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Hi , I’m Adam Boita, Marketing Manager over here in the UK. As you may have seen we premiered the ‘Entertainment’ ad in the Champions League match between Arsenal and Celtic last night. The UK version additionally features BBC iPlayer and some up and coming footage for the Blu-ray release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine on the 19th Oct courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

[viddler id=8240bb8&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Tonight we air the ‘Community’ ad for the first time on Five in the 20.45 ad break in the Europa League match between Aston Villa vs. Rapida Vienna.

[viddler id=f3206ce5&w=545&h=349&playertype=simple]

Both ads with then be airing through the rest of Aug and September.

We’ll then be following these up with some game ads for all you gamers out there in Oct and Nov for the likes of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves as well as EyePet and SingStar.

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  • the videos are the same

  • it is me or this guy has some scottish accent

  • great glad to see u are showing people what ps3 can do because i now loads of people that think ps3 is just a expensive gaming machine.

  • As stated by “Sully1311”, both videos are the same.
    But I don’t mind, I’ve seen both of them all over the internet anyway.

  • Same parker, we need these adverts on TV, nd after every episode on BBC, ITV, T4 and Five so it becomes VERY VETY FAMOUS and hypnotising = P

  • Same 2 videos twice?
    I see you’ve changed the “Search: Start PS3” on the video.

  • great that you are making good ps3 commercials now!!!

  • I’m sorry but the US adverts are better in comparison.
    It’s more effective to use comedy and simple ideas, rather than lots of paper cutouts fly across the screen. Plus the simple Grey + Blue colour scheme looks awesome.

    “It only does everything”

  • not as good as the american adverts though it is good.

    shame about the cockney accent – brings the tone down unfortunately, makes it sound a bit common.

    still a move in the right direction, glad you sorted out the search start ps3 bit, was worried you’d messed it up before you got off the starting blocks.

  • Wraxend just gave me an idea for a PS3 slim advert. Who should I submit my idea to at Sony? I can probably put together a proto-type if you guys are interested. Ideal for the holiday season. How about a fan competition to create this Christmas’ advert campaign for the PS3 slim?
    Winner gets his advert tarted up and shown in December/January?

  • These ads are amazing, good job sony, now pass every ad after every single program in the world.

  • I agree with WDUK.

    Hopefully there will be an ad for Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. Something funny preferably… The US R&C commercials have been hilarious :D

  • You guys need to make an advert where is is a 10 minute montage of awesomeness showing games like Uncharted, Killzone and God Of War. That would be good to attract CORE gamers and make them leave there PS2 and upgrade.

  • Watching the Aston Villa match now – expecting the see the new PS3 ad at half time :)

  • I am watching the match now so i will be waiting for half time to see it.

    But these videos are you sure that these will reach people because I am just perplexed when watching them Dx

  • Really like these ads, hopefully I’ll see them on TV soon.

  • Just saw an ad literally 15 seconds ago on 5.

  • Yup also saw it on FIVE, halftime adverts for the football.

  • “through the rest of august and september”. So basically they will only run for a month? :/

  • Just saw it, and i must say it sucked balls. It doesn’t feel that eye catching its more confusing for the viewer to much and not straight to the point, my dad also said it bad.

    Sorry Sony, this ad sucks =(

  • I’m not saying the ads are bad, they’re pretty good, but PS3 US ads are better.
    Also they need to be more game focused.
    My friends knows the PS3 can do all of that but he thinks that they dont make good games. You should make one entirely about games.

  • Can we have some dates for those upcoming PS games to get us even more excited about them

    But certainly better advertising than those nonsensical “This is Living” adverts. Also can we see the official new re branded packaging for games

  • Your advertising team sucks, no one cares about VidZone or iPlayer, why not show some FIFA footage since it got aired in between football matches, that would reach the target audience. What’s the point of showing football fans Singstar? It’s just pointless and underselling PS3.

  • I just saw the US advertisements on their blog.
    There better, and funnier.
    Also looking forward to Uncharted 2 ads here !

  • The adds are OK. When does the site go live? – there’s nothing up at the moment…

  • I saw an add in the cinema for Little Big Planet, it lingered long enough on actual game-play I could see what was going on. That’s when I decided I wanted a PS3.

    These new adverts just leave me feeling tired. Flying cardboard wotsits assaulting the senses makes me hit the skip button. I like the price, I like the look, I like the software and above all I like how QUIET the PS3 is, unlike this ad. But I guess it’s not pitched at middle-aged geeks.

    Since someone touched on the iPlayer funcitonality (so called “catch up TV”), recently the BBC made some changes to their iPlayer interface and as a result the frame-rate on the PS3 (mine anyway) is now really choppy. It’s still fine to use on other consoles and PCs.

    Hope the new “iPlayer” option in the XMB can make it watchable again.

    All the new updates and content, a new low price tag, it’s all looking really good for Playstation right now.

  • It’s okay Flexman – I am a 17 year old and it doesn’t appeal to me either

  • They’re not bad, but I would be interested to know why the “Play-Stay-Shun” V/O at the end of the US ads and the end of PS3 trailers has been left out at the end of the Europe ads?

    It seems like a win-win to leave it in. It’s kinda catchy with the Japanese accent…

  • Really glad you’re making an ad about Uncharted 2. That game looks friggin’ unbelievable. And yeah, the ads seem cool. But I’m also wondering about the mysterious absence of the insanely catchy “Play-Stay-Shun” V/O.

  • I am angry because if I ever had to get another PS3, I would never be able to get one with memory card readers and 4 USB ports thanks to Sony. Im a hardcore fan that bought the PS3 on day 1 and now u abandon me

  • @Arion87

    Well, I think Sony HAVE catered for the hardcore fans with the 60gb model. Now they’re bringing in the masses with a streamlined version.

    I’ve only ever used the memory card readers once, the USB ports are much more useful but I suppose it’s possible to get a USB hub.

  • The Adverts are okay and it displays the system in another light, which i think needed more in the past. The only thing i would say is that you can tell that this advert is trying to hit a certain target audience. The voice over is too cool and the music is not great. And i can imagine that there were a group of older guys in a advertising agency trying to talk on a younger “hipper” level. Kind of like when you were young and you had a party and you were dancing then suddenly you see your dad dancing and think oh crumbs..! Trying too hard to be cool is what i’m trying to say!

    But i’m sure these will do good only if it just passes on all the great offers and services. The animation is very good, i would just change the voice and sound track. I would have someone like Steven Fry, someone who is British and you trust and the sound track not so annoying…

    P.s sorry for the double post!

  • Any word on the new rumored box art change?
    i figure the boxes have something to do with advertising so im asking here.

  • I notice that you’ve replaced the “Search for: Start PS3” with a more sensible link, good call given some of the results Google gave to that particular search!!!

  • “It Only Does Everything.” that is an awesome tagline. What do we get? Google results of PS3 faults. You couldn’t make it up.

    Visually underwhelming. That collage style has expired, move on. Another fundamental error; the main segment doesn’t even correlate with the black and red wavy lines. It’s like some BTEC student’s motion graphics project sandwiched in between with something completely unrelated.

    The music is more annoying than my neighbours car alarm going off on a Sunday morning. Didn’t Si Begg score some of the old PSP adverts that Alex Rutterford animated? Hire the right agencies. The are people with twice the creative talent who have dropped out of the Multimedia Degree courses and are now working in D.F.S selling sofas.

    You automatically recognise the vibrant introduction of a Wii commercial. SCEA have adopted Japan’s quirky jingle but you’ve ignored it’s importance here. Just to grate that bit further it you’ve chosen to top it all off with the voice work of a Hollyoaks’ extra.

    I don’t like it.

  • SSoooooo you have uncarted 2, mag, god of war etc etc etc, all these amazing games that are only available on PS3, and you choose to advertise Buzz and singstar…………

    *clap clap*

  • Yeah I really don’t rate these adverts, much like I didn’t rate the got the whole world PSP adverts.

    As some other people have said, I really much prefer the US style advertising, or even just the old advertising for PS3.

    I find the voice annoying and the visuals a bit of a mess.

  • Oh and to Sparced

    I agree with the very national diploma look to the advert. Looks like something I saw 4 years ago in college.

    Get the guys from Sonys Studio liverpool to do you an advert, they have an idea on how to design something visualy stuning.

  • You know what I’ve had enough of these millions going to waste over some [DELETED] ads, I’ll make some for free and maybe all the users should make some.

  • they’re pretty good at giving out details on what you can do and their graphics are impressive, but i still really miss the awesomely creepy advert phase sony went through for the ps2.

  • I’m seeing the “Red Hat Enterprise Linux Test Page” page at the site. Not the best start (pun) the campaign is it.

  • Sony, this advertisements are great! You finally nailed it! This is 1000x better then the mysterious and weird “This is living” Campaign. I never did understand what you wanted to say with it! But, this clearly shows the advantages instead the some pseudo-lifestyle BS you had in the past! A great improvement!

  • It’s good to see PS3 ads that actually tell and show people what the PS3 is and does.
    Those previous PS3 ads were so abstract nobody had a clue what they were about.

    I don’t know if I’ll see any ads in Australia as SONY don’t seem to advertise the PS3 at all down here… unlike Nintendo who have Wii and DSi ads every five minutes! (Hint to SONY: advertise – and keep it simple!)

  • I liked the ads, my two cents that I think you should really be showing big guns like Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Ratchet & Clank, GT 5 that really blow other games out of water visually. The ads are great, but they don’t really show the strongest games PS3 has over its rival console.

  • Awwww… come on SCEE, the new SCEA commercials are amazing, these are just meh at best.

  • You know what, I think this is a very good move. It’s pushing the features that really differentiate the PS3 from not only a 360 but also cheaper Blu-Ray players, such as digital downloads and iplayer which would be a huge selling point for a lot of people looking for a Blu-Ray player. Backing this up with the game ads should make a nice campaign, all you need is one of these ads at the start of a junction and a game related one at the end.

  • It’s rubbish. Wasn’t engaged at all, the guys voice was irritating, like Sparced said, a hollyoaks extra (lol), music was irritating, visuals were offensive and it would be, yet another advert, i’d change the channel on when it came on.

    Unlike the US adverts, i enjoyed them

  • I don’t like the heavy British ‘footie’ accent :(

  • think its alot better than the launch campain even thought all my 360 mates are saying that the xbox motion cam is going to knock the socks of the ps3 i dont think it will as im sure unless you have proper lighting and a big space to play its not going to work right roll on more news a the next games show in tokyo

  • Great commercials! finally we’ll see some nice examples how commercials for the PS3 should have been a while!

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