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Update: 20 July 2009
Hello! Great news – the new PSN Trophy features are now live! To compare your trophies with your Friends in the new leaderboard, go to, sign-in using your PSN Online ID then head over to My PlayStation Network / My Trophies. Enjoy :)
Hi everyone. My name is Emmanuel (or “Manu” as everybody calls me) and I’m the Portal Manager here at SCEE, which means that I look after
Back in March this year we released new PSN functionality on, in particular the ability to directly check your Trophies and the status’ of your friends on the website, plus a new Trophy-friendly version of the Portable ID.
Already more than half a million of you have enjoyed these new features and continued to update your Portable ID on a regular basis, so thank you very much for your support.
Since the launch of the PSN channel, we’ve been listening to the community in order to plan further enhancements to the section and I’m happy to say that from mid-July you’ll be able to enjoy two great new and much-requested features on…
First up is the new “My Trophies – Compare with your friends” page, which is fairly self-explanatory but will enable you to line up your Trophy collection alongside that of your PSN Friends. - Compare Trophies

Many of you also requested a Leaderboard, so you can see how you rank against your PSN Friends, and whether you’ve moved up, down or stayed in the same spot. So here’s a look at the new Leaderboard: - Trophies Leaderboard

This is still work in progress and the design of these pages might change slightly, but as we get closer to the launch of these new features we’ll let you know more details on how they’ll work and the exact release date.
Back in March I said this is just the start of new exciting ways of enjoying your PSN world and it still is: keep an eye on for even more new features coming soon. I’m also keen to get ideas and feedback from you, so don’t hesitate to post your comments here on the Blog or into the Forums.
On a final and separate note, I just wanted to remind you to keep your PSN sign in details safe: never tell anyone else your PSN Sign-In ID (email address) or password, and only use these details to log-in to official PlayStation websites.
See you soon on

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9 Author Replies

  • Nice features! I hope they will be ready soon.

  • Sounds good, don’t really care much about the trophies but I know this will appeal to quite a few.

  • Sounds interesting.
    The signature and those new features are the only features where SCEE is ahead to SCEA.

  • Are there any plans to make the profile publicly accessible? E.g. clicking on the PSN trophy badge will take you to your profile, not just a register page…

    • Emmanuel Orssaud

      Yes this is in our plans for later ;)
      I’d love to hear from all of you on what you’d like to see in your public profile.

  • Not using Flash for every single menu on the site would be a really good improvement, too.

  • Nice features ,,, and we really need them , thank you Sony for the hard Work , but i wish the leaderbord features isn’t just for friend … i hope it’s globaly too … and we wish more and more of this cool things .

  • It’s great to see PSN continually evolving. I look forward to the time that you can implement a public facing API for this data.

  • Is an auto updating Portable ID on the cards?

  • Oh nice, but when the general leaderborad with all ID will be available ?

  • The sigs are nice EXCEPT it’s a hideous color! Please either change the color to something a bit more neutral OR even better let us choose a color :)
    I only know one person who actually uses the sig everyone else will never use it because of the color.
    Also a smaller version of the sig would also be nice ;)

  • I have to ask the same question as Bloody_Marcel up there.
    Why, for the love of all things natural do we have to manually update that signature?!? It makes absolutely no sense at all.
    Is it thought about to automate this?

  • ty, awesome :)

  • Is the same screenshot meant to be shown twice? Looks like the top one doesn’t show what you intended.

  • RadioactiveMouse

    Hey there,
    Personally I would like to see a mix of trophy cards for forum use as the current one is too large (width) for us to have the card and a link to various events we are running ;)
    Also it would be nice to have more of a bio page on the site a bit like on the Forums. This would obviously be an addition to the player profile but would give more gamers a reason to check the site as it wouldn’t likely be changeable from the PS3 ;)
    Lastly an autoupdate script for the updating of trophy cards would also be a nice addition :)
    Keep up the good work though and congratulations on a great looking addition to the site ;)
    – Mouse :D

  • Great stuff, looking forward to the new features :)

  • Nice, thank you Manu!

  • Good to see new features coming to the website. Any idea if we’ll see auto updating portable ids at some point? Would be nice! :)

  • Quote
    “we’ve been listening to the community in order to plan further enhancements to the section”

    So will there be an auto sync for trophy cards be coming soon

    only seem to update mine by changing the card them is this going to change ??

  • Good afternoon,
    I have been an early adopter of the Portable ID, and have yet to take it away from my forum signature. I sure am glad to see the Portable ID continuously evolving. Below are my few suggestions:
    1) In all honesty, the ‘mood’ is totally useless. I wish it could be taken away
    2) The icons should display the latest earned trophies, and not the latest played games
    3) Auto-sync is a must
    4) The leaderboard is a great addition, but appears to be sadly too limited. Why aren’t you considering a worldwide trophy leaderboard?
    Good day

  • You don’t have any platinums???? *points and laughs*
    good work on the site.

  • Oh, about ideas and suggestions… why don’t you simply go to and c&p everything that’s in there? You’ll basically get everything a PS3 user wants without even asking ;)

  • Any chance of an XML query or something similar that could be used by other websites/applications to return the list of trophies for a given user?
    Things like this are what build a better community, you’ve made a great start but a bit more open-ness would be greatly appreciated :)

  • Hello Manu!
    Great job so far!
    Hopefully, someday we will be able to submit our trophies to a regional or worldwide leaderboard.

  • Auto-updating trophies would be nice, and a lot more customisability for our trophy card s would be cool too (themes and stuff).

  • Great features,
    But what we REALLY need is a public API to access account informations (trophies, friends, send messages, last game played, currently played, and so on…), just like with Xbox Live.
    This way, you wouldn’t have to deal with providing trophies comparison, leaderboard. Just give the community tools to gather PSN informations and let us do the job on our community sites.

  • Thanks for creating these new features. I like it very much that the leadearboard is for friends, as it’s far fetched to be high up on the leaderboard for most people, but it would at least be fun to see who has the most trophies.
    I’d also like if there where a way to see some statistics about games. Like percentages of how many has platinum in each game, and how many has a certain trophy.
    And are you considering to make an API so that sites like can make leaderboards for theire community and other features?
    And again, thanks for adding compare trophies and friendsleaderboard to It will be used a lot.

  • And to add to my post. Stats on how many percent of the trophies you have (out of the games you have trophies in) would be awesome.
    An example:
    User A has two games. He has 30 trophies, and in these two games, he could have a total of 100 trophies. That would make the percentage 30%.

  • add the option to send people on your friends list ect messages from that would be a pretty cool feature (hint hint ^_^)

  • Emmanuel, the only thing that is really neccessary is auto synching of trophies. As it stands you have to do it manually which is a pain in the behind and unneccessary. Any response on this?

  • Auto syncing.
    More signature sizes to pick from e.g 400px × 75px etc
    Public api.

  • I think a way to send psn messages through the site would be a good thing to have

  • Public profiles showing trophies and what not would be good.
    Autosynching trophy cards.
    PSN messages through the website.
    Those features would take it from good to great, just to make it “there”.

  • Awesome.
    New avatars and auto-sync would be great,too.

  • I hope Sony incorporate the trophy leaderboard into the next PS3 firmware update

  • Ill take this opportunity to point out a few things i think could be improved in the future:
    1) The potable id doesn’t refresh automatically – and it should. Either on sync (when your ps3 updates the trophy info) or daily. Having to force the update by changing some other info on your portable id is really irritating and has to change if Sony is serious about this feature.
    2) The mood field on the portable id – please make it optional – its looks silly.
    3) The favorite game field on portable id – In its current state its just plain wrong. If its a fixed list – please keep it up to date with all the ps3/psp releases. If you cant do that – please allow people to type whatever they want here or make the field optional. In the current state the list contains 30-ish titles and im forced to choose one as my favorite? This is unacceptable. And then you draw charts that LBP (for example) is ‘most favorite game by psn users’. Give people a proper choice – its titled “Favourite game” and not “Favourite game from these 30, and not the ones you bought and played”.
    Other than that the web integration is going along really great if somewhat slower than anticipated :)

  • So it that a leaderboard just for your PSN friends? It would be nice to have a global leaderboard.

  • I wonder if you guys could add more games to the favourite game section of the portable ID, as of now (for example) you can pick Uncharted 2: Among Thieves as your favourite game but you can’t select Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. It would be nice if there could be a bit more consistency. Aside from that, I love all the features of and keep up the good work.

  • Great stuff! I’d like to see the range of “Favourite game” extended, InFamous being a PS3 exclusive should definitely be in there. Auto-update of the PSN portable ID on ever sync should be looked into as well, much better than the silly login-edit-save process we have to go through at the moment.

  • looking good. still, nothing on there that we cant already do on our actual PS3s really. but hopefully in time we’ll see loads more cool features :).
    in the next update can we have:
    – an auto-upddate feature of cards.
    – fully custom cards (the purple and the whole silly comments bit on the left is nice, but useless. all the cards look the same on the forums :/).
    – an actual link on our forum profiles (on each post or something) that takes us right to a public trophy set-up.

    • Emmanuel Orssaud

      Right now this is not possible due to the limitation of our system but going forward when we review the Portable ID and make it more interactive, we might bring the auto update. We now that many of you would like to see this feature. Be patient ;)

  • being able to connect ur psn id with ur email address book. so you type in your email address and a list of ur friends psn id appear!

  • This is great stuff. Always had trouble getting this to work but now away we go.
    Keep up the outstanding work guys.

  • Nice!
    My only request is to have a background low-priority thread updating the trophies of the card. Say every 24 hours or something.

  • Great! Another feature I would love is to change tha Background image, like a theme management.
    Thanks for your amazing work! :)

  • A EU or worldwide leaderboard would be great i hope we get a full profile on ourselves by the end of the year with home / psn details so we can actually show off our skills and achievements to the world.I hope im up there in the trophy leaderboard :)

  • This is great news guys :)
    Will we every be able to add our games lists to our profiles or our own info pages ? Even better have the ablility to compare game lists so we can matchmake with each other on a game by game basis.. maybe ;)

  • Excellent update, there aren’t many things SCEE lead the way on, but when it comes to your online PSN/trophy presence SCEE definitely leads the pack!
    The EU PSN forum signature beats the SCEA attempt hands down, and I use it on most forums/sites I’m a member of – I’m surprised only 500K people have taken advantage of it!
    I’m sure it’s an obvious one but it would be a bonus if it updated itself – even if it’s once a week, or when you sign into any site with your PSN ID (like this blog). It’s not a huge problem though, I tend to stock up a few trophies and then go in and update it manually. Keep the nice signature designs flowing too, I love how they aren’t just square screenshots but ‘pop out’ of the image, again maybe you could add a ‘random’ option that scrolls through the different designs either daily or on each page load (I’m sure I’ve seen PNG images that change each time you press refresh).
    I like the idea of the leader board for your friends too, will there also be an option to see where you rank globally?

  • Great News. I think we need a PSN API for other websites to use your service to get stats and info publically.

  • Oh, and the aesthetics of those new screens look much nicer than the profile screen on the actual PS3 – are there any plans to refresh the PS3 Profiles with something a bit more slick – I don’t see why it needs to be in a little box with 3 pages when it is only viewed via the PS3 – why isn’t it a nice full screen profile page? Or is that part of the rumoured v3.0 firmware? ;)

  • New features are always nice. But when can I add/remove friends and read/write Messages on that site?

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