Killzone Bundle And New Trailer

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Hey all,
Tomorrow our third DLC “Napalm & Cordite” will be released, allowing you to nail or toast your enemies with the addition of the Boltgun and Flamethrower. For those of you that might have only just picked up Killzone 2, or have not jumped on the DLC wagon yet, we’ve got an announcement to make.
Also going live tomorrow is a Bundle of map packs Steel & Titanium, Flash & Thunder and Napalm & Cordite combined. And we are calling it the ‘Map Pack Bundle’, original I know, but it does what it says on the lid.
So enjoy all the destruction and beauty of Killzone 2 Multiplayer DLC with these 6 great maps.
Seb, MotherH, Downie

[viddler id=37af3d37&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

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  • Nice. looks good! :)

  • Brilliant :) I’m yet to pick up any of the DLC so the bundle is a possibility for me.
    But, now you’ve bundled these 3 packs together, does that mean there will be no more?

    • Right now we’re going to take a step back from Killzone 2. We’ve been working non-stop since the disc version was released on patches, DLC and updates, so need some time to reflect on what is actually out there.

  • Nice to see a bundle version, like there was any doubt of it =P

  • PRICE? i was just going to get the Flash and Thunder pack but saw this post and am holding off until i see how much the map bundle is.

  • Sweet. I was waiting for a bundle of all three.

  • I bought the firts two packs, ¿the third pack contains previous packs? ¿the new weapons adquires only with the last pack?

  • hi thanks for the info jw as iv already got the first map pack would there be a chance to do a bundle with the latest two packs. thank you

  • Is this going to be the end of Killzone 2 MP DLC?

  • According to US blog, price-wise, they are offering this as a “3 for 2” deal. US price $11.99 so I’m guessing our will be £8 ish??

  • Hurray! In each KZ2 article I’ve asked about the prospect of a bundle pack and finally it’s been confirmed! I’m assuming it will be sold at a discount and if the price is right I’ll finally pick up the new maps… :)

  • How about a discounted price for dlc3 for us loyalists who paid full whack for the 1st 2 dlc?

  • What does that learn us about DLC – never ever buy it, it will sooner or later be bundled at a cheaper price – not that I will buy it anyway, Killzone 2 honestly didn’t do anything for me.
    I did buy the Warhawk packs and those were also bundled I did buy them one by one though.

  • @12.
    I agree, i think it’s kinda unfair to those of us who actully payed fro the DLC when it came out (basically helping fund the newer packs) that it can now be gotten with a buy 2 get 1 free deal, i think i won’t bother buying the KZ2 DLC from now on if they are going to rip customers off like this in such a short period of time.
    That’s exactly what they should do for the people who already payed for the 1st 2, why should people who didn’t buy it in the 1st place get the better deal when the ones who did buy it get ripped off.

  • Life ainät fair, so drop it.

  • well…..i might consider forking out some money….if EU gets treated with respect… if the amreicans get it for 11.99….then we should get it for around 8.00 as stated.
    i’d hate to see this become the trend for EU getting ripped off

  • Arghhhhhhhhhh. Tempted to get this now. Got the 1st dlc but not the 2nd. Wish there was a bundle of the 2nd and 3rd dlc. Only problem is it was a pain getting a game whihc rotated between the 2 maps and not many play it now so I might give it a miss. Decisions, decisions.

  • if people have already bought 1 or both of the the current dlc packs they should get a discount on the pack, that would seem only fair to me

  • why can’t we edit?
    just to clarify I mean get a discount on the new dlc pack not the bundle

  • @13
    This combining of map packs (and similar) has always been the case (not just for KZ2), just as it is in real life, early adopters ALWAYS pay more for things if they buy them as soon as they come out.
    It’s just a fact of life.

  • @ everyone who thinks the bundled maps are a rip.
    look, its the same as buying games at retail release. we know the price will come down, and bundles may appear but we buy them at first avalible anyways. because we wanna play the games.
    it happened with the bundled maps for warhawk after i purchased the first map pack.
    it dont matter its not a rip. its marketing to try and shift maps to people who dont already have them. its a shame u feel that way, but i forever dont mind.
    on a personal note about this blog post… why cant we get more like this. letting us know in advanced whats coming on tomorrows update. nice little pre sell info.
    would be nice to see which PS1 classics are gonna be on etc etc etc.

  • excellent, i played the ass off of KZ2 on release then took a break and found two new map packs there so never bothered, now i can get three for two, nice

  • Excellent, been waiting for something like this. But price? Guess we’ll wait and see later today.

  • I want a discount. Why should we have to suffer for supporting the game ASAP and now people only have to pay for two map packs instead of 3. At the very least, map pack 3 should be half the price of the rest of them.

  • Awesome! I’m picking up the Triplebundle! Thanks GG and SONY!
    In the US the K2+MGS4 bundle is selling like pancakes, the bundle is a great welcome gift to new PS3 owners, to shows them that PSN is full with quality games and content and great deals!

  • Awesome! I’m picking up the Triplebundle! Thanks GG and SONY!
    In the US the K2+MGS4 bundle is selling like pancakes, this K2 DLC bundle is a great welcome gift to new PS3 owners to show them that PSN is full with quality games and content and great deals!

  • That’s great. I was going to get back into KZ2 I think I’m definitely getting it.

  • I for one am glad the pack is geeting a bundle, as it will only broden the community and hopefully I can get into some games with all of the maps in rotation. Gonna be one hellava weekend.

  • If you bought the first 2 DLC at launch then good for you – you obviously wanted to experience them at launch and were happy with the value proposition at the time.
    I, and many others, were not happy with the pricing and thought nearly £5 for 2 maps is too much and were waiting for the bundle. Now the people that didn’t buy the DLC because of the price are happy and people who pick up the game late will be happy, and there’s no reason for the people who bought it months ago not to be happy as well because they were happy to pay to play it first.
    Everything goes down in price eventually, a game can be discounted weeks after being release – it’s the price you pay to get it at launch. You can now buy LBP for under £10, I paid £40 for it at launch – does that mean I should be upset now? No it doesn’t because to me it was worth £40 and I’ve been playing it for months.
    Using the logic of some people you would never buy a game until it went Platinum, although ironically it needs good sales at full price to justify a discount. For people who want the 3rd DLC cheaper or free it’s like saying to Activision; “I paid £40 for COD:MW at launch, now you can buy it for £15, so I want a discount on the price of MW2”!

  • Good to see a bundle will be released to encourage people to get the dlc.
    My only concern is the price, hopefully it will be sensibly converted from $11.99 posted in the US blogs.
    The fact that the price was posted in the US blog and not here is a concern, after the Trine rip-off I wonder whether prices will be posted here when the $ is converted badly against the £ or SCEE will keep quiet about SCEE overpricing until the game is released.
    With digital delivery SCEE have no reason to overcharge us when compared to our US friends.

  • @ Pacman_Ownage, technically we should get it for £9.58 – i.e. the price of 2 of the packs. The US price is a 3 for 2 deal, so you can’t argue with them applying the same method to our pricing – £8 is too low.
    My guess is it will be rounded up to £9.99, which is more than fair IMO. I don’t think anyone can argue at £9.99 – if they charge more I’ll have a whinge myself!

  • I bought the first DLC, but there were never other players to play the new maps with.
    I hope this is getting better with the bundle…
    (till now: it was a waist of money)

  • @ 28.
    I don’t mind a bundle, what i mind is the bundle coming out the same day as the 3rd DLC, if the bundle had come out a month later i wouldn’t complain at all, it’s the fact that today people can get 3 packs for around £10 and the rest of us get only 1 for around £5.
    Having the pack coming out with DLC3 included on the same day as the release of the DLC3 is a slap in the face to the customers who supported the game early on and it really devalues the pack to us as some effectivly get it for free while others have to pay £5 ON THE SAME DAY (that’s the problem).
    GG, should have released the pack as a set time after the release of DLC3 (a month would have been fine) to give the early buyers a bit more value, it’s that simple.

  • Stop whinning about the price if you are early adopters. Post #28 had it spot on.
    Or should I go to the shop and demand a discount on my tv which I bought months ago and has now been put on sale?

  • Edit: Whining*
    (Edit function please)

  • If it’s reduced in price within 30 days after purchase you can cry and moan about being an early adopter etc. However, if the price is reduced after that time period then you can forget about it.
    I say 30 because they would’ve had in their mind that the price reduction was coming yet they charged you the price anyway. I believe Amazon have some little thing about that which is why I use the example.
    30 days or forget about it

  • hi seb
    could you please confirm if killzone2 will or will not be getting a home space or game launching from home?

  • Hey Seb, just thought I’d say thanks for keeping on top of the gamers needs. You’ve been very informative and open with us both before and after the launch of the game.
    Hopefully we get a single player chapter or two down the line, but regardless of whether that happens or not, these map packs have given me a lot of trophies to hunt down!
    Hows the work on the engine coming along? I know there have been improvements made, can you tease us with some of them?

    • Well some of the improvements were already visible in the “Behind The Bullet” commercial we released on PSN. Also things like the weather effects in the DLC show that we are still trying to make better looking environments.
      There is still a lot to come from us.

  • Hey Seb,
    The bundle sounds like a great idea – I might just pick this up!
    Also, I’ve been holding off on the main campaign mode, in the hope that some kind of online co-op mode would be made available (I much prefer to co-op campaigns these days!)
    I know it’s quite an assumption, but would you be able to confirm whether or not co-op will be added to the campaign mode in the future? Are there any plans at all, or am I just wishful thinking?!
    Great game!

  • As much as I like Killzone 2, I think Guerilla should move on, preferably to a new IP.

  • I still don’t see how you only made 8 maps on the disc in what 3 years? And now you have 6 new maps in 4 months, lets face it these should of been on the disc to start with.

    • Well it is more like 6 months. Admittedly some of the basic grey box and paper designs had begun before the game shipped, but we were nowhere near having them on the disc without delaying the game.
      After the game shipped we had a lot more resources as well to concentrate on the DLC itself rather than being split up accross the whole game so it was easier and quicker to build them.
      Also the basic building blocks for making these levels were already in place too so naturally it was easier for us to build them.
      We released the DLC as quickly as we could.

  • @ Ziggy-Moff, it it makes you feel better look at it this way…
    “To celebrate the Launch of the new DLC pack for KZ2, priced at £4.79, it has been confirmed that the original installments released earlier this year will become ‘Platinum’ titles and will reduce in price to £2.60 each, those who are yet to buy them will therefore be able to purchase all 3 for £9.99”
    Ok it’s not quite the same thing as you can’t get them individually, but the point is what does it matter that the bunndle comes out on the same day as the third installment – this bundle is discounting the first two packs when bought at the same time as the third pack for people yet to buy any.
    Again to use my earlier Modern Warfare example, if Activision announced that on the same day as MW2 they will also introduce a bundle with MW2 and COD:MW for an extra £15, would it stop you buying MW2, just because you already owned COD:MW from launch and don’t need to take advantage of the optional bundle?

  • @ Naeeni, you’re forgetting the small matter of creating the engine and tool from the ground up, scripting, casting, editing and developing a single player campaign. Creating all the textures, music, sound effects and voice acting and other in-game assets. Creating and testing the foundation for the online network and internet gateway etc etc etc.
    I think it’s very unfair to water down Guerrilla Games 3 year development output to just 8 multiplayer maps – last time I checked that wasn’t all that came on my disc. Remember when we saw that infamous E3 CGI trailer that game did not exist in that form – they spent 3 years trying to make that trailer a reality and did a damn good job at it to boot.
    To try and put it into another context, it would be like a creating a new Car manufacturing company – it may take years to build the factory and tools to produce the cars and develop a launch range of car models, but then it would be relatively easy to use that same factory to produce new models of cars in a fraction of time and expense it took to create the company from the ground up!

  • I Seb great work until now and great game btw :) i’ve been playing it non stop…
    I actually have a question about the new update 1.29 what does it do exatcly? i’ve been looking around in the internet and it says that it will fix the problems of 1.28… from what i read so far the game was crashing and something about the visari palace mission that i didn’t understand becuase i got the the end of the campaing only yesterday (been playing mostly the MP) and i didn’t see any problems with it… but yesterday my ps3 crashed while playing killzone 2 online it was the only problem that i encountered so far since the realease of patch 1.28!

    • It solves a progression issue in the final section of the last level where some geometry was moved around and it fixes a crash in the third DLC pack that we only found after the DLC had been approved.

  • thanks for the update Seb. looking forward to this today.. if the price is right obviously :P :)
    also thanks for making sure killzone 2 was a joy to play both offline and online. it takes a great team to make a product this enjoyable :)
    looking forward to your work in the future

  • well… i bought the first 2 dlc´s 1 month ago….
    i feel.. bad lol
    wtvr, i liked the maps and im going to buy this dlc (that’s why i bought a 20$ PSN Card, so i can buy 3 dlc´s)..
    thanks guerrilla =D

  • RIPOFF!!!!
    How about a discounted price for dlc3 for us loyalists who paid full whack for the 1st 2 dlc?
    I am NOT going to buy the 3th pack full price. This is a kick in the face!

  • Ok Seb thank you for the response and btw another question… today after the patch update i went online and picked a sniper i was amazed that i could use the zoom even doh i didn’t have the sniper bagde yet….(i couldn’t use it before the update don’t know if it’s related)

  • Let me BACK-UP my game save? :-/
    I lost my last Killzone 2 game save after my PS3 died. So i lost all my Story mode stats.

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