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Hi everyone. My name is Allison from NIS America, and I want to talk about the hottest PSP title ever, “Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This?” OK, the title itself is bloomin’ insane, but so is the game. It’s coming to Europe in September, and the demo will be out on PSN 3 September (free!), but more on that later. Right!

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Here’s the story: you are the God of Destruction, summoned by Badman, an underground overlord (and a rather egotistical one at that) to create an army of creatures to protect him from a slew of justice-thirsty heroes. Badman acts whingey and helpless, and he often gets his knickers in a twist when things don’t go his way. A real wally, yeah? But, he’s right funny as you’ll see when you play.

Badman screenshot 1

In the game itself, you are a pickaxe. Yeah, you don’t seem that exciting, but you are the friggin’ God of Destruction! Your job is to annihilate the pseudo heroes who invade Badm… no… YOUR dungeon and killing his…. no… YOUR servants created from the sweat off your pickaxe. You dig and dig and dig through rich soil from which spring gluey Slimemosses, tasty Omnoms, thumpin’ demons and, yeah, fire-breathin’ dragons, ready to serve and fight as long you take care of them. The dungeon is a delicate ecosystem in which the monsters feed upon others to grow and reproduce. If you create too much of one kind of monster, you risk unbalancing the system, which weakens your fighting power. Rule 1 and only 1: take care of your army.
The game is pretty simple, but it has plenty of depth. (You have to dig right deep to protect Badman).
“Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!” boasts a retro-style visual flair that matches its throwback game style perfectly. And we think lots of people will be attracted to Badman, and won’t be able to stop themselves from spending many sleepless nights with him!

[viddler id=23d6f5e0&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

So, give the game a test play by downloading our demo from PSN on 3 September! It’s free, so no excuses. After playing it a few times, come back here in a week to give me a shout, and take our nifty quiz, which could garnish you a couple of randy Omnoms. If taken care of, these little pests may multiply and transform into Omnom flies.
And, now, have a look at Baddie’s website.
Fantastic news for all: “Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This?” will be available BOTH as digital download from PSN and UMD.

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