UK Exclusive Premiere Of U2 Video On VidZone Today

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Hey everyone,
The VidZone Team are proud to announce our first ever video premiere! UK VidZone viewers will be the first to see U2’s new video ‘I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight’ in Britain. The new video is U2’s first ever animated video created by talented Irish animation film-maker, David O’Reilly.

VidZone - U2: "I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight", 2

VidZone - U2: "I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight", 1

The video will premiere from 9am on Tuesday, 21 July; for everyone not in the UK, you can see U2’s video from Thursday, 23 July. Sorry we can’t premiere the video everywhere but this marks the first of many VidZone exclusives. We’ll let you know when a premiere comes to your country.
Let us know what you think of the video.

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  • Sound cool, but I’m in Norway and we don’t have VidZone, nor do we have any VidStore either.

  • Euhm not for the Netherlands? Were can we find this VidStore/VidZone?

  • Class! I’m getting my PS3 back from the repair shop tomorrow fingers crossed so I’ll check it out then!
    BTW the two people above me…why don’t you just set up an english account? That might work???

  • Because it’s IP blocked, they won’t be able to access it, same way we can’t access Movie Store in US.
    I’ve asked this question in all your posts before ben, I don’t know if it’s true but someone from Sony Said we could listen to Music and play games at the same time with vidzone, will this be coming? If it will it’d just make a awesome programme even awesomer…
    If you do reply to this (Which you haven’t done in your past 3 posts) then please don’t give me one of those automated responses…
    The one’s where you go we can’t discuss this or we can’t tell you you.. or we’ll see… just give me a frank desicion or what you’ll think will happen…
    Does that Microsoft Patent on Music in game have any reason why we can’t do it :(?

    • Hi AdotChaos
      I assure you none of my responses are automated (you guys deserve better than that) and apologies for not replying sooner to you comments.
      It would indeed be a great feature to have on VidZone but we are working on other new functionality right now, rest assured that it is on the ever growing list of features that we would love to include in the service so never say never:)
      Hope that answers your question without being too vague.

  • Wish I could enjoy it… ;)

  • I know you’ve read this before but I’m going to say it again to highlight its importance:
    Sort out the crappy search functionality!!! And slap the clown who thought it was a good idea in the first place.

  • great flash anim’ shame Bono is such a No.2 though. :)

  • How about stopping with exclusive stuff and include us…

  • I love VidZone ;P But it loads up slow. It’s not to bad tho ;)
    It’s like HOME, if you could only just click on HOME & VidZone and it would be ready in an instance that would be cool.
    They are FREE so i can’t complain! :D

  • Cool, hope we see more of this in the near future.
    But what about those vids with the yellow mark? is it because of publicing issues? For example we cannot watch eric prydz’s videos in Spain.

  • Woah how the heck did you get this exclusive?

    • Hi Silent_Gig
      Ah… Well… That would be telling wouldn’t it ;)
      Hopefully we will be impressing you with more exclusives soon.

  • no no I must move on Xbox 360! I see that even in the introduction of the new countries are not working and the rest of you ass! kash only be counted for you!

  • Nice little coup to stir up a bit of publicity for the service, I’ll check it out since you went to all the trouble of securing the exclusive for us!
    Bono and the Edge were on Jonathan Ross last Friday, it’s a shame it wasn’t mentioned, just imagine – Ross:”I believe we’ll be able to see your new video next Tuesday on the PS3 VidZone service?” Bono:”Yes anyone with a PS3 will be able to login and view it exclusively on Tuesday, it’s a great video we’re really proud of it” – money can’t buy advertising right there! lol
    P.S. @ maciek930090, last time I checked Xbox Live wasn’t available in Poland and has only been promised at some unspecified point in the future, besides I’m not sure how buying a 360 would help you watch U2 on VidZone anyway?!

  • Exclusive video’s sounds like a great idea to get more people hooked to Vidzone. Now release the service asap in other European territories as well (together with PSN cards ;)).

  • What the hell? An Irish band giving an exclusive first to the British? The finnian soul in me is revolting!!! :D
    Or with UK you mean “UK and Ireland” as it often happens?

    • Hi Michelasso
      The Irish (and all other VidZone territories) will go live on Thursday. Just a couple of days to wait!

  • how about making vidzone available to other countries first, then start getting exclusives :(

  • I’d be more impressed by a Susan Boyle in a bikini exclusive.
    U2 are over-rated, arrogant and irritating. The only thing more irritating than their consistent lack of a changing metronome or style, is Bono’s ability to talk utter $hite.
    vidzone is good though, respect 8-)

  • @4
    Would be pretty cool to have VidZone working in-game through the XMB. However, I guess that they couldn’t do it because it requires the music to stream – Which could somewhat hinder your online connection to the game you’re playing. Some games can be laggy enough as it is, let alone if your connection speeds started getting allocated elsewhere etc.
    Just my thoughts anyway..Could be completely irrelevant.
    Regardless, I’ll check out the video when it’s up. Enjoy having VidZone on, just a shame you can’t do other things whilst on it – E.g. Use the PS3 Internet Browser. It’s a shame you have to close VidZone to follow the advertisments etc. Would be cool to be able to use the browser whilst using VidZone. :)

  • U2? No thanks. Can’t stand them or their music. How about some half decent acts?

  • so let me get this straight…..Ireland’s most recognised band, an Irish animator….and the video is only exclusive in the UK???! where is the logic in that one?! not that I’m particularly bothered about U2 or anything but [DELETED] like this [DELETED] me off!

  • Hey,
    Please dont get rid of the search function you have at the moment. I think all it needs is to search faster, other than that its great.
    VidZone is awesome, i would never of thought of adding it to PlayStation 3 I am glad you did. :)
    Keep up the good work :D

  • @20 – probably makes sense to move somewhere better…….
    (i’m sorry but i had to )

  • Were can we find this VidStore/VidZone?

  • just checked out the vid. great vid and great song thnx vidzone keep up the good work :)

  • Vidzone looks great. How can I get access?

  • impressive stuff, thank you for bringing this to us

  • Ben,
    How come that on each and every tough question on the Blog there’s never a straightforward answer? I shall number my questions for you to aid you in accomplishing this:
    1) VidZone, in which EU country is it currently active
    2) For each EU country not included in your answer to question 1 please give a planned go-live date per country.
    3) If no go-live dates can be provided in answer to question 2 please list the problems, challenges and possible resolution-dates to those issues.
    Thanks so much for your clear answers.

  • so erm is this an exclusive not counting PC users? grapevine says it’s been up on youtube for a week?
    either way vid zone is awesome, search function needs a little jazzing up IMHO

  • @ JHips, if that is true then technically it wouldn’t matter to UK users anyway as YouTube block all music videos in the UK because of a dispute over licensing fees. So it is still true to say it’s a UK exclusive prmiere even if it is on YouTube…

  • @LoveDoctor, I can answer Q1 for you – VidZone is available in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia and Ireland. This accounts for over 75% of the PS3 install base in the SCEE region.
    For Q2 & Q3 the reasons provided by Ben in the past involve things such as licensing content for the service in those particular regions and securing advertising partnerships in those regions to cover the costs of running it in those regions.

  • This was unexpected news, hopefully this is a taste of what is to come with Vidzone. I’ll go check it out now.

  • Still waiting for VidZone in Portugal… :(

  • Is there any news on Vidzone coming to other countries?
    Are we taking about weeks or months? Or even years?
    Would it be possible to give us some more information, other than “soon”? (or “in the near future”).
    I understand you can’t give us solid dates as there’s much to clear up with other parties regarding copy/publishing rights in the different countries, but it’s rather frustrating to read about cool stuff that we don’t have access to. Or worse, don’t even know when to expect it.
    Thanks in advance.

  • I only have one thing to add to the questions asked by #27 and #33,
    Europe is one territory, Uk, Spain, France, Germany are all countries within the territory known to the world as Europe.
    So please, next time you want to release something over here, then do so for all countries within the same territory on the same time. The other 120 million inhabitants of the territory Europe will thank you dearly.

  • Stop this “ZONE thing” make a global PS store and release all stuff at the same time. Very small percentage of PS3 users even need translation from english to their native language; Just give us a choice and possibility enjoy content same time around the world as most of us anyways speak english.
    You might also try doing something like spotify with ps3.

  • Excluding people isn´t a smart idea…

  • I just love Vidzone! It is just great, they say…. It is in the UK and France and other countries where I don’t live. But hey, I just paid 600 euro’s when thr PS3 came out so I should be greatefull just to have such a great machine and don’t get stuff…
    Listen, I’m not angry, just very, very, very disapointed…

  • Hey, quick question:
    Why is there nothing by Linkin Park appearing on the VidZone store when from the date of initial launch the description of it on the PSN store stated “including artists such as X, X, Linkin Park and X”?
    I have asked this question in pretty much all of your blog posts and never get a reply.

  • Hmm, still no answer for #27.
    Hellooooo? Anyone? Bueller?

  • When wil Norway get vidzone and the vidstore??

  • @40 They are not coming, give up hope. If you want vidstore you have to pack up and move to USA.

  • “The Irish and all other Territories…”
    Do you mean all European Countries…all of them? This thursday?

  • I just love Vidzone! It is just great, they say…. It is in the UK and France and other countries where I don’t live. But hey, I just paid 600 euro’s when the PS3 came out so I should be greatefull just to have such a great machine and don’t get stuff…
    Listen, I’m not angry, just very, very, very disapointed…
    Me too…

  • VidZone is a great application, which I have used quite a few times since it’s launch. The fact you are getting exclusive premieres on it is very impressive for such a young service. I do hope that this gets much greater exposure than just this blog, though. A press release or something to news agencies will increase its exposure, not just in the Playstation community but with the general population.

  • See… once again only a few replies from Ben. And only to ” Wow!” and “Great!” comments.. :( In among the countries you did, and the ones you did not deploy yet I refuse to believe they pose such different copyright legislature!
    Also advertising …. all the music companies involved are global players. Why would this have to be resolved on a per country basis. Any detailed answers would be appreciated Ben.

  • 1/5. LAME for not giving a date for other countries. “Coming soon” doesnt count.

  • Sounds cool bt i don’t like U2. Amazing that you got an exclusive on this video though guys! Good to see VidZone is going well

  • @Apnomis
    hummm didn’t know that, thanks for the heads up

  • by immagginini seems very nice
    no centralized anything, but it is a the name in Italian versions of the blog ?

  • and how you change the avatar?

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