Heavy Rain Interview With Guillaume De Fondaumiere, Co-CEO Of Quantic Dream

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Hi everyone! I’m Alex Pavey, the European Product Manager for Heavy Rain. We’ve got a lot of exciting news coming up over the next few weeks, and to get you started, here’s an interview with Guillaume de Fondaumiere, co-CEO of Quantic Dream and Executive Producer of Heavy Rain.
Guillaume recently visited Dublin for an exclusive preview event for Irish media, hosted by Sony Computer Entertainment Ireland. In this feature recorded for the PlayStation Blog, Guillaume gives an overview of the highly anticipated Heavy Rain, which is due for release in early 2010.

[viddler id=a4f4cf73&w=545&h=349&playertype=simple]
As ever, I’ll be around in the comments section for a while, and I’ll try and answer any questions you may have, or pass them back to the team at Quantic Dream. And keep an eye out for more Heavy Rain news soon…

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  • Heavy Rain looks gr8 every time i see it really can’t wait to get my hands on it looks amazing. i just have one question will u be bringing any Playstation Home content from the game?
    thanks and keep it kools

    • Hey DANTHEMAN121 – great to hear you’re excited about Heavy Rain!
      There’s such a great community in Home, and we’re definitely thinking about ways to bring Heavy Rain into it. I can’t say more than that for now, but Home is certainly in Quantic Dream’s thoughts. :)

  • I’ve been a huge fan of Quantic Dream ever since the title Omikron (The Nomad Soul) on the Dreamcast was released. They’re approach to video game entertainment has always been in a different class and that ran true for Farenheit aswell. Heavy Rain has been on my radar since the very first teaser and am eagle-eyed for anymore news.
    This video was really quite good. It’s especially nice to hear Guillaume De Fondaumiere chat about a handful of aspects which whilst we may have already known about, adds a little more substance to them.
    I do have one question, which is whether or not we’ll be seeing a demo sometime in the near future? It’s still hard to really explain in words the brilliance of Farenheit (etc) and being given the chance to have a hands-on would be excellent.

    • Hi Bearskopff – I’m a Quantic Dream fan myself, which makes working with them all the more exciting!
      Glad you enjoyed the video, and I know exactly what you mean about getting hands-on with their games – that’s when you’ll really start to see what an exciting and unique experience you’re in for. There won’t be a downloadable demo available in the immediate future, but rest assured that we’re definitely planning to give players opportunities to try Heavy Rain for themselves, before the game is released.

  • It looks and sounds great. Wonder what happens if you kill all 4 characters? Does the Origami killer get away with it?

    • You’ll have to wait and see… ;)
      But you’re right, it’s definitely possible for all four characters to fail or be lost, and you’ll still get an ending to your version of the story. Although you’ll then probably want to restart and see what you could have done differently!

  • I still watching this game, from E3 2006 casting demo -> gameplayes with Nomad and Madison. I am played Omikron and Fahrenheit, and these gamed are the best I’ve ever played. And HEAVY RAIN will be the killer title for Playstation 3, thank you SONY aj Quantic Dream :) I love PS3!

  • Wow, this game looks amazing! Fahrenheit is a fantastic game and one of my favourites and I know Heavy Rain will be too! Cannot wait :)

  • Alex: I have a question, when the game will be release? I hope that Spring 2010…..

  • @3
    Who knows, maybe one of them is the killer. If I hear about characters in a psychological thriller with insomnia, my spider senses start to tingle ;-)
    The game looks really good and I do enjoy stories with a lot of twists, turns and alternatives. Really excited to see some Heavy Rain within my living room.

  • Good interview.
    P.S. – Cut!

  • What kind of genre is this game like fps adventure third person etc?
    And also what is the game actually about?

    • Hi fhoosedg – Probably the best way to describe Heavy Rain is as a third-person interactive thriller. The gameplay is a combination of action, exploration and dialogue. You’re in control at all times, and the choices you make as you play the game can have a dramatic impact on the way the story unfolds.
      The plot concerns the hunt for a serial killer in a modern North American city, where four different characters get drawn into a race against time to find the identity of the killer before it’s too late…

  • Can’t wait for the new game to come out, Farenheit was one of my favourite game’s on the PS2.
    Keep up the good work you guys! We all can’t wait to get our hand’s on the game.
    Is there any plans for maybe a special edtion of the game or will it just be a regular edtion?

  • Hi Alex, do you know if will be a special edition or goodies for pre-order?

  • Cannot wait for this!! (Well I can because I have been for at least a year :) ). I hope it comes with a good Home space.

  • toolfan2007 and l0_t0 – I’ll answer your questions together, as you’re asking about similar things.
    I can’t confirm any special editions or pre-order goodies right now I’m afraid – but Heavy Rain is definitely a title where we’re planning to pull out all the stops and bring you some cool stuff. So ‘goodies’ of some description are certainly on the agenda…

  • Brilliant. So its a Multipath game then and has got quite a good deal of reply value. Because different choices will change the whole story right. I like games like this and may certainly give this a try.
    Also that plot sounds great. Its great you are thinking about home right now because a space and some content for home will always be a welcome expansion to the community. Good luck with the game.

  • Ok Alex, i hope it will be like Infamous, and something special at the same price of the original edition, just for early buyers, i don´t want overpriced spcial editons anymore.
    Release the game as soon as possible, we are waiting for so long now, thanks!

  • The Origami Killer demo that was playable at E3 isn’t part of the main game from what I’ve heard. Any chance of that being released on PSN as a demo? If so, when? :)

    • Hey Daft – the ‘Taxidermist Demo’ from E3/Leipzig 2008 certainly won’t be going to waste. But I can’t say any more than that, for now at least.

  • I really am looking forward to this. It seems like the logical progression from Fahrenheit and Omikron (which I’ve just been getting into). Hope to hear more about it soon!

  • OMG, I just can’t wait to play it :) Fahrenheit was just impossible. You’re creating different games then any other developer. Any chance for Heavy Rain’s DLC in the future?

    • Great to hear you’re looking forward to it! DLC is certainly a possibility, but right now Quantic Dream are focusing 100% on creating the best possible experience to go on the disc.

  • Very nice to see you all emphasize the story- telling and the writing, more than the quick- time events and violence. Props. :)

    • I’ll second those props, fleinn! :)
      It’s great to see that there are so many of you on here that are excited about Heavy Rain, and that you have such a good understanding of what Quantic Dream are trying to achieve with the game. And I know that David Cage, Guillaume and the rest of the team will be delighted too.

  • Easily my most anticipated game for the system apart from MGS4.
    GowIII will be fun, but I’m expecting a lot from this to be honest. It’s sounding like something to show someone who says, but there’s no depth or substance in videogames.
    Him saying that they’ve drew inspiration from Silence of the Lambs and Se7en can only be a good thing too!

  • Thanks for the response! Such a tease! :p

  • I will buy this game on day one!
    It looks amazing and I really cannot wait :D
    Idea for a collectors edition:
    Include a D.I.Y Origami Pajarita, like in your avatar and a pair of the ARI Glasses.
    That would be awesome in my opinion ;)

  • I almost forgot, we want trophies for the game!!!

  • I am very excited about Heavy Rain. I wish I could play it already. How about giving us that awesome demo we have seen earlier that didn’t anything have to do with the story in the game. That would be awesome.

  • You hear a guy say cut at the end of the vid lol
    can’t wait tho, really interesting so far.

  • I just have to ask: will Heavy Rain feature Trophies? I have heard a statement from someone from QD that they were looking into it.
    I know the Trophy “pling” and the visual cue could ruin the tension and atmosphere, but I just wanted it clarified! (personally I agree)
    Anyways, this is a must-buy for me, since story is an important aspect of any game for me.
    Thank you, Sony and all you who work there and encouraged QD to make Heavy Rain!!

    • Regarding trophies (so this is a response to you as well, l0_t0) – Heavy Rain is clearly a very different type of game, where it’s not so much about ‘winning’ as about experiencing a emotionally thrilling story based on the consequences of your own decisions. Quantic Dream are working hard on a way of integrating trophies into the game in way that will contribute to the experience, and not detract from the atmosphere.
      Icarus_Immortal – thanks for your thanks! Believe me, it’s our pleasure, and if story is important to you when playing games, you’re going to love Heavy Rain.

  • Is the gameplay we saw until now is all the gameplay of Heavy Rain or just a bit ? I ask you that because it is very similar to fahrenheit

    • Hey Daivey – what you’ve seen up to now is definitely only a small part of what the gameplay is like in Heavy Rain. There are more than 50 scenes, and each of them is set in a unique location, with bespoke gameplay and dialogue.
      Of course, Quantic Dream have taken a lot of inspiration from the feedback that they received from players of Fahrenheit. But Heavy Rain expands upon the gameplay of Fahrenheit in a wide variety of interesting ways.
      In the next few months, you’ll see new scenes revealed with very different gameplay, so stay tuned! :)

  • By the way, sorry for double post, but where can we find Omikron ??? I can’t find it and I really want to play this game ^^

  • Thank for you answer Alex, it is a pleasure to see that we are heard . I can’t resist to ask you an another question : Can you confirm to me that one of the two character that we haven’t even see until now is the taxidermist from the demo of last year ? I think I see him in a trailer…

    • I’m afraid I can’t help you with tracking down Omikron – I know it’s difficult to find these days.
      Regarding your second question – the ‘virtual actors’ system that Quantic Dream uses means that real-life actors can be motion-captured, and then used to ‘act’ out completely different character roles in full 3D gameplay.
      There are many more characters from Heavy Rain to reveal in the coming weeks, and some might be familiar, for various reasons – but I can’t say any more than that. :)

  • I’m clocking off now everyone – but it’s been great to have the chance to answer some of your questions, and I’ll be checking back on Monday, so feel free to ask any more questions that come to mind, and I’ll try to answer some more on Monday. A very happy weekend to all of you!

  • If you do a HOME Space could you make it be Raining in it? :D Would be very cool :)

  • Hmmm… interessting… so what I say can be possible… thanks for answer again ! Also, any detail on how many hours to complete the game?

  • Looking good, can’t wait for this one. Me & the missus loved Fahrenheit :)

  • Thanks for answering my question Alex!
    Can’t wait to find out what you guys have in store although I’m quite sure it will be brilliant!
    Thanks Sean.

  • Love it. I was really dissapointed when i heard that this game had been pushed back to next year, as it is one of my most anticipated. This video brought my anticipation up YET AGAIN.
    Can’t wait for more information. Hopefully new gamepplay footage and reveal of a new character at GamesCom? :)
    Keep it up guys, loving the look of it so far :)

  • Can not wait for this game, it looks amazing.

  • Un entretien passionnant, Guillaume, merci!
    A 6-minute fixed-camera interview without videos from the game or anything flashy, and I was hanging on every word.
    It’s always fascinating to hear the people at Quantic Dreams talking about their approach to games and storytelling, because of how fundamentally different it is from that of everyone else in the industry.
    I hadn’t been this impatient to get my hands on a video game since MGS4. And there’s only one other title I’m looking forward to as much as Heavy Rain: Fumito Ueda’s The Last Guardian. 2010 is shaping up to be a fantastic year.

  • After Heavy Rain can you remake Nomad Soul? David Bowie and all! That would be the second most amazing thing ever (The first being Tron Legacy with its Dart Punk score :D ). :)
    Good luck with finishing Heavy Rain!! It looks brilliant!

  • @ 16
    Good idea! :D
    @ 32
    I know what he’d say: it depends on how long you make it :D
    If you let them all commit suicide in the first hour, it won’t be a long game ;) *wonders if commiting suicide is an option* (and no, not for myself to do, but in-game I mean :P)

  • Too bad Alex is gone, by the way; I wanted to ask him if he could share his avatar with me :P
    And technical team, if you read this: create an Edit button please!

  • @40 – We need more avatars in general. It would be great if each major release came with a series of new avatar pics for our PSN profiles.
    It doesn’t seem like an unreasonable thing to ask, because I can’t imagine it would represent such a massive amount of work.
    I’m sure everyone would appreciate that, and it would prevent having 3 or 4 people on your friends list sharing the same picture.

  • Alex, you cannot put enough Heavy Rain features on this blog.
    I’m already looking forward to 2010’s GOTY. ( I loved Fahrenheit so I know I will like this)
    if you could organise a ‘meet Quantic Dream’ event for before the launch, that would be really good and help to get word out at ground level.
    or you can just tell me where I can get a Heavy Rain poster.

  • Mr Pavey, Although I’m very excited for Heavy Rain. It would still be nice to see some traditional/old-school adventures in the forms of Broken Sword, Discworld, Myst etc on the PlayStation 3.

  • Excuse my english, i am german.
    I am a big fan of interactive storytelling. I remember reading these RPG Books were you had to decide what to do and got a number to follow to the next pharagraph in your story.
    Sadly the games that tried to deliver this never were able to do it. I remember Blade Runner but the decisions and their outcome got realy messy.
    Fahrenheit felt good in the beginning but than the writeing felt rushed/lazy towards the end. (Plus, big the decisions dident change that much, so on the second play, so both games did not hold up to good either.)
    So how do you feel about Heavy Rain wen it comes to this? Will there only be tiny changes to what happens? (In Fahrenheit loseing a character wassent that big of a deal!)
    Will you always see the “60” Sceens? Or will it only be 40 that you get, depending on the decisions that you made. And wen you say 20 endings, how many of these endings are actualy different and how many are just mixeing up a cupple of words? (we are gamers, we have seen that one don before)
    Also, put Omikron on PSN. If it´s that good (i never played it) it´s an advertisment that you will get payed for. Wich pritty much is a dream come true issent it?

  • Hi, just want to know about DLC.
    I know the game isn’t there yet and I’m sure I will play and replay it more than once but is the game designed with DLC in mind. So we can have ongoing stories? That would be great.

  • Hey Alex, I can’t wait for this game. I was a little too younf for Farenheit but I’ll definately pick it up to get myself hyped up for Heavy Rain :D
    Who’s doing the soundtrack for Heavy Rain and what sort of style will it be? Will it be available to buy?

  • This game is definitely on my radar, it looks and sounds stunning.
    The only things that are likely to turn Heavy Rain into a [DELETED] are an annoying control system and/or long loading times, both of which can easily kill a game like Heavy Rain.
    I have high hopes for this game though. :)

  • @ 41
    Agreed, although I’m already happy there are this much.

  • Hey Pavey!!
    It’s Adam Guppy. Can’t wait for Heavy Rain, keep up the good work.
    How big is the team working on the game? Is it substantially more than Farenheit?

  • This is a DEFINITE purchase. It looks so different to all the “Headshot Simulator 4” games doing the rounds.
    Heavy rain FTW!

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