Festival Fun, Weeks Of VidZone PS3 And Unusually Large Updates!

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Welcome back trusted and loyal blog followers. I hope you have all been enjoying the summer (or winter to our Aussie friends on the other side of the equator) We have LOTS to tell you this time, I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. Basically, I have a tale of magical festivals, and of course VidZone update details!!
Global Gathering – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – 24 – 25 July
Sometimes.. Very rarely, VidZone releases me from my shackles and lets me out into the real world ;) Well I say the real world…Global Gathering 2009 isn’t really the real world unless you consider a field full of huge marquees blaring out blistering dance music, Circus rides as high as the eye can see interwoven with the most colourful and imaginatively dressed people you have ever seen running and skipping on the hunt for the perfect mix of beats and bass, rhythm and melody to suit each of their (mostly very) unique dancing styles.
Among others, we got to see loads of VidZone acts including The Prodigy, Armin Van Buuren, ATB, Eric Prydz, The Whip and Mark Knight over what were two days of hedonistic perfection which culminated in one of the most beautiful sunrises that I have seen in the UK ever on Sunday morning. Highlight??…The Prodigy of course :) Check it out on VidZone
Here are a few photos I think show the vibe of festival nicely. Let us know what festivals or good gigs you’ve been to this year?!

Main Image

Update Details

The most important feature of the update this week is an addition of ONE THOUSAND more videos. This will mean you need to accept the latest update from the XMB. To see a handful of the best latest added videos, go to Menu > Featured > Latest Videos.



Artist of the Week – Beyoncé
Everyone’s favourite diva has stacked up quite a catalogue of videos over the years since Destiny’s Child. Whether she is ‘Crazy in Love’ or ‘Putting a Ring’ on it she keeps rolling out hit after hit after hit.


Best of Acoustic
No electricity allowed! From Jack Johnson to Counting Crow’s, sit back and relax to the acoustic sounds straight from the heart.


Exclusive VV Brown Interview
This retro fringed pop fashonista has blasted onto the scene with a blend of 1950’s pop and modern day electronica. Having supported The Ting Tings and being a backup vocalist for Madonna and The Pussycat Dolls, we were more than privileged that VV Brown took time out of her busy schedule to exclusively chat with us about jealousy, Polaroid’s, evolution and more.


Party Tunes
Having a house party? Need a DJ? Well look no further! DJ VidZone comes to the rescue – or should I say VJ?! Black Eyed Peas, Kool and The Gang, Foo Fighters and Wham! will keep you up and partying until the morning (or until the neighbours complain) whatever comes first. Let us know if you’ve had a party with VidZone yet?!
Kids Pop Party
Cancel the clown and the bouncy castle and let VidZone take over the entertainment duties. From Busted to B*Witched this playlist will have your littl’uns bouncing around until it’s time for cake.
Best Artists of the 21st Century
OK, so this is a matter of opinion but I reckon we have got a pretty perfect list of artists that have shaped the sound of the century so far…I won’t give you any examples just in case you don’t agree ;) so check it out for yourself.
Anti Love Songs
Not all of us are into all that vomit-inducing, lovey-dovey ballads which seem to have been constantly around since the dawn of time. With videos like Alice Cooper‘s ‘Poison’ to Kaiser Chiefs‘ ‘Every Day I Love you Less and Less’, let’s fight the revolution against the love song!
The Sound of the Streets
Busta to Bizzle and N Dubz to N.E.R.D. This is the sound of the streets. Big urban tunes from all your favourite rappers and artists to play as loud as your system will go.
So.. That’s it I think….. I’m sure I have forgotten something……. oh well I’m sure it wasn’t important. Hope you all have a good week and I will be back soon to give you details of yet more exciting VidZone based stuff. Until then.. Au revoir.

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  • Wow what an update! I am planning a party soon and VidZone will be the main attraction!
    Thanks for the updates!

  • I see some new songs yet to be released video wise. Is Britney Spears’s Radar being shown exclusively to Vidzoners ?

  • Eagerly waiting for VidZone here in Portugal, in the meantime, you guys keep up with the excellent updates. Thanks :)

  • Thanks for more NERDs :)
    Any chance you will add support for full widescreen in the future?

  • This is how an “update” should be handled – by telling us exactly what we are getting :)
    Is there a link to use to suggest artists/songs that aren’t yet available on Vidzone?

  • Hi Ben, once again no news about 16:9/widescreen.
    The last time you call this an issue, but that´s not true, i remember screenshots and video promotions before the service was live and all are in 4:3 aspect ratio, so it´s a fail in development.
    The question is so easy, are you going to change it or not?

  • Radar is being added, nice :-)

  • more info over when vidzone is comming to other territories like belgium?
    I heard it isn’t for this year anymore

  • Do I spy a Hip-Hop classics playlist? Nice!!! Vidzone is a brilliant app!

  • I personally would love to see some more freestyle battles. or even sets done by people like radio 1.
    Example of that would be the Eminem westwood freestyle which is on “westwoodtv” on youtube – Granted Westwood is annoying, but its great entertainment seeing eminem freestyle

  • Amazing Update – Keep it up – 1000 videos update – wow.
    Ben, I have already had several parties and Vidzone is my dukebox as I have a 5.1 surround sound system hooked up to my PS3.
    Everyone asks about it and thinks its amazing.

    • Hi Kingofscotland
      Several parties heh! That’s great to hear. Keep spreading the word of VidZone by having several more :)

  • Why can’t there be a new video list, considering the search function with the app itself is awful I’d rather just see a list and see if what I requested is there, it kinda voids the claim of “1000 new videos’ when there is actually no proof of this!

    • Thanks Damoedge
      We will keep this in mind for future updates, this is requested a lot so might be worth including.
      Thanks for the idea.

  • As much as i love VidZone, there’s simply far too many niggly issues that make it too difficult to use. I spent 20 minutes once building a 2 song playlist because everything was so clunky.
    The user interface in general is a nightmare. There’s no way to look at your current playlist as a whole so you can edit it on the go, you can only switch between tracks.
    Searching is a nightmare too. So many times i search and accidentally search the wrong letter, or it searches by accident when i’m not ready and wait a good few minutes for it to load to correct my error. I know it can’t be super fast as it’s all streamed, but EVERYTHING about the searching is too slow. Even toggling through the letters.

  • For some strange reason, the start button is FAR too sensitive, and it’s NOT my controllers. Starting/stopping a song has to be a conscious effort, as half the time i press it once and it registers as two hits, doing the opposite of what i want.
    And just in general, it’d be great to have recommended tracks for each individual user. If i listen to loads of N.E.R.D or N Dubz, how about some Busta gets recommended?? Rather than have to search for it. For me, the whole system is too sluggish to use regularly, although the luxury of the application itself is one i’d rather have than not. To check out the odd one or two new videos, cool, but to make my own playlists and play? No way.

    • Hi Hub2Hub
      We are working on many improvements to the interface and a lot of the things you mention in your comments will be addressed. Hopefully enough to keep you coming back:)

  • WOO 1000 songs, also i ask this in every post you put but you never reply. :-(
    Why does 35 or so videos in spain have the hazard icon and is not watchable, eric prydz videos for a start.

  • Is any Muse being added? If it is i will be a happy bunny :D

  • Greetings from a Vidzone-less country.

  • Reply to Ben –
    Yeah I have several playlists set up and the wife who is ‘anti games consoles’ loves it and has a few playlists set up so when she has friends over I get the call to ‘put on that vidzone thing and show Julie (name for example).
    Her choice of songs aren’t what I would choose though (Abba, Wham, Justin etc) when my friends are over it’s more Pearl Jam, Nirvanna, Foo Fighters etc.
    And then I have a ‘Get up and Dance’ playlist for big parties.
    Thanks for Vidzone, really enjoying it.

  • I think this is a nice idea with festivals in Vidzone. You could make playlists of the headliners of Festivals (there are so maybe now)! I would be grateful if the playlists could have artists that are not that well known. For example i am going to The Green man festival in August and it would be great if there was a playlist of the headline act from there. It doesn’t need to be live. I would also like you to make playlists from up and coming music, there is only so many times i can listen to/ watch Micheal Jackson and U2 video’s. Why not try and get more Independent artists like : – Andrew Bird, Animal Collective, wilco etc. You could ask Xfm or BBC 6 music to suggest playlists for you for example. You really don’t want to make the mistake Top of the Pops went and just cater to the main stream. I know you can just search for anything in Vidzone and that’s great but when you have all the choice in the world, i for one can’t think of anything to choose! So please a play list every so often called new and emerging artists – like the kind of music the Mercury prize has.
    Anyway my favorite video on vidzone is a song called “Shoes” from a band called Tiga, check it out!

  • Vidzone is awesome and I certanily know loads of people using it. The only problem with it is that my girlfriend likes it too much and hogs the PS3!!! Luckily I have a second one.
    Thanks again for the update and hard work.

  • When is this going to be expanded to other stores like Portugal?

  • When you said Large Update I was thinking it was coming to the rest of Europe. But it’s not :'(

  • Hey Ben,
    Any news on other countries? I’d love to get my hands on the awesomeness. You’re such teasers! But like everybody else here, I really like the way you handle the update. Looks good!

  • wow, a most impressive update, most impressive… :D

  • i know theres a reason we don’t have it in Denmark but why?

  • The update is now live?

  • Yeah how come us danish users can´t get Vidzone?

  • VidZone all over the Europe, PLEASE!!! :)

  • Ben, can you make Blu-Ray Remote Control support one of the top priorities. Not everyone likes using the control pad to select music videos.
    Also the search function is reminiscent of entering a password on an old NES game. Either have the option of the QWERTY on screen keyboard pop up or let me use my bluetooth/usb keyboard.

    • Hey Sparced
      You can use the blu-ray controller if you assign it to controller one. We are working on changing this so it will work on all contoller ports but in the mean time you can do that.
      Hope that helps

  • VidZone is great, and this update makes it more so! :o)

  • When is it coming to the netherlands?
    When is it coming to the netherlands?
    When is it coming to the netherlands?
    pfff. I really want to use vidzone!

  • @ Sparced
    You can use the BD Remote I believe but it has to be assigned to Slot 1 I think, Maybe Ben can clarify.

  • stop ignoring us by commenting only on the Uk people.
    When is Vidzone coming to belgium ?

  • Quote:
    So.. That’s it I think….. I’m sure I have forgotten something……. oh well I’m sure it wasn’t important. Hope you all have a good week and I will be back soon to give you details of yet more exciting VidZone based stuff. Until then.. Au revoir.
    Quote End.
    Yeah, I know what you forgot, giving us some better information on when you actually will be launching in the rest of Europe or have you given up and think you just can ignore us until we forget it or don’t bother anymore.

  • Ben thnxs for the info sounds like a great update cannot wait to have a gd flick thru the new stuff and add 2 my playlists….. any idea on the time the update will be up ?

  • Thanks for the reply vidzone :-) And another great update, the against love playlist will be used for when i have a bad day. So may be used a lot then lol

  • A wee bit offended that New Zealand wasn’t included “on the other side of the equator”, but then, NZ isn’t included in VidZone so I’m not surprised! We are a mere 2 hour flight away from Oz, yet we certainly don’t want to live there, but would love the chance to use VidZone so why isn’t it here yet?

    • Hi SnapAttack
      Sorry not to include New Zealand in the blog, it was purely because VidZone isn’t over there yet. There are plans to roll out to other countries and there will be an announcement soon regarding this. But as always i can’t tell you anything right now.
      Sorry for any offence caused.

  • I’d like to connect to VidZone in Belgium…
    When will it be possible ?
    Why Belgium isn’t included in VidZone possibilities ?

  • What a slap in the face to those that cannot enjoy the service!
    It’s like saying Europe is the UK to you, and the rest can go knit a tear receptacle.
    You should be ashamed of yourself SCEE.

  • Vidzone is truely the best thing that has happened to the PS3 since in game xmb. Its such an amazing program and is always being used in my house…
    Well done !

  • hi i love the idea of vidzone, just runs slowly at the moment
    what i’ve found is that there are bands music videos on there but when you search them they don’t come up. I.e prodigy aren’t under artists yet i can find the omen and breath, although i can’t find the global footage, is that to come later?
    also something you may want to pass on, not sure if its fixed yet, but enter shikari’s videos are there but songs are under wrong names i.e i think its anything can happen… is sorry your not… and vice versa

  • hi cool update but were are PINK FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!!! every week i look but no PINK FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!! please tell me when or if PINK FLOYD or roger waters or dave gilmour will appear

  • I love VIdzone. It’s the best non gaming app on the ps3 apart from Blu ray. The problem is that my whole family now starts hogging the ps3 which is not good for me. I knew it was a bad idea showing them Vidzone.
    Thank you guys for this wonder ful app. This is like having MTV at your own demand. The only thing i want is iron maiden and arabic songs.
    Thanks once again guys. You are doing a good job

  • Fantastic update to a great service which is only let down by some glaring omissions and the clumsy Front-end. Good to hear that ye are listening to the feedback and working on improving it.
    Sometimes when i find an artist in a search and then click on that artist it says ‘no matches found’. For instance, i search for artists beginning with THE , and then click on THE STROKES, but it says no matches found. Is this because there are no videos for the artist? But why would they show up on the list so? Is it a bug?

  • Still waiting for some Disturbed content I requested a week or so back. Not in this weeks update but fingers crossed it comes up soon.

  • Vidzone is brilliant and the fact that its so well supported with lots (and lots) of new music is a breath of fresh air. Excellent work guys! :)

  • Here I am again to say:
    Fix the crappy crappy search!!

  • spidermike,
    before disturbia can come iron maiden requests must be met!!

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