Heavy Rain’s David Cage And I, Tellin’ Stories

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I’ve always wanted to write a videogame – it’s on my list of things to do before I lose interest in writing videogames. Therefore, I look forward to interviews with the Heavy Rain writer and director David Cage and I’m always keen to listen to his storytelling philosophies. I managed to catch up with him outside the showfloor at gamescom, away from the gunfire and heavy metal that is still ringing in my ears.

[viddler id=841da404&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

I didn’t get to play the new scene in the end, partly because I acted like a headless chicken and partly because I want to take in the whole game in one sitting when I get hold of a copy, but it looks stunning. If you want to check it out for yourselves, head on over to US PlayStation.Blog to see David Cage walk you through the new level.

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  • very nice keep them coming dude.

  • this game looks amazing. I’ve been waiting to play it ever since the original ‘audition’ video which blew me away.

  • Very interesting interview.

  • The more I hear about Heavy Rain the more interested I am. Looks like a potential GOTY for 2010.

  • Ha, I’ve been waiting for Heavy Rain since I finished Fahrenheit (6 times ;D) as I’m waiting for all future games by amazing Quantic Dreams team ;)

  • i hope it holds up to it´s hype.

  • Hey Guys… i really need to tell you something.

    I played Heavy Rain @ the Gamescom and I was totally disappointed. The graphics were so diffuse an unclean… but that’s not a real problem, actually,… even if I was sad about it.

    The real problem (and I’m not gonna buy this game, if they don’t offer another setting) was the control… it was just aweful – pressing r2 to go forward and using the analogsticks to act?! neither intuitive or anything logical…

    And the thing is, “Heavy Rain” was the only ps-stand, which was constantly empty within 2 hours (saturday between 12-14). And as I saw a few peoples playing a while… we watched each other, and asked us (loud) “What the hell is that for a control”

    Guys, honestly… please… think about that! ok?

    And now – in the end. Let me say one positive thing. The game has a great atmosphere :)

  • I really like the way David Cage is approaching games. Clearly he wants to push the medium further and expand things for mature gamers. Being a gamer who enjoys story driven games, it looks like this game will be staying away from the rather childish and simple storylines found in most other games.
    Farenheit was a fantastic experience for the most part, and if David has managed to perfect the formula from that game and add more depth to the choices and story in Heavy Rain based on his previous directing experience, we’ll all be in for a great time when its released.

    Excellent interview James.

  • You should have made him promise that there are no aliens in it – the alien stuff totally ruined Fahrenheit.

  • give me a release date pl0x!
    this game is going to be amazing

  • I mean – its gonna be great, that’s not a question – I’m sure it will be… I have the best hope for a deep atmosphere and great story.

    But please,… Quantic, think about the controls again!

  • Are the first party developers helping Quantic Dream to Heavy Rain looks better?

    More interviews with David Cage please!

    • David is a pleasure to interview. He speaks clearly and always has interesting things to say.

      As for your question, I have no idea, but Quantic are working very closely with Sony on what is a huge title for the PS3, which obviously helps them get the best out of the system.

  • Awesome interview, extremely interesting. Always love seeing interviews with David Cage, he’s such an interesting person.

    Can’t wait for Heavy Rain, looks fantastic. The latest trailer had me very emotionally involved!

  • Concerning Heavy Rain’s soundtrack: Who’s writing and composing it? When is the single and album released?

  • Its great to hear more of this game and nice to have good question asked. One thing I think is important for quantiq dream and David cage is to heavy explain that it is an thriller/adventure game and not an QTE fest. This is important so this fantastic game will have an success at retail. Just an hint and I have read that David and others have tried to explain that but it can not be said enough.
    Good luck! I will by day1! :)

  • hey… isnt this video on the US blog too?

    • Oh yeah, well spotted. Jeff and Chris have been good enough to let us post their videos in the past, when we were just starting out, so it’s good to return the favour.

  • I second Taurus82.

    Concerning Heavy Rain’s soundtrack: Who’s writing and composing it? When is the single and album released?

  • @Taurus82; @hamildan : It seems the music has been composed and orchestrated by Normand Corbeil and recorded at Abbey Road Studios (at least, that’s what I read in the credits at the end of the last trailer)

    You can listen to most of his work right here : http://www.normandcorbeil.com/index2009.html

  • @8 If I remember well, there were no aliens in Fahrenheit but a very strange mixture of mayan priests and evil artificial intelligences in the end (I know it would maybe have been better to have aliens). But still this game is in my all-time top 3 games on the PS2.

    And to answer your question, David Cage confirmed at E3 that there won’t be any magic or “fantasy” elements in Heavy Rain except the ARI interface (the “CSI-like” tool we see in the E3 trailer with the FBI agent)

    @Taurus82; @hamildan : The preceding games of Quantic Dreams also had great soundtracks starring David Bowie in the Nomad Soul and Angelo Badalamenti in Fahrenheit. There were also great songs in Fahrenheit, like “Santa Monica” from Theory of a Dead Man (watch it right here with in-game footage : http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/3699.html). Souvenir souvenir… :)

  • Oops, just remove the .html at the end of my last link. Sorry for that.
    PS: “Edit” function would be much appreciated :)

  • Great work James! ;)

  • The game looks great , and what a great interview

  • So.. when are we going to see Heavy Rain’s cinematic trailer in, oh, movie- theaters and on TV?

  • My most wanted PS3 game ever.

    And that’s not a throw-away comment.
    I know there is Uncharted 2, MAG, God Of War 3 etc but this is the game that always guarantees that “OMG ME WANT!” reaction every time I hear or read about it.

    It feels like Fahrenheit (which I LOVED the idea of….execution not so much) done better and fuller.

    What comforts me the most though is Sony never makes developers rush games so we know this is as good as it’s going to get before release instead of something ambitious that will never-be due to
    rushed release.
    I’m counting the days till release, Quantic Dreams!

  • Heavy rain is my most anticipated title of the year! it feels different from the massive video game environments, genre and generally atmosphere that has caught my attention and interest from the very first day i saw it!
    I feel the same excitement as i felt for Little big platet back then! i hope the game wont disappoint me!
    im partly sure for it! if it follows the fahrenheit recipe i would be 100% sure!

  • dit is echt een VETTE game wacht ik al mij heeeeele leven al op,i dont know ho 2 spel that<<< nice nice nice verry nice game brrrr

  • this game looks average

  • Damn…

    This game looks epic :D

    I wanted it from the first Trailer i saw the “Audition” one :]

  • this new ps3 update is sick and ive always wanted something that could match inside xbox with interviews and “sentUAmessage” great interview keep them coming

  • Yep , this will be great. Loved fahrenheit and this will be even more awesome.

  • Such a highly anticipated game for me, most likely for every other person too!
    Just an amazing game fullstop, the concept/storyline is original, the graphics are stunning. Can’t wait any longer! I know its going to be worth it though :]

  • i reckon its going to be a well good game 4characters rolled up on to one disc plus they all each live very different lives ha its practically 4games for the price of one BARGAIN!!!!!! =)

  • i think this is a realy good looking game i might buy it wen it comes out

  • this game look good but i think that god of war 3 is the best

  • David Cage is great. cant wait for heavy rain :)

  • does heavy rain auto save? that would make me nervous…..

  • H-E-A-V-Y R-A-I-N F-O-R T-H-E W-I-N

    BTW, Nice Interview James

  • the game is going to be cool ,but still there needs to be some improvement in graphics of the game. for example in the triler at gamecon the rain on the face is not done well. I really wish that they work harder on. thanks to all of these people ho worked on the game.

  • Game looks wicked, type of thing that could make it game of the year ^_-

  • heavy rain is no 1 on my wish list 8)

  • Well as for using R2 to move forwards that doesnt seem to be much of a problem because I was doing that years ago on thedreamcast version of SHENMU.

    just have to wait for the Demo to see if I really want this in my collection!

  • Hey i would like this

  • I like PS3 after LBP we have an other new kind of game.

    I’m not proud to be french at all really but France have created Cinema I hope David Cage will create something that is different for mature people and really interesting.

    Imagine this is a game like books we used to have “if you take the left door go to the page 74″…

    Different ways to play different pleasure you could do the game many times without the same scenario….

    Waiting for this game to go out!!! march or APril 2010? not so soon they have time to improove the graphique and gameplay… they will finish the game properly do not forget Farheineit it was grear and I hope it will be better!!

    thanks to david Cage to keep a lot of secret it makes me wonder this game more and more ^^

  • Writing this message from my PS3 via the new “Whats New” section..very cool !!

  • Toma eso 360, los mejores graficos son del PS3 entiendes Bill Gates solo SONY puede crear algo tan graficamente sorprendente como KILLZONE 2 Y HEAVY RAIN JA JA

  • this is gonna be great, i wonder how mzny possible endings you can get.

  • i’d say ders loads of different endings depending on how long the game is :) (of course)
    @Dave-The-Rave Me 2 LoL

  • KrEo K yO sOy El MeJoR nA… En VeRdAd Lo VoY a KoMpRaR pUeRtO riKo

  • the game looks amazing. i can’t wait until it’s released…

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