Killzone 2 DLC #3 – “Napalm & Cordite” (and flames and bolts)

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Hello there PlayStation Blog! It’s good to be back. And it’s even better to be back with some exciting news for you guys. There is a new DLC pack incoming, called Napalm & Cordite. It has flames and bolts will fulfill the wishes of many of our weirdest fans. There will be more info on that next week, for now let’s focus on the patch.

Cordite Napalm

As with any good DLC, it needs a great patch. We’ve been scouring the forums, stopping and interrogating you in the streets and using futuristic mind-reading technology* to find out what you wanted changed in Killzone 2 and have done our best to try and accommodate that with our patches. So it is time for the latest and greatest update to come to Killzone 2, imaginatively titled: Patch 1.28. (How we come up with these snappy names I’ll never know)
So without further ado, here is the official press-release with the list of new features and fixes for you to go through and discuss further. I’ll be hanging around the comments section for a wee while, so feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding the below, or anything Killzone related.

Napalm Cordite

Over and out. Seb “MotherH” Downie
*Futuristic technology comprising mainly of some rope, a hammer and some knee-caps.

On Tuesday, June 14th 2009 at 8AM Greenwich Mean Time, Guerrilla Games will release the 10th update for the visceral shooter, Killzone 2.
Patch 1.28 will be 91MB in size (316MB for Asian release) and will be released worldwide simultaneously pending a server update. There will be an anticipated server down-time of about 2 hours while the patch is rolled out and the server updates are completed and tested. The following fixes and features are included in this latest release:

  • Feature – Code support for DLC pack III “Napalm & Cordite”. The update will enable players to create games with the newest maps “Suljeva Cliffside” and “Arctower Landing”
  • Feature – Code support for DLC to allow the additions of the Flamethrower and the Boltgun to multiplayer.
  • Trophies – New trophies added for DLC pack III “Napalm and Cordite”.
  • Feature – Detailed information screen when browsing games. Items displayed include: Friendly Fire, Faction Balancing, Custom Weapons and Custom Badges as well as the region, game size, selected maps and allowed Missions and Badges.

join game screen

  • Feature – Higher values for Bodycount mode. Players can now create games with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 and 200 points to increase the time of the mode for 32 player games.
  • Feature – Moderators can now create double-points events.
  • Fix for persistent squads now working correctly when users using separate Japanese accounts join Friends.
  • New loading screens.
  • Moderation – Additional powers and functionality for online moderators.
  • Fix for Clan Leader leaving his clan before an active Tournament of Clan Challenge.
  • Fix for score replication on different clients.
  • Fix for a Clan Challenge results displaying a won/lost games as a ‘Draw’.
  • Fix for incorrect Tournament timings being displayed for (semi)-final.
  • Fix for an empty message pop-up being displayed.
  • ‘High Precision Mode’ now defaulting when requested.
  • Fix for stuttering audio on the Asian version.
  • Fix for network error displayed when trying to log in with another users account.
  • Fix to reduce network traffic and improve performance.
  • Fix for occasionally being displayed an empty background when ‘Join Friend’ via Communications tab.
  • Exploit – Pyrrhus Rise map boundary fix.
  • Exploit – Radec Academy collision fix to prevent players being revived inside a pillar and using it to their advantage.
  • Cosmetic fix for Medic Gun visual effects.
  • Cosmetic fix for Search & Retrieve object being cloaked by the Scout.
  • Cosmetic fix for Scouts body remaining cloaked after being mortally wounded (i.e. headshot).
  • Gameplay – Damage from Sentry bots tweaked back on request of the community.
  • Collection of minor code fixes.

For the latest new content, news and all things Killzone, visit which will also reflect the changes made to the game such as being able to view Battle Replays of games played out on the new maps or being able to use the new settings to create Clan Challenges or Tournaments. Further features and fixes to include:

  • Feature – Tournaments – Full tournament functionality enabled once again.
  • Feature – Upcoming Tournaments are now displayed in a clan’s calendar.
  • Feature – Upcoming Tournaments are now displayed in My Killzone upcoming events.
  • Feature – Upcoming Tournaments are now displayed in clan communication center.
  • Feature – Tournament and Clan Challenge support for DLC Pack III “Napalm & Cordite”.
  • Feature – Additions of sounds in Battle Replays.
  • Feature – Additional animations in Battle Replays.
  • PlayStation®3 landing page updated.
  • Higher selectable Bodycount values when creating Tournaments or Clan Challenges via
  • Various bug-fixes and minor updates.

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  • Good evening Seb,
    I sure am glad to see that the server information feature we have been asking over the past months is finally here. Thank you.
    Now regarding the introduction of the third DLC, will you be releasing a bundle including all Map Packs released so far? If that is the case, would you kindly tell us how much it will cost.
    Not mainly related to the matter at hand, but when will you be starting the ‘double EXP’ weekends?
    All the best,
    Good dad

  • June 14th??? But anyway great update!!!!
    Will be Flamethrower and the Boltgun available an every multiplayer map?

  • *Where is the Edit tool?*
    Good daY -_-‘

  • I have a suggestion. Release a “Killzone 2 GOTY Edition” containing all 6 downloadable maps.
    Maybe then, there will eventually be more people playing those maps.

  • @5
    It would have to be GOTY fist though lol

  • SCEE today said they didnt know anything about this lol shame it had already been revealed on the playstation japan

  • Nice one cheers dude @ GG..look forward to it.

  • @6, I think its GOTY. Now get to it! :D

  • Great update…however I am sad to see it missing the most important feature.
    Often I want to join a session my friends are in but it won’t let me because we are too different a rank and the session they are in is limited to their rank range.
    When searching for a game there is the option to list “My Rank Only”. When its set to “Yes” it will list only the games I can join, and when “No” it lists all games even those I cannot join. That is a useless interpretation as why would I want to see ALL existing games, even the ones I cannot join?
    What that filter SHOULD do is, on “Yes” show you the sessions that suitable for my rank, and when set to “No” to show me sessions that are open to ALL ranks.
    Without the above, I have not been able to play in sessions with my friends, unless we start our own sessions, which nobody joins considering there are sessions with 20+/32 players, instead of 2/32.
    Please fix this, I love this game and would love it even more to play with my friends.

  • Alex_Assassin_08

    wow…flamethrower and boltgun…online…finally! now hows abouts u guys actually get people back into Killzone 2 online? I for one don’t play it anymore…none of my friends do. It’s a shame :(
    Battlefield 1943 = addicting!

  • bonito, this DLC is a must have

  • *does a little dance*
    Thanks Seb. There is still a lot of things I’d like to see. And whatever happened to that promise of free DLC content?

  • How will these new weapons work? Will only certain classes be able to select them when they spawn?

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • It would be nice if this one was free.
    It would show the Community that Guirilla cares about the K2 players, but i know it wont be for free^^
    What i would like is an recording option, im sure ppl woud like to make Machinima with K2, and i would love to watch them.

  • wow more dlc already cool, can’t wait for more info next week.
    cool patch aswell, the two main things have been sorted now:
    1. being able to join and stay in a squad with friends.
    2. being able to see more information before joining a game.
    great work GG i hope you’s continue to support the game for many more months, in fact until killzone 3 comes out lol.

  • Cool with this great piece of info, but as another post said i am not really playing Killzone anymore, i dont why, because the game has so many cool features and the grafics are great. :)
    But i will give it a try and upgrade to the new precision patch to see if this is gonna sway me in the right direction…because i wanna play this but it is not hitting me in the right spot. :( Sorry

  • Do you mean July 14th mate?
    Looks good!

  • another great dlc and great patch early christmas :)

  • The patch will be live on Tuesday and the DLC with the rest of the store update on Thursday.
    At least, that’s what makes sense to me ;)

  • Great stuff in the patch!
    And the new maps look really great as well. Nice to see the weapons being added, but it’s a shame they weren’t in it from the beginning really, as they obviously featured in the singleplayer campaign.
    Great stuff though Guerilla Games, keep it up!!

  • Nice patch, when you say full Tournament functionality on does that mean you’ll be able to search for tournaments to join on the website?
    Because frankly the Tournament screen in-game is completely useless – no filtering and no information shown on the main screen. This means you have to go down one by one and click it to see any info – then you end up getting tournaments that have started, that are full, that for for teams bigger than your own, that aren’t in your timezone etc etc. The only thing you can do is to keep going down the list clicking in and out – and after about 3 pages you loose the will to live and just give up!
    No wonder it’s difficult to get a Tournament fully subscribed if it’s that hard to find one…
    Regarding the new weapons, will they only be available in the new maps or will they apply to all maps? In which case which classes use them and what happens if you join a game if you haven’t got the DLC – will servers running the new weapons be unavailable or will the new weapons/classes just be unavailable for you to select but others can?
    Oh and any chance of introducing some discount bundles, say all 3 DLC packs released so far for £11.99? Warhawk used to do this…

  • just wish I could change the crouch button for Multiplayer.

  • FANTASTIC cant wait for this i love killzone.

  • Nice update Seb mate ;)

  • This update seems really good. The body count thing should make things veeery innteresting! =D

  • Totally awesome!!
    Now we just need to have some special discount bundle for all 3 DLC maps, and it would be very cool if we could get a platinum or special edition of KZ2 with all the DLC included on the disc. This would enable much more people to play the DLC maps, as not all of us can have access to a credit card to buy the DLC maps. There is no prepaid PSN card for Europe, so we’re left wondering how to get these DLC maps, which all look excellent.

  • @31: Don’t you have prepay visa cards in Europe like we do in New Zealand?

  • Why do I feel that we are being milked for money >.<.

  • Hopefully we also get a discounted bundle of past Killzone 2 DLC for those who haven’t purchased any yet.

  • A big, discounted DLC bundle would be great. I’ve not been tempted to pay for little bits and pieces.

  • Alex_Assassin_08

    wait…so are the 2 new guns in the patch, for free…or are they part of the map pack?

  • Great update but i for one don’t play it anymore…none of my friends do. It’s a shame :(
    Battlefield 1943 = addicting!

  • Sweet! firstly I’m looking forward to next week to get a Referb ps3 and to get 15quids worth of Dlc….Oh and I’m gona enjoy nailng my enemys to wall, it’ll be so much fun!

  • This is simply ridiculous(ly awesome).
    Love you guys at GG…literally KZ2 for life dude!

  • looking good dudes, KZ2 is finally looking good for me…… its just a shame you cant turn off the non-mortally wounded thing, as it just spoils the gameplay for me , ……, AND also is it possible to turn off the player cam when your killed……,AND is it possible to turn off the player names when playing >.> …. that is all :p

  • How about a pack deal ? something like all 3 dlc for £9.99 (A saving of just over a £1 on each one ?
    If you want to encourage gamers to return to Killzone 2 then a pack deal is the logical way to go.

  • I’m hoping the game details are shown when looking at the list of available games and not before. Please tell me this is how it has been implemented. Basically it should be like Warhawk where all the information (ping, maps etc) is displayed and you just click on one and enter the game. It’s simple, intuitive and effective.

  • almost 20$ for 6 maps?
    wanna customize controls: zoom and fire under triggers and crouch without holding button

  • More maps that should of been included in the game, bassa.

  • Great new content,but please, cheaper map packs… I didn’t buy the flash and thunder map pack yet :S

  • Nice patch and looks like a good map too, although the boltgun is way too overpowered to be used in multiplayer… A booster/combo pack like with Warhawk would be nice.

  • the maps will be probably £4.79, like the last ones

  • Hopefully Fix to reduce network traffic and improve performance will stop me disconecting ALL THE TIME in games of 32 as i can only play in games of 20???

  • Posted on July 11th, 2009 at 6:07 pm by NightHawk767
    Nice patch and looks like a good map too, although the boltgun is way too overpowered to be used in multiplayer… A booster/combo pack like with Warhawk would be nice.
    Yes the bolt gun is powerfull just like the shotgun and like the shotgun it is for CQC and is not very acurate, it’s more of a tea-baggers weapon and that’s what makes it fun ….love it!

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