Inferno Pool Master Class

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You know you’re onto something good when the people who have been developing and testing a game for months on end are still hanging around at lunch and after work for yet another 4 player battle royal. So when Inferno Pool launched on PSN at the end of May we were all very excited, if a little nervous that people might mistake it as merely a great Pool simulator.
We had two main objectives when developing Inferno Pool; firstly we wanted to make a frantic multiplayer title which would keep players on the edge of their seats right until the end, and secondly we wanted the game to be dead easy to pick up and play, but with massive depth for experienced players to keep discovering new skills and techniques and become masters in their own right.

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Of course as developers we were well aware of the array of hidden skills and techniques, and had cut our teeth in highly competitive matches against each other, so we were confident of kicking some serious ass when the game came out in public.
For the first couple of weeks, all went as planned. Dark Energy PSN IDs stalked their way to the top of the leaderboards, victory after glorious victory… we felt rewarded for all those hard months of work.
Then… something changed. It wasn’t just that players were learning about all the hidden skills and techniques, it wasn’t just that they were surprising us with tactics we’d never even thought of… they were ganging up on us! Here we were pursuing the deadly tactics we’d concocted over the last few months… and all of a sudden we’d get attacked from all sides at once. The other 3 players didn’t care which of them was to win… as long as they took the developer down!
You see… in all those months of going head to head against each other in the studio, each of us is of a fairly similar skill level, we’d only ever had one thing on our minds… out and out victory. It was quite delightful to see real players adapting to our experience and collaborating to put a halt to our cheeky assault on the leaderboards, and quite right they were too. We certainly deserved it!

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Anyway, in the spirit of giving a little back, we’ve decided to come out and share some of the advanced techniques we so ruthlessly exploited for our own personal glory in those first days after release on the Inferno Pool homepage… click here to read them. This is just a sample of some of the skills of an Inferno Pool master, and there’s plenty more to discover when you dive into the game.

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