The VidZone Invasion Continues

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For those of you have missed the good news (although I doubt PS Blog users would have!) it was announced at Gamescom that VidZone will be rolling out to more countries at the end of the year. These will include:

Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

That’s ELEVEN more countries! I really hope this keeps the majority of you happy. I know it’s not the whole of Europe yet… But we are getting there!

As for this week’s update, we have the usual top quality updates to the Homepage and the Recommended Playlists as well as more new videos (Less than 100 this week as we have been really busy getting all the other things ready for you, but what we have added is of hyper top quality)

As always a little taster follows… Let’s go!

Homepage Features

Artists of the Week

Basshunter – Love or hate this Swedish eurodance titan, you can’t say he isn’t very good at making a tune that will get stuck in your brain for days. Watch his new video “Every Morning” and all his other videos here… Or don’t. (I also recommend you Google “translated basshunter boten anna” for the original lyrics for “Now You’re Gone” which proves Mr Hunter is a bit of a geek)


Rest of Europe and Australia
Kelly Clarkson – Love her or hate her… Sorry I have used that one already… and I’m sure you all love her anyway. Kelly’s new video “Already Gone” will be up to watch along with all her other videos, which is nice, if you are a Kelly Clarkson fan.

One for the Ladies
It seems we have angered a few of our male PS3 users since VidZone launched. Loads of guys have not been able to get on their PS3 to play COD or Rock Band because their wives or girlfriends (WAGs for short of course) are hogging the console to use VidZone. Well sorry boys, we sort of like the fact that we are getting the girls using the service so we have a selection of videos just for them. Enjoy ladies!


One for the Boys
Gotta keep everyone happy right? We can’t give the girls a homepage feature without giving the boys one too. We are too nice to you all!


Go! Explore – Driving Tunes
OK, so you can’t get VidZone in your car unless Xzibit (Or Westwood) has got hold of your car and given it a PlayStation hooked up to a million screens and speakers and a WiFi connection. But this can at least give you food for thought about what you would want to be listening if you were in a big American convertible, driving down route 66 with the wind in your hair, or driving to Tesco’s in your mum’s Fiat Panda.


Funny Videos
Wanna laugh? No? What’s wrong with you? Of course you do! Well if you choose that you do, then check these out. Please note, VidZone cannot be held responsible for any laughter based injuries including cracked ribs, pulled cheek muscles or split sides And more… I don’t have the space to write about them all!


Recommended Playlists

New Videos
As I said earlier, only a few videos (Less than 100) videos for you this week but they represent the cream of the crop of new and classic old videos including Basshunter and Miike Snow

Music Pioneers
The visionaries, the first, the ones that broke the mould. From Nirvana to MJ, Johnny Cash to Mary J. Blige all these artists have been the ones that have shaped the sound of the music you listen to today.

Just Good Tunes
… Pretty self explanatory don’t you think… I won’t insult your intelligence by explaining. Videos from Bon Jovi, Cameo, Beck, Cypress Hill and more.

Friday Night Party
It’s Friday people, it’s time to party… and we know you like to party, so here you have the perfect killer music party weapon. Videos from RUN-DMC, No Doubt, Armand Van Helden and more.



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