Take VidZone To The Hospital! World Exclusive Premiere

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VidZone have secured the WORLD PREMIERE of the new video from none other than THE PRODIGY!!! The video is called “Take Me to the Hospital” and as you can imagine both the video and track are pretty impressive.
Vidzone - TOKYO P 15 Credit Paul Dugdale
The video will be live in ALL VidZone countries (just to remind you – UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia) from 18:00PM BST / 19.00 CET on Tuesday 4th August so it will be ready to watch as many times as you want by the time you get home from work/school/gym/zoo… or wherever you may be doing tomorrow.
VidZone Playlists THE PRODIGY 1
VidZone Playlists THE PRODIGY 2
Get used to this type of announcement as we have some great things lined up in the coming weeks and months that will keep you frothing at the mouth for more.

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  • Vidzone in more countries please :D Exclusive videos are awesome ;)

  • oh yes prodigy!! My mate is gonna love this!!

  • Oh come on, i wanna watch this, make it available in my country!!! At least answer something please.

  • How are you people getting these exclusives ?

  • Please launch Vidzone in north to!!

  • I need this in sweden! (would be nice with spotify on the ps3 too)

  • Would be nice to have this in the Netherlands too.

  • when is it coming to the netherlands????

  • yeah would be nice to have it here in Dutch.
    dont get it whay its taking sony so long for it to bring it to us.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, VidZone is awesome :D

  • I hope you concentrating on improving picture quality/resolution/bitrate (let us choose target bitrate so people with caps can choose low, people without can choose DVD quality) as well as improving the VidZone application itself, as much as you are at getting exclusives.
    Personally, I would use VidZone a lot more if there weren’t so many empty artists, duplicate artists and the picture quality was actually close to decent. The only reason more people have not noticed yet is because of YouTube blocking most music videos in the UK. If YouTube was still serving all music videos it would kick VidZones ass on picture quality a lot of the time (the few that are still up, often do).

  • Too bad for the people missing out on this kind of stuff, but congratulations on continued effort to put the service up front with these exclusives.

  • How the heck do you guys keep doing this?
    Btw get some Bloc Party on vidzone and ill be forever grateful.
    You already have Yourcodenameis:Milo which was a great suprise for me (but you still need thier full videography)

  • @Ben Creasey
    Nice !
    I look forward to Tuesday 4th August

  • i feel sorry for our european friends but you guys have no idea how awesome vidzone is!! WHo needs mtv after this?!
    best non gaming app on the ps3. It’s that awesome. Hopefully you guys will get the service soon.

  • Please launch Vidzone in north to!!

  • Nice, I’ll have to check this out later.
    The one thing that stops me checking VidZone regularly, is that it takes too long to load up. It needs to be more like the PlayStation store, where it takes a few seconds to open and no preloading etc. I dont know if thats possible, but is it on the to-do list? I’d rate that higher than full screen videos!!

  • It’s a shame it ain’t availlable in all over Europe. Why…,by the way?
    Ps. PSN-cards…,”When?”

  • Nice exclusive. Hoping the VidZone will spread to other parts of eu soon.:-)

  • Can we get vidzone in norway too, and whats happening to the promised vidstore?(!)

  • I love this service.

  • What all the other Dutchies said! Want this!

  • BENELUX is waiting for the VidZone !!

  • when are you going to get some LINKIN PARK, GREEN DAY, RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS and GORILLAZ videos on vidzone.

  • Greetings from the REST of Europe who cannot watch this. Awesome..

  • Yes…. Take VidZone to the hospital please!
    Diagnoses: “there’s many countries missing”
    Any news on when you’ll deploy in any other countries?

  • Way to get those exclusives :D
    I’m not a massive fan, but will take a look and make all my non-VidZone owning friends jealous mwuahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • I hate music videos but I like watching old music videos from good musicians. VidZone needs to come to the U.S.. I use my European account but still no access, which I expected. Also, I would love VidZone to support Remote Play, so I can use VidZone on my PSP anywhere in the world.

  • Guys, the reason why VidZone is not available outside countries listed is licensing – Europe is a patchwork of licensing agreements, and Sony has to negotiate most countries one-by-one, which takes time and money. It’s the same reason why we have Spotify in only a few countries, iTunes stores differ in each country, and Pandora was blocked here. It’s quite aggravating as I’m an expat Finn living in Holland, so I don’t get Spotify here although I do get it in Finland.
    So don’t blame Sony – well, they own Sony Music so I guess they should take part of the blame as well :P
    I remember reading a few months back that there was a glimmer of hope in the music industry to arrange for pan-European licensing in the future for various uses in one contract, but haven’t heard anything from that since.
    I can’t wait to get VidZone – would get me back to watching music videos for sure, since it seems that there actually is some METAL there. It sure sounds like the killer non-gaming app for PS3, and I hope it gets the marketing push it deserves in the countries it’s released.
    And yeah, Remote Play would be a nice feature as well.

  • I love your great support for VidZone

  • guys, i gotta say. Vidzone is sure turning out to be quite an awesome addition to the PS3! The list of available vidz is growing much faster than I thought it would. Hopefully it is working out on your end as much as you’d hoped cause I’d like to see this remain a permanent feature on Playstation products for years to come. Is there anything we can do to ensure revenue flows in your direction? Does clicking the odd ad here and there generate income? I do hope so. For anyone using this, maybe click an ad every 15mins or so during use. This should hopefully keep this alive and kicking. :) Remember, the licensing for this would not be cheap. Think of this like torrents… Give a little, get a little ;)

    • Hi Sumpunk
      Thanks for your comments. I won’t lie, we do make money from all of you clicking ads so it would be great if you were to take a little time out every now and again to see what our advertisers have to offer:)

  • @Trondp007
    Heres the date: never / its not coming, give up hope right now. “Europe” already have it, if you do not have access to it then you are not in “Europe”.

  • Other countries also wish to get VidZone and do not forget that not only UK and Germany have the PS3 as well as the rest of Europe! Polish people also have a PS3! Damn, nobody is thinking about rest of the Europe.

  • Ben, i (and half europe) will ask you very nicely, can you (SCEE or “big boss”) add this service to (ALL) the rest of us?? why only some of us in Europe can have this (amazing, like some said) service and others just can’t? can you explain?

  • Is this service coming to New Zealand?

  • Ben cannot explain, as he’s only allowed to be the bringer of good news.. or something.

    • Hi LoveDoctor
      Good news is my middle name but i will let you all know about any developments good or bad. I can’t give any news away without it being confirmed by everyone and I wouldn’t like to give you news that everyone got excited about then things changed.
      Hope you all understand, believe me its just as frustrating for me as it is you.

  • I’m just going to rate down all VidZone articles until some good news comes for all other COUNTRIES in Europe.
    Hint Ben, EUROPE = 1 TERRITORY, even for Sony

  • hey, is this 1989 again or what?? take about old skool!

  • I have few question for SCEE.
    1) When VidZone arrives in the Nordic countries?
    2) Why SCEE wasting time with PlayStation Home, even if just VidZone interested in the Nordic countries much more?
    3) Copyrights are clearly one of the major barriers of publishing service in Scandinavia, but why not take advantage of Sony Pictures Entertainment- or Sony BMG Music Entertainment-productions?
    Someone@SCEE could explain it so that we can understand.
    Tell the facts, VidZone doesn’t arrive our “hoods” for this year?
    Competitors offer all that (also in Nordic countries what SCEE only promises.
    I’m disappointed but stand still in PlayStation-camp..

  • Everyone demanding an explanation should read post 33. :D

  • ” that will keep you frothing at the mouth for more.” thank you i laughed at this.

  • “The video will be live in ALL VidZone countries (just to remind you – UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia)”

    ..no. No, you really don’t need to remind us, quite frankly.

  • gotta keep hammering!
    When is VidZone coming to Scandinavia? :(

  • Ben, you’re gonna have to take ME to the hospital after that announcement. I almost had a conniption fit. I;m gonna be working when this ups but I’ll be over it like a rash as soon as I get home.
    Well played on securing these exclusives. You’re doing the PSN community proud with your dedication to the platform and I look forward to seeing a lot more from Vidzone in the future.
    Reply to me….go ooooon, u know u wanna!!!

    • Hi Spider Mike
      Alright then.. as you asked so nicely.
      Glad you like it, we were pretty excited when we got it too. Thanks for your comments, we try our best to give you gys the best content there is and its good to hear we get it right sometimes:)

  • Is there any plans beyond the thinking stage of having an 18 and above section, be that uncensored videos/lyrics etc?
    Also has there/is there any changes to the interface planned. As far as I can see the interface has not changed at all, all we get is new videos added, which is nice, but the more videos you add the harder it is to find them when:
    a) You cannot use keyboard/keypad input.
    b) Search pauses after every character input if you wait more than 2 seconds and then displays results so far.
    Unless you are viewing the default playlists it is a nightmare to find anything.
    As a test I urge you to name a track and test how long it takes form the front screen to find and load it, it is painful, even on very fast broadband.

  • Rated 1/5 – Fatality!

  • Full Screen Please, and free piza.

  • BUG REPORT in vidzone:
    Vidzone doesn’t take into account PS3’s button layout.
    My PS3 is “O button” for “OK” and “X button” for “Cancel”.
    Vidzone, contrary to other programs, forces “X button” for “OK” and “O button” for “Cancel”.

  • World premiere in seven countries huh? That doesn’t sound like much of a world premiere to me. I think it’s rather pointless to advertise about this with such big words if the service is only available in a few countries.

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