Firmware 3.00 Now Available

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Have you heard? Firmware 3.00 has been unleashed and is now available to download via System Update on the XMB. In case you’re not entirely sure what new features this update contains, we’ve got a video walkthrough, showcasing some of the major improvements. Check it out below.

[viddler id=23d70b0e&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

I also wanted to take some time to discuss one specific 3.00 feature with you – the What’s New Screen. By default, this is the first thing that you will see when you enter the XMB (though you can turn this off in the PS3’s settings). We’re aiming to provide links to content that PlayStation fans will find interesting. This content can be streaming video, a link to a webpage (such as a blog post, perhaps!) or a direct link to an item on the the PlayStation Store.

The aim is for the What’s New Screen to be a community tool. We’ve got some big plans already, but we also want to know what you, the community, want from it. Have a think and let us know in the comments section below.

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2 Author Replies

  • I’ve downloaded it but I’d like some new avatars now please :)

  • W00t, it has finally landed. Does this contain the background downloading of patches that I heard about a while ago?

  • What a bad friends list! Other than that it’s okay, nothing special.


  • I can’t get the Iplayer because my 60GB refurb is European and not UK. :(

  • It would be nice to know when and IF the US Blog is gonna be running again? it went down last night just after 3.00 went live and is still down. I am in Canada and would like to be able to keep track of whats going on. Yo TedTheDog can you shed some light on the subject for me please….

  • Good stuff except for some of the problems with iPlayer ect.

    I think the friends list is just plain ugly.

    Also what happened to the news ticker in the top right corner? I don’t seem to have it? Anyone else? I don’t have iPlayer either :(.

    Still I like it.

  • i love most of it! However i miss the ‘chime’ when you start a game with the PlayStation logo. Also the friends list is ugly with the grey background why was that chosen it just doesnt make sense. Anyway everything else is fine, hope we get some dynamic backgrounds and avatars on Thursday!

  • When do we get the littlebigplanet dynamic theme?? America got it and Japan got the Afrika zebra theme…What do we get??

  • The friends list is really bad. i at least want to change the colour of that horrible grey to like a blue or orange etc

    Please listen to the comments sony….

  • I’m having problemms syncing my trophies to my new slimmer PS3, is this tied to the firmware fo you know?

  • agree with vicheous – what a fugly friends list!

    had to fiddle to get IPlayer up too. sorted now tho – had to download a demo. weird!

  • I’m loving the new update!

    But please can we get some information about when we are getting new avatars and animated themes please.

    Thanks Jem!

  • BAD FRIENDSLIST! Fix it now!

  • Listen to vicheous who posted 3rd… he knows what hes talkin about

  • Friends list is now an abortion. Severe case of fixing something that wasn’t broken there.

    BBC iPlayer turns out to be nothing more than an internet shortcut and not an app of any description.

    Still, at least we got sparkles…

  • “If it aint broke… dont fix it…”

  • ow and the iplayer aspect that was talked about and made out to be something special and individual for the ps3 . turns to be nothing more than bookmark for the browser

  • Agree with 14 and 15!!

  • Seriously, The friwmare 3.0 is a MAJOR update ?

  • Tell me JEM….

    Will sony consider changing the work that has been done if enough people request a solution to the friends list??

  • The friends list looks terrible!!! so far the only thing i like is the little clock!

  • ugly as hell… i want my REAL classic menu back PLEEEEEASE.
    i don’t want the 720p XMB for my 1080p tv… it just looks as horrible as the big vista icons. NOT nice and stylish as it was before…
    and everything is now bright and colorful… i want the ability to change that back to normal.

  • okay?

    Who let the marketing team in to muck about with the UI while the designers werent looking?

    Seriously, spamming links to the store, adding a massive font size and alot of the other stuff just smacks of marketing being given free reign go nuts.

    please lock them back in their closet and get the UI team to allow us to turn off the Whats new if we wish, adjust the font size etc.


  • The background blur when navigating the XMB makes my eyes water so much. It would be nice if all the things added were options to have. I would love to have my old friendslist back.

  • the only thing i dont like is the grey box on friends list and the rectangle box in the top right corner shouldn’t be connected to the boarder there should be a gap inbetween as it looks tacky connected. thank you for the update.

  • Decent update on the whole. Some things do need fixing though.

    1) Text Size – Can we have the old text size back please? How about giving the user an option to choose how big they want the text to appear – Something Sony don’t seem to understand when they develop new features; it’s always all or nothing, no choice.

    2) Friends List – Big grey boxes…Really? :P Looks pretty terrible in my opinion. How about you give users the choice of using the old appearance of the list as well as opposed to forcing one option on them as usual.

    Apart from that it’s a decent update with some nice features. Any news on when the EU/UK Store will be getting animated themes and new avatars?

    As for the ‘What’s New’ part; Maybe you could use one of the signs to advertise the community events which you guys host. Get more users involved and playing as a community. Competitions, news, latest releases and such. There’s a decent amount of things you could do with it.

  • why are the letters of the XMB are so BIG? it is terrible. Please change this back!

    and the grey boxes at the friendlist are horrible!!!

  • Where are the hundreds of new avatars we were promised?

    Don’t tell me they are all premium…

    As for the grey boxes on the friends list, it look pretty smart in my opinion.

  • Please add an option to choose between normal and large fonts !
    Oh, and please add an option to remove those grey boxes in the friend list, please.

  • Downloaded it at lunch time, and I have some questions:

    1) Where is the BBC iPlayer link, I don’t have PlayTV so don’t have the TV icon on the XMB – how do you get the TV icon to appear?

    2) Why have you added such a HUGE text size? I liked the old font on my crisp 46” 1080p display. When I loaded with 3.0 I thought my screen settings had defaulted back to standard def, it looks way too big! There should be an option to change it back for people with decent HDTV’s that don’t need a huge font!

    3) What is the reasoning behind adding fugly grey boxes behind your Friends on the friends list? Coupled with the huge font it makes that whole section look much less attractive – I’m guessing maybe it’s for some future functionality, like paying for background images that appear on others friends list (like an avatar+ type thing).

    4) Why have you changed the lovely orchestra startup tune for something similar but still different (and not as good). I also think having “Sony Computer Entertainment” looked better than the PS3 logo – gave it a more high quality feel IMO. You should have left the “fatties” as they were an let the “Slims” have the newer (and naffer) startup…

  • Very good update, but I have no BBC iplayer icon and the friends list is just garbage. You allow us to have animated themes but what is the point when the large grey boxes block most of the background? I know you’re trying to make it look like our profile cards but they are just way too big and unattractive. You should change it back to being transparent.

  • dont like the friends list one bit, too cluttered, before it was nice and easy to see. Also dont like the fact that everything seems to be bigger…. bigger icons?

    but overall, the themes are something I’ve wanted for years.
    Not bad I must say, just hope more avatars will be released soon, maybe even the chance to create our own to tie in with playstations “Play, create, share”

  • Nice, but yes naughty friends list! The twinkles in the background triggers Migraines!
    Woooooooooo……… look at my stick, it controls speed!
    Welcome 3.00 you have come along way in 2 years but we still have a long way to go. Thanks Sony.

  • “This has been a product of direct feedback from you guys, the community”.

    Hm, that’s funny. I really don’t remember being asked to get BEEP’ed in the face with ads.

    I understand you need money, Sony and I appreciate that, I WANT you to make money but please for the love of jeebus you didn’t even give us a feature worth talking about for this benchmark 3.0 update and just decided to make everything ugly and annoying.
    Very disappointing.

    Direct feedback? Here is one:
    Roll back the FW, go back to your labs, bring out a REAL 3.0.

  • Will ‘Whats New?’ be just as out of date and irrelevant as the ticker? Can it be disabled? I don’t need reminders to give Sony MOAR MONIES thanks. I’ll buy what I want, when I want it.

    Community events? lol? Really? In the EU? I thought Sony only considered Japan and the US ‘community ready’? If SCEE can’t localise Home content in a reasonable timeframe what chance does it have of organising a community event?

    #22 Called it. This is the most cynical ‘update’ we’ve had yet. Definitely the work of the marketing department.

  • Nice update, but the new friends-list is terrible :)

  • There are unreasonable changes here. Big fonts are good for SD, blur background too… but that’s not congruent with the vision of future you want to make. At least, you should let us choose the other one, add instead of just modify.
    The grey boxes horrible and unnecessary.

    Too much PSStore, I already go to PSStore every Thursday, it would have sense if you add things everyday as people wouldn’t enter that much, but there’s more adds than new games/demos added.

    And for god’s sake… no big funcionalities! Nothing big for the main thing, play videogames. And nothing demanded was made, it’s like… of course, you can’t make everything we ask, but this looks as you didn’t even try anything.

    Useless, I hope 3.01 will be released soon and that bring us the chance to make it look like 2.xx. You were telling us 3.00 would be great, but you just change the look, and not even the most useful way.

    I’m sorry to say it, but it’s the truth.

  • Sherif, Turn off your PS3 then back on again and it should appear. I had the same problem and thats what I done. I’m a little dissapointed because all it is, is a bookmark and not a application dedicated to the PS3.

  • great update! specialy the animated wallpapers!! Can´t wait to get more of them. Miss only 1 little thing, a different map for games you bought at the store and a map for the demo titles. Now I must scroll all my games to find the right one.

  • The TV section and BBC iPlayer icon do not appear on European refurbishment PS3s (model number CECHC04) which were given to us by Sony in exchange for a broken UK PS3 (model number CECHC03.)

    Can you please make Sony aware of the issue because a lot of UK PS3 owners with refurbishment PS3s given to them by Sony do not a have TV section nor a BBC iPlayer icon.

  • I hear that Refurb PS3 don’t get the TV Icon and BBC iPlayer Icon and that there will be a patch soon. And yes the grey box around friends is ugly to say the least!

  • Wow, talk about bad decisions.
    Too big, too ugly, too cluttered.
    And where is the Playstation logo and that “ding” sound when launching games?

    And for God’s sake… don’t force stuff on users. At least let as disable and change stuff.

  • I really like the changes, how about adding a link to YouTube under tv as well.

    One thing I don’t like though is grey background on the friendlist.

  • Just watched that video again, no wonder why you didn’t show the friends list..

  • Payable avatars and animated themes? Microsoft is that you? This FW3.0 sucks. Where are: cross game chat, in-game own music, BC PS2?

  • Loving the new update now I can finally see what my friends are doing even with my cool (but dodgy) wallpaper, and the bluring also helps when looking at my trophies (again all thanks to my wallpaper) don’t have the scrolling text in the top right box or iplayer, but I don’t watch BBC anyway so no loss there really.

  • Not overly impressed by the update, some nice changes but not enough options to the user.

    1. Font/icon size, should be able to choose.
    2. Font /icon colour, should be able to specify a colour so that it is not lost with the theme/background.
    3. The old friends list was so much better, do wyou have plans for the big grey boxes, or are they justy going to contain the same limited information?
    4. I feel a little cheated by the iplayer just being a link to a page I already have under my bookmarks.

  • I want playable avatars…. So i can go kick some SCEE But!

  • #33, you are right, I didnt even notice the direct feed into my mind to purchase more from Sony! Clever little monkeys!

  • As others have mentioned on here (and over on the official US blog too), can we please have an option to change the scaling of the font back to how it was pre 3.0? What made the XMB so appealing as how minimal it looked, that’s drastically changed with this update which is a real shame. The friend’s list too is absolutely horrible with the grey background.

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