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Hi everyone. My name’s Liam and I’m the European Product Manager for ModNation Racers!. I’m really happy to be able to share the latest video from the US showing some great new footage from ModNation Racers Development team.
I’ll be online Friday morning to answer any questions or comments you have. Hope you like the video.

It’s been just over a month since we had the pleasure of announcing ModNation Racers at E3. It was a huge relief to finally show our baby to the world! We can’t thank everyone enough for their enthusiasm and support!
Just in case you missed coverage of ModNation Racers at E3, we now have a trailer. And here it is:

[viddler id=29623ebd&w=505&h=310&playertype=simple]

Those 90 seconds of video capture the core values of ModNation. It’s racing, creating, and sharing made fun for everyone. And by everyone, I mean everyone.
Our team lives and breathes ModNation. We’ve got artists turning in hot laps on tracks. We’ve got programmers creating wild-looking Mods. Everyone’s making fun, original tracks by driving them. Team members are racing, creating, showing off, and one-upping each other every week.
Since the earliest prototypes, we’ve had various kids, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, and crazy cousins all go nuts for our game. Their passion for ModNation Racers pushes us to add more and more. More great racing moments. More cool parts for the Mods. More tools that make creating powerful and playful. More visual variety so you can make whatever you can imagine.
In short, we’ve got much, much more than we can show in the first 90 seconds!
The next several months are going to be a wild ride as we reveal more details. Stay tuned, faithful ModNation fans.

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7 Author Replies

  • The Video Is On Private D:

  • Ohhh Nvm Its Of Private Now :)

  • Nice trailer, looks really promising… I cant wait for this to be released!

  • this trailer is better than this weeks PSN euro update. thanks for posting Liam

  • If the racing itself is good, this will be a great game!
    A question about the cars/characters: You can modify them and/or probably buy new ones as dlc. Will the changes you make to the characters and cars be purely cosmetic or will those changes become upgrades which might cause balancing issues?
    Also, how many times have you heard the question if Sackboy will make a guest appearance? ;-)

  • Dear Liam,
    I am quite impressed with most aspects of the game but the characters in my honest opinion do not have the same awesome level of charm as a Sackperson. Indeed, i am well aware that isn’t LittleBigRacer, but i simply wished it would be due the simple fact that Sackboy is today one of the most adorable Playstation mascots. It would have made sense at least on the level of giving the game an instant weight rather than having to build the game’s reputation up from the ground. Moreover, I am still not convinced that this refreshing game is worth a full retail price, but at the same time I do firmly suspect that it will gradually prove itself.
    I truly hope that this promising title will not become mundane and boring after few hours, just as it did with LittleBigPlanet.
    All the best

  • Nice, much better than the psn update

  • this trailer is old =/

  • This game is gonna be so awsome, cant wait, its kinda like a next-gen mario kart,If advertised correctly this could be a big hit just as little big planet was.
    Im sure people will take favour for this over mario kart wii cause of course we all know its just a rebranded gamecube game :) (no offence nintendo)
    I was hoping for this game to be released this year some time but as i always say i prefer a Good late game than a crap early one :)
    (no Haze jokes)

  • He he he “Play, Create, Share”, just like Little Big Planet…or what…? :)

  • OH i forgot to mention will we be seeing sackboy make a special appearance in modnation racers? that would be pretty kool as some DLC.

    • I agree it would be cool to see a Sackboy-style Mod in ModNation Racers. I’m sure the Development team are reading this, so keep all the ideas coming!

  • Awesome. Really can’t wait. I really hope the racing has some weight to it and doesn’t feel too floaty.
    Are there going to be any unusual themes? I’d love to be able to edit tracks that were like Zone mode from Wipeout with the track going crazy to music. Wishful thinking, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. :p
    Good luck with the rest of the project!

  • I cant wait for this, looks awesome..

  • Hey Liam, can you confirm whether the actual gameplay is the most important feature for this game? The Play.Create.Share mantra is all well and good, but will all care and attention be made to make sure this game plays like an excellent kart racer?
    Also, will loops and other track modifications be in the game when it ships? A very large proportion of fans are interested in this title, but only if the create aspect is truly fleshed out.
    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Galvanise_
      ModNation is at heart a classic kart racing game with the amazing benefit of being able to create your own character, kart and race track!
      Meaning every time you go online their will be a load of new tracks for you and your mates to race.

  • I hope you make the level editor massive, underwater tunnels, jumps, perhaps boosts. Even some cool stuff like racing through a waterfall, having obstacles that moves (like big rocks rolling over the road down from a cliff).
    Also, will we see DLC like LBP has? Like new characters, new tools, power-ups?
    This is one of the coolest games I’ve seen lately so you guys better make sure it’s damn good. :P I can’t wait! ;)

    • Hey ConvergeJack
      Really like the idea of driving through an underwater tunnel.
      Keep the ideas coming on what you would like to see in Track Studio I’m sure the dev team would like to hear them.

  • Cant wait for this, hope it will be as fun (or even more fun?) than LBP was. I just hope there will be a big variety in tracks/customization so the game stays fun for a long time.

  • YouTube upload!
    Also, i saw this trailer a couple of days ago…

  • Wow i thought this would be crap, but colour me impressed this looks awesome! Reminds me of Mario Kart.

  • Sackboy DLC would be cool, but what’d be better would be if the game imported the characters you’d created in Little Big Planet.

  • This game will be awsome!

  • Will there be DLC?
    IS it disc or PSN?
    And, is there any plans for a PSP version
    Looking forward to this game, looks awesome!

  • Looks like its gonna sell very very very very very very very very very very very very well.

  • The game looks really fun, I love those sheep. :D If the track editor is easy to use with the control pad, and those sheep explode when you drive into them at speed, then this is a game that will definitely find its way into my collection.
    Why are people mentioning Sackboy and LittleBigPlanet though? LBP wasn’t developed by United Front Games it was developed by Media Molecule, the companies aren’t even in the same continent. The fact that Sony published LBP is irrelevant.

  • Thanks for the info Liam !
    Just one question: Lets say I do a track with the “circuit editor”, will I be able to use it online with any friend and on every mode, or will be those tracks done through the editor limited to some modes (so not being used on some online categories)?. I’m quite interested in the potential of the tracks done through that editor.
    Thanks !

    • Hi Aero-R
      You will be able to race the tracks you create online. Plus if you like a track someone else has created you can download it, mod it and then re-upload as your own.

  • *thumbs up* this just made my to-buy list.

  • That looks killer. Sold.

  • does this come with dev made tracks on the disc or will each track need to be made? alsocan we expect continued support for creators and players through DLC? (e.g levels and creator packs)

    • Hi Hedges1001
      The game comes with a full collection of tracks for you to race. you can race them in either Story Mode, Single player or Multiplayer mode.
      Add that to the fact you can create a track in minutes the choices are pretty endless.

  • I really think this game is gonna beat Mario Kart — well, at least in quality. Of course they can’t beat it in sales, that’s a crazy ambition ;)
    I don’t know if I’m gonna get this one. It seems real cool, but I don’t know if it’s my type of game. I hope a demo comes out, cause I have to try this kinda titles. Even if there were one hundred trailers, I have to know if it’s addicting enough and that kinda things.

  • @Liam
    Dangerous indeed, but if you have cute looking sheep in a game then those cute looking sheep must explode in comical fashion. Worms made that the law don’t ya know. ;)

  • This reminds me of Wacky Races. I think it would be really cool if there was some Wacky Races cars and characters as DLC or something.

  • I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on this game.
    I read the Q&A with IGN and with it coming in early 2010 I couldn’t be happier.

  • Man im sooo pumped for this game. It looks brilliant :)

  • Hi Liam, I like the sound of this game and I hope as much time is being spent on getting the driving mechanic right as there is with the creation side – after all it’s no good having great creation tools if it’s rubbish to race on! If done well this could be the PS3’s answer to Mario Kart!
    Anyway, my questions are as follows:
    1) Can we get any idea of the scope of level styles/backgrounds, so far all that has been released is the generic “Swiss Village” style of track? Can we get more idea on what other track styles you have – will they be unlocked as you progress through the story mode LBP style? This is a cartoony Mario Kart style game, so will there be outer space tracks, dinosaurs themed tracks (my nephew’s request!), and other fun layouts – or are you going for more ‘realistic’ settings like those shown so far.
    2) In a similar vein, is there the ability to create multi-path tracks, ones with hidden shortcuts, or routes that can be somehow be cut-off/unlocked during a race?
    Unlike LBP “out of the box” style thinking appears to be limited, so without a diverse set of tools and environments the game could get very repetitive with lots of variants on essentially the same track…

  • I get more and more excited for this game every time I see it – the only thing that would make it better was if you guys were a sister company of Mm and sackboy was the ‘protagonist’ so to speak.
    My suggestion for track editing if it’s not already in it:
    The ability to make multiple paths, shortcuts and longcuts – honestly, this would open the possibilies WIDE up a lot more than your standard one way track. You could add in forks in the road which join later, you could make one path go up and the other down only to join later, you could just do so much more with multiple paths, I’ll be kind of disapointed if it’s not put in the game.
    Regardless it’s a day one purchase for myself, I love it more every time I hear something about it – looking forward to some racing!

  • “You will be able to race the tracks you create online. Plus if you like a track someone else has created you can download it, mod it and then re-upload as your own”
    Will you add a lock feature like LBP?
    Also what kind of environments are there,all I’m seeing so for is forest and village,I’m guessing lots of the remaining time will go into creating objects.
    A few base environments I’d like are
    House (micro machines style)
    Volcano (Seeing as the tool is a Push/Pull were not going to be able to create a track that goes inside a mountain and spiral up are we?)
    Again based on the Push/Pull creation tool,are there any plans to create track sections,that don’t have to be stuck on the ground?
    For example 360 loop,a barrel roll,

  • “Plus if you like a track someone else has created you can download it, mod it and then re-upload as your own.” Will the original creator be credited as well as the modifier? Otherwise I can see my idea being ripped off by some snotty nosed kid and passed off as his own stroke of genius.
    Looks awesome by the way guys.

  • Does this game even bring one single thing new to the genre? What should make me stop playing either MarioKart, TrackMania or JoyRide to play this, besides the fact that they are all on different platforms?

  • 60fps would rock. What will be the framerate of ModNation Racers?

  • This game looks so fun and great it is going to be amazing, the LBP of racers, the customisation and track creater is what will make this baby stand out.

  • @ wbrinkman, to be fair I think you could class level creation and user generated content as a new thing, and a pretty big ‘thing’ at that!
    Last time I played Mario Kart Wii I don’t recall being able to created a new track – in fact the only variety offered is to mirror the same tracks when you unlock them all.
    The key to this game’s success, other than the feel of the racing itself, is the variety of create tools available – and I can see from the comments so far, including my own, this is something that is a top priority for most people.
    We don’t want to draw figure of eight tracks on grass with a mountain in the background – we want to be able to do crazy tracks that loop the loop, or bounce on mushrooms (or a none Mario Kart rip-off equivalent), or be catapulted in the air, or take shortcuts, or drive past dinosaurs, or inside a volcano with lava traps, or underwater tunnels, or in outerspace etc. And these options shouldn’t just be cosmetic either, there should be options to change the feel and handling.
    In short I just hope the devs are drawing their level inspiration from games like Mario Kart, rather than games like Sega Rally…

  • Me again Liam.
    I’ve noticed that when the racers catch some air, they pull off a little stunt or show off a bit. In the final game will there be other animations to further customise your racer with a unique stunt? That would be awesome and would also be excellent as DLC.
    Will there be other perilous substances in the game, for example fire pits or electric track buffers? This game has so much potential for awesomeness.

    • I hope you’ll understand that we want to keep some surprises to ourselves for now, but we certainly like hearing ideas and suggestions.
      Firepits, exploding sheep, space track, underwater tunnels all are great suggestions. So please keep them coming!

  • Oh look, it’s Little Big Mario Kart!? ;)

  • Nice project, surprisingly, it was what interested me most during the E3 Sony Conference. I just would like to beg you about two points :
    – Please, don’t forget the gameplay ! It’s the most important in this kind of games (in all games for me :-)) ! Weapons have to be cool, but what really matters is driving ! It has to be quite simple, so that newbies can easily play and have fun. But it also has to require a lot of skill for gamers wanting to spend a lot of time on the game. I believe it’s the hardest part of your work, finding the right balance, but it’s very what will makes me buy your game. An example of perfect gameplay is Crash Team Racing, for me the best Mario Kart-like game, even better than MK itself.
    – Please don’t forget the story mode ! All the creation/share stuff is pretty cool, but there are still players like me that really like to have long and hard story modes, alone against the CPU. Well, another time, the best example is Crash Team Racing, with a story mode easy to complete, but very hard if you wanted to earn all of the trophies. About trophies, I hope you prepare very hard ones in terms of skilled driving…
    Well, good luck for the following, and please, make us the best karting game ever !!!

  • Okay, I won’t ask questions, just suggest! ;)
    1) Sixaxis integration – When close to another vehicle, a quick swideways swine of the controller could be used to attack your opponents.
    2) The ability to go around any track in its reverse form. Allow players to ‘vote’ when in a party which way round the want to go, like the lobby feature in Killzone 2, where you decide what map to play.
    3) When racing online or offline, I’d like to be able to play music from my HDD.
    4) Boosts and stop pads. Like in Wipeout, boost pads on the floor could add a more tactical element to the game. Similarly, pads that stop for you for say 1-2 seconds when you drive over them (or are nudged onto them) could make for awesome gameplay.
    Thanks for taking our suggestions by the way. I do love it when a plan comes together!

  • Looks brilliant as long as the controls and the car’s aren’t terrible to control it should be an instant classic.

  • How many players does ModNation Racers support online? 8?
    Any information on modes for the online? Is it just straight out racing? I know there’s create as well, but I mean, in terms of multiplayer modes..Are there fun modes like cops and robbers etc. I don’t know. :P
    Can you create co-operatively online?
    Keeping your cards held close to your chest atm? It’s fine if you can’t answer these Q’s etc. :)

    Looks good though. Will keep tabs on this one.

  • I’m really looking forward to this game, will we be able to have multiple routes/shortcuts in the track, kind of like Motorstorm?

  • Will the game support split-screen multiplayer or will it be online only?

  • Looks like a great game, really a must-buy. During the announcement at E3 this year I got the same vibe as when I first saw the early trailers of LittleBigPlant.
    One question though; everyone is always talking about online multiplayer, how cool that is/would be and I’m positive it will be included, but I’m wondering about offline multiplayer. Will that be included as well?!? Next-gen games often don’t have such a playmode anymore in favour of online, a real shame.
    Just like LittleBigPlanet, which is so great in offline co-opetition, this game could benefit from it as well. The biggest attraction of MarioKart has also always been the offline multiplayer mode, at least for me. So any news on that?

  • Re: Galvanise (44)
    Sixaxis integration is always a nice addition to a game for some people, not so nice for others if it isn’t optional. The only game I’ve played which, in my opinion, got sixaxis controls perfect was Flow. Plus, waving the controller around while playing a game tends to make the player look a bit retarded.

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