WipEout Fury Developer Diary – New Game Modes

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Hi everyone! This is Zico Liu, programmer on WipEout HD; you all might remember me from the “Beat Zico” trophy. Before I talk about what I’ve been up to on the WipEout HD Fury expansion pack I would just like to let you know that the pack will be available from PlayStation Store on Thursday 23rd July.
The pack will be priced at £7.99 / €9.99 and will provide three new race types – Eliminator, Zone Battle and Detonator, 12 new tracks, 13 new ships, 6 new music tracks, a redesigned menu system, a new campaign to complete as well a host of new trophies to win. Oh and let’s not forget the additional ranks for you to achieve online. We are really excited about the content and hope you enjoy all the new features.
Also, on Tuesday 21st July, we are releasing a free update to the existing game. If you boot up WipEout HD at around 5pm GMT, you will be prompted to download the update. It will add a number of new features and tweaks to menus of the game including a brand new statistics section, new redesigned ship and track select screens and some new community/online features.
Now let’s get back to what I’ve been up to since HD was originally released. I’ve been busy working on the new game modes, mostly Eliminator and Zone Battle but also a bit on Detonator.


Eliminator mode was relatively easy to get in since it was taken from WipEout Pulse but we wanted to make it even better. Someone came up with the idea of having the 180 degree flip, which allows you to flip your ship, fly backwards down the track and fire your weapons at on coming opponents, like the Quake, which I know some people missed being able to do like they could in Pulse.
We also didn’t want people doing all the hard work of reducing an opponent’s shield, to then have someone else steal the kill and you receive nothing. So rather than the straight forward kills system seen in Pulse we have introduced a points system where you are awarded points for completing laps, inflicting damage and getting the kill. The winner is the first player to reach the target score.
Playable as both a single player game as well as online we are really pleased with the end product and hope that players will enjoy the new mode.



Zone Battle, our 8 player version of Zone mode, was a bit more difficult to get right as it went through several iterations and name changes. We started with just a one on one duel mode, which was basically a split screen version of Zone which you played until one person lost their entire shield. The initial idea of the zone bar was to speed up the other player so they go faster which hopefully meant they would crash more often and be destroyed sooner than if they were travelling slower. Unfortunately this idea didn’t really work as we had hoped and we returned to the drawing board. As we wanted the game to be played online with up to 8 players, we had to come up with an idea that didn’t have people sitting around waiting until everyone else had been eliminated, so we introduced the idea of racing towards a target zone which meant the race would end at the same time for everyone.
With this in mind the zone bar was changed to increase your own zones so you can reach the target quicker. To add a bit of variety we wanted some obstacles on the track which is where the zone barrier idea came from. Every time you use your zone bar to boost you leave a zone barrier on the track to try and slow down your opponents. This means that players have to constantly look out for the barriers and try to avoid them or use up their zone bar to shield themselves. I think it turned out very well and hopefully people will enjoy playing it in the Fury expansion pack!



Other stuff that I was working on was the new ship, track and campaign cell selection screens for the new front-end, and also the HUD’s for the new modes.
Finally I hope everyone enjoys this expansion and please don’t hate me too much, it’s not really that hard to Beat Zico….

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  • I would pick up this and Wipeout HD in a heartbeat if I had the cash. Personally, I think 9,99 euros is a bit steep (especially in the current economic climate) still, I hope this one sells well so you guys can keep supporting Wipeout HD and perhaps some future titles.

  • So we got a release date yet?

  • @Suzzopher – read the text, it’s next week.

  • finally, can’t wait!
    anyway, Zico, you’re a [DELETED] “your” trophy is tooo hard :D

  • lol my mistake :) Awesome £7.99 is a bargain

  • I would buy it but I don’t have a credit card.
    PSN cards, please. :(

  • That seems like a pretty good amount of DLC for the price. More of this kind of thing!

  • Awesome. Awesome to the MAX.
    Also, Zico, beating you is probably the most rewarding trophy I’ve ever got. So much time taken to practice and learn Anulpha Pass inside-out. Shame there’s no similar trophy for Fury. :(

  • Oooo, actually, that’s given me an idea. You guys should add an extra filter to the high-score tables that lets us see the best times of the Studio Liverpool team. :D

  • new tracks, ships, music, trophies, game modes? £7.99 sounds like a damn bargain to me. I’ll buy it for sure. I suck at WipEout. Always have done. But I still buy them, play them and enjoy them. Just wish I could play against people even worse than me so I might actually win now and then.

  • Please guys, make sure you test this for the friends list bug
    I alway have this issue with wipeoutHD, when I bought the game and when a patch is released.
    fury is a definite buy, looks insane

  • I’m really looking forward to Fury. Wipeout HD is probably the PS3 game I’ve put the most hours in and I always go back to it for a few quick races. I only just recently beat you Zico but it was very satisfying :)

  • Hey, it’s Zico. You, my friend, are cruel. Why didn’t you just slow down a bit while recording your time for anulpha pass time trial. I have spent countless hours trying to beat your time, I just keep messing up on the second half of the lap, from where you go onto the high pass, and I cannot do the 3rd barrel roll, at the aforementioned place. If you have any tips, please feel free to help me out :)
    Btw, Fury is an instant buy for me. Next week is looking heavy on the wallet. Fury, Shatter, Crystal Defenders and possibly Trine.
    – Matt –

  • Sweet! Great news, and a great price to boot!
    @ Zico, I spent the whole of last week trying to beat you… now I just want to hug you! Can’t wait for next week :o)

  • oh, last question: the tracklist of the songs?

  • Glad to hear it’s coming out. Haven’t played WipEout HD in a while so I’m looking forward to getting back into it. And damn you Zico, I haven’t tried as much as some other folk I know but I will get that trophy one day! :)

  • Woohoo, finally.
    Almost cant wait for next week now. Looking forward to it.
    Will it be released in the German Store too?

  • Can’t wait for this, looking awesome.
    Yet to beat you Zico, still working on it!!!

  • I’ll be buying this, but that trophy is impossible… in fact the WipEout HD trophies are just really hard

  • I should be getting my Wipeout HD Platinum trophy next week as i am nearly done with the Elite campaign, and half way through the ‘Wipeout Disciple’ trophy required points. You did make me sweat days and nights, and even forced me to purchase a brand new controller due to the unfortunate fact that my analog stick broke, but at the end of the day i did somehow managed to beat you :-)
    More related to the subject at hand, i was ready to spend €20 for the Fury pack. In all honesty, i am still shocked to see that you guys have set such a ridiculously low price tag. At this price, it’s a must.
    See in the Zone Battle.

  • I honestly think it took me around 500 laps and about 8 hours of playing Anulpha Pass but I finally managed to beat you with a 30:72. It was worth it for the sheer joy of beating you :D I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that you managed to get an even better time after the game was released? Is this true and if so, what is your current best time?

    • Hi stephen92,
      Unfortunately Zico isn’t available to answer questions at the moment as he’s having a well earned holiday, however I’m sure he will try and respond to people on his return.
      However, I can let you know that a few people in the office beat Zicos trophy time after the game had been released including Zico himself..
      All the best

  • Worms is a full game and costed me €9.99, flower is a full game costed me €7.99, and there’re a few others, how come an expansion pack be a bargain at €9.99?
    I was intended to buy but now i’m not.
    And I share users complains about trophies im wipeout, though i’m not gonna worry so much ‘couse i’m not a “trophy [DELETED]”, I play for fun only.

  • Great news!
    Now waiting for release date in Japan.
    But I can’t wait this excellent expantion, too!

  • Man, I can’t wait for this, Wipeout has always been one of my top games (even though I’m not the best player) and more is always welcome… Still got 4 trophy’s to go in HD, which is great considering most other games I couldn’t care less about trophy’s!

  • i really like this game but am really rubbish at it but still may buy this

  • I love you guys !!! What a fantastic news !
    9.99 € ? Are you kidding ? For a great add-on of one of the best games ever !
    I would have given 20 euros (and even more) for this ! And for the first game, I only paid 15 euros, while I could have given 70 without any regrets.
    Now, I just expect that one day, we’ll get a brand new WipEout on ps3. And in a perfect world, you would add the negcon support to your game… But I believe it’s time consuming, and there must be very few players interested in such a feature.
    Well, just thank you for all your fantastic job and for all the pleasure you gave to me. And Zico, I know you aren’t hard to beat, I DID IT !!! Can’t wait for the new trophies !!!

  • Ah THAT Zico.
    I hate you :P

  • WOW very nice indeed cant wait but I have a small request please add the concave HUD form the psp wipout thx and keep up the good work

  • So next week’s update is going to be much better than this weeks.

  • Hi Zico. I “hated” you in the past lol but now… It’s my wife (Spitfire2097) who’s trying to beat your trophy ehehe
    Thank you for your hardwork and dedication to this game and also for the great news :)
    Best Regards.
    Wipeoutzone 4 ever!

  • Why is your trophy so hard Zico? :P

  • I’ve always been a big fan of Wipeout games and Fury looks amazing!
    Keep up the good work guys!
    Once it’s out the door is there any chance of you improving the stats on the website? It’d be good to be able to see lap times etc against your friends friends lap times as I’m simply not good enough to care what position I’m in in the global leaderboard!

    • Hi Workshed,
      You can already filter the record screens in game to show your friends times…
      All the best

  • Finally – some more content for Wipeout!!!! Woohooo….

  • Finally – good news from SCEE :D
    12 tracks?… is that 4 unique tracks in 3 variants?

    • Hi BeanDK,
      There are 4 tracks that are playable in forward and reverse, these tracks include the zone variants and there are 4 zone specific tracks that are playable one way…

  • I beat Zico :P
    Can’t wait ’til next Thursday. The only thing I’m disappointed with is the easy Trophies, but they’re just an extra really, I suppose.

  • Great news!!! yeah…. :)

  • Thanx for k.illing the Zone Zeus trophy and for that nice looking leaderboard of Anulpha Pass ZONE….

  • So my birthday is actually on 24th July, and I think Studio Liverpool have just given me the best present I could get! Only £7.99? Thats such an awesome price, really I was expecting to pay over £10 and I would of been happy to do so aswell. Anyway I can’t wait until next Thursday, and the new game modes sound fantastic :)
    @Zico I spent about 700 laps on Anulpha Pass this week, and I couldn’t even get under the 31 second mark, the barrel roll onto the shortcut is just killing my time.

  • You and the Wipeout HD team are great, thanks for an outstanding game, outstanding feedback & fan information.
    You are indeed a strange and fresh flower inside SCEE’s concrete heart.

  • This expansion is like a new game almost. WipEout HD will get on my top 3 games of all time!

  • Hey Zico! I esteem you! :D
    Can you tell me something about new DLC’s trophies?
    I almost became mad to get platinum, are DLC’s trophies hard as much as the main ones?

  • This looks amazing, i havent played too much recently and this will get me back into it.
    £7.99 is definately a great price for the amount of content and paying that price for the amount of content doesnt bother me.
    What i do get annoyed by is the fact everyone else gets it for less, $9.99 is NOT £7.99. There are no added overheads in selling this in the UK so why do we get [DELETED] on the pricing again?
    Like i said i feel the content is worth the price but it leaves a bitter taste knowing a UK company are charging me extra because of where i live.

  • Love the game, definitely will pick this up as soon as I can. Thanks for the support!

  • Studio Liverpool, you guys are fantastic! This DLC looks amazing and I shall be picking it up the minute it released, Wipeout HD is the best game on PSN by miles.

  • Hi guys, do you think WipEout HD + Fury arrive in Blu-Ray version?
    Thank you & Bye !

  • Sweet zombie jesus!
    Thats a lot of value :) im absolutely getting this!

  • Yes! I’ve been waiting for this ever since it was announced. I love WipEout HD and its probably up there as one of my favourite games on PS3.. will deffo be getting this next week :)

  • sounds great, just what every wipeout fan wanted, more tracks & game modes!
    and only £7.99 too, bargain!!
    thanks guys!

  • All that content for £7.99? That’s just staggeringly good value, I’d expected it to be more…Wipeout HD is for me one of the best games to buy off PSN and I’ll be buying Fury on day one. Also Studio Liverpool is based in my hometown so I’m very proud of them!

  • Day one buy! =)
    Wipeout HD is an excellent game, The new modes sound fun.
    £7.99 for this DLC is a bargain!

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