gamescom: Cologne Call To Arms

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I’m off to Germany next week to eat some bienenstich – blatantly Europe’s tastiest cake – and while I’m there I figured I might pop along to gamescom and interview lots of PlayStation developers.

Jem and I are going to be shooting several of our own video interviews, which I know lots of you were asking for after my coverage of E3, to go along with plenty of written content, photography, Twittering and banter in the comments.

But we need your ammunition – tell us which games you want us to cover and what you need to know.

Please, make our lives easier!

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  • Info on Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, PS3 Slim, PSP Go, Videostore in EU – please! ;)

  • id personally like to know more on a release for modnation races, agarest generations of war and the eu video store.

  • Everyone wants to see GT5. If that isn’t announced it will be a joke.

    Also hope Sony will announce a 3 year warranty for the PS3 given the increasing number of consoles dying within 2 years. Customers then have to pay up to a third of the original price for repairs and get only 3 months extra warranty on the fixed PS3. This is poor treatment of customers.

    I want to know how the developers and publishers at Gamescon would feel about having their past games available on PSN as downloadable titles, given Microsoft have introduced their GOD service with 30 titles and PSN only has one full 3rd party game (Burnout Paradise).

  • I want to be able to see the SONY conference live on my PC :-)

    BTW the best cake is made in Denmark not Germany :-D


  • Anything new announced, and Ratchet And Clank A Crack In Time!

    Oh, and some PSP games like LittleBigPlanet PSP, MotorStorm Arctic Edge, and GTA Chinatown Wars (to see how it works on PSP.

    Also, could you see if there is a camera icon on the PSP Go, and ask if there is going to be a camera for it?


  • Oh and maybe some details about FW 3.0 for PS3? ;)

  • There’s bound to be a few booth babes so, have you got an email address I can send my mobile no. to so you can pass it on? :D

    On topic though, Brutal Legend needs some heavy (metal) coverage as that’s shaping up into something particularly special. MAG is a given but more specfically, I’d like to see a video of you playing it and upon every successful kill shout ‘BAM! Kitty got wet’.

    That’s about all I can think of at the moment apart from the standard – nab loads of stuff to give me. :P

    Have a good time and I’m keen to see the SCEE teams experience of the event. :)

  • The games I want more info about:

    Gran Turismo 5 (also his PSP version)
    socom FTB 3 (PSP)
    Motorstorm arctic edge (psp)
    Heavy rain (PS3)
    modnation racers
    uncharted 2
    quantum theory (if this will be @ gamescom offcourse)
    maybe a new game that will be announced

    I’m looking forward to see some nice and interesting interviews ;)

  • video store, vidzone, FW 3.00 and more of the very newly announced features :)

  • Agent(hope it will be there)
    Heavy Rain
    Uncharted 2 Among Thieves
    God of War 3
    Modnation Racer
    FW 3.0(hope it is not a rumor))

  • Hi, sounds really great. Here some games I would like to see:
    Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 2 (DUH :-P),
    Uncharted 2: Among thieves,
    Assasins Creed 2,
    God of War III,
    PS3 Slim (we know its comming),
    PSP Go!,
    Quatum Theory (if its there),
    MAG (how could I forget),
    Ratchet And Clank A Crack In Time,
    UnderSiege (if it’s there),
    EU videostore,
    PSN Pre Paid cards!,
    Vidzone all over Europe,
    If there a new games, do them to.

    That’s about it. (think I forgot some though)



  • Gran Turismo 5 hands down.

    Also VidZone and Moviestore to EU(that includes scandinavia)

  • Hi here are some of the games i like to hear about.

    God of War 3
    White Knight Chronicles
    Ratchet and Clank crack in time
    Uncharted 2
    Modern Warfare 2
    Final Fantasy XIII
    assassin creed 2
    assassin creed(psp)
    Metal Gear Solid peace walker
    PSN cards
    EU videostore
    PSP GO


  • Just have an excellent time and try to cover everything! (ahem, PS3 Slim, PS3 Slim!).

  • Carmack has mentioned the possibility of using the space on Blu-Ray to have higher quality textures in the PS3 version of Rage, be sure to talk to him about that :)

  • I’d love to see more on:

    Heavy Rain
    Ratchet & Clank: ACIT
    Modnation Racers – specifically could you confirm 4-player split-screen?
    Army of Two – 40th Day.

  • Forget all the mainstream stuff, how about thowing the spotlight on some independant developers, lets have a look at some creativity, instead of just yet another shooter.

  • Get to talk with Valve and ask when they are gonna release Left4Dead on the ps3 :D… and also everything that has to do with uncharted 2 would be good thanks.

  • i like to see u find out more about the following and ask with the games i’ve listed if there be Home content from them. thanks and have a gd time. keep it kools

    Playstation HOME
    Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 2
    Uncharted 2: Among thieves
    Assasins Creed 2
    God of War III
    PSP Go
    Quatum Theory
    Ratchet And Clank A Crack In Time
    PSN Pre Paid cards!

  • Modnation Racers needs to be a priority methinks, other titles such as Uncharted have undoubtedly had their time to shine, and this is a game I am extremely looking forward to.

    Other games I really want to see coverage for are Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge, and DC Universe (which I hope we will get a release date for!)

  • It’d be great is you asked some questions about publishers intention to bring already published content to the SCEE PSN Store’s (old games that’s on PSOne Classics in USA but not here etc.)

  • I will be there too!!!! All day long fun. :)

  • It would great to see some info on: –

    video store
    rachet & clank
    psp go
    psn cards
    heavy rain
    some secret games which haven’t been announced yet

  • I only hope in a good conference, with little chat and a lot of action. Not like the E3 one, for instance …
    Then I hope to see some good exclusives, Firmware 3.0 and backwards compatibility with PS2 titles and, admitted that it wanted to be a fake by the followers of Bill Gates (you should better check the words that turn on you) … the PS3 Slim!!! I want it!
    In general, however, I would like to see Sony back at the dawn of time, unassailable and always ready to get involved by offering the player more than any other competitor. I do not want more lies and no fake dates. I want to know what I will have to wait for a game or another.

  • “Everyone wants to see GT5. If that isn’t announced it will be a joke.”

    This guy. This guy right here.

  • I’ll be interviewing some of you guys as well, or more specifically some of your 1st party developers and it wouldn’t be any fun if they had already been asked some of my great questions when I got there :P

    I’ll see you guys on Tuesday during your press event, as well as the rest of the week around your booths etc.

  • Along with all the stuff above some hints, or details about cross game chat and in game chat.

    Lots of details on PSN games please, i know the Warhawk boys have been busy since that last update pack to Warhawk!

  • How about some news about the Playstation Motion Controller? Are 3rd party developers interested in it, do they already have a game or two planned?
    I’d like to know what’s the focus for the 1st party developers:

    a) lame casual stuff => cheap Wii ripoff nobody wants/needs
    b) implementing the new controls in core games => different aproach, better suited to the PS3 users.

    Anything new about Starhawk?

    Harass some SEGA guys and tell them we need Yakuza 3 with english subs!!!! Give them a slap on the back of their head from me if they won’t follow your advice ;)

    Afrika release US or EU? I don’t care anymore, because I bought the asian version, but could be interesting for some.

  • …. I WISH I WAS GOING.. i remember a good few years ago i went to the games conference at earls court ad it was amazing. shame.
    Could you interview david jaffe if he ever happens to be there, i F***ing love that dude.

  • And please, let us also our life easier! ;)

  • From Ubisoft Montreal: Thief 4? Details?

    From Sony:
    – VidZone in the whole territory of Europe, when?
    – PSN Cards?
    – New firmware + details?
    – New color ps3? I want a white one, please bring me a white PS3
    – PSP Go Details

    – White PSP Go + PS3 SLim bundle? :D :D(I should stop begging for this I know, I just can’t help myself)

  • info on

    Modern warfare 2
    psn cards

    psn video store
    and information on something like a future update eg 3.0
    new features for the psn

  • modnation racers
    uncharted 2
    info on where we can stream the conferences live
    new warhawk (not sure what its called)
    video store

    sorry james but the cake is a lie!

  • Info on the new game that is being unveiled – c’mon surely there must be at least 1 game being announced that we don’t know about yet?? :-)

    Tell us more about that one :-)

  • Seriously James, any thing you have to say, we want innovation and courage, nothing more! You know very well what we want, we are asking you for years!

  • A new Folklore or a new Heavenly Sword would be great!!

  • bienenstich taste very good :)

    Can you cover the video store, I really want it in Norway :)

    can you talk to the warhawk guys and ask them what they are up too?

    And when do we get psn cards?

    Thanks for having this blog sony :)

  • GT5.

    That is all.

    And maybe the Last Guardian.

    Oh and Slim/Price Drop to stick it to MS.

  • Uncharted 2 release date in EU (they have said soon to be revealed far to long now)
    Gran Turismo 5 (anything really, also a release date, but I understand that is a delicate issue when it comes to the GT-series:P)
    EU Videostore

    That’s pretty much it, and please, do surprise us, that I guess, is what I want the most;)

  • I’m very sorry to double-post, but about Uncharted 2. Please ask if the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Limited Edition Collector’s Box) will be out across Europe as well. As of now, it’s only an Australian store that has it for pre-order.

    • Will do – I don’t have my schedule to hand but I think Jem is interviewing some Naughty Dogs on Tuesday.

      I’m going to log off now as I have a tonne of writing to do, but I’ll check back tomorrow over a cup of tea and a slice of battenberg, so keep on trucking… and by that I mean commenting.

  • Well if GT5 makes an appearance, definitely that! :)

    Other than that: Modnation Racers,Video Store if announced,Ratchet and Clank.
    Only reason I didn’t mention uncharted 2 is I’m trying to avoid all media coverage of it to keep some surprise as I’m buying it day one!

    Where can I get bienenstich in London? Is it really that nice? :)

  • Yeah!! GT5 news would be so nice! Also: Scandinavian Vidzone release date? MAG, RUSE, Assasins creed 2, Bad Company 2, NFS:Shift and everything else i forgot to mention….

    I bet it will be great no mather what, have a nice trip.

  • What everyone else said :D

    Plus some more juicy info on Hustle Kings (One of the best looking games I have seen, and it’s only on PSN)oh and MAG!!!! ;)

  • I would like like to know more about “The agent” and, of course, about The last Guardian.
    Have a nice trip, and bring some nice review please…

  • i want to know the following next week: EU-video store > > psn-Cards > > Mag > > Cod-MW2 > > ps3 slim > > Psn-games > > & lastly the booth babes phone numbers, thank you. ;)

  • i will be there on saturday… the days before that i have to go to work… so i need to join on a very crowded day.
    is there something special on saturday?

    i will check out many new games :D like AC2, Uncharted2, Mafia2, GoW3, GT5, NFS:S (hope the series is getting better :D), Modern Warfare 2 (still playing the first one online ^^), Brütal Legend, Pixeljunk Shooter, Splinter Cell Conviction and the new Guitar Hero /DJ games.

    I hope that all these games will be shown there ;)

  • White Knight Chronicles
    God Of War 3
    Heavy Rain

    Have a good time :)

  • battlefield: badcompany 2 and psn cards

  • i would like to see you cover JAFFA CAKE AS THEY ARE ‘TEH BEST CAKES IN EUROPE LOLOLOLOLZ’ *ahem*… heavy rain and uncharted 2 please. :D

    ooh ooh.. if you can get some Tekken 6 stuff i wouldn’t mind that either!

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