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Hey all. I hope you are well

We have a big update coming later in the week but if that was the cake, then this is a massive, sweet, juicy, indie band shaped cherry on the top… I for one am pretty excited about this one, being a big fan myself. I hope you are as excited as me…Details follow… Enjoy!

VidZone Editors Exclusive

The music video for Editors’ new single ‘Papillon’ will be available exclusively as a European premiere only on VidZone for PlayStation 3 from Thursday 10th September at 15:00BST.

VidZone Editors Exclusive

‘Papillon’ is the lead single from Editors’ forthcoming album, ‘In This Light And On This Evening’, which sees the band pushing their sound into a wholly new territory. Following the huge successes of début album ‘The Back Room’ and the Number One follow up ‘An End Has A Start’, all four members were keen to make a far more electronic record, whilst still being determined to ‘give the machines a human feel’ in the words of lead singer Tom Smith.

VidZone Editors Exclusive

The video was created by award winning film director Andrew Douglas, part of The Douglas Brothers who work at the threshold of art and commercial photography

As always let me know what you think and I will be back shortly with more exciting news.

Signing off


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17 Author Replies

  • Nice! Vidzone’s UI needs a complete overhaul though. It takes a good 5 minutes for it to properly load on my ps3

  • Bring it to Czech republic … :)

  • Still missing here in Denmark. Date-time please?

    • Hi markthuun

      We aren’t 100% sure on the actual date it will be with you but it will be sometime before the end of the year.

      I will let you know as soon as i know I promise

  • Rather make it work again, in Germany with T-Online. It always breaks, when it wants to show an ad… Interestingly, it does work with other ISPs (tested with the same PS3).

  • Very very nice, ove the Editors and nasrrowly missed out seeing them live this year which i was gutted about, now who needs to see them with this great Vidzone exclusive

  • so… anytime soon on the release to other countries?

  • Heyho :)

    Will we have Madonna in VIDZONE, someday? I mean, she is just the most successful female artist of our time, but… you know ;)

    Honestly: Will we “get” her? And if so: when?

    • Hi Gameboys

      We are working with the label to “get” her as well as a LOT of other great artists. Hopefully there will be some good news soon.

  • Vidzone feels as clumsy as the very first PlayStation Store, html and flash based monstrosity. I remember reading it’s the work of only two people. They need assistance.

    I struggle to use it efficiently, constantly going back and forth. It handled all the content better I would demo it to my parents and a few relatives and they purchase one immediately. Same with the web based iPlayer.

    Apple TV, learn something from their approach.

    • Hi Sparced

      I can assure there are more than two people here working on this project, if i can get us all in one photo i will postit on the Twitter as proof. Sorry to hear you have issues with the service, we have been taking everyones comments on board and we are striving to make the service as good as it can be and will be releasing updates to the service frequently with improvements and enhancements. Any comments you have please email to

  • Hi there when is this service coming to the Netherlands…??:D

  • Don’t care about these “Editors” whoever they are – get me some Jpop!

  • will we ever be able to stream music form vidzone on a walkman ect now that we have adverts befor the vidz?

  • How do you guys keep doing this o-o EXCLUSIVES man, its so weird.

  • What I don’t understand is why SCEE would post this on the blog when the majority of people who have to use this blog don’t have this functionality!?…

  • I still dont go on VidZone because it takes too long to load and the quality/aspect ratio just isnt good enough. The search could do with improving too. Otherwise it would be a good app for the PS3.

  • When the update comes for the best music video service? :)


  • Thought that you could edit videos. :P
    Can’t wait to get this to Norway. Would it be a lot of local videos in each country?

  • ace sounds great i love vidzone . i have one little niggle tho just lately the ads keep appering after each video or sumtimes when i skip a song its becoming annoying im sick of seeing IL-2 Sturmovik cannot u make em ever half hour or summat instead after each video :)

  • I want Depeche Mode and Chemical Brothers NOW ^^.

  • YIHA – Thanks for your answer, Ben!

    I really hope we (can) “get” her, soon :) I need all of her great videos and hopefully some special-things… like video-premieres or live-snippets or whatever …

    …and of course: other great artists from that label, too! ;)

    And one more thing: (Well, actually three) I hope there will be 16:9 support and the possibility of HQ-Vids someday, too. And please… we (german) have one commercial between each video – that’s worse than viva oder mtv – nothing against commercials, but that’s too much… especially because it’s always the same nokia-spot!

    What about a shuffle-function – throught all the videos you have!? Do you guys thinking about that?

    I love VIDZONE :D And if Madonna will enter VIDZONE: I will be there – everyday ;)

    OK – enough for today… byebye

    • Hi again

      We apologise to everyone who has been getting adverts too frequently. This is not intentional and we will have a fix very soon. Please bear with us.

  • Dear Mr. Ben,

    Is there any date for when VidZone will be arriving in Sweden? Thanks.


  • Guys whats going on with vidzone recently? i seem to be veiwing ads after every track???? heeeeelp!!!

    • Hi Superman1970

      This is a bug, we truly apologise for this one as we know it can get REALLY annoying. We would never intentionally have an advert more than every 15 mins and we have a fix for it coming very shortly so please bear with us.

      Again, apologies for the annoyance.

  • I want an edit-function *shame* … my shuffle-sentence!

    What I actually wanted to say: What about a shuffle-funktion through all the videos? Do you guys already thinking about that?

  • are you going to have empire of the sun?

  • Hi Ben,

    Any information about a ETA for The Netherlands?

    • Hi UltraRoy

      Not a firm date yet, we have a lot of things to finalise, but you guys will be the first to know when we do.

  • I still haven’t had last week’s update, apparently a new playlist called ‘Remember These Massive Hits’ (or some’it like that) was meant to go up.

  • Ben, I just remembered something that happened last week.

    As someone who was growing up at the time of the original release of Up the Junction by Squeeze, I was idly trawling around VidZone I spotted Squeeze in the Artist list and Up the Junction as one of their songs, so I started playing it and realised that it was the first time that I had ever seen the video for it. And given that I don’t watch music channels on TV, I would probably have gone the rest of my life without seeing it.

    Its not a remarkable video by any stretch of the imagination, but just a piece of my youth that I didn’t see then and would probably never have seen in the future.


  • @MalcolmHD – all those features coming very soon, hopefully by next week but definitely by the end of the month, i promise

  • Great news!
    can’t wait to see the video!

  • I agree it needs an update to make it a bit faster!

  • xshane – keep checking out the blog daily.

  • Afternoon Ben,

    I notice in the 2nd picture that the background has changed back to its original launch colour (blue, which I prefer) as opposed to the current red. What’s with changing these colours anyway?

    Thanks :)

    • Hi Hobgoblin

      We like to change it every now and again to keep it looking fresh. but we will note that you like the blue when we change it again :)

  • Sorry, another question (which I’ve emailed you guys about), would be good to know if others have been experiencing this:

    Was going through my playlist the other day and decided to delete one of the videos from it. Went through the normal procedure, deletion was confirmed,and my playlist total went down by 1. I then scrolled through the playlist again, and yet the video was still in it. I deleted it again, total went down by 1 (again), yet video was still there (and playable).

    Are others having this problem, or is it just me?

    Apart from that (and the annoying ads), excellent service. :)

    • Hi hobgoblin,

      Sorry you didn’t get a reply, we did receive your email and tested it here but couldn’t replicate the problem you were having. Perhaps if you could tell us some more details in an email to like how many videos are in the playlist of yours as this may be the issue.



  • <>


    Maybe the answer to that question has something to do with the fact that a huge number of people can access VidZone and are interested in service news and updates, including myself.

    Does that sound completely unreasonable to you?

  • — What I don’t understand is why SCEE would post this on the blog when the majority of people who have to use this blog don’t have this functionality!? —

    RE @BlackMage3

    Maybe the answer to that question has something to do with the fact that a huge number of people can access VidZone and are interested in service news and updates, including myself.

    Does that sound completely unreasonable to you?


    We really need an edit button, even if it is only enabled for 5 minutes after a reply is posted. :)

  • I seem to get ads even if I don’t play a song. If I am skipping through playlist tracks it seems to register and playing them and ads play perhaps every three – four tracks I’ve skipped

  • Well, all this exclusivity stuff is great… Buuuut just wish I could use it on me Danish Ps3…

  • any update on emi and warner? estimate on new vidz for 2mz?

  • How dificult is 16:9 to implement?

  • i0_t0 – keep watching the blog!

  • This is my VidZone experience at the moment. Load in a playlist. Skip first track watch add, skip next track, watch add, skip next track watch ad. Argh! The ads shouldn’t come up until I’ve watched at least some of a video. I shouldn’t have to watch more ads than music videos – should I? Why is it not possible to skip through the tracks in a playlist to get to my favourite one, WITHOUT the ads! Show me an ad after I’ve watched several whole tracks. Better still, give me a subscription service where I pay £5 a month for add-free access! (Please?)

    • Hi reakt

      This is a bug that we are very close to coming up with a fix for. We do apologise greatly for this as we know this can become extremely annoying to all of you. Please bear with us and we will have some good news soon.

      apologies again.

  • I hope the GUI overhaul comes sooner rather than later, I can’t bring myself to actually use the program as it is at the moment, which probably means I’m missing out on some great vids but I just can’t stand the current GUI.

    Hopefully a big blog post ill be made when you finally upgrade it so that I (and no doubt others) will know when they can start using the program again.

    Also keep rolling out to other countries, I know I’m complaining about the interface but there are others who I’m sure would put up with it if they only had the program in the first place!

  • All I want is the search function to work with keyboards then I’ll be a happy bunny. :D

  • Hey guy, just wan’t say I’m loving VidZone! I know you’re fixing the problem without video-adverts and giving a 16:9 display, but I was wondering why my non-video-adverts are just appearing as white blocks? I don’t know whether it’s just me so you could know about it but in case you don’t, there you go, any idea of how to fix it? And will we get HQ videos sometime in the future? Or would this feature be impossible to implement without starting from scratch?

  • ben,

    all vidzone needs is a few things to make it awesome from very good.

    quick loading. it takes ages for it to load up from the xmb.
    the interface is clunky and very difficult to follow for users who are not used to tech stuff. i know how to use it but casuals will get lost trying to use the service.

    search function. please please please change it.

    finally iron maiden songs.

    do that ben and i will proclaim vidzone to be the greatest invention ever

  • Is there going to be Vidzone for PSP im confused??

  • Hi Ben,

    First of all, a big thank you to you and the rest of the team for a great app!

    There seems to be a problem with the video for Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You”. If I give it a while to buffer, the video will eventually start playing, but there is no sound with it.

  • How about VidZone in Poland? We want it sooo much! :)

  • hey ben can i do my work experience at vidzone? that’d be awesome

    really looking forward to the future of vidzone and hope sony launches more non-gaming apps because there great!

  • What a waste, a great service that has been completely ruined by adverts. I don’t think an overhaul of the user interface or 16:9 will be enough to make me want to re-install Vidzone. :(

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