The Buzz! Tomato Challenge Makes Its Way Into PlayStation Home

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Hi there guys – time for a brief PlayStation Home update.

The Fat Princess will be packing up her throne and leaving the PlayStation Events Space as of tomorrow so the Quest for Cake will be replaced by a brand new, SCEE exclusive event – the Buzz! Tomato Challenge.

Buzz! Tomatina

Buzz! Tomatina

Buzz! Tomatina

Alongside exclusive footage of the Buzz! World Championships grand final at La Tomatina festival in Spain, (click here if you don’t know what this is!) you will be able to take part in a virtual version of the real world event via the Buzz! Tomato Challenge pod in the re-dressed Events Landing.

All you have to do is splat an enormous rotating Buzz, by answering quiz questions correctly. If you successfully hit him ten times in a row, within the time limit, you will win an awesome PS Home Reward – the Buzz! Tomato Head. Check out the screenshots of the Reward below:

Buzz! Tomatina

The PlayStation Events Space will be open for a limited time only so be sure to jump in and check out this challenging event (and extra kudos to those who win the prize on their first attempt…!)

In addition to the Buzz! Tomato Challenge, a number of the stores in the Shopping Centre will be updated including MySoti and the V-Store, plus we have a very special Alter Ego hat bundle up for grabs (all 18 hats could be yours for just 2.99 EUR). Finally, we have some very special Diesel items coming to the Diesel store including the wonderful comb-over haircut (check out the screenshots below!).

PlayStation Home Diesel Male Hair

PlayStation Home Diesel Femail Hair

PlayStation Home Diesel Bear

And last, but by no means least, the MotorStorm Sphere will also be opening its doors for German users.

MotorStorm  Sphere

I’ll be around for a while if you have any questions, otherwise I’ll see you tomorrow in PS Home.

Elliott / iELL

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3 Author Replies

  • the hats have been bundled for a while now, what’s new about the bundel tomorrow? and what store will have that huge Teddy? speaking of Ted, where is the guy?

  • Yeah Motorstorm Sphere for Germany ^^
    At least we got one good space…

  • thanks for telling i’ll be sure to try this out any news on when the Home update 1.3 is coming out or is it still just september? thanks!

  • Hell yes im gonna play this!

    I Hate Buzz!!!! (love the game)

  • another fun update from u guys well done like the sound of it very much. just have two questions
    will we see the cavemen outfits soon
    and any news on the namco space/game

    Thanks n keep it kools

  • Thanks Elliot,finally some strange-ness coming to Europe! :D And nice to see some SCEE exclusives for a change! Keep this up please!

    To communicate some feedback on our part. USA Home have just had announced they will recieve the Visari Apartment due to feedback from customers/users of Home. I would expect demand on our part for specific spaces still yet to recieve to be answered to or at least given an expected release date. Just to enable some closure to concerns on the lack of some spaces seen abroad. Of course regions will differ, but sometimes just answering a few little questions wouldn’t hurt the confused and alienated.

    Would like to know, if an approach to feedback for most wanted spaces seen in other regions is likely to happen anytime soon. A questionnaire of EU Home most wanted things.

    For example, my biggest want is the Sirens Space. And any news or possible hints when Namco content will come to Europe?

    Many Thanks

  • I would throw rotten fruit at the developers of Home if I got the chance. Phil Harrison’s face is tomato red with embarrassment in how the service turned out.

  • Every time i go to the presentation podium I get a freeze! Any comment on that?

  • @sparced: I think the service has turned out pretty well. Quite a few cool spaces now and going forward I think we will see a lot of nice cross over features between Home and new game releases.

  • US is getting a lot of new items from tomorrow will that include for Europe as well? Check the US Blog. And love to find you on Home but don’t know your PSN ID ;-)

  • Will be be getting the updates that the US are getting (recently posted on the US blog)? They have loads of clothes being uploaded into stores.

  • could you tell more about that big teddy bear?

    • Hey Jontis_00,
      It’s one of the special Diesel items and can be found in the Diesel store.
      There’s also a fantastic “Edwardian Mullet” haircut up for grabs (make sure you check that little one out…!) ;)

  • wøøøøøøw , thanx SCEE

  • oh my, I’ve just thought, could we get some picture frames for our apartment’s that we can upload images from our HDD to for all to see? And could you give us an option to make our apartment’s public?

  • oh, and maybe some Sony TVs for our apartments that we can upload short clips too! You could run some ads on them aswell

  • I wish I can throw rishi & milnerant by tomatto instead this poor buzz guy.. hehe

  • I’m a little disappointed not to see a few more things there but the Buzz event should be fun.

    Also can you please clarify the following:

    “Finally, we have some very special Diesel items coming to the Diesel store including the wonderful comb-over haircut”

    It sounds like the extra hair styles are coming from Diesel. Is that the case?

    Also is it too much to ask for a simple goatee beard? No crazy sideburns or anything. It featured in screenshots showing the Locoroco hat and also in the US Ghostbusters space video but it doesn’t exist… unless I’m missing something.

  • @ Jontis

    That’s just SCEE showing that they put the fun into capitalism ;)

  • !!!!! Thank Elliott Lingen !!!!!


  • Thanks for clearing the up Elliott.

    Any word if those said hairstyles will be free or what the cost will be?

  • US gets animate t-shirts…? Where are ours :(

    Any sign of us getting photo frames at all?

    Good update though i guess, i’ll check out the Buzz thing. Even if gigantic Buzz is a little terrifying

  • I want the tomato hat, the tomato thing in spain looks very very fun, probably do wonders for the skin aswell ;-)

  • Hmm I think I will have to wait for the update but not overly impressed with it. roll on gran Turismo 5

  • Ok seeing as we are not getting anywhere on the EU Home forum in asking about the spaces how about updating us on the following spaces and updates:-

    * Uncharted space
    * Godfather 2 Space
    * Home Sqaure update?
    * Warhawk Space
    * Sirens Space
    * Shopping Center Shop updates
    * Home Cafe/Gamers Lounge
    * Ghostbusters loot space
    * Set Stage Space
    * Street Fighter 4 content updates
    * Resident Evil Space update
    * Red Bull update
    * The exclusive Living Tree personal space

    This message was originally posted by Milnerant in a message entitled “Updates on some spaces” on the Home forum on the EU playstation forum back on August 13th and by me about a month before. So far we have had no reply from a member of the Home team. Care to comment and find out for us if and when we can expect them?


  • Will the Batman cave work for europe when we put the game in?

  • Did I misread this post anyhow, so is this space is only open for a day or what?

  • @ BalramRules Its open for a limited time only. A bit like the Loco Roco space, the Fat Princess and the Presentation Podium. So get in there as and when you can.

  • when is the Siren Space coming?

  • Americans get more as usual, those hairstyles look pretty nasty if im honest. As said before the alter ego pack has been up since last week when it bugged everyones head gear.

    Not looking forward to the diesel stuff as it is usually extremly expensive and would have rathered sony release more items such as the teddy bear (is it too much to ask for a giant stuffed helghan?)

  • Hey there!

    How long will the Tomato event be at the Events Space for? I won’t have a PS3 until Tuesday the 1st, so don’t want to miss is

  • everybody wants everything america has at the same time, but it ain’t going to happen, you will see some items exclusive to a certain region, we lucky to have anything at all, sony didn’t have to provide anything to us, but they do, yes batcave apartment will work, if you load up the game , save the game and load up home

  • Ummm, guys, I wonder if there were any women among the developers of PSHome, as there is a huge omission in shops. You can’t try out any clothes! You can only see them in tiny pics, but that does not tell how they look on you. Well, think what would happen to any real fashion shop that did it’s business in that way. :)

    Granted, those clothes don’t cost much, but even then I am very hesitant to buy anything, because I can’t be sure if those clothes would look good on my avatar.

    So, guys, I wonder if it would be possible in some future PSHome update to implement “try before you buy” into fashion shops. I think it would be boon to us ladies and encourage us to do more shopping. You know we women are natural shoopers and our fashion instinct is very keen. :D

  • @miniroll32: They’re usually up for a couple of weeks.

  • Hi its me just come hot trot from the scea-blog, i try make it short just 1 word, CRAP so this update is a super duper update pfft, once again SCEE failed 1 exclusive & some hair dont make a great update but i will say this mil right lack of communication, i cant go on & explain here, i will post in the forums such a tidy update really. :(

  • I wish Sony would put as much imagination into the basic/standard spaces in home as they do the special/temporary ones.

  • Cheers for the mention Hentis, and answers would be welcomed to conflicting communications in the past which said a few of the spaces listed were definately coming to EU Home.

  • Copy and paste.

    Disgraceful EA!

  • upscale Home to 1080p. i have a Bravia KDL52W4500 and the diference from 720p to 1080p games (and movies or other apps like Home) is significant. 1080p games like GT5P, Fifa09, CoD:WaW, etc look amazing but most of 720p games (and Home) miss some shine. Only MGS4 is 720p and have the quality of a 1080p game.

  • it’s me again. i can’t access to the new area. when i enter in the PlayStation Events Space my PS3 just freeze and i have to hard reboot it. :S

  • Great but home is no fun for us german users as everything is banned in germany! I dont even use it anymore. I will come back when this changes but until then goodbye my virtual home. It is so ridicules, even the events space is banned for us? Will we be able to enter the buzz-space now?

  • People still use home? I lost interest when I had to keep on downloading all the new spaces.. Takes up all my bandwith for that month. Vidzone and Home are boring..

  • this space has been tested right?
    it’s not another space that is 100% guaranteed to crash the ps3 is it?
    have you fixed cannon 6 by the way?

  • i saw that too in the US Blog and asked myself the same. will we get that too?

  • Well the Buzz tomato head was so easy that I did it within 30 seconds or so.

  • Well we all know there is hardly enough content and updated spaces/items to keep us interested in Home really.

    HOWEVER – I won’t forget that Home is free to use and a great and unique social gathering space or ‘live forum’ that Sony didn’t have to create. So with that in mind I’ll just say …

  • Good news – I won my tomato head.

    Bad news – My Penthouse apartment has vanished. Where the hell is it!

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