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The Best Keeps Getting Better… Well.. We Think So Anyway
I seriously think our entire office is hooked on picking playlists for you guys! You see, we like to give everyone in the office a chance to have their say in on what videos should be in a playlist, not just our über music experts. The problem is, it seems everyone has a different opinion and will fight to the death for their right to uphold that opinion. Don’t worry, we came up with a solution, we have erected an Ultimate Fighting Hexagon in the middle of the office. Whoever wins gets their video in the playlist. Simples!
That doesn’t actually happen…but I wish it did! Anyway, now to business…
We are all in agreement that we have the best new Homepage and Playlist features ever! We also have a little bit of interactivity for all the people out there in all the various communities which I’m sure you will have no problem participating in. So keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times and…. LLLETTTS GOOO!!
Newly Added Videos Playlist!
You’ve been asking for weeks and now it’s here. We have a dedicated newly added video playlist in //Recommended / New Videos where you can see ALL, and I repeat ALL videos just added to this territory. Get clicking on the triangle!
Behind The Scenes Exclusives!!
VidZone TV Show – be the first to watch the pilot for our new TV show! Our presenters will serve up celebrity interviews, backstage footage from festivals and gigs as well as all the gossip from your favourite artists …and all of this in our very own ice cream van!! Crazy I know! We would really like to know what you think so get commenting!
Wireless and Lovebox Festivals – That word “exclusive” again… Exclusive footage and interviews from two of London’s best festivals including words from Pixie Lott, Florence (without her machine), Mr Hudson, Soul II Soul, N-Dubz, Kid Cudi and more!


Peter Andre Interview – Lock up your daughters…and wives.. and girlfriends…as everyone’s favourite Aussie divorcee speaks exclusively to VidZone about his new single “Behind Closed Doors”, which is well on it’s way to become a UK #1 single this weekend. Pete chats candidly, offering advice about marriage! (UK+Ireland only).

Peter Andre

Other Home Page stuff
VidZone VS Playstation 3 – Almost as perfect as Alien VS Predator or Freddy VS Jason…and you to get to be involved! We challenged the guys and girls from the PlayStation 3 office to see who could come up with the best video playlist and we want you to be the judge! This is how you vote… All you need to do is leave a comment saying either “VOTE VIDZONE” or “VOTE PS3” on any official VidZone site…FaceBook, Twitter, PS Blog or the PS Forum and we will find them. Of course, as I write the blog I get to be massively biased and I say VOTE VIDZONE! VOTE VIDZONE! VOTE VIDZONE!


Video’s from the Movies – What is your favourite movie? Easy…Mine is Weekend at Bernie’s. A harder question is what’s your favourite music video from a Movie? My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion? Mamma Mia by ABBA? Black Suits Coming – Will Smith? Find them all here in one place on VidZone for the next two weeks.
New Playlists – Holiday Songs – No Cliff Richard, but all the other videos that will get you into the holiday spirit. Groove Armada, Roger Sanchez and MGMT feature.
Underground Acts – Small artists need love too!, All your favourite underground acts you know and some you won’t including Dananananaykroyd, Mumm-ra and DJ Vadim.
Sunday Sessions – Sunday is for sitting back and back relaxing so why not add this playlistwith Newton Faulkner, Amy Winehouse, Keane and more.
Metal Mania – More metal than you can shake a piece of metal at. Get ready to rock till you drop. Motörhead, NIN and Bullet For My Valentine are there to help.
Karaoke Favourites – We all know you have a beautiful singing voice, prove it with these sing along classics. Videos from Shaggy, Girls Aloud and Abba (of course).
That’s it, surely you can’t want any more! If so well then you will have to wait until the next update.
Signing off,

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  • Awesomesauce!
    Iv been eagerly awaiting Peter Andre`s new songs ;)

  • Cool, nice update guys………..VOTE VIDZONE!!!

  • hi Ben,
    Thanks, as usual, for the great support for VidZone. I love it!

  • The Update is not online yet :(

    • No not yet, should be later today. This was just to wet your appetites! I’ll announce on here as soon as it is live.

  • Absolutely AMAZING update.
    Though, unfortunately whilst on VidZone last night, my TV thought it would be a good idea to blow up. So i am without a TV for a week or two :'(

  • Awww Ben.
    The words Vidzone and Update pull at the heart strings. Pulse rate quickens. I rush to the PS3, load up the app, await the updates. Search by performer, I click D.I.S.T.U.R.B.E.D…wait for it….
    AHHHHHHHHHH nothing again!!!
    You’re a tease, (and I secretly love that).
    There’s always next week, but for now I enjoy today’s new content and thank you again for the update.

  • Any news/ideas on the next software update Ben?

  • How many people work in the Vidzone office (fighting over creating us playlists :) )?
    Also do you have any dates for when any part of the Vidzone interface or functions will be changed? Apart from new videos and playlists, I have not noticed any changes since the beginning. New videos and playlists are nice, but without some change in interface finding what you want is still slow and cumbersome and will get WORSE as you add more content.
    Keep up the god work and the updates.

    • Hi rp2000,
      We’re working on software updates, please be patient with us! We will be announcing here and on our social networking sites when we have more news about them.

  • ~7 SpiderMike_X: It hasn’t been updated yet.

  • Also your screenshot of Peter Andre is widecreen, just for the picture on the blog or has widesceen support been added?

  • Hi Ben
    I like vidzone but as you can see I’m from belgium and not allowed to use is ‘yet’.
    How about a small announcement or a feature that’s comming up. A sneek peak of what’s comming next week at GamesCon :)
    I allready tried with mike but he has is lips shut :)

  • Oh cool…no wait! I no can has VidZone :'(

  • Rp2000: They have just cropped the image. It won’t be in widescreen until they implement it in a software update

    • Hey Sully1311,
      You’re right, this is just a stylish crop however we’re working on software updates so please wait just a little longer!

  • Full list of everything added – you genius!! Love it.
    Also never get rid of the bright red background, or at least give us the option to keep it or swap it to our favourite colour.
    Can’t wait to get home!!
    Keep up the good work.

  • Ow you… &*(^#*%&
    Great update, and now you have NIN on as well, I’m just dying to find out what else you have got on there, or which NIN clips exactly.(anything from The Downward Spiral?)
    Please get this to the Netherlands soon. Any news on a date?

  • Could you make VidZone available for russian users as well?

  • Fantastic… for you guys. I’m just gonna read the post again and weep at the missing icon on my XMB. I guess there’s no word as to when we mortals can expect this service to launch in other countries?

  • Can you please please please please Put The Streets on there! Especially his new album Mike Skinner is a dam legend in the UK. And im sure he would love to be on Vidzone im sure he uses it :D

  • Great update, keep em coming :-)

  • I’m so happy for you guys… Shame that we portuguese, swedish, greek, croatian, austrian, turkish, bulgarian, polish, finnish, ucranian, etc, can’t enjoy the same things.

  • Any chaeof seeing some Bloc Party videos on the Zone?

  • Hey Everyone!
    Blog is set to go live in around 30minutes!!!
    don’t forget to vote VIDZONE or PlayStation

  • give this for Polish player!!!!

  • im going to vote…forget it,im from portugal,vidnet here is a mirage :)

  • In the next update could you please add Aerosmith? I really want to have Don’t Want To Miss A Thing in my playlist.

  • Please add:
    * A better search function
    * The size of each video
    * Which videos are in the cache
    * Partnerships with isps for unmetered content
    Other than that it is awesome. A great addition to the PS3.

    • Hi toddhunter,
      We hope to make the search function and video size better soon. In the meantime, we currently cache your top 25 most played videos locally.
      We understand Australia has issues surrounding capped broadband and we’re looking at ways to help AU PS3 users maximise their VidZone experience.

  • Is there a way you could add keyboard support for quicksearches?
    Doin’ it with the actual system is a real pain…

  • In the next update could you please add… THE REST OF EUROPE!

  • Hi Ben,
    Love it to see that VidZone is growing.
    Especially the Behind the Scenes is something what I like :P
    Could you give a reason why VidZone isn’t released yet in other countries in Europe?

  • My Question is, does the Firmware Update 2.80 help the Vidzone team?
    Because why we must update 2.80 to use Vidzone.
    So give Firmware 2.80 a better performence or is easy for you.
    16:9, Tiesto Songs and HD would be great

    • Hi RKUnited,
      VidZone is contantly working on updating the functionality and sometimes firmware updates are required to assist us with these updates. Unfortunately I don’t know the specificities of the 2.80 update – sorry!

  • Screenshots are in 16/9 again…
    Is it just to give us the taste of what Vidzone SHOULD be ?

  • I thought this service was for the EU? And I thought Sweden was part of the EU!
    Why was Vidzone advertised as an EU exclusive when in reality only four countries have access to it. Very disappointing

    • Hi NRD,
      Actually VidZone is currently available in 6 countries in the EU. France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, UK, Italy, and Australia outside of the EU.
      We would love to roll out VidZone to the rest of europe so keep checking the blog for details when we have them!

  • Thanks for the update. I use the service, and like it, but do find it very frustrating for several reasons. The following are my top issues:
    1) Adverts auto-playing between songs: doesn’t happen often, but when it does I cringe. It’s made me turn VidZone off a couple of times and turn to music on my HDD instead.
    2) Lack of widescreen support. Black bands on both sides and top and bottom is hideous when playing a video filmed in widescreen.
    3) Lack of HD support. I have a 1080p TV. The videos often look bad. This is a shame. Still, better than nowt, I suppose. :D
    4) Terrible user-interface. Really, navigating the videos and organising playlists (and deleting songs currently playing) is a nightmare. A complete overhaul of the UI would be very welcome.
    Still, I love the service, which is the only reason I feel the need to highlight my issues. I wish you all the best with improving it.

    • Hi Hapimeses,
      Just thought I’d reply to your comments in order so here you go:
      1 – Unfortunately if we are to provide Vidzone free we need to stream adverts so the record labels, artist and publishers can be paid. Sorry this ruins your experience but we are working hard to ensure only the best advertisements make it on VidZone. Also, there was an error throughout the week which meant too many ad’s appeared on the service. This has now been corrected but let us know of any furture probs.
      2. we hope to support widescreen very soon
      3. Almost 99.99% of music videos globally are not recorded in HD. A 3-4min high file on VidZone is about 30-35MB therefore anything higher would also kill most users bandwidth – especially in Australia where bandwidth is already capped. It’s worth noting, that even though we are viewed via the TV, this is an online service and so our music videos are widely believed to be the best quality music videos online globally.
      4. Thanks fo this feedback we are looking to improve all aspects of VidZone and will let users know of changes as soon as we can.
      Thanks for writing to us and loving the service!

  • Bring back the sexy videos playlist! :)

  • Is this update the one that shows the adverts between songs?

    Sorry for the delay but it is available now :)

  • How about the “Yellow Triangle” Thing, when will it bee fixed?
    And we want all Videos, there are TOO MUCH empty Folders!

  • im torn between which playlist is better ps3 list has x-press 2 which is a winner for me but i think the vidzone has the better list VOTE VIDZONE

  • Like many others I get frustrated every week about Vidzone and then by reading this blog I realised that some countries don’t even have access to the Playstation store. Maybe Sony doesn’t know that Cyprus has been part of the EU since 2004…
    And then by looking at the web pages in icelandic I could see that the last news are dated from 2007!!!
    I guess Vidzone isn’t the only reason to get frustrated.
    Ben, are you planning to do the same with the vid store?
    I mean, all these restrictions and frustrations are basically the reason why people hacked the PSP.

  • Sorry to be negative about a free service, really I am but what about some simple unity of function across PSN applications? That the PS3 BD Remote and USB Keyboards do not function in a MEDIA application with a SEARCH function is laughable. That the PS3 has fully functional parental controls but the entire music selection appears to be censored editions which rarely sound well edited is also somewhat lame. You have the ability to let the user regulate the age level, why is this so often ignored?
    I have recommended, with success, PS3’s to many friends. But most of them are not so tech savvy and these simple and insane deviance’s from the overall function of the PS3 UI design is just preventing some from even caring the app exists.
    You even have that little Bluetooth snap-on keypad, which I am assuming does not work any more than my USB keys do, does this not strike anyone at Sony/Playstation as just being kind of ridiculous?

  • Ben…
    Isn’t VidZone supposed to work in Remote Play? I can’t get it to work, it just crashes my PS3

  • Hi Ben,
    Just like to say thank-you for addressing my points. It’s appreciated. To respond to your responses:
    1) That’s completely understandable, although I do regret it and wish there were another way adverts could be included without directly disrupting the experience. Bills must be paid and money must be made, of course, but interrupting the service with intrusive adverts is a pain, especially when you have guests around (meaning we no longer use the service when people are visiting).
    2) Excellent. I’m very happy to read that.
    3) Makes sense to me. Thanks for clarifying that.
    4) I really look forward to improvements here and I’m glad to see you intend to tackle this.
    Thanks again,

  • Thanks Ben, you lovely man ;)

  • please bring this to other EU countries. thanks!!!

  • Hello,
    I would like to understand how the adverts work. Do we give you guys money by clicking the adverts or just the adverts being on the screen when we browse? Oh and also when I click an advert it goes to the web browser and takes you out of vidzone, and then you quit the web browser and it restarts vidzone again and gets rid of my now playing list. Is there anyway that you guys could put this on your list to amend this issue?

    • Hi Demolition_93,
      There are various advertising models in place – for some of them we receive a small payment for any time an ad is shown in the application; for others we receive payment for any time an ad is clicked on; and yet others still require users to sign up to the ad before we receive any funds. From the funds we receive we have our running costs, label costs, streaming costs etc.
      Hope that helps a little and we hope you don’t find the ads too intrusive :)

  • What is the current time-frame from Chart to appearing in VidZone?
    And could please include Little Boots’ New In Town as well as her Remedy video, please.

    • Hi Taurus82,
      Our UK VidZone chart is generated on a Monday with the update going live on Thursday. Hope this helps. Thanks for your request we’ll look into it.

  • One issue I have is “Weird Al Yankovic” appears both as “Weird Al Yankovic” and “*Weird Al* Yankovic” and since there is no asterix in the search bar the only way to access the second group is through related videos, thay should all be under the same title anyway.
    Also perhaps there could be a way implemented to share playlists with friends over the psn.
    My last point is maybe there could be a way to subscribe to artists so if new videos are added under their name you are notified next time you start vidzone up.

  • Hi,
    thanks for the great updates till launch.
    One question:
    Will there be an update to navigate wirh the PS3-Remote? Always set the remote to controller 1 is useless.

  • So, if the Official UK Singles Chart is announced on Sunday the videos should appear on VidZone the following Thursday?

    • Remember, the VidZone chart isn’t the same as the official UK singles chart for various reasons, but hopefully it echoes it quite closely.

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