The Ad Is Just The Start

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Hi, I’m Mark Hardy from the Marketing Team at PlayStation

This TV ad is part of the launch campaign for the NEW PS3 across Europe and the PAL region. ‘The Game is Just the Start’ because as well as the best games, PS3 delivers the best in home entertainment too, including music videos on Vidzone, catch-up TV services (such as BBC iPlayer in the UK) and HD Blu-ray movies.

[viddler id=f90fcd2d&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Our second ad is about our online community, featuring SingStar, Buzz! and LittleBigPlanet – from uploading your best performances on My SingStar, to writing your own Buzz! quizzes and creating LittleBigPlanet playable levels. Our new campaign aims to show everyone how they can start getting more from their PS3…

[viddler id=40f793ea&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Tell us what you think – we are always eager to hear your views! (and look out for more start ads coming soon)

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21 Author Replies

  • with regard to the iplayer, will it be a app program, or just the same link to the website

  • Really good ads, much better than the previous ones.

  • You really need to start telling the consumer in basic English why the PS3 is a must buy, i.e. Highlighting the Blu-Ray, the built in wi-fi, internet, etc and not flashy ads repeating the same thing and telling the consumer nothing about the console.

  • i see this ad is slighty altered, it doesnt say the ps3 price, nor online gaming is free, and the titles of the games. im guessing this is an earlier version of the advert

    • Hi sully1311

      OK – Im back! Right, the ads you have seen are the core ‘European edits’ – they will be localised and re-voiced so the messages will be different depending on what each country marketing team want to say…

  • The new ads are diffinetly an improvement over the other ones. These really sell the console. Great job.

  • and please create a mini-site for the ps3 from, it just looks so bland, and the page is still advertising the sixaxis controller, when it should be a DualShock 3 one now

    • New site on the way! It will link in with ‘The Game is just the start’ campaign and have all the latest product news…

  • The Iplayer will just be a link. Check iplayer now via the PS3 Browser and you’ll see what it looks like!

  • Now we can just wait and see if the new ps3 will help increase the sell.

  • @YobRenoops yea i already know what it looks like. Its just the BBC and sony may have built a new one together or something

  • How cheesy. Reminds me of the adverts you see about getting teens off drugs & alcohol with the fake accent. I’ve seen waaay better Sony/PS3 ads.

  • i wish there were some ads in germany… there is nothing like that in germany to get some attention to the ps3

    • Hi Bennii666 – keep you eye on the TV – these ads will be localised and will be running in all countries accross Europe, including Germany…

  • These ads are definitely a step in the right direction – the need to abandon those abstract ‘brand’ ads and focus on the nuts and bolts of what the PS3 does and why it is good value is LONG overdue!

    Now that the PS3 and 360 Elite are more closely aligned in terms of price, included cables, and HDD space, Sony need to focus on the extras you get in the price that make the PS3 better value – namely built in Wi-fi, free online gaming, blu-ray, and great exclusives like Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, God of War III etc etc etc.

    @ Mark Hardy, do you have any response from a marketing point of view regarding the “Search: Start PS3” tagline at the end of these ads? In case you haven’t noticed searching Google for “Start PS3” brings back gems such as “My PS3 won’t start” or “Japan starts PS3 porn distribution” and nothing meaningful about the new console and it’s features – in fact the search results could do more harm then good!

    Wouldn’t registering and promoting have been a better move than leaving potential buyers searching for forum topics about broken PS3’s?!

  • Start PS3. Try typing that into google. Lists PS3 problems and malfunctions. Not enough research done on the marketing front i’m afraid.

    • … this problem was a technical one and the digital team are all over it… not ideal, we know (but to be fair – you guys are seeing the ads before they are actually on TV… ;)

  • The new adverts are pretty good, get your attention. Although if people say that searching for start PS3 brings up problems, that is not good.

    Looking forward to the other ones.


  • P.S no mention of Wifi built in, no mention of free online gaming, no mention of interactivity with PSP. I hope the ads address this in the end, or you’ve wasted a lot of money.

    • Hi Galvanise – cheers for your comment. You know what, the PS3 is capable of doing so many things but most people dont know it! This campaign aims to explain many of the multi-functions of the PS3 and we had to start somewhere. Not everyone is a clued up as you guys…

  • Aye, as No.4 says; these particular versions of the adverts don’t mention the price – Which is perhaps the PS3’s biggest hurdle it’s had to overcome.

    I presume that the televised adverts will detail the price?

    • Yes – they will. But of course there are many currencies that need to be taken into account so I just posted the ‘European’ version in English language so you could see it first…

  • why don’t you mention the price in the ads? I think this is the most important message to bring to the customers.

  • @ sully1311, it is a link to a website but it has been “specifically formatted for the PS3” so it probably won’t look like it does in the browser but will be formatted go full screen and fill the screen correctly, like when you go to the TV version of YouTube.

  • Generic. Standard. Unfocused.

    And hopefully you will put up some content that comes up with ‘Start PS3’ and not all the damaging words that currently come up.

    The ad is better than the two last campaigns (the performers campaign was *absolute* junk) and the first ‘normal’ advertising push for PS3 in Europe.

    3 out of 5

  • It’s not too bad, however I think you need to point out free online services, and other things the PS3 has over the 360 (free wi-fi, rechargable controllers) etc.

    Hell, you guys get paid a hell of a lot of money, you know what you’re doing not me :P

    Nice work.

    • Hi All – Im planning on getting back to you all later on today (im in and out of meetings at the moment!)

      Great to see all of your comments – whether positive or negative. Cheers for taking the time to tell us what you think

      More later

    • Fair point Harlequiine – but much of the detail on PS3 functions can be communicated in other media (like online or instore) – you need to speak in ‘headlines’ in a TV ad – talk about the sexy stuff and the detail will follow…

  • You should add spotify to the xmb :)

  • Either these are older versions of the advert, or you just decided to take out a lot of important information for some stupid reason.

    The ones where you actually mention the free online, the name of the games and the actual price a lot better. Having not seen them for myself on TV I’m not sure which ones are airing, but there are better versions of these adverts folks.

    • No stupid reason – there are many different versions in this campaign – some with games names, some in shorter second lengths. Its a complex project and wouldnt make sense to post every version of the ad – I was just keen to make sure you guys got to see the new direction first…

  • It’s a poor advert, You failed to mention the most important thing which is that everything was free.

    Also if you Google Start PS3 you get a load of links about broken PS3’s, didn’t really think this out did you?

  • Decent commercials. Not stupid and not too overly flashy and they actually use words to describe some of the features. Not bad at all.

    • Many thanks – when there is so much to say, you need to make sure you choose your words carefully and keep it clear! As Ive mentioned in other posts, there are loads of these commercials running all over Europe – all with different messages about the PS3 functionality…

  • the televised ads are slighty different u can watch them here:
    They do mention free online gaming

  • I really like the new ads but im a little confused as to why you chose this particular style.

    dont get me wrong the style is good, but if i saw the ad and didnt already own a ps3 this ad wouldnt really sway my purchasing choices as it doesnt really do much justice as to the specific advantages of owning a PS3.

    still a funky ad though :)

    • I like the US ads too Wollan – very funny! But in Europe we need to approach things differently sometimes – we have so many different consumers to think about that ‘humour’ isnt always transferable…

  • So Sony are FINALLY pulling there socks up in the advertising department. it`ll be great seeing PS3 ad`s again.

  • Wheres the crying babies? No?… Thanx god for that. Saying that though the US slogan “It Only Does Everything” Is alot better Line then the “The game is only the start”… It kinda makes no sense,

    • You know what KAP – they kinda mean the same thing. Both lines were designed to essentially say ‘A PS3 does more than play video games’ – not everyone actually realises that and needs to have it explained…

  • I agree the US adds are much better.

    Sony are big on the graphical vector look animation. To be honest it’s been done too much it won’t get the message across.

    I mean look at Microsoft, take a leaf out of there book when it comes to marketing though visual media.

    C’mon SCEE…pull ya socks up !

  • The figurehead for the new US ads will be Kevin Butler, “Director of Rumor Confirmation”. Most likely, Sony will play on its apparent inability to keep the PS3 Slim (and simultaneous price drop) a secret. Genius.

  • The US ads are good for targeting a certain mindset & consumer. I think that they would not work across the whole of Europe and would be a lot harder to dub/ reshoot in different languages.

    the EU ones target the EU playstation consumer better and are easy to localise.

    IMHO the US ones are a bit too cynically targeted to be appealing. they would turn off as many EU customers as they would turn off.

  • I think these ads are heading the right way, I like the Japaneese Gamer Face ads more though. But these are heeps better than the last ones and the best thing they make me want to play. And that is what the ads should be aiming for.

    Looks like SCE are shaping up and flexing there muscles again. Bring the PlayStation brand back in to everybodys homes.


  • Where have you been hiding for the last 3 years? Seriously.

    Nice adverts though, i like them a lot. The gaming one needs more third party games featured though. Even if it’s just short (5 seconds?) it still needs more than 3 games covered.

    Like them though, blitz them during prime time on Dave :)

  • Actually i retract that. The ones i saw the other day were great. These suck. Fail.

  • These are good, but I found the US adverts to be much more… memorable. “The game is just the start” is good, but “It only does everything” is much better.

    Either way, it’s good to see the PS3 advertised on TV again. Until now, it’s done pretty well in the sales department with precious little advertising or effort on Sony’s part. The price drop, combined with what will hopefully be a sustained advertising presence, should really help move things along.

    PLEASE say that this will be a sustained run of advertising. Whatever the perceived standard of the previous advertising, the most disappointing thing by far was that they didn’t run for anywhere near long enough. With the constant TV spots for Wii and the 360, you really need to be pushing the system all year round – otherwise it will just disappear from people’s memory.

    Over the last few months – actually, pretty much since launch – if you didn’t know better, you’d think that other two systems were the only options. And push the exclusives and the abilities of the system, too – you have a far superior product, you need to make sure people realise that in no uncertain terms.

  • they look great, although in the first one there’s not a single screen, as i could see, from a ps3 game, only from different movies. and as some above have mentioned there should be more info about the console and that the price is dropped too, people like things that are said to being cheaper than before:)

  • great to see that you’re going to advertise a lot! Those ads are much better than the circus oné! But you can still learn more from the Sony Bravia Ads, those are always great!

    Will we in the netherlands be able to see those new ads?

  • I’m curious as to whether the iplayer will change with the new firmware too. Being able to download the BBC HD stuff would be dead handy and a great way to show off the ps3 to mates.

    That said i think the recent changes and price cuts etc are a very positive step, hopefully things will start stepping up now!

  • I realy like the second ad. that would work in all european countries, while the first TV ad will only the work in the countries that get the videodownload service.

    I hope that you will finally start making TV ads in Denmark… I haven’t seen any ads on danish television since the release of LittleBigPlanet.

  • I hate the announcers voice. You shoulda paid a bit extra for Stephen Fry or the Movie announcer guy.

  • I like the European ads, nothing wrong with them at all IMO, they are a lot more exciting and have a lot more punch than the slow childish US ads.

    I’m not too keen on the “The Game is Just the Start” slogan though, and most PS3 owners have already started doing most of the things mentioned in the ads. I guess the ads are aimed at people without PS3s though.

    So yeah, good work SCEE. :)

    • Well spotted Si – those in the know, know what a PS3 is truly capable of. Those who dont need to have it explained – everyone knows that ‘PlayStation’ is all about games…they dont necessarily know you can also watch movies, listen to movies etc…

  • Everyone above who thinks they’re not showing prices in the ads, that’s only this version. It’s added when the ad gets localized. I saw one of these on the tv already with the pricing.

    It’s not a bad, annoying ad. Though next time Sony should use more concrete stuff. not, enjoy high definition content, but enjoy Blu-ray, better quality than ever before!

  • how about bringing ps2 compat. back, it was software emulated in europe so it cant be that hard 2 include in an update, i would love 2 play god of war and mgs2 again

  • TV ad is probably not the place to do it, but you really should make people aware of the fact that Wifi and rechargeable controllers are standard on PS3, and that there is no need for a subscription like Xbox Live.

    I still can’t believe that MS charge extra for a rechargeable battery pack for the wireless controllers.

    Also push the BBC thing a bit more, the BBC is a respected brand and if people start seeing the PlayStation and BBC logos together you can only benefit from the association.

  • These are a vast improvement on the previous this is life arty ones that were terrible. Id still like to see more in game footage of exclusives like LBP and Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain.

  • Why did you not mention in the online community ad that it is FREE thats where you have a Unique Selling Point over the Xbox360. Why not metion built in WI-Fi then say “no need to buy extra attachments like other consoles” as anyone who buys a Xbox360 won’t realise it comes without Wi-Fi until they get it home and set it up but then as they’ve already paid for the console they will more than likely fork out the extra £60 for the Wi-Fi adapter. Also mention the exclusives that are coming to PS3 this Christmas i mean you’ve got Uncharted2, Ratchet+Clank, EYE Pet, exclusive DLC with Batman what does Xbox360 have LFD2, Halo ODST just FPS which in the wake of CoD:MW2 people will be looking for something different. Show off Assassins Creed 2 and tell the customers who are not clued up into gaming about the extras they unlock if they also have a PSP hooked up with Assassins Creed: Bloodlines. Metion all the exclusives that are out at the begining of next year God of War 3, HeavyRain, MAG, GT5 give them a reason to believe that its not just an investment for Christmas.

  • @Wolland

    They wouldn’t be able to have that ad in Denmark… It’s not nearly 299 anything…

    It’s 2.799 danish kroner

    376.03 €
    536.52 $
    331.05 £
    50241.42 ¥

    What would you say to pay those prices SCEE/Mark Hardy?

  • I like the american ads better to be honest.

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