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Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

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  • Also, Castle Crashers is coming to PSN!
    I really wish we got PSN cards by then..

  • @Cutz0r
    I think we’ll be seeing PSN cards by the end of the year. The PSPGo will be out in a few months and the only way retailers will be able to continue making profits from the download only PSP, is by selling vouchers of some description.
    Don’t take that as fact though, it’s just my perception of the matter. :D
    Bear :)

  • ^
    Yeah, would be stupid to not to release the cards at the latest when the PSP Go is out.

  • I am looking forward to Castle Crashers I hope it will be here before Christmas.
    My brothers PS3 just got the YLOD today and it has me in a paranoid state. I am afraid to turn on my PS3 now. I backed up most of my stuff but I went to Continuous Play to protect myself but it has gone. Does anyone know when it will be back up?

  • I read on Kotaku that the trophies patch for Bionic Commando went live for PS3. I just checked then, it is definitely not for Aussie users. Any chance you lovely people can ask Capcom for an update please?
    Also, can I please ask all Killzone 2 owners in Australia to buy the map packs please!?!?! I love the game and the new maps, but I am entirely sick of having to play them on EU servers and endure mad amounts of lag.
    Can I also please ask about the PSPgo? Will it be released in Australia? If so how much will it set me back? How about those of us who have a good collection of games on UMD? Any details about that good-will system that was vaguely described?
    One last request, can people please stop asking about Trine? It will come out one day, and if you were that keen for it you would have already bought it via Steam.

  • Good day, I wonder if someone from SCEE could get hold of the PlayTV developers in particular Mark Bunting. Mr Bunting started a very interesting blog ( ) with lots of informative information but over the last 4 weeks the blog has died and Mark has not replied to anyone for that period of time. In following a number of forums this is a VERY hot subject. All everyone wants to know is when are we expecting the next firmware update that will solve current issues and bugs.
    Mark has already indicated the next firmware update will resolve a number of issues including:
    – MPEG-4 recording
    – Full DD5.1
    – AAC/AAC+ support
    – 7 and 8mhz UHF scan
    – MPEG-2 HD recording improvement
    – Series link
    Could this be confirmed please?
    Many thanks

  • I too am very interested in PlayTV being offered to Australia.
    Keen people are importing from the United Kingdom. Please respond Sony! :)

  • Nice one, wilt64.
    The lack of interest in customer relations being shown by Sony is embarrassing, and also quite hurtful to me as a customer. Mark has stated that he would be seeking information on the development of the PlayTV product for the Australasian market, yet his prolonged absence from the forum suggests Sony is now deliberately and openly toying with users of its products.
    It’s not essential that Mark necessarily be the one to respond – any form of interest on Sony’s part in the forum would be appreciated.

  • Thanks mylesmac, yes the “public relations” on this one has been appalling. the idea of Mark Bunting starting a blog was a fantastic idea keeping the general public up with the play (no pun intended) with future improvements and fixes but he needs to follow this up not leaving everyone high and dry!!
    All you need to do is look at the 3 main New Zealand and Australian PlayTV forums to see this is a HOT subject.
    Maybe Warwick Light should not have opened his trap 2yrs ago announcing PlayTV and also saying it would be released April 2008 to co-inside with the launch of FreeviewHD here in New Zealand.
    All we all ask SCEE is some form of update/time line to:
    A- Expected date for the next firmware update and what fixes/improvements we expect to see.
    B- Expected release date of the hardware in Australia and New Zealand…… it still October??
    I would suggest being in the electronic/service industry PlayTV would be one of the biggest selling PVR’s in New Zealand and Australia once it is released, if Sony are not carefull they are going to miss the boat!!

  • Sony have totally stuffed up the PR of PlayTV outside the UK with every media release from SCEE giving different dates and information.
    Due to lack of feedback from Sony, I think PlayTV may have limited release in Australia by year end for HD testing – but New Zealand will probably have to wait another year before we see it. Vidzone is good example – no information from Sony of when we can expect to see it in NZ even though all indications were it was going to be simultaneously released in NZ & Australia.
    As its all quiet from Mark, probably one of two things have happened.
    (1) A firmware release is due anytime soon making PlayTV unoffically compatible with NZ/Australia freeview.
    (2) Technical or political (or both) issues that cannot be solved easily mean that Sony themselves dont know when it will be released here so easiest option is just keep quiet.
    All very dissapointing Sony.

  • We are still waiting!
    Hello, is there someone?
    I can’t watch TV without sound!!!
    How you handle frustration?
    I will be against SONY if continuous.
    For French user: Sony are not carefull they miss the boat!!
    1 year and the problem remains unsolved!
    Yet the broadcast standard of the High definition is chosen since 2005!!!

  • Another Aussie PlayTV user who would also like some feedback on the progress of the next firmware
    and when it’s likely to be released.

  • im really keen myself to get a hold of the play tv here in aus. is there any chance that sony could release a statement saying that they are still releasing in october? or even an update on whats happening over at sony regarding play tv in aus.

  • +1 for Australia..
    I’m waiting till October to buy one of these, bring it on!!

  • +1 for a comment on the French audio fix update. These poor customers have been waiting for far too long a response from Sony to support their product.
    And naturally, given NZ uses the same audio as France now does, this update should be mutually beneficial for both countries….
    Come on Sony, give us some sound!

  • Kia Ora Guys, I hope Mark is on holiday (rather than being “let go”) he seemed really helpful (unusual for Sony).
    Sony AUS/NZ is useless, they aren’t allowed to give any real info, that’s why we’re all here at the SCCE blogs.
    One thing I’d really like to know is – does the new PS3 slim have anything hardware based that would affect/enable PlayTV? There have been rumours in some forums that it may be built in.
    Do I wait and buy a Slim PS3? Remember I’ve been waiting over a year-and-a-half since the date that Sony “said” PlayTV would be in NZ!
    Or do I get a current model, buy an imported PTV box, and get shafted by some hidden region based hardware/software incompatibility when the “official” capabilities get turned on.
    I have some $$$ to spend Sony! do you want it? or should I just get a X-Box and Freeview PVR and someone else’s TV?
    I’m getting close to writing them off on this one, since the two boxes and a generic HDTV are _still_ way cheaper than the (newly) reduced price of a PS3 and a Bravia.
    Need . More . Information . on what Sony’s plans are, can’t wait forever…

  • Looks like I ranted too soon, shouldn’t have filled the “information vacuum” with rumours :P app-Oh-logies.
    Spotted some good advice in the PlayTV topic on

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