Your Last Chance To Visit The Monster Hunter Gathering Hall

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Sadder than Aeris dying, sadder than realising you’ve hit 100 per cent and there’s nothing left to do in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, sadder even than the inevitable demise of that big pet animal in Trico in the final scenes (and you KNOW that game won’t end any other way), is the news that the Gathering Hall is closing. In fact, this Sunday is the closing party. I can’t even find a smiley that accurately conveys how sad this makes me.

Monster Hunter Gathering Hall

In the two months we’ve been open we’ve had thousands of visits from Monster Hunters from all over the UK, proving to us not only the popularity of Monster Hunter but also the dedication of its players. Dwarfing even the efforts of visitors from as far as Scotland were the visitors from Poland, one player’s pilgrimage from Kuwait for two whole weeks (thanks for the home-made baklava, Sai) and a surprise two-day visit from a middle-eastern royal family whose origin I dare not disclose. It seems geographical location is no barrier for the dedicated Hunter.

So this is your last chance! Your last chance to experience Monster Hunter the way it was meant to be played – with others, in the flesh. It’s true social gaming at its best. So if you’re free (or just need to get away from the Notting Hill Carnival) then please, come visit us one last time. Help us drink the last of our alcohol (over 18s only) and be a part of the end of a truly unique gaming experience.

Monster Hunter Gathering Hall

The Gathering Hall will open on Sunday 30th August at 12pm for the last time, and close at 10pm for the last time. The final playoffs for the Rajang time trial challenge will begin at 12.30pm and the winners declared by 4pm at the latest. The Hall is located at 121 Charing Cross Road, which is an extremely short walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station. Entry is free and exclusive to anyone with a PSP and a copy of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

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  • But theres over 200 percent in Symphony of the Night (and we need that game on our store now please).

  • Damn it stop reminding me of the kitty dragon; i don’t want it to die :(

  • Also: Damn it, i was in London last week and walked right past it without even noticing. I’m an idiot :'(

  • Symphony of the Night isn’t even on Playstation 3! :O

  • I think a much better ending to Trico would be if the dragon cat DIDN’T die, but you had to set it free and never see it again. Or something.

  • Are there any plans about other gathering halls across Europe?
    Hearing about Aeris dying always makes me very sad.

  • nya!!!! I want to go so badly, and I’ve been playing MH:FU religiously for weeks now, even neglecting the excellent MAG beta, but I’m moving house on Sunday so this is a missed opportunity…

    Oh well, have a great time everyone else who goes, and here’s hoping for a revival of the gathering hall at a later date… Maybe even a mobile gathering hall doing rounds on the festival circuit next year could work… or my aforementioned plea to make “Gathering hall packs” for coffee shops who are interested in promoting MHFU events, or who us fans can badger incessantly into promoting at least!

    Either way, as of this September I’m converting the front room of my student accommodation into a gathering hall of some sorts for friends, flatmates and fellow monster hunters within my games design course (so far there’s about 10 people interested so it should be fun)…

    also, auction off some of that gathering hall artwork! I’ll buy it at a high price, stranger!

  • Finally picked up my copy of MHFU but I cant buy an impulse plane ticket to London just to play with others :(. Really wish I could go though.

  • I hope Sony will translate Ad-hoc Party soon so others also can enjoy this “playing with others” thing you’re always talking about.

  • I ma looking forward to tomorrow Leo, Its been at least twice a week visiting, got HR5 from HR1, and its a been a good time…it will be a fun day, my 11 year wants to come with his game too:) So we will be there….what to do after though…what are we regulars gonna do?

  • i hope monsterhunter tri for my ps3 !

  • Why can’t you keep the gathering hall? It would be so much more fun! Or only in weekends or something…

  • I hope that there will be an “AdHoc Party” for playing Monster Hunter with players all other the world with our PS3 !

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