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Everyone knows that there are two great ways to make yourself infamous: get superhuman powers in a freak accident and use them to fling lightning bolts at anyone who annoys you, or get hold of a massive truck, pimp it out and take it on tour.
Infamous Hero on the Road
Well, PlayStation Czech Republic & Slovakia must have had a shortage of freak accidents lately, because they’ve taken the second option. Together with a helpful transport company, they took this beast of a machine and turned it into a bad-ass cruiser based on the smash hit PLAYSTATION3 adventure inFamous.
Featuring a rather slick pic of the game’s twisted hero Cole MacGrath standing in front of a half-destroyed Empire City, the truck has recently been hitting the highways in Slovakia and the Czech Republic – and there are plans for it to head to western Europe later this summer, so keep your eyes peeled!

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  • Great stuff! Why don’t Sony UK do anything like this?
    Last time I saw any outdoor PlayStation stuff was the PlayStation truck at Rockingham several years ago.

  • Wauwa wiewa, looks amazing!

  • Thats one helluva paint job :)

  • Sounds awesome. Wish we in the UK would get something like this.

  • UK should get some of this! Well can we MAG instead?

  • Is this truck will driving in belgium? :D

    • Hi Daivy, actually, the truck has already been to Belgium recently! And it will be going to Belgium and Netherlands again in the coming weeks, so watch out for it :D

  • Watch out for those crazy cyclists :P

  • if it went to ireland.. it’d only get stolen…..

  • heh, shame on you that in Slovakia we still missing our own PSN Store even when we use Euro (no additional effort needed)
    just keep paint trucks, thats what is needed

  • That truck looks amazing, well done!

  • Hi Andrej ,truck will come to Poland?

    • Not that i know of, the countries where the truck might be most probably spotted are Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium

  • Why is Sackboy wearing a Santa hat? Better not be that time of year already!!

  • That’s a great paint job on the truck there. :D
    Hope some UK PlayStation reps will get on and do something (not necessarily the same) that involves the whole of the UK including the North and Ireland some day.
    The last thing Sony did here I believe said “UK” but was entirely localised in the South of England IIRC. :P
    But again, awesome job on the truck, all of you in the area keep an eye out and try to get pics! I would! :D

  • If I’m not mistaken this is *just* a sponsor trailer, meaning it’s the graphics on the trailer paid by SONY on a trailer owned by an independend trucking-company, they paid the film (not paint – some adhesive materiel they put on) that went on it, and made an agreement so the company will use the trailer for some time, this is why we would proberly only see it in those countries, they drive freight and goods to and from those.
    So any SONY region could do this, it’s not that expensive to do a complete job on a trailer and most trucking companies has white trailers for them to use for it, I personally would love to see a Ratchet and Clank trailer :-)

    • You are exactly right. It is not paint, but a film that uses a strong adhesive to cling to the surface of the truck. And you are also right, that this is a sponsor trailer – it is an experiment and if it proves to be interesting and efficient, we can than use a whole fleet of trucks for another game – thanks for the idea for ratchet and clank, but i was thinking maybe more in the direction of God of War 3 – that would be one scary truck :)

  • NICE now sony this is how you market a game, its not that hard is it?
    i seriously see more advertisement for the [DELETED] nintendo DSI than i do for the ps3.
    the ammount of xbox advertisement blows both put together away.
    yous need to spend more money marketing games, i went to like 20 shopping centers when infamous was released and not 1 poster up in game shops not 1.
    they all had prototype.
    infamous is the best game on ps3, it deserves all the support it can get.
    all ps3 exclusives are perfect games, even haze was a good game just buggy.
    sony needs to learn YOU HAVE TO SPEND MONEY TO MAKE MONEY!
    it aint going to come crashing in through the window.

  • @ Andrej Dula – That was I thought, before I got laid off due to the financial crisis I worked for a company which had some very green cars, almost neon green, since I car painted that color would be impossible to sell of at a later date, they where covered with film (also a lot cheaper to do repairs to if you got a scratch), but driving around I frequently saw other trucks and cars done that way, here in Denmark most Taxis are covered the same way, so the owners get some money to pay for the cars expences.
    I do think the idea is efficient, if you compare the cost to the massive area you’ll cover with them, one of the largest danish companies called DSV covers the entire Europe with their trailers and are rolling every day and night everywhere, so a trailer hauled by one of their trucks could be seen from the north of Sweden to the south of Spain, that’s a massive area and would be veru expensive to advert on something like Billboards in the same area.
    end part 1

  • part 2
    Like the idea of GoW, would also believe that if the idea is going to be branched, it should be on PS3-only games, otherwise other brands would benefit from it, which wouldn’t benefit the PS3 sales.
    An idea to see if people actually notices the truck would be to add an email-adress – something like the line of:
    Have you seen this truck, email us and tell us where you saw it
    That way you would get a pretty good idea on wether people sees it and where they see it, maybe make it into a small contest, once a month make a draw of the game it adverts.

    • The idea with the competition – i was thinking exactly the same mechanics, only with a cell phone number and MMS :)
      The only catch with covering whole Europe is the many different languages accross the region…

  • I think personally that a phonenumber would be a bad idea, most of us do have access to the internet at fairly cheap rates, but if I saw the trailer and had to call a number in for instance Croatia, it would be costly for me and I would opt not to do it. With an email you would also bypass the language-problem, most people would normally write an email in english if it goes to another country.
    Offcourse the email is harder to remember, but it should proberly be made into a easy one to remember, since you normally wouldn’t be able to write it at the spot, but overall I think these trailers can be a very strong and powerfull weapon for adverting, since they are seen everywhere in Europe.

  • Im inspired.. Anyone got a spare truck?

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