Gran Turismo PSP Pre-Order Promotion

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Hello Gran Turismo fans its Penrose Tackie here again with more news about Gran Turismo for PSP. I’m delighted to be able to fill you in on some of the pre-order goodies we’ve got lined up for you.
The pre-order scheme means you can get your hands on some very special cars right from the off – in colours that will not be available in the game.
The way it works is really easy. Pre-order your copy of GT-PSP at any participating retailer and you will receive a voucher for one of the unique cars that we have lined up for you. Come launch you just redeem the voucher on PSN and you’re away.
A few of the cars have never appeared in Gran Turismo before and the line up is a real treat for car fans.
Ferrari Enzo Ferrari '02 SpecialColor A front
First up we have the car beloved of rockstars and footballers alike – the 2002 Ferrari Enzo Ferrari in Giallo Modena yellow. Next is that stalwart of 70’s and 80’s bedroom walls, the iconic 1974 Lamborghini Countach LP400 – in Arancio Orange.
Lamborghini Countach LP400 '74 SpecialColor A front
This is the first time that the supercar manufacturer has appeared in any GT title and marks a welcome introduction of famous charging Italian bull to the Gran Turismo franchise.
Next up are two cars that each have a little sprinkling of Polyphony’s design genius in them.
The first of these is the critically acclaimed and blisteringly quick 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V in metallic blue. Avid Polyphony watchers amongst you will know that in real life this car features an innovative dashboard digital display unit designed by Yamauchi-san and the team at Polyphony.
NISSAN GT-R Spec V (R35) '09 SpecialColor A front
Adding a real next-generation feel to the roster of vehicles is a vehicle that is the result of a groundbreaking collaboration between Polyphony and Citroen – the 2008 Citroen GTbyCitroen.
Citroen GT by Citroen '08 SpecialColor A front
This jaw-dropping vehicle will see a very exclusive and limited production run later this year. But if you don’t have the odd million or so Euros in the bank, this is your best chance to get behind the wheel of this unique vehicle!
A final treat I can leave you with is a new trailer featuring a Nissan GTR and Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 dueling it out against a glimpse of the cars, tracks and locations we might just see in GT-PSP when it lands on the 1st October.
The trailer will also be viewable on PSN store this week. Enjoy! and remember to keep checking back for more Gran Turismo news.

[viddler id=23b38172&w=545&h=349&playertype=simple]

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  • Lamborghini, about time. Excellent news!

  • 2008 Citroen GTbyCitroen cool !
    Look forward to it :)

  • Lamborghini and Bugatti are here! Sweeet

  • That Lamborghini looks awesome!

  • So does this mean those of us who will be buying the PSN version won’t get a free pre-order car. Maybe you could have pre-ordering on the PSN store!

  • That’s really cool – I’m really excited about this game! BUT that is the worst trailer I’ve ever seen in my life! A tad short, no?

  • Sony should put up a pre-order key on the store we can buy now for €4.99 that gives us the pre-order cars and then lets us buy the full game €4.99 cheaper and remove the pre-order code from the store at the end of september. or even simpler, Buy now play later, let us buy full game now and download it and the pre-order cars on the 1st of October :)

  • This is great news but where is the 2009 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 as shown in the US playstation blog?

    • The Bugatti Veyron will not be absent from Europe and we will be giving details regarding the availability of this vehicle very soon.

  • No Veyron for Europe? But the Veyron is European!! Not fair.

    Yeah! We demand answers!
    They have all the cars featured here and the Veyron too!

  • Butim buying the PSN version :(
    Guess im going to miss out :(

  • @mrfight67
    I’m getting the disk version because the box is nice. :P

  • @ashbash159
    Yeah the box looks excellent, that’s why im probably going to buy the new GTA on UMD :)
    I prefer downloads though because i want a PSP-Go

  • OMG Penrose, you have the Maserati GranTurismo as your avatar. You rock!!
    Can’t wait for October!!!

  • Btw, where’s the Veyron? I can’t believe the Veyron is not included in the euro promotion!!

  • yeh what about the Veyron (although if there’s a Koenigsegg in the game anyway then I don’t care about the Veyron :P )
    and also WHERE do we pre order from (and will they be available in Australia)

  • 2 enormous Licence, good news for Gran turismo PSP and PS3 ;)

  • I hope I get in on this bonus with my current GAME Preorder…
    And fingers crossed for the Murcielago SV! And the Gallardo 560-4…

  • Excellent work getting the lambo and bugatti license guys, every great car manufacturer in the world is now in the upcoming Gran Turismo games! This is news i’ve been hoping to hear, could’nt ask for much more. I cant wait for this game!! and even more so GT5!!!

  • Where did the Veyron go?

  • Also, tell Sony to get rid of that horric PlayStation Network chime at the end of some videos. Seriously, it’s terrible; as in, absolutely atrocious.
    Just put the Play-stay-shun clips at the end of all of them :)

  • Hi guys. I intend to buy the downloadable version for the PSP Go! Surely I deserve a bonus for buying your new expensive peice of hardware and the game! Will there be bonuses for those of us upgrading our console?
    P.S I hope the Veyron alternate colour isn’t exclusive to the US.

  • Wow! At last Lamborghini is going to appear in the best racing game ever! hehe
    Oh and, where did the Veyron go?

  • And if I buy off PSN? At least a mention of other plans would have been nice.

  • What if you preordered this game 4 years ago?

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww deeply disappointed that its not the Countach with the rear spoiler that was by far the best.

  • How do I pre-order from the PSN? Should allow me to download and install it automatically and be possible for some pre-order content.

  • Awesome that Lamborghini will be in GT PSP (and GT5, I would hope), but I too am concerned about what will happen with those of us who will buy the game off PSN so it can be played on the PSP Go?

  • But this car’s is present unlockable in the game,or is for donwload?

  • It’s the same for europe? Or its just a news copy pasted from the us blog? What are the stores for european pre-order to get the goodies?

  • If I want to get this with my PSP Go how am I going to be able to pre-order it?
    Is there any way around this? Because I want a the Veyron and I want a PSP Go and it’s probably going to be both or neither for me (Since I also want a keyboard and I can’t afford both…sadly).

  • And again you want us to buy the probably more expensive, bonus-free digital version? I thought this game would be promoting the PSP GO (and launched on the same day)!?
    Strange move by Sony O.o
    You really need to check the pricing and bonus of the digital copies. The transition is NOT being done properly. There’s absolutely no reason to buy there, that’s what I think. And I WANT to buy there, so imagine those who don’t ;)
    Let me support your digital move!

  • what about “digital” customers/psp go owners? I have a PSP-1000 already and a PSP Go on pre order, I was planning on getting the download version of GT-PSP but no free “special/limited” car for me if I do???

  • Btw:
    – The addition of Nascar
    – American car on the cover
    – Americans get extra content for pre-ordering
    It’s cool that you’re trying to make GT more popular in the US after GT sales have been going down in that region the last few games, but please don’t try to do it by giving them content that other regions don’t get. Sure, this Veyron thing is (hopefully) just a minor thing, but still… what’s next?

  • looks like European will be missing Bugatti Veyron. That will be a great loss.
    But what the hey, we will be getting other cool cars too.
    i better preorder it!

  • the Citroen GTbyCitroen is a beauty!

  • Would love to get a response on how we can ‘pre-order’ the download version. I’m picking a GO up on launch day with GT PSP and some other games (Hopefully on the store) and I don’t want to miss out on these lovely cars.

  • yeah! it’s time to gran turismo!

  • Yeah, I was going to get this with the Go! but how/can you preorder the downloadable version…? I’d hate to miss out on those cars but I want the downloadable version. :/

  • This is from the US PS blog
    Stephanie Yoshimoto replied on August 4, 2009 at 4:07 pm
    Yes. For those who are planning to purchase Gran Turismo from the PlayStation Network as a download, we will be able to share our plans for you shortly, but rest assured you are not forgotten.

    • I would echo the comments of Stephanie from SCEA on this point. We do have plans for those who purchase GT-PSP from PSN and there will be an announcement about this in due course

  • Bugatti Veyron not appearing in non-US versions of GT:PSP is something I can live with, but I really hope it isn’t excluded from non-US versions of GT5 – that would honestly cause me to question whether or not to purchase GT5 when it is released.
    GT:PSP is looking fantastic though, nice work squeezing the game into the PSP. :)

  • what happened to the mods abusing their powers issue on the official forums?
    every mention of it is deleted and it now seems to have been successfully swept under the carpet.
    well just because i’m one of those victimised by the so called mods accused doesn’t mean they’ve shut me up.
    i would like people reading this who care about the truth, but haven’t yet fallen foul of mb and his clique, to ask questions on the forums.
    i have been contacting scee frequently for months and all i get is “Thank you for your recent correspondence.
    I have passed your details to our Head Office, who will contact you shortly”
    been over a month since then though, i’ll be in touch with andrew house next week with names and copies of all the emails i’ve recieved if i don’t get results.
    anyway, if you still have forum access do the community a favour and ask questions, if enough people ask they won’t be able to ignore you.
    and now a public service announcement
    stop the mod mb abusing his powers by victimising people he doesn’t like and ignoring the rules to protect his friends

  • GT PSP sounds good and looks good but when is Polyphony going to announce the release date for Grand Trismo!? Cause really i think GT5 should of came out first then GT PSP.

  • As usual, very little information that makes any sense about this so-called promotion and the game itself.
    1. Is this exclusive to the DLC version or are UMD customers also supported?
    2. How big is the game (in gigabytes) if bought as a DLC?
    3. What are the UK outlets where you can pre-order it?
    4. Is the promotional DLC part of any PSPgo bundles as well?
    There is a danger here in that if Sony begins to move more towards DLC than offering things on UMD, non-PSPgo will be forced to purchase not only the games as DLC but also the media to store them on, which effectively means buying two things (DLC and memory sticks) instead of it all being on one UMD.

  • What about those of us getting the PSPgo?
    Infact, i ask this question for all game, will PSPgo users ever see the lambo in GTPSP? I mean that will make me reconcider getting a Go.

  • Sorry scratch what i said above

  • Just to let you guys know, all the cars mentioned in the post are still going to be in the game. The pre-order bonus just means you get the car from the off and don’t have to buy it.

  • So what about the proposed PSP Go and GT PSP package that is supposed to launch on the same day? Presumably this contains a code to download GT PSP via PSN and also some sort of bonus content. Hopefully over and above what we see here???

  • “The Bugatti Veyron will not be absent from Europe and we will be giving details regarding the availability of this vehicle very soon.” – Penrose Tackie
    Great news! It is only a digital representation of the car but I was, for some very odd reason, a bit worried about it not appearing in the European version of the game. If the Bugatti Veyron, 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V, and MINI (yes MINI, the John Cooper Works Clubman model) are in GT then I will be an extremely happy bunny for the next few years.

  • People are still waiting for this? :-p
    Personally I have lost all trust in Sony after The Getaway got canned for PS3 as that was one the biggest tech demos they used to show off the PS3 and then they never even finish the game.
    If my PS3 ever broke I would be tempted to just replace it with a Blu-ray player and it just does not deliver what I expected of it. The whole experience is so much better on Xbox sadly.
    Getting back to PSP, I will never forgive the style over comfort design. The PSP has some good games, let down completely by the fact I can play them for about 5 minutes before my wrists get MAJOR RSI from the poor design of the PSP. Its not all comfortable to use if you need to use analog and the L and R buttons at the same time.

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