gamescom Interview: Ratchet And Clank: A Crack In Time

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Here’s the last in our gamescom video interview series, this time taking a look at Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time with Greg Phillips, that game’s producer. It seems like so long ago, I can barely remember what we spoke about, so let’s have a little look.

[viddler id=9aa68e94&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

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  • Can’t wait for this game.

  • gosh i hope you can use clank in the end/challenge mode, and multiplayer. no multiplayer is dumb as it was introduced in the second game (a secret 2-player sheep minigame) and no R&C PS3 game has had it so far, so please put it in, insomniac!

    could you pass that onto insomniac, james?

    • I’m not in regular contact with them but I know that they read all of their posts and comments on both blogs.

      Personally, I like games like R&C and God of War to be kept single-player, but I’m not really into multiplayer gaming.

  • Can’t wait for this, day 1 purchase! Any word on the collectors edition for the UK?

    I just hope there will be more Ratchet And Clank games after this.

  • [JohnSketch]

    Who was the camera man/woman during this vid?

  • I just want a date and CE news for the UK now, the game looks great

  • Is this gonna have in-game advertising like everything else Sony related! Every time I turn the PS3 on I am greeted by the PS3 Slim logo, followed by the PSN Store which has scrolling adverts for games and the PSP-GO!

    All Sony exclusive developers should go multiplatform in the next gen, because Sony has peeved off its customers on a regular basis this gen, I for one will never own a Sony product again!

  • I cant wait for this game, i wonder if they have any plans for the next few ratchet and clanks – as well i think RATCHET AND CLANK NEEDS AN ANIMATED MOVIE! i love the cinimatics in R&C so i bet an hour and half movie would be great! DO IT SONY AND INSOMNIAC, DO IT

  • Nice job moving the mic, Mr Camera man :P

  • James !
    What TV were they using for this and Uncharted ? I want to get the best TV possible for my PS3.
    Thanks :D

    • They’re all Bravias but I’m afraid I have no idea which model and I’m not enough of an expert to make a solid recommendation. Have you checked the PlayStation forums to see if there are any TV threads?

  • hi James,

    On the forums we could ask questions to Hideo Kojima & Kazunori Yamauchi any info when you gonna post the interviews.

    • Yes, Jem did the Kojima interview and that should be coming soon (they take longer to edit due to translation).

      I interviewed Kazunori-san and will be writing up the answers as a text interview shortly.

  • but this is not the first insomniac game with trophies, Resistance 2 had trophies, where’s the fact checker???

  • Will there be a Ratchet&Clank Animated Theme coming for the PS3? :P

    + Where is the LBP Animated Theme on the Europe PSN Store? :-(

  • If Sony would have set a precedent twisting Insomanic’s arm into patching trophies for Resistance Fall of Man and Ratchet more third party developers would have followed their example.

    I hope this game isn’t another inferior sequel. Resistance 2 was a generic mess of a shooter and lost everything I identified with the series. Looking back it’s unbelievable it scored higher than Killzone 2 on IGN.

    They must have just decided to give the same rating to both Gears of Wars 2 and Resistance 2 to save themselves from acquisitions of bias.

  • Yeah I agree, both RFOM and R&C should have got trophy patches.
    If Naughty Dog can do it for Drake then Insomniac should have shown willing too.
    That goes for the PSN R&C title too, how hard van it have been as the games already have an internal trophy type thing going on.
    I really hope this sequel is both more of the same and also raises the bar some what.
    I agree with ‘sparced’ in that R2 was nowhere near as enjoyable as RFOM, certainly as a single player anyway.

    I wonder if Insomniac could use some of the trophy code of the new R&C to patch the old ones after the new one is out, they might have some free time and resources, it would surely add a few sales and get me playing them all again?

  • JAMES!!!!
    Thank God!
    A fellow Single Player!

    I can’t escape the constant whining about multiplayer. So many people will not play a game without it… it baffles me!

    When did Single Player become an after thought for so many people? There’s nothing like sitting down and being immersed in a good SP experience.
    I suppose it’s why I gravitate towards PlayStation. For deep, fun and inventive single player it’s second to none!

  • @Samii NUMBER 7

    They are hardly ads.

    They are merely promoting the latest content coming to the PSstore and Playstation world.

    It’s a great way to let the consumers know what’s coming.

    ‘I am greeted by the PS3 Slim logo’

    That is not the Ps3 Slim Logo. It’s the new PlayStation3 logo… It’s not advertising either… it’s just a friggin start up logo!!!

  • It’s great you’re rationing out the Gamescom news but can we get the Gt5 stuff soon please? Jeff at the Blog promised it was coming in a few weeks but forgive me for being impatient but, TGS is only a few weeks away now and will surelly have more GT5 news than we can digest

  • @James

    Good to see another single-player gamer. Ratchet should remain a single player game.

    Anyway when will there be a mention of the Ratchet & Clank European Special Edition.

    I saw the image on the Insomnaic’s Twitter.

    I hope it is soon I want to pre-order it. :)

  • ‘Its not a start up logo’, they only just made it for the PS3 Slim! That logo never existed at the original launch and came along on the PS3 Slims release! Also, if it ain’t advertising why did Sony replicate the already there PSN Store and put it in the games section so the first thing you see is 9 advertisements!

  • @12 i agree he definitely says the first time trophies have been put in a game by insomniac.

  • What was the Uncharted mistake, asking the Kart Racing question? Or forgetting to mention a release date for Europe.

    • Wrong guy, wrong event.

      As for release dates, I’ve mentioned before that we always ask before the interview. If the interviewee can’t give one, there doesn’t seem much point asking.

  • Still working my way through the first R+C on the PS3, so many great games on this system and just not enough time to play them. i thought the summer drought would help, it did a bit, but not much and now we’re into the buying season again. AUGH!

    not feeling the love for those Clank time sync puzzels in this new game though, that’s kinda put me right off.

  • @15:

    Uncharted was an easy game to implement trophies because the structure for it was already built into the game. Thats why when all the trophies in Uncharted are EXACTLY the same as the in-game medals. Plus, to prove my point even more. The trophy patch for uncharted was only 13MB, other games that have had a sole trophy patch have been much larger.

  • I didn’t like the Clank sections in any R&C game, I hope these ones are less action-focused and more puzzle-based. Intricate puzzles at that, I don’t want any “Put the four Clank’s on four different buttons to proceed” scenarios. The action bits are looking awesome though and I’m loving the new art-style.

  • I really don’t care about R&C anymore. It’s too milked-out for me. And after the atrocious 3.0 update yesterday I won’t be playing much on the CheapStation anymore since I had about ..oooohhhh.. TWENTY lockups today while playing Uncharted; Super Rub a Dub (I have kids) and SingStar. What a farce.

  • Not directed at you James, or even this blog post in general but i had to say it somewhere.

    Why do SCEE territories not get the GoW 1+2 ports? You’re losing out on money; internet dwellers will import it from USA. So bloody release it sometime near the US release date if you want money.

  • Any chance on seeing a Ratchet release date and boxart announcement post soon like the US just got?

  • [quote](from James)Yes, Jem did the Kojima interview and that should be coming soon (they take longer to edit due to translation).[end quote]
    dont call me stupid or anything but you would expect someone with such popularity and talent as hideo kojima would speak english wouldnt you. Or did you mean kojima as in the company?

  • just to let the people who dont know or are still questioning… on the insomniac forums they have announced the box art for the european only collectors addition…along with what the collectors addition includes

  • why do so many people want multiplayer? it took ages getting the resistance2 multiplayer trophys, what matters the most is the single player, multiplayer should be secondary, who agrees?

  • The new PS3 box art design is truly horrible. It’s like the work of a 14 year old in Photoshop. Complete rip off of the Xbox 360’s temple but when you have more of a square retail package than rectangle it doesn’t make any sense.

    Here’s the Ratchet U.S box,

    I’ve got 45+ PS3 games and now they wont match with new games. At least we don’t have the stupidly placed “Only on PlayStation” banner added to European releases.

  • @ the one just above me:

    Do you mean US releases?

    We don’t have those ‘only on playstation’ things, just the PSN logo.

  • One thing you need to check out please.

    The Comic-con Ratchet and Clank trailer in the Spanish store has no music :(

    Fix that issue please.

    Thanks :)

  • Hahaha now I get it! The rebranding is because you think the ‘dumb’ consumers might think it’s a new and better PlayStation and will buy into it. You really have no limits as to s.c.r.e.w. us over. I’m ditching the PLAYSTATION 3, I’m sick and tired because you clearly cannot decide which way too go with the PLAYSTATION 3. You cannot just rebrand and forget about the past and hoping all the negative news about PLAYSTATION 3 to blow away? Are you really that daft? Well, looking at my XMB now, it’s yes. There are 20 million people who suddenly feel their identity has to be changed (look at the missing PLAYSTATION 3 splash comments on the Firmware change). People tend to be brand loyal. You cannot change that overnight! And if you do, do it well: In the About Game pane there’s still the Spidey font. Goes to show how bad this firmware is. For me: Exit Sony.

  • did you ask how long europe, being the biggest market for the ps3, will be forced by scee to wait for this game?
    i mean we have to wait for just about everything because of scee, the god of war collection for example, among hundreds of other items.

    i am a victim of the two faced mod musterbuster, communication with scee has failed so i am making my complaint public.
    i have been banned from the forums and then had my psn account threatened for apperantly trolling those same forums, this is unacceptable.

  • i love this franchise… it’s so great… :)

    can’t wait to play… even if miss both characters together… united… as in “tools of destruction”…

    thanks to sony and insomniac for making such a great experience :)

  • Love Insomniac as developer’s, Loved the Spyhro series back in the day and love Resistance, this is going to be my first Ratchet and Clank game I’ll play

  • A little tip for the camera man. In future I would like to see the game being played on the TV, NOT the back of the interviewers head. Even the developer he was talking to isn’t that important as long as i can hear what he’s saying.

  • It would be nice if we could get some official Euro release date updates for all SCE titles, not just Ratchet & Clank, with info on what retailer specific promotions there are.

  • No God of War Collection

    No Dynamic Themes

    No new Avatars


  • do you think that the way things are handled regarding the PSN in Europe and game releases in Europe compared to SCEA is acceptable?

    please copy and paste this question at will please lets hope the more people who do the more we likely get an answer. im gonna copy and paste this on a couple of other threads on the blog too to drum up support.

  • nice post 40!!!!
    Im loosing my patiente with SCEE especially when they put a burn zombie burn theme on for £1.50 and its not even dynamic!! RIP OFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!

    Also no psp v5.55 = fail!

  • James, do you come from Birmingham?

    Nice accent ;)

  • Nice to hear a Midlands accent for a change :)

  • Hey J,i find u again!~so, am i your big fans now?:)i hope u can see me here!~

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