The Buzz! Tomato Challenge Makes Its Way Into PlayStation Home

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Hi there guys – time for a brief PlayStation Home update.

The Fat Princess will be packing up her throne and leaving the PlayStation Events Space as of tomorrow so the Quest for Cake will be replaced by a brand new, SCEE exclusive event – the Buzz! Tomato Challenge.

Buzz! Tomatina

Buzz! Tomatina

Buzz! Tomatina

Alongside exclusive footage of the Buzz! World Championships grand final at La Tomatina festival in Spain, (click here if you don’t know what this is!) you will be able to take part in a virtual version of the real world event via the Buzz! Tomato Challenge pod in the re-dressed Events Landing.

All you have to do is splat an enormous rotating Buzz, by answering quiz questions correctly. If you successfully hit him ten times in a row, within the time limit, you will win an awesome PS Home Reward – the Buzz! Tomato Head. Check out the screenshots of the Reward below:

Buzz! Tomatina

The PlayStation Events Space will be open for a limited time only so be sure to jump in and check out this challenging event (and extra kudos to those who win the prize on their first attempt…!)

In addition to the Buzz! Tomato Challenge, a number of the stores in the Shopping Centre will be updated including MySoti and the V-Store, plus we have a very special Alter Ego hat bundle up for grabs (all 18 hats could be yours for just 2.99 EUR). Finally, we have some very special Diesel items coming to the Diesel store including the wonderful comb-over haircut (check out the screenshots below!).

PlayStation Home Diesel Male Hair

PlayStation Home Diesel Femail Hair

PlayStation Home Diesel Bear

And last, but by no means least, the MotorStorm Sphere will also be opening its doors for German users.

MotorStorm  Sphere

I’ll be around for a while if you have any questions, otherwise I’ll see you tomorrow in PS Home.

Elliott / iELL

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