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PlayStation.Blog.Europe Weekly Content Recap

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3 Author Replies

  • I’m very dissappointed in this blog, there’s not nearly enough posts, not half as many as the American blog which is much more informative:(

    • Hey Draco,
      The US blog has a head start of a couple of years on us – we’re still relatively new (just about 6 weeks old, I think) so it’ll take a little while for us to catch-up.

  • Great week we’ve had. Particularly yesterday. I’ve never seen a developer so successfully put so many people off buying their game. :D

  • The Introduction to Trine link takes you to the US blog btw ;)

  • Your the best charlotte! Another great week!! :)

  • Any plans to post some dev interview or info for the PSN exclusive TAPATOI?? There’s no info at all about this game to be found anywhere and for being a PS3 exclusive and released first in SCEE territory it feels strange that you don’t post anything about it…
    Besides it’s supposed to be important as it’s the first game from a partnership project between SONY and wastern European devs
    I just hope we don’t get to hear about this game until it’s released in the US and the SCEA Blog being the source of that info :(

    • Good to know that you’re interested in this title. I’ll see what we can do to get some coverage on the blog. :)

  • With info I mean gameplay videos, reviews and DLC plans

  • Hello,
    I see and #3 says it also, u linked “An Introduction To Trine: Coming Soon To PSN” to the US Blog. That story is also on this Blog ;)
    Just wanna help :)

  • This week was okaaay..although I’m surprised we got no coverage of Battlefield 1943..It’s the star of this week in my opinion.

  • @7 The reason that the US blog is linked and not the EU is probably due to incompetent pricing and EU being charged more for Trine $19.99 = £16.99 apparently so we get overcharged for the same game.


  • @9
    I agree, probably linked there because then people don’t see all the shenanigans that’s been going on with the price of the game over here.
    Still can’t believe it, I was really looking forward to it and now I’m not going to buy it.
    Good marketing campaign.

  • US Blog guys told me to ask here:
    1) Video-store in EU when?.. If no date, please say what’s the holdup!
    2) when will the EU blog be optimized for mobile devices? (please BORROW the code from US blog!!!)

  • @12:
    “1) Video-store in EU when?.. If no date, please say what’s the holdup!”
    EU = Many countries with many different laws regarding online distribution and thus a work-around is very difficult.
    It’s the same reason Hulu is still stuck as US only.

  • THANK YOU FOR THE ANSWER about Tapatoi!
    I love platformers so I purchased it…awesome game for that price!
    Can’t believe that 3 years ago I was buying Joust and other Atari ports for the same price over XBL…thank god the PSN games came to set a new standard for downloadable games!
    I highly recommend giving this game coverage so people knows more about it and purchase it, we don’t want small developers to be dissapointed and never return again to PSN

  • @ MazzingerZ – Agree with you there, a decent game at that price and some lovely graphics too, have a problem with the sound though, when they talk – the volume is very low, even it’s cranked all the way up in the game, and the tv is at normal level.
    Other than that – one great game.

  • @13
    That’s what I figured… but why aren’t they saying so? If Sony EU would just post their progress and holdups due to legal issues we’d at least know their not forgetting about EU and understand our needs.
    When it comes to support for mobile devices though.. there simply is no excuse :(

  • @13
    something just dawned on my… How come GAMES can be digitally distributed in the whole EU.. but movies can’t? It’s all intellectual copyrighted material at the end of the day?

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