Topatoi: Spins to Australia and New Zealand

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Hey guys!

It’s Natalia from Boolat Games back here! As always it is my pleasure to be your guide to the world of Topatoi!

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Today, I have really good news for all of our Australian and New Zealand friends as game has been released right to their PSN store! So, everyone who would like to spin and rock in classy platformer style through magic world of Great Tree, you know what to do. Just click that button and download!

[viddler id=33f29637&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

For just a 15.95AUD or 18.9NZD you can get a pass into wonderful universe of Topatoi and dive into real adventure. Not to be forgotten, game also contains ten unique challenges of bonus arcade filled with cool puzzles and hurricane action and if you don’t like to play alone, we have four special arcade levels where you can through a gauntlet to your friends and spin them like a record! :)

Get it guys and see ya at the top positions of our scoreboards!

P.S. Don’t forget to check the gameplay video and our official site! Keep in touch guys, more interesting stuff is coming.

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2 Author Replies

  • Looks cool. Was just telling someone today how we aussies always get a raw deal when it comes to games releases (I hear there might have been a sequel to rock band that we still haven’t seen…heres looking at you EA/Harmonix!). Looks like an interesting game. Is BOOLAT an aussie developer?

  • Mighty strange Europeans these Aussi Guys. ;-)

  • As far as I know, they are from Ukraine.

  • Awesome, I love platforming, will have to get this sometime.

  • *whispers*

    Psst!!! Ummm… yeah, you see Natalia, it’s not actually there…

    So you might wanna just chase that up with the Store peeps… ;)

  • Hello Natalia,

    I would like to start off by saying how much I applaud a small developing studio, such as yourselves, to be competing in such a tough market; and I hope you reep your desired rewards. :)

    I bought Topatoi on release, in the UK, and although the game did have it’s issues, I found it very enjoyable. I have completed the game 100%, and have even helped people find all those hidden, pesky, stars.

    I have 2 questions for you which I hope you can answer;

    1) Will we be seeing the next episode of Topatoi this year (Is advertised after you complete the Great Tree Story, looks very Industrial like)

    2) Will we be seeing improvements made to the game and engine, such as higher native resolution, 2XAA or 4XAA, better framrate, more abilities, online play, UI improvements/alterations etc…

    – Matt –

    • Natalia Gorbanskaya

      Hey Matt,

      Thanks a lot for your interest for Topatoi and time you spent with the game. It’s hard to express how much this kind of comments are important for developers)

      Concerning your questions,

      1) The exact dates of the next episode will be announced quite soon. What can I say now is that you will be able to get ep2 this year already. There will be also some aditional content packs and probably few surprises between the first and second episodes.

      2) Sure, the game will be upgraded through this period in terms of game features and technical characteristics. Sure to bring the details up to an announce.

      Thanks again for your interest)

  • Just confirming what oggob said, it’s not on the store. Thanks for posting especially for us down here, anyway! Hope you get it on the store soon…. :-)

  • Although it is there when I search for the game…just not in the New section or when viewing the games A-Z. Bought, downloading now! Thanks again.

  • Hi Natalia, will there be a demo made available soon?

    Hmmm, so this Blog is for the Aussies/Kiwis also? …. cool. One thing about the store update this week is that they are having a problem with the new content showing up so you have to search manually for it.

  • Thanks for sending this one our way Natalia, much appreciated!!!

  • Odd indeed, now confirming what SKArcade has said…

    Currently, the ONLY way to find the game is via a manual search, the game is essentially invisible on the PSN Store, it’s not under ANY sub-category… Whilst I understand the function of the Search, it’s something that I shouldn’t need to rely on to find a single game…

    So Natalia, hound the Store Boffins to make sure your game gets visibility, otherwise you might only end up with a handful of sales from us down here…

  • Thanks for the localised update. Looking forward to seeing more of the same love

  • Hi Natalia,

    Thanks for keeping your word an actually doing a seperate blog post to update us when the game got released (unlike some people *mike kurby*) . I respect that and will buy a copy when I PS3 gets back from repairs for the 5th time.


  • To Natalia,

    Thats great to hear that I will be playing the second episode this year, can’t wait till I find that big (Well normal) sized blackbird and give him a piece of my mind :)

    Also, in regards to your comment; does that mean DLC will release for The Great Tree story ‘before’ episode 2?

    – Matt –

  • Looks like a lot of fun? I’ll be getting this I think.

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