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Many of you have been asking why we haven’t responded to your complaints about last week’s 3.0 update until now. Sorry it’s taken us a while to get back to you – this is obviously an emotive subject and there have been a lot of issues raised surrounding the release, so we wanted to make sure we could come back to you with a comprehensive response that answers your most frequently asked questions.

I don’t like the “Fizz”. How do I turn it off?

To turn the fizz off, go to the Theme Settings under Settings on the XMB, you can choose different themes from here. “Classic” is the default theme without the fizz.

Where’s the game start chime gone? Why would you remove it?

One of the reasons we removed the PS3 jingle is that it was created to indicate the start of a game, but now we’re offering non-game content such as Vidzone in addition to games. More importantly though, this change makes the loading time a bit quicker than before, which we think will be a noticeable benefit for all game users.

The BBC iPlayer icon hasn’t appeared on the XMB. How can I get it?

There are 2 criteria for the presence of the iPlayer icon on the XMB:

(1) A PSN account or guest account as a UK resident

(2) A PS3 console sold in the UK. If you don’t have either of them, the icon will not show up. You can access the BBC iPlayer without the icon, by using the PS3 browser. The quickest way to get around it, is to type “iplayer” in the Google search shortcut on the XMB and click “iplayer” from the search result. You will be redirected to the PS3 special site of iPlayer, where you can then press “Select” to add to your bookmark.

For a better experience in the future, we are looking at the possibility of removing point (2). However (1) is required to identify your country of residence.

I don’t like the size of the font and the icons. Why can’t I change it back to its old size?

Based on your feedback, we are looking at the possibility of making the changes optional.

The US and Japan have a few Dynamic Themes available already. Where are ours?

The Dynamic Themes were supplied to all three regions at the same time, but unfortunately, due to the complexities of the PAL region’s PlayStation Store publishing process, they missed our publishing window last week. (Remember, we have 29 stores across 25 countries, which require the use of 13 currencies and 8 languages, so it’s more difficult for us to publish last minute content than it is for either the US or Japan). We can confirm that some Dynamic Themes will be made available on the EU Store this week, and we have a little surprise prepared especially for our PAL readers that we hope you’ll agree is worth the wait!

I used to be able to surf the net and listen to music simultaneously. Now I can’t. Why?

The PS3 extended the upsampling capability to audio tracks stored on HDD and storage media with v3.00. Some function on the XMB such as the internet browser and photo gallery outputs with 48KHz only so you need to set audio outputs as 48Khz to enjoy music and net surfing.

The first thing I see when I turn my PS3 on is adverts. What does this offer me?

It’s not just about adverts — the primary role of the “What’s New” screen is to get you into the game more quickly. You’ll be able to jump straight into the last three games or applications that you’ve been using. It’s basically acts as a short-cut to the games that are resident on the HDD, so that they can be automatically booted up rather than having to go via the game selection icons on the XMB. In addition, “What’s New” will give you a chance to discover some of the best deals on offer, read about the hottest stories currently making news across the web or even give you a heads up about some exclusive content our own EU Blog. We’re planning to improve “What’s New” in the future with some exciting content and customisation, so we eagerly await your feedback and ideas.

Uncharted freezes ever since 3.00 was released. Is there a fix coming soon?

We’re aware of the problem with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune following the latest system software update and have a team working hard to isolate the issue. We’ll update further information here on the blog, as and when we get it. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Well guys, I hope that’s helped answer some of your questions. Thanks to all those of you who have provided positive feedback on 3.0.

As a wise person once said, “You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot please all the people all the time” — We love hearing everyone’s opinion so keep the comments coming!

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5 Author Replies

  • Much appreciated.

    … Now what’s the surprise theme on Thurs? :)

    • That would be telling!

      I’m replying to this comment so that you all see it — Mark will be replying to more of your responses in the morning.

  • thanks for the answers guys, its good to hear that you are in the process of fixing things!

  • Game start chime should be at least optional!!! I loved it and it’s really hard to live when it’s gone :(

  • Do you guys plan to speed up the in game XMB anytime? Thanks!

  • Here you go seany1 lol, its here!!!

  • Are there any plans for HD with the iplayer?

  • Thats helpful, thanks guys.

  • Anything on the friends list? That is my only problem with the update, love all the other changes.

  • Sigh… you guys have to revert to the old userlist… its horrible now :(

  • Apart from the system breaking things that 3.0 brought, which I luckliy haven’t encountered. I have no real problem with the new firmware.

    One thing I will ask pleasently before you get bombarded with hate; what are the grey boxes around our friends in the friend list for? Can we changed their colour to something different?

    Thank you and good luck answering what will no doubt be an angry post! :)

    • Thanks for the comment.

      We know that a lot of you have commented on the friends list and we are currently talking go the Powers That Be about addressing your concerns

  • What’s the surprise!

    Ooo its like christmas

  • what about the big silly boxes in the friends list?

    What about Cross game voice chat? is it ever coming?

    Why does the XMB have 2 links to the PSN store? 3 links when the video store comes out?

  • Good we finally got some answers but the excuse about the themes seems a little weak. However can you confirm you are looking at possible problems update 3.0 had with dual shock 3 controllers? ive heard of a few cases (including myself) where it worked fine before and know doesn’t?

  • I’ve always wondered if the maximum amount of friends will be increased again?


  • Thanks for some answers, but no updates on what you guys plan to do with the friends list?

  • Also the grey boxes are annoying yes its not an immediate concern but it would be nice for them to dissapear

  • What about the ugly grey friend boxes introduced in 3.00? Will they be changed or become an optional feature? I dont mind everything else, but I struggle to understand why you would mess up the sleek contenuity of the XMB design like you have with the revamped friends list!

  • Huzzah! I, like many users here, am pleased to finally hear of the things you’ve taken on board. Nice one PS Blog. Two things though, if you don’t mind answering them? (Pretty please) :D

    1.) Avatars. Is there a specific date yet on when we’ll see some more being released?

    2.) Have you got any official prices for the Dynamic Themes?

    Bearskopff :)

  • Although I wish we could get more “whats new” content like the Americans do, and the news ticker they have is pretty helpful.

    And get rid of that dang option two for iPlayer. I think my PS3 is french :(

  • a) What about the ugly friends list?

    b) If you are gonna make these changes – make ’em quick.

    Other than that good job :)

  • Still leaves some questions unaddressed. For instance the friends list… it looks absolutely dreadful and the graphic design is poorly done. The majority of users don’t like having the PS Store everywhere they go. Shouldn’t it be about getting to the content first? Stop pulling the wool over our eyes, we know that this is about advertising when it’s the first icon we see every time we move over. I suppose this is the kind of BS we have to deal with while PSN is free.

  • Glad to hear you’re hard at work fixing things! Thanks for the update!

  • ohh a surprise, maybe just another dynamic theme?

  • What’s the point in having these Playstation Store and What New ‘shortcuts’ if they aren’t going to be updated every week?

    The Playstation Store shortcut wasn’t updated last week but maybe that was because of the lack of any decent content??!!

    Laziness on SCEE’s part?? Most likely the answer to this question.

  • Can we have the option to change the colour of the grey boxes on the friends list?

  • Right, but what about the ugly friend list?

  • Also, since 3.00 Resistance 2 freezes to a black screen after the incogneto logo has come up and has to be powered off with the switch at the back to get back to the XMB. Only issue I’ve realy had after any update so far

  • oh and well done to SCEE for a change rather than the usual “we are looking into it” cliche

    *sorry for double post i was excited by the surprise :)

  • Any chance you can confirm or deny whether the latest firmware update is the reason why my PlayStation 3 died, Mark? If not, any chance you can provide a time frame on when the next update will be released?

    My PlayStation 3’s chance of working again kinda depends on it. Thanks.

  • Great, expect one of the biggest complaints was never mentioned. The friends list…. :(

    And with the web browsing + music issue etc… Why not just an “Auto” mode? so people dont have to change it everytime

  • Appreciate the communication, thats all most people want some honest communication.

    I am happy with 3.0 apart from 2 things.

    1) Don’t have iplayer icon as I have a refurb 60gb from Sony which is a EU 04 model, so hope you do remove step 2 as stated.

    2) The friends list – the grey boxes are really ugly and spoil the lovely XMB – and I love the fizz BTW


  • ‘“What’s New” will give you a chance to discover some of the best deals on offer, read about the hottest stories currently making news across the web or even give you a heads up about some exclusive content our own EU Blog.’

    I think you’ll find you’ve just defined an advert.

    If I want adverts, sorry ‘news’ I’ll fire up the internet, not my console. Give us an option to disable them please. Oh, and one link to the Store would suffice.

  • what about all the serious issues the 3.0 firmware causes???
    you were even not able to tell us if the next fw. is going to fix those and when is coming?

    this is a joke!

  • Can’t wait to get rid of those ugly big fonts :D

  • and its took you a week to tell us this>?

    You have missed all the important questions and answered what you feel like…

    what about the big ugly out of place boxes in the friends list?
    They are horrible.

    What about the freezing of the ps3 when your just sitting on the XMB?

    You just don’t care about anything it seems, very selective answers, you guys need to wake up -!!

  • Oh, I’ve just realised the news ticker hasn’t appeared on my XMB since the update… You may want to add an on/off control if only for the benefit of those it’s not worked for!

  • Thanks for the response guys, you’ve covered most of issues but the Store icons haven’t been addressed, no doubt the SHOUTERS will make you well aware of that though. ;)

    Could we be getting the LBP theme for free? That would be very cool indeed.

  • Just to puck up on point 2 of the iplayer, as far as I know models affected like cecho4 have been sold in retail stores in the uk, additionally scee are handing out cecho4 models as remanufactured units. Step 1 I could understand but the predicament of two isnt the fault of the consumers, but sony and the retailers.

    I do hope 2 is removed in the future otherwise it could cause more problems for us.

  • I just revisited the Theme and its great for old people like me. Can We have bigger fonts and boxes for the senile please?

  • Usual banal and trite answers , telling us nothing we did not already know, and using the ever usefull excuse of localisation ,What about the friends list grey boxes, what about the other game freeze (Batman AA amongst others) problems, a whats new that has not updated yet and does not include all games in latest played (Batman AA for one) . i expect i’ve missed a few other things out but i’m so frustrated now it beggars belief , how long has 3.0 been on the drawing boards surely it cannot take that long to put a few themes on a a few different stores at a few different prices

  • It’s TRUE you can’t please EVERYONE :D
    I liked the update. It was just the Moving Themes we didn’t get made me mad :D Oh well, can’t wait to see what the EU PSN Store brings this week :P

  • Thanks for responding about this!

    I myself have two things I hope you can implement:

    1) When you get a message, the box image comes up in the top right box, nice. But if we get more than one, can you put a number to show how many are unread? Also, show if we have a text chat invite?

    2) If possible, please make an option to revert back to the old settings, where the jingle when you start up a game comes back, and the beginning boot up sequence music is back to the way it was? Just an option, let people who don’t want the jingle to be heard have their choice as well.

    Thank you!




  • Thanks for the information…most of the questions I needed to know have been answered. Looking forward to finding out what the “little surprise prepared especially for our PAL readers that we hope you’ll agree is worth the wait” is.

  • I like most of the new FW 3.0 except the friends list, seem more like a place than anything right now. The blur effect when entering sub menus is nice but maybe you don’t have to over do it? Sometimes less is more.
    Also Flower froze for me yesterday, never happened before (haven’t tried any of the other known freezing games).

  • I, for one, applaud SCEE for its dedication to translate dynamic Zebras into 8 different languages so it can placed on 29 stores across 25 countries, which require the use of 13 currencies.

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