Chatting Comics In Golden Square

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No doubt you’ve checked out the Digital Comics Service trailer from the Sony press conference at gamescom yesterday. If you haven’t, you can grab it from the PlayStation Store gamescom PSN update right now . If you’re itching for a bit more info and to see the service in action, then you should definitely have a look at the video below.

[viddler id=2e89a0c6&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

You’ll see James chatting with Adriana Eyzaguirre and Pete Stott from the Comics Service team out in Golden Square. You’ll also see how the service’s Autoflow feature, which mimics the way your eyes travel across a page as you’re reading, makes it feel as close to reading a real comic book as possible.

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  • hopefully we get manga too.

  • Iv been interested in comics for a while but iv never got round to reading any, This should help :)

  • Any details on how the pricing will actually work?
    (I have a very eager eye on this service if it doesn’t gouge you)

    • Nothing concrete that I can confirm, unfortunately, as pricing is in the hands of the publishers, much like third-party games on the PlayStation Store.

  • Great interview James! The digital reader was one of the best bits of news from yesterday for me. The one question was just how well would the system manage to deal with comic panels, but going from the interview the Auto Flow system seems to work very well.

  • Fantastic interview, thank you very much James. As it has been stated above, i too would welcome the introduction of Manga digital content. Moreover, i sure hope that we will also have the ability to purchase entire series at once instead of each individually.

    The game was just the start, it really was :)

    • I just asked Pete about purchasing entire series. It’s definitely a plan to bundle comics together based around story arcs and series, but it’s not quite there enough for us to confirm it yet.

      As for Manga, the reader is set-up to display Manga, now it’s just a case of seeing if we can get the publishers involved.

  • Hello this is abit of topic, but it terms of the PSP Go itself, have the UK finally got a pricing for it? as i was expecting one at Gamescom

  • Would be great if wee could Cross Comic Chat with other comic fans do you think it will happen ?

    Love comics.

  • So is Europe getting this in 2009. The reason I ask is that a post about it on the US Blog makes it seem that it’s going to be US only this year. And if that’s the case, judging by the video store, we won’t see it until sometime in 2011…

  • Better ask the same question in the appropiate topic ;)

    The Digital Comics service, is probably IP region locked as well isn’t? So probably no chance we can read in Europe the comics of for instance Jason Rubin, “Iron and the Maiden”, if his publishers decide to publish them for the PSP Digital Comics service? Iron and the Maiden have only been released in the States thusfar.

  • @adz2k7, I assume for Europe as well, why else announce it on an European games convention with the information the service will be available in December 2009, if it’ll only apply for the US :-? Though big chance is that only a few countries in the Pal territories get the service right away, like with VidZone and the VideoStore. Although I hope this time it’ll release simultaneous throughout the entire Pal region.

    By the way Ira Rubenstein… family of???

  • Will English versions of comics be available in the various European stores or do they have to be localized to be offered there?

  • I would love to see manga supported through this service, if it is at all possible to get publishers on board with this please do as I believe many others would also be interested in that type of content to appear on psp.

  • This is a brilliant service, but i cant help but think it would do just as well if you made it PSP and PS3 compatable. Since youd have your HD tv and then you could use the auto-flow to get a better perspective of the comic.

    Iam a bit skeptical how its going to work, i think panel by panel will be great but what about those big double page images?

    I guess ill find out at the end of the year, also i hope they get DC on board, really want to read DC more then Marvel!

    • With larger panels, Autoflow will focus on specific parts of the panel, such as a series of speech bubbles or a flying fist.

      It really does work brilliantly, and it is optional, so you can also pan around the page and zoom in as you wish.

  • @ Anth1888

    Sony confirmed today on that the PSPgo will be £224.99/€249. Europe and the US pay the same as they did when the PSP originally came out. However we’re paying around £45 more. Isn’t life in the UK lovely?

    Anyway, this seems like pretty cool idea. Will be interesting to see how well it does. Would be good if we could get it on the PS3 as well, but I’m not fussed since I have a PSP.

  • why don’t we get on the ps3?

  • @ Cjdamon042

    Cheers mate, i was just wanting a definate answer as some sites say £250. Thanks, and yeah this looks very promising and to launch it with marvel is a major coup, lets hope DC join on board.

  • Mr Gallagher,
    Please tell us this is a PS3 & PSP service, as you seem to have ignored all previous queries regard this.

    • I’m not ignoring anyone, I just can’t answer every question asked with gamescom going on around me so I tend to focus on the ones I’m able to answer accurately.

  • An almighty ‘awesome’ from me!

    Two questions – Will we see motion comics be released for this service at any point or is it simply to early to tell?

    Will we see a similiar service for the PS3? I’d love to boot up Home, pop to the Comic Archive/Library and have a read with some fellow book worms! :D

  • This sounds like a dealmaker for PSP Go for me!

    But are the comics DRM-free? I only started buying music from iTunes when they started selling DRM-free music, and I won’t touch comics or books which are encumbered by pointless DRM which only causes me hassle.

    And bring Judge Dredd to PSP!

  • @20: maybe you should engange in a philosophical discussion about whether a format only supported on the PSP constitutes DRM or not :)

  • Is the service going to be release in France?
    Because I’ve read it won’t be : only UK, US, South Africa, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand.

  • another quick question, when we purchase a comic can we then view it whenever we want or just when we’re at a internet hotspot?

  • 1. Is this a feature of the PSP GO! or are the older models going to recieve the app too?

    2. Can we use ebooks from other sources. If so, which file formats are accepted (PDF, etc)?

    Apologies if any of these questions were answered in the vid, but I’m on the iPhone & it still doesn’t support flash. Curse you Apple!!!

  • Wait, no Netherlands? Nevermind, my enthusiasm just went to a corner and shot itself.

    Not blaming Sony – I’m sure they’d love to roll it out worldwide. Probably mostly to do with the patchwork of European copyright agreements.

  • Comics will be available in English only?:)

  • Hey,
    This service sounds absolutely fantastic, its a great way to bring the medium of comic books and graphic novels to people like myself who havent really got into it. Also, watching the videos it looks like ‘Civil War’ is going to be released to coincide with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. It would be cool to see other comics released to coincide with games such as ‘The Darkness’ etc But i have one question , is this going to be only accessible through PSP, or will it work on your PS3 as well?


  • Please tell me this service Is releasing on ps3 aswel?!
    If now, Why not!

    This would make a LOT more money If were available on BOTH ps3 and PSP.

  • I wish digital comics would make better use of the format it’s being published on. Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel is a great example of what digital comics should be. Not just scanned pages.

  • I really can’t see the “Autoflow” feature as being how my eyes scan over a page, be it comic contents or otherwise, and it felt a bit dizzying to me, actually.

    However, I think this feature of ‘e-comics’ (to coin a phrase) is a good idea but it’s a shame that it’s not been realised to its full potential, by adding a facility for e-books as well.

    If that was included, it would’ve been something that I would certainly be interested in.

  • looks good. I would hope that more publshers get involved such as DC. Do you know if we will eventually be seeing books on the store as in the video the top sections said game, video and books?

  • nice update fore ps3network and i like the idear of comics on my psp and ps3,i like to bicum ps3 betatester?

  • Freaking sweet! i’m getting a psp for this!!

  • i REALLY hope the original transformers comics will be available

  • hell yeah!! so not only COMICS but MANGA as well , sweet! and its all this YEAR. nice

  • i do hope its also on ps3 as i dont really want yo buy a psp just for this feature, although reading comics on the train would be cool. i just have to ask will you have separate libaries for publishers as im not interested in reading manga. will this have classic tales like stan and jack fantastic four? i hope they can get 2000ad on voard as there comic is pruduced weekly anyway. just one last thing i hope they get a company called dare comics onboard as they made a miniseries called the hunter and it was the single greatest thing ive read( and ive read several great story arcs)

  • they should add super hero avatars they one are abit boring

  • looking forward to see if any adult content will be featured like sandman , hellblazer and lucifer . i hope so as i have been collecting such graphic novels for 30 years or more . please don’t forget us wrinklies and give us mature readers what we want . digital comics , what a great idea

  • Take that xbots! Comics yay! Lets hope we get even more PS store icons too!

  • I cant wait but…. i would not only want it on my psp why not ps3? is thier a reason 4 this?

  • 1. how much would it cost

    2. will it be any good

    3. if it does cost will all of them cost

  • i say PUT IT ON PS3 ALSO …. thx

  • ooo if we get manga ill buy for sure

  • is this g2 be for the US too?

  • is it just for PSP?

    if so that is pretty gay
    i would like to read my comics on my PS3 aswell
    i love Marvle comics they r the grand-daddy of comics

  • nice update fore ps3network and i like the idear of comics on my psp and ps3,i like to bicum ps3 betatester?

  • Is this REALLY available to all countries??? I almost can`t believe it

  • Looks Awesome but anime woud be better Naruto ore some thing ;)


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