Fate/Unlimited Codes Coming To PSN Store Today

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UPDATE: Unfortunately, SCEE QA issues have resulted in Fate/Unlimited Codes being pushed back to next Thursday, September 3rd. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi everybody. This is Rich Earl from Capcom in Europe here to tell you all about the latest Capcom fighter, Fate/Unlimited Codes. Fate/Unlimited Codes is excitingly the very first download only title Capcom have released for the PSP. The game will be available to download on the PlayStation Network on Thursday 3rd September.

Fate/Unlimited Codes is based on the popular, if slightly crazy, Japanese visual novel/anime and is developed by Eighting who are sure to be familiar to any fighting fans. They are the guys behind the ‘Bloody Roar‘ series and ‘Tatsunoko vs Capcom’.

Fate/Unlimited Codes takes place in a local town in Japan where seven pairs of ‘Masters’ and ‘Servants’ compete for the ‘Holy Grail’ that will grant them any wish. This frantic fighter has a deep roster of characters, each with their own unique moves. The accessible combat system means that even the most novice fighter (i.e. me) can pull of kick ass moves and batter their opponent across the screen, yet those more experienced at beat ’em ups will appreciate the depth in each fighter techniques. This is also the only Capcom fighter that has a weapons based combat system which just adds to the fun.

Here’s the game in action:

[viddler id=6fc56b31&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, the producer of this game and known for his work on the Street Fighter Alpha series, loves the PS community and wants to share a few things about Fate.

Fate/unlimited codes is an ultimate fighting game made available on PSP, which was originally a popular arcade VS fighting game in Japan. In addition to arrangements made to fit to the PSP platform, almost all the fighting systems known for Capcom games and Fate’s original systems have been implemented to enhance the gameplay.

Speedy combination attacks are the core of this game. You’ll discover a very intuitive move cancelling system that adds variety and depth to the gameplay. For instance, while you are attacking your opponent with a sequence of combos, your opponent dodges, then counters with a special move. You can swiftly cancel your own move to throw a counterattack! This is sure to excite even the most seasoned fighting gamer.

Of course, high level techniques are not all what Fate is about. Each command input is made so simple that anyone can freely play any character. The in-depth training mode will allow anyone from the beginner to the veterans to improve their moves.

Additionally, the game content is as voluminous as a packaged version. It offers 17 playable characters, 8 game modes, 250+ stage missions, and more to meet your expectations.

Next week, I’ll share with you about enriched game modes and unique characters. Stay tuned! – Kazuhiro Tsuchiya (CAPCOM)

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  • Dear Richard,

    Can you please confirm that Fate/Unlimited Codes is coming to the Australian PSN Store?

    Further to that, can you please confirm whether any of the Capcom UMD Legacy titles or PSone classics will be making their way to the Australian PSN Store?

    Thanks for your time.



  • Thanks for the heads-up! been looking forward to the release of this for a little while now. Any idea on a price or do we have to wait til the update later for that?


  • Holy Grail Burst Super Move? I hope the Catholic Church don’t get wind of this! ;-)

    Great game, silly name.

  • Probably will be a slow month thank god I bought a slim and Batman to keep me occupied.

  • @3

    WAKE UP KAP!!!!

    Did you miss the numerous times that Mike said “I’m on holiday next week” during last week’s Update post? :D

  • I shall probably get this one. Hopeing its a fairly small download as I love it when a game that you can come back to over and over again for playing in short bursts don’t take up too much room, leaving space for the bigger games.

  • i want a box, a disc and a manual. digital only is as much fun as renting a car instead of buying a new one.

  • Seems nice, now it all depends on the price.

    I’m betting now that Mike Kebby isn’t here to announce the update, it will be the best ever :D Poor Mike.

    Remember, you read it here first ;)

    (oh please, PSN, don’t let me down =X)

  • Now can we just get ad-hoc party please. im getting annoyed at sony for not making this a worldiwde application

  • A Capcom man on the EU Blog? Prepare to be grilled about Capcom’s plans for an EU release of PSOne classics! Starting with RE:Director’s Cut hopefully!

    And yes, as mentioned already Mr Kebby has escaped the wrath of the blog community this week, I’m not expecting much from the Store update this week but a dynamic theme or two would be nice (and a free one would be nicer!)… Oh and don’t forget the avatars you promised ;)

  • Any news on if the Resident Evil 5 space in Home will ever be updated like the US was months ago ?

    Capcom make some great games but are so poor at keeping EU as up to date as US or Japan.

  • Well this seems ok but I can’t say I’m fond of the graphic style or character design but I’ve never been that keen on that particular style of manga.

    Would love if Eighting did a new Bloody Roar for PSP or as a download for PS3. I still play the PS1 game Bloody Roar 2 a lot on both machines.

    And Capcom can you please do a new portable Street Fighter? A new Alpha or a portable SFIV would be lovely. Alpha 3 Max is still my all time favorite PSP fighting game by far.

  • WOW, 23.99 for a fighting game, that seems pretty steep, especialy in light of soul caliber coming out. I may not buy it straight away, but I am sure it will all get the better of me and I will probably get it.

  • £23.99? See this is exactly the reason I am reluctant to buy a PSP Go – in the ‘real world’ this game may have a £25 RRP, but everywhere online would sell it for £17.99 or less. PSN is a monopoly on digital content that price fixes releases at their RRP with no option to shop around for a better price.

    No wonder publishers are eager to bring out digital only games – less cost and more revenue will look good in anyones book (apart from the end consumer of course).

  • Very true.

    still, I hate having to carry round UMD’s, so regardless of if I buy a psp go or not, I am still probably going to go for the downloads.

  • do you think that the way things are handled regarding the PSN in Europe and game releases in Europe compared to SCEA is acceptable?

    please copy and paste this question at will please lets hope the more people who do the more we likely get an answer. im gonna copy and paste this on a couple of other threads on the blog too to drum up support.

  • After watching some vids, I dont think I am going to get this, I might hold off for Soul Calibre as I am not a huge fighting game fan, but would like one good downloaded game ( I have tekken but its on UMD, yak)

  • Trying to find this on the Store and it isn’t in the PSP games fighting section or on the new PSP content. what gives? everything else is there :(

  • Yeah, I’ve been waiting all day for this, so where is it?

  • Great, I just visited the Capcom Europe Website, and it says it will be released next week. What’s up with that?

  • Another fail from SCEE, this is making me very angry

  • Richard Earl you should be fired from your job as a brand manager, you suck at your job!

  • Dear Richard,

    I answered my own question. Why wasn’t Fate/Unlimited Codes brought to Australia? I’ll buy it, seriously!!!!

    Please reply to my questions.



  • Aww dang bad news about it being delayed :(

    it seems that SCEE QA screw up a little to much thus making people angry not good.

    @23 you cheeky bugger how exactly is it Richard’s fault for it not being released on your store or the delay so perhaps you should learn some manners tbh mate.

  • “£23.99? See this is exactly the reason I am reluctant to buy a PSP Go – in the ‘real world’ this game may have a £25 RRP, but everywhere online would sell it for £17.99 or less. PSN is a monopoly on digital content that price fixes releases at their RRP with no option to shop around for a better price.

    No wonder publishers are eager to bring out digital only games – less cost and more revenue will look good in anyones book (apart from the end consumer of course).”


    And why the hell must F/UC be the first game to get ****ed over with this kind of distribution?

    Where is the box and manual, what exactly are we getting if we pay for it that the pirates wouldn’t get for free? It doesn’t even add to our real collections.

  • Next thursday surely would be the 10th.

  • its still not in the aus psn T_T i wants it…if it doesn’t show.
    going to buy it overseas stores. *sigh*

  • why is this game not available on the Saudi PS Store, which is part of PAL territories?

  • I bought USA PSN codes from http://www.4saleusa.com/ internationally without any problems, I guess US store has cheaper prices for apps & sitcoms.

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