Gran Turismo PSP — Your Questions Answered

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Hello there Gran Turismo fans. I’m Penrose Tackie Gran Turismo European Brand Manager. Our friends in the US have recently followed up a Kazunori-san interview with a quick heads-up about the forthcoming GT-PSP release, so if you’re salivating waiting on new information on the groundbreaking appearance of Gran Turismo on the PSP read on…
Gran Turismo PSP - Replay 1
Last week we gave you 3 and a half minutes with Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi on Gran Turismo PSP. That’s not enough, you said! So as promised, we fired off your questions to the game’s US Producers, Chris Hinojosa Miranda and Taku Imasaki, and below are their responses.
Also, we know you have a lot of questions about Gran Turismo 5, and we’ll be calling for those soon. But for now, we’re just focused on GT PSP.

Could we expect any compatibility of Gran Turismo PSP with Gran Turismo 5 (like Resistance: Retribution with Resistance 2)? – TRIX_BOL
Polyphony has always pushed the hardware boundaries of every console it’s been released on…and while this isn’t really answering your question, it does leave it open for you to imagine the possibilities.

Is GT PSP going to have DLCs (such as new cars, tracks, etc..)? – TRIX_BOL

We’re planning on having 800+ cars right out of the box, which is pretty much a lifetime’s worth of racing (I’m still unlocking cars from GT4). With that sort of breadth and reach of options, having DLC would be like tossing water into the ocean.
Will cars get damaged on GT PSP? – TRIX_BOL
Damage? No. 800+ cars, 35 tracks, on-the-go awesomeness, and a lifetime’s worth of racing, yes.
Will we see Porche, Lamborghini in the PSP version? – wbrinkman
Our car selection is pretty broad — there is a lot of candy, that’s for sure — but as far as flavors, you’ll just have to wait a bit more.
Will there be a downloadable demo of Gran Turismo for the PSP? – grashopper
We wish we can provide one, but at this time, there are no plans. We are focusing our efforts on Gran Turismo and GT5.
It appears that the AI car count is 3 cars on track. Counting you, there would be 4 cars in the race. Wouldn’t it have been better to drop the framerate of the game from 60 to 30 and increased the car count? – grashopper
We went through many experiments but came to the conclusion that having three opponents gives you the best portable racing experience while maintaining the Gran Turismo level of quality.
Cmon fellas…GT5 Prologue update? Eh, eh? Custom soundtracks? Maybe trophies, a lobby system? Screenshot function? – FoomMan
Sorry FoomMan, we’re around the bend and down the straight: the team’s main focus at this point is making sure GT PSP (and GT5) are in your hands.

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  • Could be more clear about Lamborghini and Porsche.

  • They didnt answer the question >>

  • I’ve got a question that should be asked (politely, of course), When are Polyphony going to move-on to something that is not simulation racing?

  • Nice answers. I like.

  • Smoutefretter_BE

    Not that much wiser, not that much answers and new things!
    but hey, every bit off info is good!
    Still not convinced in the PSPGO, let’s hope they say/show sth. more @ Gamescom in Cologne!

  • I have had a PSP since 2005 (Two Thounsand and Five!) Awaiting a GT game on a portable system. I gave up ages ago, PSP is now in my ‘old gadget’ drawer.
    [DELETED] to Polyphony, what exactly are you trying to replicate?

  • Needed some more concrete answers if they’re going to bother listing the questions.
    @pabloq I’d assume they’re trying to replicate Gran Turismo as it is on a home console, without it feeling like you lose out because it’s on the PSP.

  • More like no questions answered…

  • @ taurus82
    I don’t think that Polyphony Digital will ever move away from the racing genre. They’re already deep-set into what they’re doing. They’ve got an extremely talented team that are (obviously) very passionate about cars. Hell, they even help make REAL cars and software for some cars!!
    But any genre of game in the (perfectionist) hands of Polyphony would score 100% every time.

  • Is it just me, or should the real question be: what is the point of doing these Q&A sessions if the “answers” provided never make it beyond anything that was not already in the official press release!?

  • day-one with psp-go, but there’s nothing new…

  • Looking forward to both GTs, but after seeing only 4 cars on GT PSP, my heart dropped a little. Is that it, 4? I knew a PSP GT was too good to be true, but hey, ill most likely still pick it up anyways.

  • I’m sorry, but they were very broad with their answers. Not good.

  • On a completely unrelated note, Penrose Tackie is the most awesome name I ever heard. I envy you! :(

  • LOL @ “on-the-go awesomeness”

  • PLEASE no big game installs for GT5 ?
    GT5:Prologue was about 6/7GB ? So i sold it. Won’t buy GT5 if it has a big install like GT5:Prologue. Sorry guys.
    Looking forward to GT5 & GT:PSP anyway :) [GT5]without installs :D

  • AS much as I want to hear all GT related news, (check out my PSN!) this was a bit of a let down. Nothing new here sadly.

  • Activity on the EU Blog has really died down recently
    We’re lucky if we get one post a day while the US Blog gets everything we have with an extra 5
    Nice to know that you’ve got a lot planned for us :/

  • How nice of them to have picked up my question and not answered it, actually non of them them questions led to any new information. This “wait and see” mentality is pointless when you are supposedly go around answering questions. Yes, more media attention – but im also now less interested in the psp version. Well played.

  • Come on Playstation EU blog! Your 1 post was topped by 8 posts by the US Blog… and theirs is Mobile Device friendly too (talking about PSP Go! and iPhone)… So on top of higher hardware prices, no video store and basically being last to be served if all regions… now even OUR Blog is underspecced :(

  • In all fairness, we do get more replies from the people posting than on the US blog. It’s not all bad and who in Europe cares about a baseball game thing?

  • Forgive my ignorance here but can we justify having the PlayStation Blog Europe when it just recycles topics from the US we’re all still using?

  • Typical of PD, a total waste of time.

  • To make this “awsome question-quiz”, they could have just stayed put. It´s annoying this kind of disrespect for the gamers.

  • Hmm, while i’m sure everybody can’t wait for GT5.
    And, i mean no disrespect in my post.
    But can this really be classed as info worthy?
    I’m sure everybody here is/was after, one thing.
    As in, Majority care about GT5 and this (while i’m sure good/great) PSP is nothing more than a side dish before the main course.
    PSP yes, i’m sure people will pick it up once released but i think the main attraction is getting stage fright or atleast letting others take it’s spotlight.
    Forza3 is hard at their heels (like a little ankle bitter), and i think it’s time to release some concrete info on their Gem.
    Like Release Date.
    I wanna focus on GT5 and if i’m happy “then PSP version, but when you got the competitors throwing info and vids etc around like there’s no tomorrow, it makes you wonder.
    Release Date?
    Damage guaranteed in GT5 Ps3?
    Two simple questions.
    Once you Announce/confirm these, i’ll pre-order.
    But until then,
    “You want some of this action?”..
    *waves money*
    “Then show me some skin!!”
    I’m just venting, like a child who can’t have a toy :p

  • no news on a late ported version of gt4 for the psp wish you would stop writing about gt psp just to get the figures up save it till you actually have some news its worse then official playstation magazine

  • I usually enjoy the producer/developer Q&As here, especially the ones with some of the more enthusiastic more independent developers.
    But I have to say this was the worst I’ve read and it seems to be a common problem surrounding Gran Turismo.
    Questions are asked and instead of answering simply No or Yes the answers are noncommital and/or vague and alluding to features that may or may not exist.
    And filling in the answer with details about something that wasn’t asked is not interesting as those details would already be known.
    So Mr Chris Hinojosa Miranda and Mr Taku Imasaki, please don’t act like mindless PR-people and instead think what the people you are talking to would like to hear.

  • Why are some people so ignorant and mouth at PD for making a PSP version? Loads of people want this, you know. Im actually looking forward to this more than GT5

  • Like FoomMan said, I want also an update for GT5P, especially when GT5 will be released in 2010.

  • 4 cars on track. It would be better called “Little Turismo” :/

  • ……. i know i’m probably doing just to be flamed :D …… but GT5 is going to be the biggest flop ever, and now GT psp will be a even bigger flop :P
    had my say

  • Just because of this game i’m buying a PSP….
    Pre-ordered GT5 16months ago!!!
    Now bring on some GT5P updates while we wait…
    Proud Gt addict…….

  • Its nice to know that polyphony are savvy to answering questions with clear cut answers!
    In the end of the day, GT PSP isnt as high as a priority as GT5 considerning “prologue” has been around for quite some time, this Q&A should have been about that in my opinion.

  • ….
    Fail. They didn’t answer them. Don’td Q&A if they aren’t prepared to answer them

  • Also, nice to see them supporting GT5P like the promised they would…
    I wouldn’t haave bought it if i’d known

  • haha, always circling around the questions and not really answering anything :D good old polyphony!
    And my 2 cents;
    4 cars seems quite small, i hope the tracks are tighter and shorter then too. Otherwise it might seem like driving in ghost-towns.
    And for the love of all thats holy, please confirm and lock down the release date and the eternal question that drives us: is there damage in GT5?! :D the vague hints and “i saw a glimpse in the e3 trailer” is not concrete.
    But hey! Otherwise, good stuff and i still luv ya polyphony! <3

  • is this some kind of a joke!? is this how PD think Q&A looks like? he answered only ONE question (4 cars) which just put me off of this game and rest of it is some PR BullS!!! what a waste of our time… seriously it’s disrespectful.

  • Hmm, didnt really answer any of the questions there did they? Cmon guys, this isnt the US blog, us Europeans are a bit more savvy than that and can spot PR disguised as Q&A.. The only thing this article says is “Dont forget GTPSP!”
    But dont worry, I wont.. ;) 4 cars (the only new piece of info) is just fine for me, because GT was always more about the player vs the track anyway.

  • EU PSBlog posts have really slowed down lately, huh? Singstar top downloads and a cute/paste off US blog are all we have had this week so far.

  • Well it wasnt really a Q&A more of a Q & not Answer. Ok 4 cars max on the track at any one time.. well I saw that coming, damn its going to make the Nordsliffe look lonesome (if they have it). I will still buy it of course it will make my luch time at work a bit more passable, just will have to remember to take the charger every now and then.
    As to GT5 well lets hope theres a few more straight forward answers in that Q&A session.

  • Nerdkiller316PSN

    Well, lets just hope that when this gets released this October, Sony will release the Ad Hoc party add on. I don’t wanna be lonely playing GT Portable.

  • hmmm four cars on screen at once, cut down tuning screen, 35 tracks and 100’s of cars… sounds to me like they just lifted the game engine from their Tourist Trophy PS2 game and ported it to the PSP with the GT4 car models plus a few tweaks. why did it take them so long to bring out??
    to those worrying about 4 cars only on track at once the concept worked very well in TT and allowed for more detailed bike models.
    what we do need to know is how much the Store version is compared to the actual physical copies of the game. i’m betting the Store version will be at least £5 more than you’ll be able to pick it up in shops for.
    you can pre-order it on Amazon today for £24.99 with a RRP of £34.99 (Store price???)

  • Great political answers, long on syllables short on substance.

  • Polyphony Digital could do a new Omega Boost or Motortoon GP

  • eu blog has gone very lazy this week… no original story at all… I am not impressed.

  • slow week indeed

  • “Sorry FoomMan, we’re around the bend and down the straight: the team’s main focus at this point is making sure GT PSP (and GT5) are in your hands.”
    What happened to “We plan to make GT5 Prologue have as many features as GT5”?

  • If we are gonna get Q&As like this can yo just not bother please.
    Its just a waste of time and effort they hardly answered anything with anything more than maybe and its just a little insulting.

  • double police-car post!
    just to show that we need new avatars! :D

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