Numblast – New Puzzle Gaming Coming To The PS Store Today

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Hi everyone, I’m Olivier Banal, Assistant Producer in the London Studios International Software Development team, and I’m here to let you know a bit more about Numblast, the latest puzzle game to launch today on PlayStationStore.


Things aren’t going too well at the Scientific Alchemy Club at Cross Academy: Choco Ayama has managed to turn Akasaka Sempai, the president of the Club, into a monkey… How? Well, let’s just say that Choco’s experiment with the Numblast cubes did not go according to plan and you’ll need to put things right. So it’s all up to you to master the mysterious cubes and channel their energy to turn Akasaka Sempai human again.
Here are the basics: you swap the numbered cubes on the grid to create combinations of 4 identical cubes in a two-by-two square. This will cause them to explode but, before they do, the numbers on these cubes will count up. This allows you to plan for combos and create chain explosions for huge scores.


The three different game modes will test your puzzle skills:

  • The Endless mode lets you play for as long as you can, until the field is covered by inert grey cubes which cannot be swapped.
  • Time Trial gives you 3 minutes to detonate as many cubes as possible.
  • In Puzzle mode, you will have to detonate all the cubes in preset arrangements with as few rotations as possible.

Add to that unlockable extras and Trophies and Online Rankings for the PS3 version. So there you have it, it’s a terribly addictive game with a wacky Japanese twist and it is out today.

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