Numblast – New Puzzle Gaming Coming To The PS Store Today

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Hi everyone, I’m Olivier Banal, Assistant Producer in the London Studios International Software Development team, and I’m here to let you know a bit more about Numblast, the latest puzzle game to launch today on PlayStationStore.


Things aren’t going too well at the Scientific Alchemy Club at Cross Academy: Choco Ayama has managed to turn Akasaka Sempai, the president of the Club, into a monkey… How? Well, let’s just say that Choco’s experiment with the Numblast cubes did not go according to plan and you’ll need to put things right. So it’s all up to you to master the mysterious cubes and channel their energy to turn Akasaka Sempai human again.
Here are the basics: you swap the numbered cubes on the grid to create combinations of 4 identical cubes in a two-by-two square. This will cause them to explode but, before they do, the numbers on these cubes will count up. This allows you to plan for combos and create chain explosions for huge scores.


The three different game modes will test your puzzle skills:

  • The Endless mode lets you play for as long as you can, until the field is covered by inert grey cubes which cannot be swapped.
  • Time Trial gives you 3 minutes to detonate as many cubes as possible.
  • In Puzzle mode, you will have to detonate all the cubes in preset arrangements with as few rotations as possible.

Add to that unlockable extras and Trophies and Online Rankings for the PS3 version. So there you have it, it’s a terribly addictive game with a wacky Japanese twist and it is out today.

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8 Author Replies

  • Awesome looking forward to this :)

  • looks interesting do we have a price ?

    • Hi Wright316uk,
      The price is £3.99 (PS3 or PSP).
      That’s €4.99 for our continental friends :-)

  • nice oliver but have you got any info on last guy update for eu please i see you avatar is HE

  • looks pretty quirky. i hope theres a demo to try out :)

  • We want the same contents of the US Store.We want Metal Gear Solid,Resident Evil and the other Capcom Classic announced today for the US Store.

  • what else is comming?

  • I don’t want the crud from the US store.
    I just want to see stuff from Euro developers released on Euro PSN first or at least at the same time as US/JAP.
    Its the only thing that really gets my goat, seeing games developed in the UK and Europe released in the US before we get them.

  • FINALLY ive been waititng for this for SO long, thank you for finally getting your act together and bringing this out! YES!
    Also, thank you so much SCEE for getting on this BEFORE SCEA otherwise i would have had to wait longer!

  • Thanks Olivier, looks good to me :)
    Cavalieroscuro – I’m with you m8.
    All we want is the same stuff that US users have, at the same time.

  • I don’t like the English voice work on this game at all.
    Is there an option to play it with the original Japanese voice actors who were not hyper annoying children that make me want to gouge my own ears out?

    • Funny you should mention that, cactite.
      There is indeed the option to play the Japanese V.O. instead of English. It’s in… the options menu! ;-)

  • oh no, this means my mind is actually going to explode! how could you give us a mind melting puzzler on such a hot day like today, lol, my head is already bubbling away without playing a cute brain-teasing little PSN game like this! :D
    hopefully therell be a demo too though?

  • What I want to know is this. How can Sony expect the new PsPgo to sell in numbers when they can’t get the digital distribution right. I was going to splash the cash for one of these machines but if I can,t dowload the content that I want ie; the ps one classics that the Us store has what is the point. Till this shambles is sorted out I will keep my 1st generation PsP.

  • Do you have both the PS3 AND PSP versions?

  • I wanna play MGS in my language (italian).We want give our money to Sony,but it seems that Sony doesn’t need/want our money.
    I bought a PS3 to play games,not to watch movies on VidZone.

  • Just to clarify Oliver,
    My “I don’t want the crud from the US store.” comment was aimed at Cavalieroscuro, not you or your game.
    We need an edit button on here pronto.

  • I’m with Highbury4ever – the Go is coming out in just a few months, Sony should be giving us Simultaneous worldwide releases for PSOne and PSP titles, if they hope to gain a lot of PSP Go sales.
    The lack of PSone titles in the European Stores is kinda disheartening.
    And to think I’m one of the few that will Actually buy the Go on launch date for Full price :(

  • I think this looks good.. I like it. Where’s the PSP version? Anyone?

  • This reminded me of…

  • Unless I’m very mistaken, this isn’t the Update post for today – just a developer showcasing a game that will be up today.
    All the comments about how the EU stores don’t get the same updates as the US store will no doubt be falling on deaf ears.

    • I was just about to come on and post something to that affect actually – guys please don’t bombard Olivier with comments about the store in general – you can focus your sights on me and my store update post later this evening ;)
      You can tell Olivier how lovely you think he is though :)

  • Locke_Tribal you are quiet right indeed with your post But………If Sony won’t listen to there customers then hopefully the Devs will and leen on Sony a bit more to get their act together. What has to be remembered it is not only Sony that loses money the Devs do as well, in turn hurting future game developement.

  • FascistBullyBoy

    Is it going to be a reasonable price?
    For example I think a downloaded game of this ilk would be worth in the region of £1.50 – £1.99.
    Are my expectations accurate or will it totally over priced like almost all PS store content?

  • lol my bad, I forgot the Blog Ninja [a.k.a Mike] is supposed to be bombarded with all our questions.
    Sorry Olivier!
    BTW any chance you can give us a price point for this game Mr.Banal?
    I’m liking the Chibby-cute artwork btw.:)

    • That wasn’t the point, I just feel it’s unfair to aim all the negative feedback about the store to one of the team members who is giving us content for the store that’s all…

    • No problem, Ragnarok-NZ.
      Mike has now posted the Store Update with all the prices.
      £3.99/€4.99 for Numblast.

  • Point taken Mike
    Many apolagize to Oliver. Olly…… can I call you Olly? what is the price for this piece of mind scrathing fun you are about to introduce in my life. Have you got ant other projects on the horizon you can tell us about.

  • Looks good! But if you don’t have a CC your ! So come on SCEE bring us pre-paid cards!

  • Oliver, are you using the Hindustan Electronics logo that was on The Last Guy for a reason?
    Is that spoof company being used again?
    Or did you just pick it because it was nice?

  • do you dread thursdays mike?

  • @mikeyboy888
    He’s not so worried this week. The Blast Factor patch nutters will have gone away for ever.
    He’s happy :D

  • @Mike
    Yeah I know, my bad. I didnt mean for my earlier comment in a mean or rude way.
    Sorry Mike/Olivier.
    BTW Mike, any idea what’s going to be on the store later tonight?

  • Thanks Olivier for bringing this title to the European PSN store before it comes to US ;)

  • Dang the blog should have an edit function –
    Yeah I know, my bad. I didnt mean to sound rude in my earlier comment.
    Sorry Mike/Olivier.
    BTW Mike, any idea what’s going to be on the store later tonight?

  • is the psp version out?

  • Is the store getting an update today?

    • Yeah, the store will publish in the next 10 minutes or so – a LOT of content today, so it’s taken a bit longer to get ready for you all.

  • aaagh these types of games ruined my life when i was younger :(……… in a good way :D there either to addictive, or to freakin annoying like mirrors edge speed runs

  • …. and are there ps1 games in this update, mike kebby?

  • whats happened to film trailers on the store havent been any for ages

  • I hope the store updates soon.

  • The concept and gameplay looks wonderful, but the English voiceovers are absolutely awful. I almost muted the trailer when I watched it, but I wanted to hear the music.
    Please tell me that you can completely disable voices in the game, it would severely damage my enjoyment of the game if I had to listen to those awful voices as I played.

    • Yes, Smegzilla, you can turn off the SFX and V.O. and just keep the music on.
      Talking of music, you can also play the tracks and playlists saved in the Music menu of the XMB.

  • FascistBullyBoy

    Outrageous pricing of this game by the way Olivier.

  • Sicilianblooded

    5 euro is too much

  • I can’t believe people think £3.99/€4.99 is too much!! That’s a great price and in this economic climate (or any economic climate to be honest) you couldn’t realistically want it any cheaper, unless you just want it giving away?
    When you look at basic game development like the Red Bull Air Race addon for Home cost £100,000 it’s not hard to see why games like this cost £3.99 – they could have just as easily priced it at £6.99 or £7.99 like Zuma or Bejeweled, so I think it’s a very reasonable price.
    Anyway I bought it, partly because of the price and partly because of the excellent Store Preview trailer that gives a very informative rundown of how you play the game…

  • Im going to give Numblast a go now that I know i can play without the english voiceovers! I can take a risk for £3.99.

  • The game looks great in 1080p and feel quite unique. Too bad I’m having a lot of trouble getting the necessary trophies (some sort of guide would be appreciated). Don’t forget you can also play custom soundtracks, I played a whole week without realising this =).

    • Hi Mich_be,
      To know what to do to unlock the Trophies, just have a look at the Monsters section in the Records menu.
      I do agree though that some are easier said than done :-)

  • Oliver i like the english voices

  • Considering the price, I might well get this. That’s value right there.
    BUT HERE’S A QUESTION: I noticed that there’s two versions, PS3 and PSP. Does the PS3 version have Remote Play? I’m tempted by the trophies, but I can’t help but think that this game may suit portable play more. At home i’ve got too much RPGing to do.

  • I know this article is a little old now, so the Oliver will probably never read this – but I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic and highly addictive puzzle game!
    When I first saw this I just thought it was another generic clone of a puzzler that’s been done many times before, I wouldn’t have even got it if it wasn’t for the fact it was £3.99!
    But I’m so glad I did, I love the counting mechanic that allows you to chain blocks together, it really makes it feel original and is very addictive – it makes it much more tactical and requires plenty of forward thinking to get the big combos, and I like the way the blocks slowly black out but can be rescued if you create chains that use them.
    Plus the different modes really add to the gameplay variety – Speed mode is great for a quick fix, the puzzle mode really requires some thought, and the main mode is taking me around 45 minutes per game which really shocked me – you lose track of time when concentrating on the number chains!
    I said earlier people were unreasonable for thinking 5 Euros was too much, now I’ve actually played it I think they’re just plain crazy – this is a gem of a puzzler and I would recommend it to anyone!

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