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Hello VidZone fans!
We hope you have been enjoying all the new playlists over the last two weeks. We’re expanding the catalogue as fast as we can and taking all your suggestions, comments, demands and wonderfully weird requests on board (please don’t send anymore odd requests we have plenty! But keep telling us any playlists or artists you want to see on VidZone – we’re taking down all notes). Don’t forget to stick any of your favourite playlists in your ‘Now Playing’ and save them, as new ones are up every week and we can’t keep them all up there. Once you have saved them feel free to edit them as much as you like deleting and adding whatever you fancy! We promise we won’t get offended.
Madness – As far as legends go, you don’t get cooler than Madness! Over the course of a decade they spent 214 weeks in the singles charts and they’ve come back in 2009 with their best album ever – The Liberty of Norton Folgate. We’ve created a playlist with all their best videos including Baggy Trousers, Our House and It Must Be Love. An Interview, celebrity playlist and competition coming soon!


Workout Music -Want that beach body in time for holiday or are you stuck in winter Downunder and growing on the couch?! If so, “X” on your controller marks the spot! This playlist has up-tempo videos to get you off the couch and pumping those muscles. With videos from Freemasons and the C&C Music factory, they’re ‘Gonna Make You Sweat’!


And…check out the new Homepage playlists features including Eurodance, Chillout Music, Pop Punk Classics, RnB Slow Downs and Breakup Music

Vidone - Chilled-Tunes

Many of you have been asking to view the new video lists online. Below is a list of some of the content live across all countries (Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the UK). Our favourites are (everything from) Rage Against The Machine and Cypress Hill, Celine Dion (“I Drove All Night” – guilty pleasure!), all the live videos from Jerry Lee Lewis but most of all, the brilliant hair styles of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince in “Summertime”. It’s all about the hi-top fade!

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Please let us know what you like:

1. 3LW I Do (Wanna Get Close To You) (featuring Loon) 84. L’Âme Immortelle Phönix
2. 3T Why 85. Laurneá Infatuation
3. Air Supply All Out Of Love 86. Leehom Wang Bai Hu Li (Clean Version)
4. Air Supply Now And Forever 87. Leehom Wang Like A Gun Shot (Clean Version)
5. Alex C. Amigos Forever 88. LFO Every Other Time
6. Alex C. Rhythm Of The Night 89. Living Colour Solace Of You
7. Alicia Keys Alicia Keys “The Show” Episode 1 – Vocals 90. Love Bug Lovers I’m A Love Bug (Open Me Up)
8. Alicia Keys Alicia Keys “The Show” Episode 2 – Tent Talk 91. Luke La Terre Ferme
9. Aloha From Hell Don’t Gimme That 92. Luther Vandross Love Won’t Let Me Wait
10. Ammonia Drugs 93. Martina McBride When God-Fearin’ Women Get The Blues
11. Anything Box Living In Oblivion 94. Marty Stuart Farmer’s Blues
12. Apoptygma Berzerk Cambodia 95. Mary Chapin Carpenter Tender When I Want To Be
13. Avalon Drive Last One Standing 96. Mary Chapin Carpenter The Better To Dream Of You
14. Basia Drunk On Love 97. Memento Coming
15. Basia New Day For You 98. Mercury Rev Bronx Cheer
16. Brian Littrell Welcome Home (You) 99. Metal Church In Harms Way
17. Britny Fox Save The Weak 100. Michael Jackson Thriller 25th Anniversary EPK
18. Brownstone If You Love Me 101. Michelle Xui Zhe
19. C & C Music Factory Do You Wanna Get Funky? 102. Mike Reid Call Home
20. C & C Music Factory Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) 103. Montgomery Gentry If You Ever Stop Loving Me
21. Cam’Ron Horse & Carriage 104. MSM I’m The Only One
22. Céline Dion Goodbye’s (The Saddest Word) 105. N/A Mausam yeh (Free play)
23. Céline Dion I Drove All Night 106. Nas Surviving The Times
24. Coco Lee No Doubt (Clean Vesion) 107. Natalie Bassingthwaighte Someday Soon
25. COMA Zero Osiem Wojna 108. Neverstore So Much Of Not Enough
26. Cypress Hill Tequila Sunrise (featuring Barron Ricks) 109. New Kids On The Block Call It What You Want
27. Daniel Lioneye Never Been In Love 110. Ocean Drive Some People ((Ton désir) Video)
28. David Huang Rang Mei Ge Ren Dou Xin Sui (Clean Version) 111. Official Secrets Act Bloodsport
29. Deine Lakaien Generators 112. Ole Mach sie an
30. Die Sterne Unter Geiern II 113. Omar & The Howlers Hard Times In The Land Of Plenty
31. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Ring My Bell 114. Oxana&Julia G Ex Girlfriend
32. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Summertime 115. Padi Menanti Sebuah Jawaban
33. Dolly Parton Backwoods Barbie 116. Petter Så klart !
34. E.M.D. Jennie Let Me Love You 117. Phantom Planet California
35. E-40 Earl That’s Yo’ Life 118. Prong Prove You Wrong
36. Electric Light Orchestra Blue Sky (Live at Wembley) 119. Psycho Realm Stone Garden
37. Estopa Cuando Amanece (Making of) 120. Rage Against The Machine Freedom
38. Estopa Estopa – Tomas Falsas Spots TV 121. Rage Against The Machine Sleep Now In The Fire
39. Estopa Fuente De Energia 122. Rhona Satisfied
40. Evan Yo Cheng Wai (Video With Subtitle) 123. Ricky Martin Loaded
41. Five Closer To Me 124. Romeo Get Low With It
42. Frankie J How To Deal (CeCe Mix Video) 125. SAY ANYTHING “In Defense” Webisode#2
43. French Affair My Heart Goes Boom (LaDiDaDa) 126. Screaming Trees Bed Of Roses
44. Funky Poets Lessons Learned 127. Se:Side Kamboleo – Drums Of Africa
45. Gene Marchello First Love 128. Shabba Ranks Shine Eye Gal
46. Ghostface Killah Never Be The Same Again. (featuring Carl Thomas and Raekwon) 129. SHAFQAT AMANAT ALI Mitwa
47. Gigi Bila 130. Shakira Whenever, Wherever
48. Gilberto Santa Rosa Pueden Decir 131. Sheila On 7 Sekali Lagi
49. Ginuwine I’ll Do Anything/I’m Sorry 132. Silbermond Irgendwas bleibt
50. Glenn Lewis It’s Not Fair 133. Sin Bandera Suelta Mi Mano
51. Good Charlotte GCTV 2 134. Spice 1 1990-Sick (Kill ‘Em All)
52. Gordon Fortified Grapes 135. Spin Doctors She Used To Be Mine
53. Great Plains A Picture of You 136. Spin Doctors She Used To Be Mine
54. Gregory Abbott I Got The Feeling(It’S Over) 137. Summer Lei Yuan Liang (Forgave) (Clean Version)
55. Groove Theory Tell Me 138. Sun-60 Never Seen God
56. Harlem Yu YMCA (Clean Version) 139. Tear Da Club Up Thugs Push ‘Em Off
57. HELLYEAH Alcohaulin’ Ass (Live Video) 140. The Brakes Don’t Take Me To Space (Man)
58. Idols 2008 Hyvää yötä ja huomenta 141. The Isley Brothers Summer Breeze (Live In Columbia)
59. INCLINED Day at the Races 142. The Jason Bonham Band Guilty
60. It’s Alive Pretend I’m God 143. The Puppies Summer Delight
61. Jamie Foxx Blame It 144. The Undertones Got To Have You Back
62. Jean-Jacques Goldman La Vie Par Procuration 145. The Zutons It’s The Little Things We Do
63. Jean-Jacques Goldman Pas Toi 146. The Zutons Oh Stacey (Look What You’ve Done!)
64. Jerry Lee Lewis Good Golly Miss Molly/ Tutti Frutti (Live) 147. Thomas Godoj Autopilot
65. Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls Of Fire (Live) 148. Tim Dog I Get Wrecked
66. Jerry Lee Lewis I’ve Got A Woman (Live) 149. Toby Love Amores Como El Tuyo
67. Jerry Lee Lewis Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On (Live) 150. Toni Braxton You Mean The World To Me
68. Jerry Lee Lewis You Win Again (Live) 151. Toto Africa
69. Jerry Rivera Mi Libertad (with Special Guest: Voltio) 152. TQ The Comeback (Featuring Daz Dillinger and Kurupt)
70. John Shelvin Just Like You Said 153. Trai Bhumiratna Song for Boys (Music Video Version)
71. Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues (Live at Montreux 1994) 154. Trina & Tamara What’d You Come Here For?
72. Jonas Gwangwa Morwa 155. Unknown
73. Julia Peng Xing Ge Sou (Video With Subtitle) 156. Usha Uthup Vande Mataram
74. Kanye West All Falls Down 157. Usher Can U Get Wit It
75. Kanye West Can’t Tell Me Nothing 158. Vallejo Classico
76. Kanye West Gold Digger 159. Vanness Wu Wo De Wang Guo (Clean Version)
77. Kanye West The New Workout Plan 160. Vernon Reid Mistaken Identity
78. Ken Chu Yong Bu Ting Zhi 161. Vic Chou MISSING U (Clean Version)
79. Kool Savas Der Beweis (Neuaufnahme) 162. Wham! I’m Your Man
80. Kool Savas Wie er 163. Wild Hurricane
81. Krzysztof Krawczyk Trudno tak (razem byc nam ze soba…) 164. Wyclef Jean Gone Till November
82. Kurt Nilsen Push Push 165. Yanis T’En Fais Pas Pour Moi
83. La Hungara Loca 166. Yiu Hong Ming Zai Hu Wo De Ren

COMING SOON U2 – Last but not least!!! U2’s wicked new animated music video is coming next Thursday! Remember to look on VidZone next week or follow our community pages on Twitter, MySpace or Facebook. Happy video watching! Ben

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  • Hey great, keep up the good work, i love vidzone, one of the best things about the PS3.
    Hoping for 16:9 fullscreen soon though. :D

  • Good to see you updating a lot but what about other countries?greece plz

  • Thanks, that’s a pretty awesome update. Love using VidZone, always check it every week for the new content :)
    As for new artists – Paramore and Muse :P

  • Looks real good :D
    Is Franz Ferdinand up on it?
    To bad i can’t use it, Norway, :P

  • Just another quick question, are there any plans to get all the 4 Major Record companies on board. So we can get stuff by Roadrunner records etc ??

  • I absolutely love VidZone, it’s a great way to while away a few hours and dig through the collection. The range of stuff is pretty impressive, but there seems to be a very, very eclectic mix of stuff available – tons of stuff from mainland Europe I’ve never heard of, but no Beastie Boys (well, one track, but that’s not enough!)
    Would love to see this continue to get the regular updates it’s been getting so far. Seems to be a weird discrepancy over the editing of language on videos as well – most of the Hip Hop has had the swearing and drug/gun references bleeped or edited out, but also some hasn’t. Is there some special secret criteria applied to it, such as the stuff that people are unlikely to listen to doesn’t get edited, and the popular sutff does? Or is it just a case of buying a bunch of tracks and hoping for the best?
    Either way, thanks so much for this application – it’s the first killer 3rd party app on the PS3. MORE OF THIS SORT OF THING! (Like a new, better web browser, for a start.)

    • Thank you! We’re working hard to expand the catalogue as much as possible so keep checking for your favourite artists.
      No secret criteria, if you would like you can email a list of the uncensored tracks to and we will do our best to sort them out.

  • great update, thanks a lot!

  • Great to see another Michael Jackson clip.
    Would be great for some more current new release vids

  • Thanks for the update. I love Vidzone.

  • Hi,
    Could you please tell us when you plan to bring out vidzone to Belgium and all the other countries ?

  • Hi guys I really love vidzone think it’s a great service but it needs some more metal, be great to have some classics from Megadeth, Slipknot and the like also I’ve noticed theres a catagory for Five Finger Death Punch but when I click theres no videos, the same with Rammstein are they coming or are those not supposed to be there?

    Still cant watch 30-35 dance videos in Spain, hazard icon is shown, among these Eric Prydz, i emailed the list to you guys a few weeks back, any reasons or ideas of why and will it be fixed??
    Also get some pigeon detectives up :-)

  • Good work so far, loving it as a Sunday morning comedown when we roll in after a long night out! I’ll get a picture sometime of everyone gathered around arguing over which video to watch next :)

  • Hi Ben.
    Not sure if this has been requested before, but is there any chance that Vidzone can be updated so that playlists can be managed online?
    It’d be much quicker to create/update playlists from a PC and sync them to VZ.
    Fingers crossed…

  • Rating 1/5 for ultimate justice.

  • Tim dog FTW!! :)
    If you guys and girls can get “Blackmoon – How many Mc’s” on there i will marry you all!!!

  • Still waiting for some more “The Knife” videos as opposed to the one.
    Also some videos from The Band of Horses, Smoking Popes, Why?, Morrissey and The Smiths.
    That’d make me happy. :]

  • Hey Ben,
    First of all, LOVE the VidZone service. I’ve pointed a PS3 owning friend of mine towards it who wasn’t previously aware and he loves it too.
    Here’s my one gripe though and I know others share it with me. The search feature. I find it terrible to use, it’s slow it’s clunky and just annoying all round. I think it’d be much much better if you allowed us to type in the artist/video name with either the default on screen keyboard or with a regular keyboard/PS3 chat pad accessory.
    I know it’s make my experience a whole lot better.

  • really like this service a good selection of music accross the board but i do have one little request some slipknot tracks would make my day lol or stone sour!… already got the apocalyptica im not jesus on my favs (love this song so much)
    is there any plans to make an option to use the unclean version of the songs?? prolly not but you have to ask right?? lol
    thanx again :)

  • Great service you got going here guys, at least to those few countries who can actually use it at this point. You close to rolling out VidZone to any more countries? ETA’s are fine :)


  • I hope you guys are hard at working bringing VidZone over to other eu territories. Can’t wait.

  • Please answer this question sony.
    When is Vidzone coming to Scandinavia ?? (sweden,norway,denmark)
    I live in sweden and i really want vidzone to come to playstation store over here.. :D

  • Just want to reply again ad say thanks Ben for replying to my comment. Great to know that you guys have already taken this on board and are working on it!

  • @12
    There’s loads of Pigeon Detectives on there…?

    • Hi almighty-slayer,
      Remember not all videos are available for every territory but we’re working as hard as possible on securing loads more videos for every territory.

  • I really like how vidzone is shaping up, however i do feel there is a problem that requires addressing soon.
    The issue is browsing the available songs, currently the system only allows you to browse by searching every-time on all the songs/artists within a chosen topic and then having to refine the search further.
    This is a huge problem as it is relying on me knowing what is in your music catalogue (and must also be placing quite a strain on your servers come to think of it).
    Inputting search terms is not the quickest and easiest thing to do and can quickly result in frustration when there are no songs returned in a search or mistyping an entry.
    It would be a better approach to allow the user to browse all music by artist or song allowing them to add to their playlists at their convenience, keep the search, but it shouldn’t be the primary method of finding music. search is for when you know what you are looking for, but if i don’t fancy the recommended playlists, and want to try and choose my own it should be easy enough to do so.
    keep up the good work :-)

  • We’re waiting a month (i think) for VidZone in the BENELUX! Were is it?
    On attend depuis 1 mois (je crois) pour VidZone dans le BENELUX! Il est où?
    We zijn all en mand an het warten voor en vidzone in de Benelux! Waar is hij?

  • Hi Ben. I am also loving Vidzone and it is great to just chill back and listen to some music while I am in my room. There are two things that bug me, these are:
    * The search feature is rather slow and annoying to use – We need it so we can enter the letters in ourselves like with a on screeen keyboard or PS3 Keypad. (I know you’ve already responded to this further up and thanks)
    * Also, why can’t we use our Sony Remote Controls instead of using our Dualshocks 3 or Sixaxis controls? I much prefer to use my Remote than use my Control as it doesn’t drain my controller battery as fast, and it easier to operate Vidzone with a Remote in my eyes. Are there any plans to include the use of the Sony Remote Control while using Vidzone?
    Thanks, Bankzy108
    P.S Keep up the good work guys!

    • You can use the Blu-Ray remote but you have to have it assigned to controller 1.
      Go to Settings/Accessory Settings/Reassign Controllers then set the remote to controller 1.
      Or to change the controller number you can
      just start vidzone and push the PS-Button for 2 seconds then go to controller settings and set the number.
      Hope that helps :)

  • Why are you avoiding questions regarding Vidzone in other countries? What’s the point of having a service if only 5% of europeans can use it? Better yet, why have a EU blog, when things like this isn’t relevant to 95% of people.

    • Hey imajinetion,
      We hope to release VidZone in other territories but it does take a little time to get everything ready.
      Bloggers and twitterers will be the first to know when we announce anything so keep checking back for news.

  • Great service, only problem is feeling like you’ve been abducted by aliens as you can lose a few hours quite easily.
    Please can we have back catalogues of bands like The Ramones, REM, The Pixies etc Pleeassseeeeeeee

  • Will there ever be a Vidzone for other countries in the EU or are we forgotten?
    Straight answer please.

  • @ budmuhnquai: Freedom of speech and respect for the artists isn’t important for you but I am shocked when I don’t get the original, as the artist meant it to be, version. Who does Sony think he is to butcher art?
    Anyway, Sony is not able to get that service to The Netherlands so I’ll have to get my uncensored clips from other sources.

  • Any news on which record labels you are applying songs for. I did request artist ‘Danity Kane’ who are part of the Bad Boy records firm and so far no response
    Also still no response in entering a * in the search box, it’s impossible to search by artist name *Nsync as the search doesn’t have the character to select hence the real immediate need to have the on screen ps keyboard. I’m really not sure why this is taking so long to implement?!

    • Hi Damoedge,
      We do read and take on board all requests but don’t have the time to respond to every single email or request we get. Your request for ‘Danity Kane’ will have been noted and we hope to get all the videos requested live as soon as we can.

  • @Ben: It is only partially true that we can use the PS3 remote. Cause even with the trick of making it controller 1 we still can’t use it using the remote buttons in a meaningful way, instead we have to use the awkward mappings from the controller onto the remote.
    So thanks for a great service, love it, but actual remote support would be fantastic :)

  • Ohhh….I knew that really, i was just testing to see if you did!

  • Thanks for the reply Ben I didn’t know that. Normally the Remote control gets assigned as controller 7 and I never thought of making it controller 1. Thanks for the heads up and the reply to my comment.
    Thanks, Bankzy108

  • Guerrier – ” Thanks for the update. I love Vidzone. ”
    Ben Creasey – ” Thanks! Don’t forget to introduce VidZone to your friends. ”
    dimososir – ” Good to see you updating a lot but what about other countries? ”
    Ben Creasey – no answer :(
    imajinetion :
    ” Why are you avoiding questions regarding Vidzone in other countries? What’s the point of having a service if only 5% of europeans can use it? Better yet, why have a EU blog, when things like this isn’t relevant to 95% of people. ” – exactly .

  • Post number 37 says it all…


  • I’d like to see a Best of Chemical Brothers playlist someday, the same goes to BT, Ferry Corsten (aka system F and Gouryella), Darren Tate (aka DT8, Jurgen Vries, Citizen Caned and Angelic).
    By the way these are not what you described as “odd requests”, the artists I’ve mentioned are some of the best dance/electronic producers the world has to offer.

  • are you able to tell us what new artists/tracks have been added this week

  • @37,@38: Ben did reply to this issue on comment #29.

  • Hi there just a quick question.
    I’m struggling to download songs onto my phone. I have entered my phone number and region and accept T&C but the options to download the different versions of the songs are grayed out.
    Any help??
    Great service btw

  • Hi
    I’ve got only one request:
    – Sheena Ringo (Japanese Singer)
    Hoping I’ll be able to watch it myself on VidZone in the near future..

  • “We hope you have been enjoying all the new playlists over the last two weeks.”
    No.. bacause I live in Denmark which is one of the MANY European countries not allowed to use VidZone – THANK YOU!

  • Why are some Artists “empty” (in Germany) like Amon Tobin or Client… and gimme some Depeche Mode ^^ :).

    Because the euro blog has failed to mention what must of been asked on here a million times,
    The trophy patches for The Last Man and Blast Factor are OUT NOW in europe, blast factor one acutally came out last week.

  • Would love to get a real answer on when and where vidzone will be introduced to other parts of our territory.
    So please Ben stop responding to this question with the standard marketing bs answer.

  • When is Vidzone released in Belgium.
    Can’t wait to test this myself.
    Answer plz.

  • @ imajinetion, actually VidZone covers approx 75% of the SCEE region in terms of userbase – if you look at sales data for each region you will see that around 75% of PS3 owners in the SCEE region reside in the handful of Countries VidZone has launched in.
    I’m sure it’s disappointing you don’t have it in your Country, in the same way I’m disappointed we don’t have a Movie download service yet, but you can’t blame VidZone for launching first in the Countries that account for three-quarters of the SCEE population!
    There may be a lot of ‘low-priority’ SCEE serviced Countries left without the service, but when you think of the foundation work required to implement these services for a relatively small increase in userbase there is a diminishing return on investment from a business stand point.
    I’m sure it will come to all PSN enabled Countries eventually, but asking the same question in the update each week won’t make it happen any quicker – focus your energies on selling PS3’s to your friends instead, maybe if the userbase of these Countries becomes more significant SCEE/VidZone will have more incentive to expedite the development of features in those Countries…

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