SingStore July Download Chart

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Hi there,
Welcome to July’s SingStore Top 20 download chart.
So, on the last store update post I asked you to hazard a guess at who would make it to the top this time. Now, be truthful – Anybody think of Miss Clarkson and ‘Because Of You’?
Kelly Clarkson - Because of you
See you next week for the store update.
SingStar Top 20 Downloads – July

  • 1. Because Of You – Kelly Clarkson
  • 2. So What – P!nk
  • 3. Not Fair – Lily Allen
  • 4. My Immortal – Evanescence
  • 5. Bring Me To Life – Evanescence
  • 6. It’s A Sin – Pet Shop Boys
  • 7. The Offspring – Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
  • 8. Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…) – Lou Bega
  • 9. Roxette Ballads
  • 10.Would I Lie To You – Charles and Eddie
  • 11. Family Portrait – P!nk
  • 12. I Want You Back – The Jackson 5
  • 13. Eternal Flame – The Bangles
  • 14. Ultimate Take That
  • 15. Ultimate Coldplay 2
  • 16. Sometimes – Erasure
  • 17. Toi + Moi – Grégoire
  • 18. Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse Of The Heart
  • 19. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
  • 20. Sade – Smooth Operator

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    • Lol dammit. Didn’t do too well in this month’s predictions. Thought Lily Allen was going come first for sure!
      (Also Nina a couple of entries on the chart are messed up. You skipped #8, and Lou Bega takes up two entries. :))

    • It’d be interesting to know the amount of downloads the number one song has had. Is it possible for you to tells us?

    • Thanks Nina.
      It looks like the #8 slot is missing or somehow amalgamated into #7 and Lou Bega has made it the 9th and 10th positions!
      Who are the mystery artists in those positions? :)

    • Goodness she is ugly. What an amazingly non-flattering screenie.

    • NINA:
      You do such a good job giving us into about Singstar for Europe. But US gamers are curious why is there no one to give us details about the US?
      Specifically the US update still hasn’t gone through and we’ve had no info about why or when it will be fixed?
      Cam you help shed some light on this for us?
      ALso… is the tracklist for Singstar: Take That going to be released soon?

      • Well, let me tell you, as I am only moonlighting on the US blog for the time being, I’ll do my best to find things out. Not so easy with the time difference as you can imagine :)
        So, the update should be going live in the next couple of days but I am still waiting for the confirmation. Will let you know as soon as i can upload your content for you in the US.
        I haven’t had a confirmed tracklist yet but I am sure Carly or Naomi will publish it when they have it.

    • I am loving the singstar updates. Bought the wireless mics at the weekend and they are excellent. Keep the new tracks and updates coming!!!

    • I guess Jackson 5 did pretty good to get so high up on the chart halfway through the month.

    • There are wireless mics? I just bought my first SingStar game in SingStar Queen. I also bought two microphones. Too bad I didnt know about the wireless mics.

    • Great Stuff Nina,
      Any chance of including Cher’s Do you believe in love after love? It is a fav of my wife

    • Thanks for getting the list fixed Nina. :)
      Seeming how the comments are pretty quiet today, would I be able to list a few features I’d like added to the game? I know you only deal with SingStore content, but if you could forward them to someone I’d be appreciative. ;)
      All of these requests relate to the Pass The Mic mode…
      1. Have an option to randomly shuffle players into different teams without the user having to manually switch names
      2. Add the ability to save a default selection of rounds. We like playing certain modes, but every time we start Pass The Mic it resets back to the default round layout and we have to change it again.
      (I have to split this up over two posts. Whoops! Guess I wrote a bit too much. :P)

    • (Continued from previous message)
      3. Instead of being able to set the difficulty (Easy/Medium/Hard) for each -team-, allow it to be set for each -player- (and store this information as part of the player’s profile so it comes up by default). If you have a combination of good and bad players on one team it’s hard (and often unfair) to pick one difficulty for the entire team.
      4. Add the option to force all medleys to be “Random”. I have 250 downloaded songs, but 5/6 medleys on my console are disc songs only and they get very repetitive when playing for long periods of time.
      5. Add an option to edit the number of shuffles each team gets (including an option for unlimited shuffles)
      6. Modify the randomisation algorithm so that it tries to avoid songs that have already appeared. We played for a couple hours and saw duplicates and triplicates come up in the shuffle, but many songs and artists didn’t appear once!
      They are small things, but I think they would really streamline the party experience. Of course I’m sure you must have your own set of features which you’re already busy working on, and many of these things might be harder to implement than they look.
      Thanks anyway though. :)

    • @Tntnnbltn
      There is a button that will randomly shuffle members into different teams. I found this out whilst manually switching each player, all the while, everyone was wondering why I didn’t push the button shown at the bottom of the screen…
      It’s either square or triangle. I think.
      I too would like to be able to save my Pass the Mic round settings as it does get a bit tedious removing medleys every time.

    • Please please please when are you going to release the songs in the pops and vol 3 edition on the singstore? I want viva la vida!!!

    • The only thing that SingStar needs to get me playing it again is some BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!!!! Come Sony, don’t you own Columbia Records that does Sprinsteen’s albums? I can imagine singing ‘Born in the USA’, ‘Born to Run’, ‘candy’s Room’ and many other greats that i haven’t got time to type.
      Please, please, please see if it is possible.

      • How I would love that, too but unfortunately this is not happening right now.
        (Also, just because we’re also Sony doesn’t mean we can just get everything – that would be nice, I agree)

    • @ irononreverse
      Wow, totally never noticed that before. Press L2 on the player select screen to shuffle the teams. Request #1 can be wiped off my list. :)
      Still would love to be able to set the difficulty for each player instead of each team though. When we played on the weekend (a friend’s 21st :D) I kept winning, so they made me change my team to Medium difficulty and leave the other team Easy. Unfortunately one of the people on my team wasn’t a good singer, and she had to sing under Medium difficulty because of me. Ended up being unfair on her. Even when she sung against someone of a similar skill she lost due to the difference in difficulty.

    • Awesome, it’s good seeing what everyone’s picking up.
      Any news on some Pixies heading to the store? :)

    • i cannot access the singstar scene bit at all at the moment. is it all pete tong? if so could you get someone to give it a kick, please?!

    • Wow! I got singstar games for the first time from my BF and I directly bought that number one song (along with 3 other songs). I didn’t expect to like singstar games, but we need more popular songs from Lady Gaga, Sugababes, PCD and Rihanna. You guys are probably working hard on bringing those kind of songs, so good luck with that. And you’re doing a great job Nina :)

    • tis a shame to see such agony reach into peoples minds maybe one day this will end and real music will appear so basically add the mighty warriors the legendary ManOwar & Rhapsody to the already corrupt singstore

    • ^
      Now now, music taste differs to all kinds of people. What you don’t like, others might.
      I personally like lots of genres like rock, urban, classic music, pop, dance, Jpop, Jrock, jazz…

    • Waiting Michael Jackson for November

    • Could you perhaps considder portability of downloaded songs? We wanted to have a singstar party over at my brothers place… and he has à PS3. But even after setting up my account and PSN acces on his machine it turned out to be impossable.
      Immagine the look on my friends faces when I had to lug in my PS3. There must be a smart way to do this!

    • Please Nina bring us more Kelly Clarkson songs… A song pack maybe??? Hey and try not to delay the US Singstore update anymore ;)

    • Thanks for the update. Would you be able to find out whats going on with the servers as a lot of people have been unable to log onto SingStar Scene now for a few days!

    • i love that song.:)
      and now a public service announcement
      stop the mod mb abusing his powers by victimising people he doesn’t like and ignoring the rules to protect his friends

    • I would like to see a change so that when say in Battle Mode I don’t have to quit all the way out to change names. A quick name change option would be much easier. Same with difficulty and game type.

    • I just bought Singstar and I have one major question.
      I have a PS3 and I want to buy a PS3 Slim in the near future or my PS3 brakes and they replace it. Will I be able to transfer my DL songs from the Singstore to my new PS3? Because the terms of use
      state, one download per registered system.
      Could someone also explain how songs come to Singstar? I mean what is the procedure, so we all know what to expect and what not?
      Will there ever be an option to install on the PS3 songs from a Singstar disk, just like in RockBand?

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