LittleBigPlanet Community Reaches One Million Creations!

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Hello from the  LittleBigPlanet team here at SCEE.
Each week the boffins in our IT department send us a big spreadsheet full of numbers. Some of the numbers mention stuff like “concurrency” and “peak measures”, which are all very nice although not, for the most part, tremendously exciting. But there is one number in particular that we’ve always kept a close eye on: the number of levels uploaded by the community. And this week, that number became very, very special indeed.
Since the headline for this post ruins the suspense a little bit, I’ll just get on with it: the LittleBigPlanet community has now uploaded over a million levels.
One. Million. Levels.
Utterly amazing, isn’t it?


If you are a member of the LittleBigPlanet community, then please can you give yourself a big pat on the back from everyone at Media Molecule and SCE. We are in awe of the creativity, effort and invention that you have all shown in making LBP such a great place to have fun.
In case you were wondering, those million levels have been played a total of 244 million times.
The fact that you keep coming back to play, create and share makes us feel all warm and happy.
To those of you who haven’t yet tried LittleBigPlanet, let me ask you a question. Sackboy has won hundreds of awards, has a metacritic score of 95 out of 100, and now has over a million different levels to play … don’t you think you might be missing out? :-)
If you aren’t sure, then can I suggest you check back on this blog around the 18th August? We might have something for you…

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4 Author Replies

  • Congarts LBP but how many of those levels are H4H p.s can i get that crown

  • WOW – 1 million – that’s awesome, but we need more of MM’s level packs, please!

  • Congratulations, LBP is a fabulous game and at the silly money you can buy it for these days – naming no names – there’s no excuse not to buy it.
    Nice tease about the 18th of August too – could it be a fully 3D sequel???!
    PS. Please play my completely rubbish Welsh Rally level. I keep meaning to create one based on the TV show ‘Beat the Star’ but there are only so many hours in the day!

  • FANTASTIC LITTLE BIG PLANET, one of the most beautiful videgiochi recent years, EXTRAORDINARY

  • Congratulations!
    I gave up on creating stuff myself after the beta, because my creations won’t be able to even remotely compete with some of the amazing stuff that’s been out there from day one. I’m still buying costumes though.

  • What´s happening the 18th August? ;-D

    • Well, as someone below has pointed out, it’s the first day of gamescom in Germany. So I expect a lot will happen that week :-)

  • Awesome stuff.
    I always think I should sell this game but every few weeks find myself going back to it to see what the community has come up with!
    Minus the clutter of “Free prizes! All trophies!” etc type of levels, the creativity always amazes me.
    I think MM can do some Level Designer hiring by going through some of the amazing creations on there :)
    And last but not least; I hope the profits this game is making is as impressive as this number as both Sony and MM deserve it!

  • i bet the 18th August is when they release their GOTY edition with downloadable content on the disc or something similiar. Possibly.

  • Famdabydosey! :)

  • So releasing a LBP demo on the 18th then…. :p

  • We couldnt have done it without you LBP!

  • One million. One Thousand Thousand. Ten Thousand Hundred. One Hundred Thousand Tens…of LBP levels. I know how much time and labour it can take to make one of these levels, so it’s a triumphant achievement.
    And LBP news at gamescom? Huzzah! August 18th is going to be an entertaining day, to be sure!

  • By any chance the surprize on 18th of August the LittleBigPlanet Demo :)

  • Wow that’s impressive, just think if a mere 1% of those were of the quality of the single player levels or better (and some of them are frankly incredible) that’s still 10,000 AAA quality levels, and I suspect it’s more than that!
    It’s amazing the variety too, I play this game with my nephews sometimes and ask them to give me a key word to search for – be it a theme, or another game, or a TV show or movie, they’re yet to come up with a theme that doesn’t have at least one LBP level relating to it.
    In fact I’ve not played LBP in a while, I might go create myself a level! Which is the beauty of LBP, you can just keep going back to it as it never stays the same…
    P.S. I’m on holiday the on the 18th, I hope it’s not something good that I will miss out on by the time I get back! I’m guessing from the picture it’s a chance for some SCEE members to win a crown, something that you mostly offer on the SCEA blog, it’s about time you spent some time with your ‘local’ fans. ;)

    • Hi Apnomis. One of the things that has been so amazing about working on LittleBigPlanet is seeing the quality of the levels … not just the quantity.
      Before the game launched we really didn’t know what to expect, but I remember speaking to some of the level designers at Media Molecule soon after launch. They were looking at some community levels and you could see from their faces that they were really impressed!

  • Quite sad though that your co-op creation mode still isn’t here (I know it’s coming) after what, 10 or so months after release?
    The Play/Share/Create counter still being inactive
    Hardly any free costumes coming out
    Little to no material packs out there
    Searching for levels is still tedious. You can’t even save a proper shortlist of quality levels since even the hearted levels only show the last couple ones anyway.
    “The patch” levels created by some celebs is a flop, where are those beta levels created by them art students?
    Well that sounded all a bit negative there. It’s a quality game but you still have a lot to improve on.

    • Hello wbrinkman!
      Continuing to support and improve LittleBigPlanet over time is something that both Media Molecule and SCE take seriously and work really hard on. I hope you can see that from some of the awesome functionality we have added since launch.
      We also have lots of plans for the future, and we will try and take everyone’s feedback into consideration. So thanks for the comments!

  • you what will happen August 18?

  • 1 million…wow.

  • Congrats on the milestone.
    I gave up with Creating on LBP when the guys at Sony/Mm decided that they’d moderate my levels and delete them, for no legitimate reason. Was given no indication as to why, and am not allowed to upload them again. Lost all plays, hearts etc. Kind of killed the fun of creating. So yeh, thanks. :D
    Regardless, I’d like to see some more Level Packs for LBP. Costumes are great and all but I do wonder how the sales of these compare to those of the MGS Level Pack which was released. I’m sure that there’s a market out there of people who would buy a Final Fantasy (et cetera) level pack if it had some new tools, Dev levels to play through, trophies to earn etc.
    Thanks for an awesome game though. :)

    • Hello there. I am really sorry to hear that you stopped creating.
      Soon after the launch of LittleBigPlanet we realised that moderation was causing some problems. Since then we have made a few improvements, so maybe you could give it another try?

  • wow!! that’s alot of levels!!
    But i can only say one think, HOME GAME-LAUNCHING!! PLEASE!

  • in the old days 999,980 of those would have been moderated out of existence. glad things are better these days and you can get away with being a bit cheeky with regards to copywrited stuff (fair usage!)
    checkout ‘dont FALLOUT of the vault’ my latest creation.
    beware of the not-radroaches they are a bit bitey :D

  • Smoutefretter_BE

    Great to hear! many levels!
    august the 18th euhm, maybe LBP 2? LBP demo?
    who knows :D
    are there any plans to cover the 3u PC from sony in home (live or sth.)?

  • Can we have some NEW avatars for ps3, please?
    Maybe some Sackboy avatars :)
    And Cough: MGS4 avatars :cough ;)
    Congrats LBP, Well deserved.

  • That’s awesome! I’ve been playing LBP a bit more than usual these last couple of weeks and I might get online tonight as well. ;)
    But I always found creating to be somewhat annoying, it doesn’t flow as well as I’d like, but I can’t put my finger on it.. But I think I’m gonna start again with small projects like mini-games and get more used to it, although they aren’t that popular I guess..
    Anyways, congratulations and thanks for a great game! :)

  • It’s been almost 1 year since the Beta. As yet there is no co-op online level creation. Why is there such a big delay for their feature that was always intended to be in the game?
    Also to date only 1 set of non user created levels (MGS pack). There was much talk of collabarations with many developers etc, but the only result of this seems to be sackboy costumes and new stickers, which (no offence) don;t take long to create.
    I have still kept my copy, but it is said that LBP has moved away from what was originally planned into a bi-weekly sackboy costume cash cow.
    Still, I think about 4 of those 1 million levels is mine, congrats to the other creators :)

  • I would love to see your awesome avatar Nick on PSN! :) Or any LBP avatar would be great too!

  • Hope it is the crown, as only the Americans can get it at the moment.
    I’ve been busy making video game sackboys, such as Nathan Drake and Sheva Alomar, and I might try to make Faith
    Wish I bought the week 1 shirt, but it was expensive for me at the time
    Week 1 shirt + Crown = winning combo
    Plus I can’t create levels too. I suck at it :(

  • well obviously on the 18th….. MM are going to send everyone who has purchased LBP a 10 foot cuddly sackboy :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    i can dream

  • That is great news, well done all at MM.
    I often put LBP on for a ‘quick game’ but that can easily turn into a few hours… There are some awesome creations out there , searching could be easier…… but i’ll never have time to play 1000,000 of them lol
    So….. august 18th for the new MM levels eh? ;)

  • HI there! Congrats for the great game you guys made, me and my wife really loved to play it!
    I would really love to see new level packs like metal gear packs, any chance that hapenig? (sorry about my english)
    Regards from your portuguese fan base! ;)

  • They’ll be announcing the Game of The Year version on 18/8/09 ;)
    How many of those million were rubbish trophy levels? :D Good to see such a huge landmark, well done MM for making such a FANTASTIC game

  • Online co-op patch on the 18th August? :)

  • LBP is great but it has a problem that has not been corrected since launch: even though we have one million community levels, searching for good ones is a very tedious process. We need a way to organize the levels that is more functional and clear, even at the cost of being less cute than the current presentation on the face of “planets”. Like traditional grids, for example, in which levels can be organised by stars, hearts, keywords, etc.
    Another problem (although not dependent on MM) is that many community levels are not very fun or challenging, and only try to showcase the ingenuity of the creator. Like “see this amazing mechanism i created”. Answer: yes it’s amazing but it’s not fun to play the level.
    Anyway, i repeat, the game in general is just great.

  • Cheers to all LBP level creators! =D
    That’s a great achievement, I think I’ll go play some right now.
    <3 LBP

  • Congrats for this million! ;)
    I hope you reach some more! :P

  • Just got back into LBP after a few months Hiatus with Killzone 2 – but loving coming back to it and seeing how much the levels have progressed.
    Look forward to the 18th!!

  • I wish the controls would be more precise… it should be much more responsive :-/

  • Awesome! Love LBP! One of the best ps3 games!
    Thank you Sony and MM=)

  • With so many levels I sure wish there was a way to preview the level layout within LBP so I could have an idea of what I am going into. I see many top level lists but I feel I am still missing so much. And, on the US PS Blog, there is a video showing lots of amazing levels but not all of them have their name listed; could we get a full list of what was shown? Thanks!
    Also, there needs to be a way for the people that are joined into an online game to STAR and RATE and especially be able to HEART levels when they aren’t the leader. :)

  • I want that crown. I haven’t played LBP in ages, can we get it?
    You should release a Royal court costume set – a King, a Queen, a Knight, a Jester maybe?
    I don’t buy costumes but I would still think they’re cool. :P

  • the_lone_wolf_42

    i love the game and i am still playing it at least once a day. i have a few issues to ask you about. ok first, whats been going on with the rating system. I published a new level after putting 20+ hrs into it..and it doesnt show what my players have rated it. is this just a bug/glitch? ok second: whats the play/create/share counter supposed to do? is it something thats going to be added in the future? third: i created a thread discussing a LBP space for PS Home. it has over 5000 people responding saying they agree that Home needs a LBP space. i discussed this with a MOD in Home and they said its up to MM to make this happen. so is that a possibility? also i know you guys at MM have heard this a lot but the more fans you hear it from the better: we want another DLC like the MGS pack. with new tools to change gameplay a little and make it worth buying. I have the platinum trophy and i would like to be able to earn a few more as well. I will check back often for a response. please dont leave me wondering. thanks

  • 1 1 mill 1 millio*faint* OMG!! i wont have time to blay 1 mill levls!
    MY IDEARS ON 18th:
    Online Create
    Everyone gets a crown!!!!!!!(i can dream)
    New lvl pack (not history)
    LBP space in ps home
    New tools
    More costumes SO MADDD ABOUT THAT
    Mager update like cornish yarg
    1 mill lvls T-Shirt FREE (Like week 1 t-shirt)
    MM going to ban h4h?? HOPE SO
    Any ways congacts MM & sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • I think it might be the Ratchet & Clank level pack or Sepiroth and the Final Fanatsy pack will finally be released!!

  • These are my other ideas
    1. Online Create Mode
    2. Everyone gets a crown!!!!!!
    3. 1 million levels T-Shirt FREE (Like the Week 1 T-Shirt)
    4. Or all LBP DLC becomes FREE!!!!!!!!!
    5. Re-releasing all the temperory DLC like Week 1 T-Shirt, XMAS Pack etc.
    6. The Play/Create/Share meters being active
    7. And Additional lanes like in the demo thing!!

  • @Brod2710 you stole my ideas

  • Sorry sam2hip I never noticed your posting with your ideas and you came up with some great ideas like Media Molecule banning H4H and more tools for Create Mode would be great!!!!

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