Update: Buzz! HQ And Studio Spaces Are Back

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Hi guys,
Just to let you know that the Buzz! HQ and Studio spaces are now back!
Take on all comers and prove you’re the biggest brain in PS Home… ;)
And remember, if you want to see your PSN ID up in lights, you too can submit questions for the quiz via MyBuzz!
Jump on in and happy buzzing!

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4 Author Replies

  • yay! i never got to try the buzz space so glad its back! thanks for the update

  • I’ll see all of you brainiacs later at Buzz! HQ ;-)

  • Hooray :)
    Haven’t booted HOME up in a while, might have to have a look later

  • EU blog failing the past few weeks. Fact.

  • Shame this news comes too late. Never mind… Hopefully updates will come sooner rather than later next time

  • the thing is, if i wanted to answer questions on me ps3, id just play buzz!

  • you serious Rob Rutter? this is this the half hearted update we need to get used to now yeh? shame on you lot EU Blog. Home renerates £££ everyday and this is how you lot wanna communicate about this semi large update?!
    Sort it out please and stop kicking your Home users in the mouth.

    • Hi KAP,
      Apologies if the update seems short, I did a big update on the Buzz! HQ space a few weeks back when we first launched it, and just wanted to quickly let you all know that this is now live again.
      I’m certainly not trying to kick you in the mouth : )
      Hope you enjoy the Buzz! space.

  • What milnerant said,poor comms this week,back to the bad old days. tsk tsk…..

  • here here no news yesterday & late news way to go Scee blogger‘s MB beat you to it lol :P

  • Any news on the EA space – for fight night and golf that the US version home has got ? Namco rewards and arcades ?
    I realise you have added a lot, but it remains inferior to the US version. what about videao screens trophies et al. If we could only have an accurate time frame then the same requests woul’nt keep coming. Inform your consumers please !!

  • we got fight night too,but no one bothered telling us.

  • Looks like I’ll be calling in for my bi-weekly visit to Home tonight then! I missed the Buzz space first time around, it looks like it could be a fun communal space – hopefully it has some ambient sounds in it, as too many spaces in Home are deathly quiet!
    Also, any news on photo frames, Hi-fi’s, Walkmans, Sony Bravias, and other media streaming goodies to inject a bit of life into Home direct from your harddrive?

  • Thanks CoolTalis, i’m at work so haven’t been online, do we have the golf thing as well?

  • Golf thing arrived last week,thats if you can get on it.Also hit the boat and other stuff to get,wait for it……T-Shirts!!

  • Thanks again CoolTailis you seemed to be the most informed person on here. It certainly is improving home but i’m not compelled to use it yet. Does the Fightnight space include game launching ?
    As for not being able to get on the games i just don’t get it, its a virtual world why can’t they just have a lot more repeats!

  • Is there any chance of seeing some variations with Buzz in Home?
    I loved Buzz when I had a go on it when it first went up but I was playing 1 vs 100 on the 360 (Don’t hate me!! :) ) and that’s loads of fun and the whole look is a lot more polished. I love the physical aspect of Buzz but it would be nice to see a game type where you didn’t see where what answer most people are going to pick.
    BTW I do absolutely love the Buzz Home space. :)

  • Sup cooltails. yea u hit the boat and you get the best ever model of a white boat ever… u got to see it to believe it! nah not really its a crap lookin boat that just takes up a unit for something more worth decoratin ur apartment with.

  • Is Mike having his vacation or what?

  • i think all the EU ps-blogger‘s are on holiday atm lol :D

  • I think you might be right. whats the piont of not keeping us uptodate. An out of date blog – seems absurd

  • EU Blog mainly copy and pastes articles from US blog or updates us with singstore. great. truely is something…

  • i think mike is too scared to post because the update is so amazingly crap

  • Wassup kap.No gamelaunching for fight night space as far as i’m aware also,but some tshirts if you win on the dj game!! ,ghostbusters outfit is in aswell i think,but thats paid for.
    Lol users updating users on the blog,whats all that about???

  • What sort of update post is that. Very poor. If you need help press the button at the top the page saying Visit PlayStation.Blog.US, unless you were running late for your bus. Wheres the store update as well today, is a half day at Sony Towers.

  • I know, it’s redonkulous isn’t it.
    Someone has to do it, and the SCEE clowns certinly aren’t up to the job! Good job you are ;)

  • yes mike is scare of all the backlash we goin to give him CRAPPEST STORE UPDATE EVER i thot 3 week ago was crap this beat it.

  • fallout 3 dlc is delayed til september.
    Just in case none of you frequent the US blog.
    wouldn’t want to bethesda though… They’re less popular than Al Qaeda right now

  • Terrible update. Why is this news soo late?. We had a better system at the official forums. Why wasn’t the Ghostbusters outfit mentioned either. Ted the dog needs to do his old updates, we complained alot for better communication and we’re back at square one.

  • I think they’re less popular than Hitler, Stalin and Al-Qaeda all added together and times by MEGA HATE


  • Nice space… really fun to go there! ;) Keep the good worke, you got here a Buzz Fan

  • Well not being funny rob but it sure does feel like a kick to the mouth when things dont seem consistant. Specially when you have a huge following such as this. I got more info from the US Blog about there update then i did here which is a total let down to begin with.
    Sort it out.
    I cant wait until the day when yu lot do your job properly, little harsh but EU blog is in US blogs shadow at the moment (not to say thats surprising with the way reality is) but for instance te develop conference with some really heavy news on PSP and Ps3 that was shown today in brighton, you lot could of atleast bogged on that.. atleast.

  • 1. When will the Resident Evil 5 space be updated?
    2. When will the Siren space be released?
    3. When will the Uncharted space be released?

  • I love the space!!! Won the first shirt and hope to get more. I do find VERY POOR SPELLING and there’s a lot of people picking easy subjects because they’re too scared to test their knowledge i.e Complete the following Playstion title……..Alone in the……? OMG grow a pair and make it more fun!!!!!! Maybe add a hard room for grown ups and a 3+ room for the rest!!! :)

  • well done with the buzz space didnt think id like it but am really surprised with the quality really enjoyable more of this plz

  • The Buzz space is sweet, why wasn’t the fight night space posted about?

  • I don’t want to sound like I having a downer on it, I’m not I like the Buzz! space.
    But I have to 100% agree with 34 above.
    Most quizzes turn into little more than processions as everyone congregates on the same square. There was only one quiz last night that made people play the game how its meant to be played and that was the quiz on Airport Code Names which caused a wide spread of answer choices due to two things – The range of possible answers were all convincing possibilities and secondly, only a few players had any idea what the correct answers were, it was a real test for everyone.
    I know Sony/Relentless aren’t responsible for the questions as they are drawn from user content on the MyBuzz! site, but a game can get very boring very quickly by the time you get to your 36th question about Family Guy. Although it did generate a nice gathering of people uniting on one quiz choice as an “Anything but more Family Guy Questions” candidate.
    cont’d in next post

  • Con’d from above post
    Hiding the other users and then revealing who chose what when the answer is revealed would partially solve the problem with the sheep mentality on answering questions. But the actual question categories could only be solved with a “Hard” or “Proper” quiz room with harder questions and less TV and Film trivia.
    Letting users rate quizzes won’t work because the same problem from Buzz! will rear its head again, where if you did a very good quiz but the people playing it found it hard or challenging they would mark it low, and yet easy quizzes would be marked as 5 star.
    I hope people won’t see this as a whinge, but as someone who wants the Buzz! space to be a massive success.

    • Hi X201, thanks for all your feedback, there’s lots of really good points in there! Cheers for taking the time to let us know your first impressions.

  • Want a good point!?
    – How about language support for all EU countries?
    Europe has so many countries and yet you only release 4 languages? Get real… You’re doing with buzz space what you did with vidzone.
    I’m Portuguese, yes i understand EN very well but that’s not the point, the point is that i want to play the quizz in PT not in EN or whatever.
    Just for the record, there are more countries with Portuguese as official language then english or french or german or italian. But then i guess you wouldn’t know that of course, because the english people always think they’re the best and the rest are crap.
    Btw, since i have the Buzz game got to say, this buzz space sucks anyway I would rather play my BD version with my friends.

  • How about letting Iceland access Home? (and PSN)

  • To many haters in here. Lets at least be appreciative about the fact that it’s back
    although i’m not too pleased that we missed out on having our eu exclusivity over the USA for once

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