!??

    This is the stupidest update ever. This shouldn’t be 6.00, it should be 5.60 or something. Anything with x.00 has always been major, but this is crap!

    a jump of .45 for new colours that original psp-1000 owners like myself won’t get, and a stinkin change of name. WHAT THE FXXX!

    I hate the ps3 3.00 firmware, but this is even worse. Don’t bother making this update if ur not committed to it!

  • Your up early Adam? New theme colours?! C’mon, it’s party time :-)

  • LOL at the people complaining there’s not enough for it to be called 6.0. What difference does it make if it’s called 5.6 or 6.0 or -7.1? It’s just a number [DELETED]. It’s obviously been given a “major” version number just because it’s the first firmware for the PSP Go.

  • does this mean the badman demo will work now?

  • i first was really afraid that PSP FW 6.0 would be as bad as FW 3.0 on PS3 godthanks i do not have following features on my PSP now:
    1. Purple Background and gay sparkles
    2. Large Fonts and Icons
    3. PSN Store Item under VIDEO and GAME
    4. a “Whats new?” section
    5. Nasty grey boxes in my friendlistSo I would say, FW 6.0 for PSP could be much more successfull then FW 3.0 for PS3Well done Sony (laugh you out)

  • Nice an update that improves some stuff and I don’t have to pay for it.
    What’s everybody complaining for?

  • lol i love it, remove colour choices from the ps3 yet add more colour choices to the psp, that doesnt seem right specially when a psp has more colour features than it’s big brother lol other than that not much else to say regarding the psp update apart from nice i guess.

  • Im up early today did not see this was comeing

    i Should have stay in bed hehe

    i agree why on earth the 6.00 scee & not 5.56 or higher

    yes any number that matches 00 (those) should be a big kick in the Nads major killer update & not some lame update, even you said it was minor

    @ hazel you up early as well, anyway the v5.55 update when you get with the new final fantasy-D for psp should work with badman

    back to topic the minor update i cant blame scee this time heha as the F/W was made by scea so i say we should SHOOT eric.L lol. :D

  • Sry, but where are the new features for the PSP?
    I don’t need new colors for my XMB. I need the following things:

    – The internet browser need more cache memory. the cache is too small for many webseites. Place the cache on the memory stick!!!
    – higher flash version (i don’t can see videos by youtube)
    – FULL PSN integration (Friendlist, Chat, Messages)
    – Trophies

  • Is black an XMB colour option for PSP-1000 users now? Would very much like that option…

  • In the nicest possible way, this is a terrible firmware release, much more is needed and a x.00 firmware release have more than this no 2 ways about it.

    There is so much more room for improvement, playlist support, more codec support, as the above poster said, improvement to the browser cache, text rss support.

    Even just 1 of these would be worthy of a full number firmware release, but this is just atrocious, the fact is that it’s been awhile for ANY major additional features being made available for quite sometime.

  • IMHO it’s the firmware that will be in the new PSP GO, like the PS3 with the 3.0 which is the firmware the Slim comes with.

  • A security patch has been added.

    Hand it to those CFW PSP’s. :) LOL

  • i’m usualy up early, bit of an insomniac :(
    i heard there was a game that had the firmware needed to run the badman demo was out but didn’t know what it was.
    turns out i don’t have the game, and wont be getting it for a while.
    if there was content out there that needed a new firmware you have to ask why it wasn’t released, if it was working well enough to put on a game disc then surely it was good enough to release online.
    and why does the us version work and not the eu version?

    hold on though, soon?
    when is soon? soon’s been months, so far, with bomberman, is this the scee definition of soon or some other more accurate definition?

  • I find it incredible that some of you who are constantly moaning are more concerned about Firmware aesthetics than the actual games it launches, it’s difficult to tell whether you’re extremely conceited or incredibly spoilt. Either way there is no need to rant in this blog at every opportunity you get, have some consideration for the rest of the people who visit this blog. If you have problems with SCEE then contact them directly.

    Any update that introduces more customisation and security is a good update regardless of the version number it has been given.

  • @SiRobertson
    maybe you are a little sheep,
    but our opinion,moaning,whinig (call it how ever) should let sony improve their firmware and release politics.
    so this blog doesn’t need posts like yours, they are in no way helpfull to develop a better firmware.
    if are ok with that firmware, so just be happy and do not aks everyone else for not posting their opinion,whinig,moaning (call it how ever) in here.
    — Our Voice Must Be Heard (We Are The People) —

  • great thanks for the update

  • I have a question about the PSP firmware:

    Why is there no way to organize the content on the PSP?

    On the PS3, I can either press square to cycle between ways of grouping it, or first triangle and then choose “Group Content”. This is great for organizing the content, so that for example, on the PS3 Game submenu, I use the “Group Content – By Album” to separate my full games from my demos. Then I also use the “Sort By” function to make it so that my recently played games are at the top of each group.

    I don’t see why this wouldn’t be able to work on the same way on the PSP as it does on the PS3, and I wish this feature would exist as it would make the content on my PSP a lot better organized, especially now that the PS Store is (slowly but surely) getting more content, making the single list of content on my PSP longer and longer.

  • @21 i think sirobertson is right. look @8 and @9 and tell us what the point of those posting are. they are, as you write, “no way helpful to develope a better firware.”

    on a side note the update does contain a very interesting feature. expire dates for games. does this mean we will be able to rent games in the near future?

  • thank god you are in the minor, & not us major, if a pie taste like crap you would still like it, if someone got runover & Die you would say never mind move on with your life

    if you work for scee that why we dont get frigging answers jump on the scee happy ship that should be your motto

    well done scee for the good work on f/w 3.00 we really like it we like the bugs the LARGE fonts & that delicious grey boxes you should NOT fix it they nothing wrong with it. :|

  • @9 please explain why a security patch can be an “epic fail”? i have moaned at sony but i try and justify my comments (except for one!), so why is it a fail?

  • happy to see that sony still is working on regular updates, as well for the ps3, glad i bought both!

  • Update to my last post (#23)

    Hmm, I just updated to 6.0, and at first I was really happy to see in the feature list that was shown on the PSP, that this update does indeed bring the grouping of content.

    However, you can only group the games by expiry date. :/ Seems kind of useless to me, I wish it had the same features as on the PS3 (and also the sorting feature I wrote about).

  • @whoismilan

    my take on “expiry dates” means that you can only have the game a limited time. my thinking is then we might soon see a feature where we can rent games for, say 1 week, with an option to buy them later. of course i might be way off the mark but i can’t think of anything else that might justify expiry dates on games.

  • No new colour options for the PSP1000 themes… Stop feeding me BS… >:(

  • Wow, I’m really spamming this comments section (I wish that there was an edit button).

    Another new feature that was not listed:

    The game icons in the list of games are now loading a lot faster! That was a very appreciated improvement for me. :)

  • WTH expiry date for psp games i got 1 psp game from the psp store What on earth

    i never see that before on psp for games yes i see expiry date for betas but not for games

    so what happens after a 15 pound game you BUY & it expiry do we have to pay it again or just to download it again

    the psn games had not got a silly expiry date on ps3. :|

  • Ok, if this is true and you left out us (PSP-1000 users) then I am very disappointed in you Sony……….. This smells like a plot to let every1 buy new PSP’s…… Shame on you!

  • Considering I’ve only just installed v5.55 I found this very very odd. But then someone above mentioned it’s due to the being the first firmware for PSP Go. And they’re right. This firmware will obviously ensure current PSPs are able to do everything the PSP Go can, bar the obvious hardware limitations.

  • I wont update my psp i dont want tha sillyness of expire date, we pay for games they not cheap then it expire untill scee tells me i wont update

    yes by all means rent games from psp store cheaply then the expiry date will apply to that. :|

  • with the expiry date thing, could you not just set the clock back on your psp?

  • @ fub4r1979: What do you mean, “remove colour choices from the ps3 yet add more colour choices to the psp”? I’ve gotten the FW3.00 installed on my PS3 and i can still set the color for my themes. Both the classic and the new Fizzy one. I’ve set mine to bronze, so i don’t see a problem there?

  • but why should we set clock back, we do that in october lol
    i wont buy any more psp games as well from store Fu scee Fu sony Fu psp store that just sucks. :(

  • God, so much whining. It’s just a number. If it had been called 5.6, you wouldn’t have gotten a single feature more. And it’s the first firmware for the Go, so it even makes a little sense.

    No wonder Sony ignores these vocal whining types of characters who hang around on their blogs, and instead gets their information from market research.

  • Certain demos have a expiry date like Numblasts iirc. Doesn’t Battlefield demo on PS3 have a expiry time e.g. 30 mins of play.

  • Also, what do you know about how ‘big’ this update is? Some features are outward-facing, while others (e.g. the one that makes Badman work) are invisible to the end-user but important for game developers. Maybe this update just has a lot of the latter.

  • Well said #41

    People have got too used to thinking “big update number = big changes that I can see on the front end”

  • Okay that sound good thanks Gummy, yes battlefield 1943 has 30 minutes on it but you press triangle i dont think it says expiry date

    i will start buying games from the psp store again but i will TAKE NOTE more. :)

  • maybe, but then isn’t it scee’s responsibility to ensure that if a game needs the features of a firmware, it is available, if not before then at the launch of said game?
    where was the oh so strict scee QA this time?
    they can delay a game for a minor bug for months but then they’ll release content that is absolutely impossible to use.
    what’s wrong with this picture?

  • Guys, why do you complain about it not being a huge update? Was there even news of this update bringing major changes?

    You’re coming across as spoilt kids.

  • it should be Flame but who cares. :P

  • why is it always the people complaining about the complainers that have to resort to insults?

  • Why do people get so hung up on firmware numbers? If Sony had some things to update then so be it, why do they need to sit on the update until they think up some amazing new feature just because it’s a round number?

    As long as they add the functionality I want eventually I don’t really care if it comes with version 3.0 and 6.0, or version 3.37 or 6.19! I find regular updates reassuring and have loved the features added in some updates, but some people aren’t bothered about ones I like and I’m not bothered about onces they like. That’s life.

    Look at the PS3 updates todate, two of the biggest that added a ton of user requested features were 1.80 (DVD Upscaling, DNLA etc), and 2.40 (in-game XMB, trophy support etc). What do you gain by Sony sitting on these features just so you feel good about the ’round number’ firmware updates? Why wait months just so Sony can announce firmware 2.0 adds DVD Upscaling and DNLA, and firmware 3.0 adds in-game XMB and trophy support???

  • Interesting choice of 6.00 for the firmware but whatever, just good that the Badman demo should work now!

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