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I’m back! Hi everyone, it’s Leo here again, UK PR Manager at Capcom. I’m here to share exclusively with you a video that End of the Line have just put the finishing touches to that showcases their stunning work at the Gathering Hall (our Monster Hunter drop-in centre in central London).
End of the Line are an elite team of spray paint ninjas and the imagery that they created on our walls and shop front are both stunning and striking. Perhaps the most impressive thing about their work is that they took only a few days to complete the art throughout the entire three-storey premises. Here’s a video in which you can see the whole process in less than five minutes thanks to the wonders of time lapse photography.

[viddler id=5f9746ec&w=545&h=349&playertype=simple]
If you want to see the art for yourself please feel free to pop along to the Gathering Hall at 121 Charing Cross Road (a two minute walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station). Entry is free to anyone with a PSP and a copy of Monster Hunter, and we’re also running a special secret operation to give away exclusive loot, though you’ll have to check the forums for details.
See you there, hopefully

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  • i live too far away for this :( shame. if you go on a roadtrip though i think i’ll be able to come say hello :P
    hope everyone is having fun there!

  • awesome video :)
    Wish i lived near by, i’d love something like that around here

  • Wish i could get to london :(

  • I wish you could all get to London too.

  • I’ve never seen an artist who lets someone else work on their peice. I’d find that really odd.

  • Can you get in even if you haven’t got a PSP. Just to have a look around?

  • You can indeed just pop in and have a look around. One of our lovely staff will walk you round :)

  • I can’t wait to go to this! Great video! :)

  • End of the Line really are ace. They also did the Casio shop on Carnaby St.

  • Amazing. How long do we have if we want to pop along and see it?

  • The closing party is the last day of August, sadly :(

  • its a shame that the gathering hall isn’t going to be a permanent fixture as it’d go a long way to inciting the monster-hunter frenzy like there is in Japan… Maybe Sony or Capcom should invest in a chain of monster hunter themed coffee shops around the country at student populated areas…
    If they did that I know loads of people who’d spend 90% of their free time in them!

  • I wish we could keep it open permanently. There may be other ways we can facilitate gathering, though, without this hall. Either way, I doubt it’ll be feasible to have Monster Hunter centres all over the country any time soon :(
    Can you imagine? It would be like Street Fighter II in the 90s!

  • It’s really cool that everyone went to the effort of creating a space like this. The art on the walls is really cool looking. I hope it doesn’t get wiped off after August. If it does, make sure you take lots of photos of the place first.

  • Well I can say I am a regular here now! LOL, was going today after yesterday RANK UP with Staff…thanks, but I was given a PS1 and PS2 so I setup the PS2 for me, the PS1 is being posted to friend, I aint got time to polay MHFU with Prototype on PS3 then Uncharted 1, plus GoW2 and FFX/XII aarghhh! Great Video Leo…and people stop stealing PSPs and laptops from the place….outrageous!

  • Skidpro! Hello :)
    Sadly on the very last day we’ll have to paint over everything, but before then we’re all going write on the walls and take infinity pictures. It’ll be a sad day :(
    We’ll be giving away the weapons on the ground floor as well ;)

  • Today in three weeks, the 25th August i’m on my way with my girlfriend from Germany to London. Cu at the Gathering Hall, save us some Treasures :)

  • Those are some incredible artists. I’d gladly visit if I lived in London.

  • Damn, didn’t know it was only around until the end of August! Gonna have to pop in with my PSP really soon then at least once!

  • You know, I gotta admire the door staff, even though they are paid to do it, but jeez, everyone just walks in off Caring x rd ‘eh whats all this then’ 100 times a day and then staff have to explain the about Monster Hunter and PSP etc etc to every one, even the silly girlies who come in scrounging free doughnuts and then saying so ‘I need a PSP and game Monster Hunter then to come back?’ like they are actually going out to buy a PSP or can afford one when they are scrounging doughnuts left on the door desk…LOL..but Antonio & Co..patience of a saints…someone called them a joker the other day leaving as they saw CAPCOM and thought it was an arcade and said they were useless unless they had a PSP and staff nicely explaining it all..doh! Really…if it were me I would say,’yes, if you dont have a PSP then I agree u r useless now Naff off’ LOL….I mean some people who come in off the street just want to ask ‘whats all this then’, chat, havent got a PSP, know nothing about gaming, weird! Patience of saints that doorstaff:)

  • Really want Monster Hunter! Had MHF2, sold it, and want this on download. Shame i don’t live close to the gathering hall, it looks very cool!

  • Watching that video reminds me I’m need to snap some Velocicpreys…
    Thank you!

  • One item today and it’s about painting a wall. Do we get the video of how to decorate the room tomorrow? How about some solid information about a game? NOT a event, NOT a concert, NOT something non gaming.
    And if you can’t come up with game content (it almost feels like the Playstation store on Thursday) then give us some decent info on pricing, the next firmware or other stuff we are ASKING for.

  • Otto T totally misses the point..doh…..Monster Hunter on the PSP…CAPCOM: Gathering HAll setup in London to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ON THE PSP…its all about GAMING….what u eyetaliano or sumthin? What a nasty person u are…now go read all the PS websites or doesnt this count in your gaming category? if it doesnt then go away..your in the wrong place……

  • Looking forward to going to this when I’m back in London. Only till the end of the month? That’s a shame… Is there any plans on continuing this kind of thing?
    I heard from a friend in Hong Kong that people just pop down to their local McDonalds to play with their mates or other randoms. Could be a good idea in order to promote monster hunter? I dunno maybe start up a database of where to play the game and meet other hunters in different towns around the UK?
    Would be good to start promoting an idea like this while the gathering hall’s open =)
    Will check this place out sometime next week!

  • @LEO TAN
    Hmm, perhaps a special pack could be available for coffee shops or stores who want to participate in MHFU meetups… stuff like cardboard cut-outs of some of the characters/monsters to dot around the building, freebies for attendees (like badges, or something), or whatever… Then there could be a list of participating “arenas” on the MHFU website…
    A throwback to the 90s SF2 scene is exactly what I was picturing, and could really revitalise the face-to-face multiplayer experience, which I consider to be one of the PSPs lesser exploited strengths…
    Maybe it’s just me craving a return to the epic gatherings with Pokemon on the gameboy Red/Blue back in my school days, but an officially endorsed MHFU themed gathering hall in locations all over the country sounds to me like a dream come true, and would almost certainly boost sales of both MHFU, the PSP and coffee! everyone’s a winner!

  • I would love to go there :) I’m a big fan of mf so that would be awesome <3 are there going to be more gathering halls?

  • my main (and probably only) problem with this series is the controlls..I downloaded the demo and didn’t like the controlls one bit..its also sad that portable gaming isn’t such a social event as in Japan out here..and this game obviously has to be played with friends.. how are the sales going in europe and US? Just curious..

  • That looks amazing. Can you do one in Birmingham please? :-)
    I’ve bought Freedom Unite but not had a chance to play it yet. When I finish my current game, it’s what I intend to get started on.

  • That is awesome on so many levels it isn’t funny. You should try selling it to someone who will keep it open as it is.

  • I live in West Sussex, and decide me and two of my friends would make a day of it in London to visit the Gathering Hall… We went last Wednesday (the day this video was made, I just saw myself in it lol) and I must say it was an incredible experience and I’m really hoping to go again before its inevitable closure :(
    Great job to all those who have worked hard to make The Gathering Hall a working place, it’s pleasing to know there are many other Hunter Rank 9 players out there in the UK :D
    Wish I could only make it the 7 times to get a Monster Hunter Toy! I saw someone with the Lao Shan miniature figure and it looked awesome!

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    _.’ ‘._

  • Looks really great Leo! Wish i could get to london, but I live in Belgium so… Ow yes, my question: does it stand there only temporary or not?
    Maybe you could start a gathering hall in Brussels (capital of Belgium) much english and japanese tourists come there and it’s the center of Europe, right? Think of it :).
    Well, cya!

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