Smash Cars Coming To PSN August 27th!

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We’ve been teasing you about this for a while now. But we’re good at it, and we can’t help ourselves. Now you can relax… the teasing is finally over.

The response from the Game Developers Conference in March was great. The E3 reactions were even greater. And, finally, coming to PlayStation Network on August 27th, it’s SMASH CARS from TikGames / Creat Studios!

[viddler id=e3b6a298&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

So, just what is Smash Cars? Why, it’s is our tricked-out single or multiplayer online RC toy car racing game. With real-time physics simulation and vehicle customization, players can twist and turn, grind and gear up, perform aerial tricks and stunts while racking up points as they knock friends off the track and race to the finish.

Everyone can download all the high-end action and six-player online multiplayer competition starting Thursday, August 27th for €14.99/£11.99. TikGames and Creat Studios are very excited about this launch, ‘cause we know you will have a blast playing Smash Cars.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. A great action racing game at a great price might be cool, but… what about trophies? What about downloadable extras? What about a contest to win a convertible sports car? Here’s the deal:

Trophies, trophies and more trophies. Rack ‘em up and brag to your friends.

Downloadable content is being discussed. Stay tuned to this space.

Oh, please! We’re not giving you a car. We’ve already worked hard on a great game… sheesh!

Thanks so much to our fans for your support. We really appreciate all the kind words and helpful suggestions. Please share your thoughts about Smash Cars. We just know you’re going to love it.

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22 Author Replies

  • It looks a bit like the love-child of Excite Truck and Micro Machines.

    Fun :D

  • Looks like a cool mix between Motorstorm and micro machines :D i’m so getting this tomorrow!

    • While we like to think of Smash Cars as our little original project, we’re happy to be compared to such great products. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself, M3R1LNS_N3M3S1S!

  • lol great minds post alike :P

  • Awesome, looks great. Might pick this up.

    However some people will be complaing about the price again. Can you explain why the US get’s the game for £9 and we have to fork out £12?


  • And Australians pay $24 for it? What gives?

  • Looks like a great game. Dunno if I can afford it this week though and been a bit disappointed by other £11.99 games I’ve paid for lately such as Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (while I love the Street Fighter type of beat ’em up I just find this nearly unplayable) and Fat Princess (great game, if only I could get online and actually play people without massive amounts of lag).
    I’ll probably get it anyways. The videos I’ve seen make it look very tempting.

    • That’s the spirit! We know that you’ll have a great time with Smash Cars, and the single player mode will be so captivating that you’ll put your entire life on hold. Be sure to find the shortcuts hidden around the tracks.

  • Sounds cool. Although i’m not really in to racing more a shooter guy.

    • That’s because it is cool!

      You can think about shooting all the other cars while you race, right? That way, it will feel kind of like an FPS. OK, maybe not. But we know you’ll have a great time if you decide to pick up Smash Cars.

  • £11.99? yet its $14.99 on the us store, as much as the game seems fun i never support pricing in that manner no matter what the game or whose behind it, sorry.

  • Smash Cars is great fun, still need to get just one more Gold, I think, the last levels are really tough!

    • So glad that you’re enjoy it, nofi! Have you found any of the shortcuts? They might help imrpove your time.

  • Looks great. Is it Split-Screen in this?

  • @6, Have you downloaded the patch? Maybe its your connection that couses the lag.

  • Hey, Nice one Creat.

    Oh and while you guys are here, you really need to get more people to join your Facebook group ;) There’s only a few of us in it!

    Join their group people :D

    Smash Cars looks great, and from what i have heard it is pretty damn cool. Can’t wait to test it out, thanks guys :)

    • Thanks, almight-slayer. We’ll be showing the Facebook page some love very soon.

      And I will continue to state that it is, indeed, pretty damn cool! :-)

  • @Scott, Haha don’t think that works. Maybe a demo?

  • when I saw this game I remembered the fun of micro machines.

    Wainting for the launch…

    • A short wait it will be. Can you make it until tomorrow, or will the excitement and anticipatiion be too much for you? ;-)

  • Oh wait, it;’s overpriced. Nevermind.

  • Alright. Thanks. It’s a buy anyway. Again, looks great.

  • @Scott Hyman Shortcuts? Yep, needed them on one of the time trials, was next to impossible without finding at least two in the one track! Nicely hidden, too.

    • Great! Our designers will be thrilled to hear that you’ve found them, no matter how sneaky they thought they were.

  • :D Ive been waiting for a game like this! and the price is spot on, great job, cant wait to purchase tomorrow wooo!

    • Anth1888, you are a model citizen of PlayStation Nation. Thank you for your fine contribution to video game players everywhere. Oh… and the check is in the mail. ;-)

  • Does anyone here remember the game Rumble Racing on PS2? This games reminds me of it a bit. Where the flips are concerned.

    I probably will buy this someway down the line. But im low on money atm. I will when i next get the chance :D

    Shame about no splitscreen. This kinda game is just begging to have it tbh.

    • Thanks for the consideration, Hyperguy20. We hope you’ll pick up Smash Cars soon and join us to race online.

  • Good to see that all the staff that work on the Blog miss our questions regarding the price of all the games :( Sony really need to clarify this with their consumers. Oh wait they don’t care after paying $700 for a console that is dragging behind with other regions.

    • Hi wiiman07.

      I’m not a moderator. I’m Director of Business Development for Creat Studios and don’t work for the great and helpful people at Sony.

      And until I achieve a degree in international finance and can explain currency exchange properly, I don’t think I’m qualified to answer your questions. If I were, I’d be running a bank and making the big, big money. But I love video games and find it a much more fun way to make a living.

      What I do know is that Smash Cars is fun. Really fun. And I hope you’ll try it.

  • So, since fat princess, the $14.99US to £11.99 conversion rate seems here to stay.

    Thanks to all who payed the inflated price on that game – they know they can get away with it, so they’ll keep doing it. Well done.

    This should be £9.99 – no more. So another sale lost

  • I can’t keep paying extra for all these games that decide they deserve to cost extra, so I’ll have to skip Smash Cars.

  • This looks quite good, will there be a demo ?

  • Vote with your wallet.

    At least when you buy a game in a shop you can trade it in if it is drivel.

    I hope digital distibution fails if this is an example of pricing and things to come.

    Each of the following games you can buy for less: MGS4, Uncharted, Fallout 3, Little Big Planet and GTA IV.

    Is Smash Cars overpriced ?…

  • Posted on 26 August, 2009 at 2:22 pm by Scott Hyman There isn’t a demo right now, Bonyman. That may change in the future.

    Thanks Scott, having been disappointed by a few of my psn purchases, i’m slow to spend these days. So, a ‘purchase to unlock full game’ trial makes good sense imho. :)

  • hmm.. while I like the look of this its a bit of a mystery title to drop 11.99 on, specially with Batman coming out this week and crash commando going for a lower price.

    if this was a bit lower down i’d be happy to drop the money (say.. 7.99 with some DLC packs at 2.79 each) but not going to happen right now!

    sorry scott!

    • I appreciate the honesty, AcidCrashX. We hope that you’ll give Smash Cars another look later on, and join us in the fun.

  • There’s plenty of reviews about for Smash Cars, guys, read them and decide for yourselves rather than just having a go at the devs. =)

  • A question, Scott. Is it possible to just set up an online game with someone on my friendslist? Or can I just make a game and invite people to a lobby before opening the lobby to the “public”?

    I’ve been pretty excited by all the Modnation Racers info coming out of E3 and Gamescom recently and have been waiting for Smash Cars since it was last talked about on the blog.

    Will definitely be buying this tomorrow to help tide me over until Modnation comes out, Smash Cars just looks like a purely fun game. Glad to see it’s come to the EU region only a week after it’s US release…well done to you guys and Sony for getting it to us so close to the US release.

    • Hi Demonized.

      Thanks for the kind words. We worked with Sony to keep the releases as close together as we could on the two continents, and they really helped us shorten that time span.

      I am not sure about the answer to your question, but I can check with our team and find out. I believe that you can set up a game with someone on your friendlist.

      And I like your description of Smash Cars. “Purely fun.” That sums it up.

  • No demo or trial and you want £11.99, No thanks, rip off.

  • £12 seems a bit much for an arcade game. £9.99 is better imo.

    But this game looks quite good.

  • “There isn’t a demo right now, Bonyman. That may change in the future.”

    Sorry, interest lost.

    Sony should really do what M$ did, make ALL companys that make small game have demos. It’s the only thing M$ did right imo lol

  • Reviews


    Smash Cars can be pretty fun on a basic level, with good track design, responsive controls, a speedy framerate and lots of air to catch being the highlights. However, there isn’t a whole lot of content to be found in the initial release as it’s pretty clear that stuff was held back for future DLC.

    Score 7


    A fun and very well-balanced game with great potential but it is let down by a repetitive stunt mechanic and a scarcity of content.

    Score 6

    So from the reviews its pay £11.99 plus more for further dlc for a slightly above average game…bargain ?

  • @39

    I dont believe in review scores tbh its their opinion not mine, they slated Assassins Creed which i thought was excellent and that made me not pay attention to review sites. Its all about personal opinion and this game has got me sold ;)

  • I really don’t understand developer’s seeming reluctance to release demo’s of their games any more. I remeber the days of the psone and two when there was a demo for pretty much every release. Now we’re lucky to get 3 demo’s a month!

    I personally take it as a sign of the lack of confidence they have with the quality of their product, and usually avoid them like the plague.

    I did like micro machines though.

  • @krioto – try not to compare the EU prices with the US ones, there’s often disparency with all things across the pond, not just video games. We don’t get brand new sports cars for the equivalent in dollars, for example, or houses.

    If you like RC cars going over big jumps, then I think Smash Cars is worth the cash.

  • @nofi – I was unaware I could buy a car/house via digital distribution ?

    You cannot compare digital distribution with physical items.

  • Hi Scott!
    Thanks for all these news ! The game seems to be fun, but I have decided not to buy psn games coming without a demo. Hope you will release one very soon !

  • When are people in charge at Sony/PSN/Publishers going to realise that for games like this sub-£10 is the magic price point for games like this? First Fat Princess and now this, ever since the PS Store launched EU pricing of products has been creeping up and up while the $ pricing has been fixed. I didn’t get the KZ2 maps because of the pricing (until the bundle came out) and I didn’t get Fat Princess, and I’ll not be getting this either. Have you all been to the Activision school of pricing?!

    It’s quite simple in my mind:

    $14.99 = £9.99
    $9.99 = £6.99
    $4.99 = £3.49

    Anything that doesn’t conform to this established conversion (see MS Points and *some* PS Store releases) causes me to step back and seriously consider a purchase, it may be a few pounds but it soon adds up – especially when the increased price becomes standard and then someone decides to add another couple of quid to that.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if Sony didn’t have a monopoly on digital distribution – what if downloads were sold wholesale and retailers such as Amazon and were allowed to compete below RRP like they do now with retail releases…

  • @TheSabreman Of course you can. The distribution method is isn’t relevant.

  • Stop complaining about the price. I know everything is much more expensive where I live when compared to the USA. What bothers me is when games and content is released in the USA and then it takes ages to be released over here, that sucks. Price… not so much.

    Smash Cars sound like a lot of fun, think I’ll give it a spin.

  • hey, i loved the PS2 version of this game. It looks as if you’ve made some nice improvements. I’ll be sure to check this out.

    • If you enjoyed the PS2 version, then you will really love our PSN incarnation. We’re proud to have improved upon every element of our previous title.

  • @nofi – So what about costing of transportation, postage, packaging ?

    DD has none of the above?

    Please explain how it is the same (I must being thick) ?

  • SCEE and the publishers just don’t seem to listen.

    Unfair pricing in EU store = NO SALE

  • Is there a platinum trophy? Most PSN games that retail at over £10 have a platinum. Wipeout HD, Warhawk, etc

  • You’ve reached a new low – deleting all my posts about your pricing. You guys are too much.

  • I was a peeved off that the US got it first .

    Im gonna get it , thank god it was only 1 week difference for release otherwise it would have been no sale here also .

    So well done on getting the EU and US release close.

    Looking forward to it , hope theres a demo also.

    Piece out x

    • TheTaxMan, both developers and Sony are doing everything we keep the times between EU and US launches as close as possible. As I stated above, Sony was a great in minimizing the time between launches.

  • Scott Hyman your comments arent moving with the posts , your comments are sstuck at the bottom of the screen.

    come on scee blog team get it sorted chaps.x

  • Sometimes I feel really sorry for the devs that come on here. They’re hear to talk about their game. Rant at Sony regarding prices. Leave the devs alone. They’re hear to answer your questions about the game. Sometimes I bet they wish they didn’t bother.

    Sure when you’ve got a Sony rep on here asking for feedback, bring it up. But when Creat are here to talk about their new game (or any other developer for that matter) — try to stay on topic.

  • Well if SCEE would show some backbone and talk to it’s customers, the devs wouldn’t have to put up with this week after week.

  • @48 people are entitled to an opinion and thats what people are giving .

    If you over charge ofcoarse people are going to complain.

    You gotta take the feedback good and bad thats business m8.

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