Savage Moon Waldgeist Expansion Pack And Patch – Now Live On The Store!

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Hello again readers! This is Ana (the producer) and Tomas (the designer) from FluffyLogic, in Bristol, UK. (On an aside, it is interesting to note that Bristol is once more the centre of global cultural attention with the opening of a new exhibition by graffiti artist Banksy. We note this as our development studio is just hundred or-so meters from his famous ‘Mild Mild West‘ mural.)
If you are new to Savage Moon, then start here; if not, then welcome! We wanted to say a big thanks to those of you who have taken the trouble to email us with feedback, ideas and suggestions.

Savage MoonSavage Moon

Savage MoonSavage Moon
Where possible we have incorporated some of your ideas into the new update of the game, launching today. Amongst other things, the update includes;

  • Re-balancing of the stats, including an upgraded Amp Tower with stats more similar to the first release of the game. Other tweaks to the stats make level 4 a bit more forgiving.
  • A new ‘Training Mode’ that allows all the levels to be played as before, but the overall gameplay is a bit easier (but you can’t save these scores to the high-score table).
  • We have added custom soundtrack support, so you can blast Insectocytes to the tunes of your choice.

We would also like to tell you a bit more about the new expansion for Savage Moon – Waldgeist. If you are wondering, the name is German and translates as woodland spirit and in pagan times Waldgeists (is that the plural?) were believed to be the custodians of the forest. As the new levels in the expansion are set in more biological forested Imoons, we felt the name suited the vibe of the new gameplay perfectly.
Savage Moon
Savage Moon
So what is in the new game? We are happy to say, ‘loads’. We got a bit carried away during development and so the final version of Waldgeist will have:

  • 6 new levels that bring a riot of new colours and environments into the game.
  • 2 new evolutions of the Insectocytes; the aptly named Death Blossom – a frightening new adaptation that when it reaches a concentration of towers, explodes launching a payload of deadly guided missiles in a single barrage of devastation to all within it’s range. There is also the ‘Invisibugs’ adaptation; a new photochromatic skin pigment in some Insectocytes that render them invisible to normal attack towers.
  • 2 new tower types; fortunately the human techies have also been busy. They have developed a counter to the ‘Invisibugs’ in the form of a sensor tower that allows all other towers within it’s range to target them. They have also developed the Arclight tower which is our personal favourite, a lightning-firing attack tower that zaps Insectocytes en masse!
  • 12 new versions of the existing levels; In the expansion you can re-play Agamemnon to Lotan all-over with different waves and bugs that the normal versions.
  • Vengeance Mode; All combined, there is now more vengeance than Dirty Harry in Waldgeist. There are vengeance modes for the 6 new levels AND for the 12 new Waldgeist variations of Agamemnon to Lotan AND for the training mode version of all of the above.
  • 7 New Trophies; Yes indeed! A whole host of new challenges for Commanders to show their superior grasp of tactics, examples of which are; the Insectocyte Juggler Award (keep an Insectocyte alive for 5 minutes) and the Luddite Trophy (complete any 5 levels using only Machine Gun Towers and without any damage to the base)
  • New Music; Thanks to Parasite, our sound producer and musician, we also have new music in the new levels AND bonus hidden remix tracks that unlock including exclusive tracks by Subliminal System, Monk3ylogic and of course, Parasite.

We’re really pleased with Waldgeist and feel it builds upon the strongest aspects of Savage Moon; we hope you think so too!

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  • “A new ‘Training Mode’ that allows all the levels to be played as before, but the overall gameplay is a bit easier”
    YESSS!! this game was HARRRD after level 2 lol

  • I just fired up Savage Moon and it updated to version 2.00, but I can’t see the ‘Training mode’ available anywhere. The lack of a difficulty setting made this game more frustrating than fun. Unlike PixelJunk Monsters that let the player find their own solution, Savage Moon seems to force the player through lots and lots of trial and error to find the one tactic that works per moon.
    I’d very much appreciate an easier mode. As it was the game was shelved at the second planet never to be played again. :(

    • Hi – the training mode comes in at the level select screen, so go to play as normal and in the screen where you see the system of Imoons, you’ll then be offered the choice of training or normal. Thanks

  • Thanks for a great game! Hope this update will reach everyones expectations!!

  • I can’t decide whether to buy this game!
    The reviews say it’s bad and i didn’t like PJ Monsters that much, but i think it looks kind of fun :)
    Before anyone says, I like tower defence games i just really didn’t enjoy Monsters.

    • I’d say go for it …. but then I would say that ;)
      Or you could download the free trial and see for your self? Thanks

  • where did it recieve bad reviews? I only read generally favourable reviews, Loving this new pack, feeling guilty at basically playing the thing since I got up and have only managed to perfect 3 new levels today

  • Built with the power of PhyreEngine. I wonder when Sony will Open Source this game engine. It certain seems quite flexible.
    I may just pick up this game.

  • Sounds great, might pick this up as I really enjoyed the game originally but felt the difficulty ramped up a bit quick. (Stuck on imoon 2 level 4 :P)
    1 question though?
    Can you still earn the trophies in Training mode? ;D

    • Hi Bahamut44-4,
      Cheers for the kind comments, In answer: You can still earn trophies in training mode, but you can’t put online high-scores up.

  • Just booted the game and recieved no patch? Still on v2.0
    Is the patch only included with the expansion?
    Or did Sony not release it in Sweden?
    Or has the patch been pulled because of the issues with the trial?
    Any help appreciated here guys.

    • The patch has been temporarily taken down, but it will be up again very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Brilliant game, but it’s really hard! Training mode sounds perfect for me…

  • Hmm, I might get this. I downloaded the demo a while ago and quite liked it. The graphics are great for a PSN game!

  • I got this yesterday and i’m seriously puzzled as to why PJ Monsters has a higher rating than this!!
    I’m finding it waaay more fun, and it looks like each level actually has more than one solution unlike in Monsters where you basically have to copy a youtube vid to complete a level.
    I wouldn’t mind having a word with the design team though, if they’re up for it i think they need to redesign some things :D

  • I bought the expansion yesterday, but it is still the same old game. Cant see any changes since I played it a few months back. Not that I see how a 117kb addon would make any difference. Guess I’ve been hoaxed. Or maybe I am just stupid.

    • Hi SkattiGlatti – when in the level select screen and after you have selected training/normal mode – then use the d-pad to go left and you’ll see the new levels there waiting for you!
      I hope you enjoy it!

  • I had to manually remove the old game (which was about 200 mb) and download the game again (of about 260 mb). Obviously?
    If there is a patch thats supposed to do this for you, then I suggest you take the game of the shelf until there is a patch. Selling a broken product usually doesnt generate that much good will.
    At least give out some more detailed instructions for users more lay than myself.

  • It’s TOO HARD!
    The game was almost perfect before update 2.0. Then it got harder, now Waldgeist is out and that is harder again!!!
    I want fun, not aggravation. I don’t want to be annoyed with a damn game that was very enjoyable… before FluffyLogic stuffed it up.
    If FluffyLogic don’t make the game easier then I’m deleting it.
    Lifes too short to waste my time getting frustrated by a silly game. Maybe a 14 year old with more time than sense will care enough to complete it but I have a life! As the majority of PS3 owners are adults – presumably with lives, I will assume I’m not alone.
    Make the game easier! It’s a pain in the arse now!

    • Hi zyxses, Have you tried the training mode – it gives you more starting money on each level and takes the stats of the Insectocytes down somewhat.
      You get to this after selecting to go into the level select, where it will ask you if you want to play in normal or training.
      Hope this helps.

  • @18
    Isn’t that what the new ‘training mode’ is for mate? So fuddy duddy’s like us can still finish the game. ;D

  • I take it all back. It is hard, but not too hard. It is quite fabulous actually… now I’ve calmed down. :p
    FluffyLogic need commending for doing such a fine job. I’m very impressed and have achieved three 100% health scores! Woo-hoo!!!
    The last Waldgeist moon is a hoot and the new towers are awesom. I think it had been so long since I completed the game that I forgot how to “do it”.
    Anyway, Waldgeist is a 10/10 from me.

  • I had an error happen, (only once) with the first waldgeist level.
    All of the smaller bugs stopped right in front of the holes, eventually killed them all, but the level wouldn’t end.

  • I deleted the save data, trophies and the game reinstalled it. I bet the game again but I still can’t get it to work. I have deleted the game and reinstalled it again like you guys said and it still doesn’t work. What do I need to do??

  • Hi – Otisdis – sorry to hear you are having trouble. A couple of things – first run the game with your PS3 online and see if it tries to update – if it does, let it.
    Second, the new levels come in after you have selected to play the game after normal/training mode is selected – then click left to see them.
    Failing those: When did you get the game again from your download list? If it was before Sunday then it should work now. You don’t need to delete the save data, trophies – just the game then re-download it from your save game then re-download Waldgeist and it should work.
    If not they you’ll need to contact Sony’s support people.

  • After I downloaded it again I started the game and it doesn’t let me download a patch and I am logged in. I contacted sony and just waiting for a response.

  • I downloaded the demo first from the us store,then bought the unlock.
    Today bought the add on but nowhere visible?
    I have 4 usernames and use one for the american store,but the username i use to play with is different.
    Do i now have to log into the store with the psn account info again with the other username as well to download the add on again?
    Normally when i download a game i can play it with all usernames!

  • It workes for me now,i just did not have the patch.
    i deleted the game,redownloaded the demo,then the unlock,and then the addon.
    Only problem is that you can only download 5x so already spoiled 3x now.

  • Nice game!
    By the way: The correct plural of Waldgeist is Waldgeister :-)

  • This is by far the best game I’ve played. I have a master’s degree and I’m almost 30 years old, but neither me nor my wife can put down the controller when we get home from work. Great job! Keep the add-ons coming!

  • HELP!!!! I purchased the Waldgeist DLC. I can see the Waldgeist option on the game, but I can’t access them on any level. I already beat the game so I was looking forward to higher levels. What gives?

    • Hi – the new levels are accessed in the level select screen go left to access them. We also re-structured the normal/vengence mode stuff so that we could fit more in and you now select the versions of each level in the level select menu.

  • Very addictive indeed! Love the game finished all levels without damage on the base yesterday (in normal mode of course) so, yes it can be done.
    So I am working on two more trophies and then, waiting for more and even bigger maps. And Vengeance mode is always fun.
    Please make the highscores available online so that we can see them not only in the game but also on a website. (me = webdeveloper/webdesigner; I would love to do that )

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