MotorStorm Swerves Into PlayStation Home; The Presentation Podium Opens Its Doors For gamescom

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Hi guys, welcome to this week’s PlayStation Home update, which includes new spaces, outfits and some great new rewards…
First up, we have some very special race costumes coming to you straight from MotorStorm Pacific Rift. These new outfits will be available in Home Threads, check out the screenshots below for the male and female flavours… ;)

MS Race Costume (Female)MS Race Costume (Male)

We also have the launch of a brand-new, never before seen space – the MotorStorm Sphere. Check out the b-roll and screenshots below:

[viddler id=7693cffa&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

This space will be accessible for a very limited time only (so be quick!). By entering the MotorStorm Sphere you will secure yourself a rare PS Home Reward and the opportunity to see the very first work in progress artwork of a new MotorStorm Space (which will be coming to PS Home later in the year).




That’s not it for MotorStorm though, we will also be bringing you a selection of additional items over the coming weeks – some tantalising screenshots of which are below to whet your appetite…



Next up, we have the Presentation Podium section of the PlayStation Events Space re-opening its doors – this time hosting content from the forthcoming gamescom event in Cologne, Germany. Check out the brand new mini-game “SHAPE BLAST” (for your chance to win a lovely trophy for your Harbour Studio) and keep an eye on the forums for some more information regarding the footage we’ll be streaming into the space… ;)




Finally, make sure you check out the Shopping Centre, there’s been a lovely little apparel update for MySoti, Home Threads and the V-Store.
I’ll be on hand for a bit if you have any pressing questions, otherwise I’ll see you in the PS Home tomorrow.
Elliott / iELL

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5 Author Replies

  • Nice.
    Looking forward to the MotorStorm stuff. One of my favourite games on PS3.

  • !!!!!!! I LOVE SCEE !!!!!!!!!
    Thank :)

  • Yay for Motorstorm, like the look of the game in the presentation podium area too, any news on what and when it will be streamed there

    • Hi BLACK13,
      Check out the video that will be in the Presentation Podium tomorrow when it opens. It will contain a few little suprises…
      There’s also a new mini-game called “Shape Blast” – so be sure to check that one out too…

  • Interesting idea of creating a teaser space of sorts for the real Motorstorm space, that has me interested in what the final space will be like. The Presentation Podium looks good aswell, so I’ll be sure to pop onto Home tomorrow.

  • Mmmmmmmmmm streaming content eh? Sounds very interesting :D
    Care to let on a teaser? :)

  • Another Epic update well done SCEE looking forward to all this new content and being able to wacth Gamescon on Home is gr8 thanks

  • So is the current MotorStorm space the one from nDreams or is there another space launching tomorrow?

  • Looks pretty awesome :D
    Don’t like the way it’s only there for a limited time though :/

  • Awesome update there Elliot. Thanks for the information. You mention more information regarding gamescom will be available on the forums, what has happened to all the other communication on the forums? It seems a bit empty recently, has all communication moved here?

  • Very sweet update^^ Looking forward to logging onto Home^^

  • Can you give us an estimated time of update? Nice update BTW, I look forward to them every fortnight.

  • Any idea what time the update will arrive tomorrow, or will it be late evening like last week? :P

  • Nice update, can’t wait for GamesCom.

  • Elliot could you edit the viewing rights for the image MS_apartment_6 please, so you don’t need to login to yahoo to view it big. Want to take a nose at that new top it looks likr the user as on ;)

    • Hi Carla
      It’s the same as the male avatar in the screenshot above, the MotorStorm Pacific Rift Lunatic costume.

  • Now this is the type of Home content I love to see!

  • Will these areas also be accessible from germany? It is not possible to access many home spaces from germany, The events space is banned, Far Cry is banned, Resident Evil is banned, Burn Zombie Burn is banned, The clothes store has some clothes banned (???). Sony, this situation is getting ridicules, it makes almost no sense to visit Home for german users as nothing really works besides home plaza. I will sure not spend any money on a german account! If these spaces again are not accessible for germans it will be absolute madness as Gamescom is held in Cologne, Germany!! Sony, do something FAST! I understand the laws in germany are difficult but there is no law that says you have to ban everything. Make the Home Service 18+ and do an Age Check if necessary. Most PS3 users are over 18 anyway! Ann bring all the 18+ Stuff to the store. Why can Microsoft do it?

  • Hi,
    could you please answer to my mail please? ( )

  • If I could choose between Resistance Fall of Man and the original Motorstorm being patched for trophies or have two Home games spaces for those franchises I know what I which I’d go for.
    One will last two minutes before boredom kicks in, the other would please a lot of people and improve sales.

  • One day I hope there will a thatgamecompany and a TeamICO space, What are the chances of that happening, Eh?

  • Elliot i have just checked out the US Blog, Will EU purchasers of the new Batman: Arkham Asylum game be getting the Batman Home Apartment and if not will it be coming to EU Home in another form in the near future, PS Would love some of the Criss Angel content here too

  • Wow NICE update if i do say so myself! Very well done i see Home content coming thick and fast! (Though don’t stem it!)
    The presentation podium looks as good as it did for E3 and i can see a few little changes ;)
    Why open a MotorStorm space to advertise a….MotorStorm space? Seems like a bit of wasted manpower!
    Good job anyway!

  • I only got 7 things to say: [DELETED] THIS IS THE BEST UPDATE EVER!

    That one Elliott, you need a yahoo ID to view it big unlike the rest hon :)

  • hi how long is the motorstorm space open for. is it for a few hours, days or weeks thanks

  • Playstation Home is presently filled up with immature individuals asking female avatars for sex, unleashing countless and continuous daily racist attacks and overusing vulgar language. And do not let me get started on hackers.
    Now i must ask the following: Is the present state of Playstation Home the one Phil Harrison had once dreamed of? I truly doubt so.

  • Sweet. Can’t wait. When will Batman spaces and stuff come to Europe?

  • very good work guys! keep it up, can’t wait to see the new stuff you have in store for us

  • Oh, nevermind. Read that it unlocks with the game. Well, can’t wait for tomorrow anyway :)

  • thanks elliot for the quick reply. made a new comment as i dont know how to reply to your comment

  • Nice choice of music on the MotorStorm b-roll. :)
    The low-res baked-in looking shadows in a lot of home spaces (like the GamesCom Presentation Podium shots there) stick out like a sore thumb and I hope it’s one of the things SCEE’s working to improve along with general animation and transition improvements, general environment collision issues especially with stairs and inability to easily interact with what you want when there’s a bunch of stuff grouped together.
    The chips relocation system is slow and clunky, the physics on the chips causes some awkward clipping and bouncing, store icons are often slow to load, sometimes a single icon doesn’t load at all. I have one free item (diamond earring?) that’s successfully bought but shows up as unbought and comes up with an error if I try to rebuy.

  • The variable level of detail system for avatar proximity is pretty messed up, changing to a lower level of quality even when an avatar’s right up against the camera, and it takes an age sometimes for the highest quality assets to load back in.
    Vegetation in most spaces looks rubbish, not just because of the aliasing. The plants in Namco’s spaces actually look quite good.
    While content releases have accelerated since this open beta released, the annoying presentation and interactivity issues have remained and it feels to me like you’re saving an engine update for home coming out of beta or something but then a lot of old spaces still need some updating. The only major improvement I remember is the updated text chat log.
    I hope I haven’t been *too* blunt!

  • is the motorstorm space, the space that ndreams are releasing tomorrow. thanks
    gamescom here i come

  • The most important question of the lot is…
    Will the presentation podium finally work without having to resort to tricks?

  • about the presentation podium, will it be streamed live or will it be available *after* the keynote has been presented?

    • Hi superaktieboy,
      The content won’t be streamed live, it will be in the Presentation Podium after the press conference has finished.
      We’ll be getting it to you asap though. :)

  • So the sphere is not the space, correct? That is, this is Motorstorm Home Space Prologue of sorts?

  • looks great by the way.

  • I don’t see why you will be taking the Motorstorm space down so quickly. What’s the rush?

  • Will the outfits be free or another 79p per item outfit?

  • Fantastic, guys. Can’t wait to get home and try this stuff out.

  • So what was the space that NDreams were working on? Was it the presentation Podium or the Motorstorm Space or… the secret surprise XI 2!?! :D

  • Fingers crossed the Podium will be screening a live feed of the conference. I so happen to have the day off. ;)

  • Wait a minute, so its not a space as such. How long is “be quick” 1 week, 2 weeks? Not going to kick off but thought / led to believe that it was the actual Motorstorm Space or is that hold because of the pending Motorstorm PSP release. I hope the outfits don’t add up to a silly price and have the gender issue that has occured recently.
    Concerns out of the way the Motorstorm apartment looks great, especially being an out door setup. Fantastic. The outfits look great to. So looking forward to Gamescon and if the key note is streamed even better. The event space is brillant. Lets hope Home shines next week.

  • Just also wanted to ask will the Batman cave unlock for EU when the game is released as per the US Home?

  • This time it would be great if you streamed the press conference (from gamescom) live (compared to E3 which wasn´t live) in home otherwise I rather watch it live on some internet site.

  • +1 for the batman cave…. :)

  • why is this space only going to be available for a limited time?
    why do you keep taking the interesting spaces away?

  • not bad i thot it was batman apartment that says on thesixaxisis, all well i will check it tomorrow i hope i dont get bored. ;)

  • and i guess that means no batman apartment?
    there’s a shocker.
    still haven’t got the ghostbusters apartment yet either have we?
    how many more months will we have to wait for that, and the batman space?

  • wooooah hang on, where the space from N-dreams this week it not motorstorm it made by sony, there suppose to be it was in his twitter. :‘(

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