MAG Developer Diary – Episode #3: PMCs

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In this next part of the current developer diary series, Zipper explain the differences behind each of the different Private Military Corporation (PMC) factions in MAG. Learn what it is that separates Raven, Valor and S.V.E.R. and then decide which one lies closest to your heart. If you’re really stuck for choice then the Zipper guys also confess their own allegiances, which may be just the inspiration you’re looking for…
Elliott “Shijima” Martin.

[viddler id=16714876&w=500&h=290&playertype=simple]

We’re back with another behind-the-scenes for MAG! This week, in the third “MAG Mondays” dev diary installment, Zipper Interactive gives us an in-depth look at each of the three PMCs in the game: Raven, S.V.E.R., and Valor.
Do you associate with the high-tech, polished Raven, or are you drawn in by the traditional military style of Valor? Or perhaps you’re into the edgy, aggressive S.V.E.R.? I’ve chosen my allegiance; which private army will you join?

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2 Author Replies

  • Looks great! :D
    Do I understand correctly from the video that there are significant differences between the hardware of the factions?
    S.V.E.R FTW! ;)

  • Any word on the type of release this game will be yet? Retail and download like warhawk, etc or just retail?

  • You guys need to work on getting things up on time. The US blog, Gametrailers etc all had this up before you guys. I know its still early days for you guys, but you’d get more visits if your news was actually news.
    :) Galv_

  • Mouse – I think that is the way it looks… I am imagining Raven have heartbeat monitors on thier guns (like the new MW2 trailer), and super high velocity hardware, huge rounds etc, fancy flash bang and stun grenades etc. Where as SVER will have shot guns, Ak47s and magnums.
    I might be wrong on th emix but definitely different hardware.
    Game looks immense!

  • What happened to MAG Developer Diary – Episode #3 ?? You’ve jumped straight from #2 to #4!

  • Looks….awesome! Cannot wait till we get some more info on the the different factions.. (soon please? ;) ) and maybe a release date (or release window?
    Thanks! :)

  • Who needs Activision when we have Zipper
    Call of duty will not be as good as this game

  • it has to be S.V.E.R they look like salem and rios out of AoT (also a great game) and they are the two most asskickingest characters ever (apart from solid snake but he is just too good)

  • I think I’ll be going with S.V.E.R, they look like they will be a challenge to fight with against Raven and Valor, and I like that :)
    Can’t wait for the game, looks awesome :D

  • I’ll go for Raven.
    @ Shijima, does one faction play different than another faction?
    Wich one do you chouse?

    • Elliott "Shijima" Martin

      I’ve not noticed much difference in the way the factions play myself, other than the weapons available to you (which all have different stats). At the moment I am basing my choice of faction solely on appearance … which makes S.V.E.R. an absolute must! ;)

  • S.V.E.R FTW! lol, Lookin 4ward to this…..wen ever the release date may be…?!?

  • Nice Vid, I have a few questons though…
    1) Can you shoot/kill people before they have landed from their parachute? I’m assuming you guys have taken measures to stop spawn killing?
    2) Will there be notifications of every death on the HUD? As in “so and so just killed someone else with an AK47″….because that could get a bit manic lol!
    P.S – Think I’m tilting towards Raven atm!

  • These dev diaries are a really good way of keeping up to date. I still havn’t decided what faction to join yet though.
    Also @5 This is dev diary #3

  • if i had to pick right now, i’d go for the SVER, you just know the cheap kill crew are all going to pick the Raven anyway and camp out like they always do thus ruining it for everyone else.
    maybe implement a system where your health/ammo takes hits if you keep still for too long to stop the spawn campers/snipers or bring on an auto morter strike if the character has stayed in the same 5m2 for longer than 30 seconds to keep the match flowing.
    sniper camping is just too easy and unbalenced if i was a dev or as in my KZ2 games i remove that weapon option totally from the match. i can see MAG being 128 people camping out on each team from day one.
    also how are ‘glitchers’ going to be dealt with? account ban maybe.

  • Looks so good; I’ve always wondered though where the PMC’s were based, I think Valour and SVER may be American and Russian respectively but Raven I’m not sure, are they perhaps based in Europe? Anyone know?

    • Elliott "Shijima" Martin

      The general themes is that Valor is North America, Raven is Western Europe and S.V.E.R. is a combination of Russian, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc.

  • please make sure there is no lag…

  • Hmmm, well i think i’m gonna go for the faction with the “V” in their name…..?

  • Ps. I think S.V.E.R. must be a latin motto for something but have not yet figured it out

  • It’s too early for me to make a choice. I really don’t know which PMC I will go in.

  • @13 Yes they’ve now labelled it Dev Diary #3 but it was originally posted as Dev Diary #4. You can see that too in the URL:
    Unless of course they change it shortly. ;)

  • I like the technology so im gonna have to choose raven.

  • If Raven will be European based, it’s a must go. I’m very pro-European, and I’m also a tech-geek. :D

  • Raven FTW :D !
    European based and I love their high-tech stuff :) .

  • BTW how do you get an avatar? :(

  • Just one question:
    How do you guys balance the shadow war if there is a big overweight of players in one faction / no ore few players in another faction, then you should think, that the faction with few players always will be at an dis-advantage to the factions where there is alot of players and have no hope of getting up the latter in the shadow war.
    Am i seeing this the right way or have i missed something, so every faction will have an eaquel chance to move up the shadow war latter, eventhough there is a big difference in the number of players in each faction..?
    If you guys could give some feedback on this, it would be greatly valued. :)

  • We’re all European here so Raven is a must :D

  • Hmmm i personaly like the design of Valor and the Serv factions. :)

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