Super Stardust HD Celebrates It’s Two Year Anniversary

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Hello everybody, my name is Petteri Putkonen and I am part of the Housemarque team.
This week we celebrate the second anniversary of Super Stardust HD with an unmissable one week special offer on the PlayStation Store: Super Stardust HD for just €1.99 (£1.59)!!

Super Stardust HD

Super Stardust HD was launched in June 2007, and we continue to be surprised by how many people around the world keep coming back for more to fight in an ongoing interstellar battle against massive planet killing meteors and evil alien forces. How did we do it?
The pre-history of Super Stardust HD adds its flavour even if the game mechanics, controls and design might not appear to have that much in common with the earlier shoot-‘em-up titles we’ve done in the past. The game has its origins deeply rooted in the very early history of Housemarque, as the company’s co-founder and original mastermind behind the game, Harri Tikkanen, led a small team of young game developers that created the very first Stardust game for the Amiga 500 computer way back in 1993.
Simply titled Stardust, the game had an evil mutant penguin Professor Schaumund trying to conquer the whole galaxy with his fleet of agents disguised as meteors, alien creatures and spaceships, but his nearly perfect plan was unlikely but ultimately foiled by a lone rebel pilot in a measly little spaceship. A few years later the most evil and twisted mutant penguin genius in the universe returned and wreaked havoc across the galaxy again in Super Stardust for the PC, the first game Housemarque got published in 1996. Throughout the years, several interpretations of Stardust saw the light of day on platforms like Atari ST, Amiga 1200 and Amiga CD32.

Super Stardust HD - Team mode

Jump to the present, and Professor Schaumund’s forces are back and we can’t help but be amazed when we see the kind of high scores players from all around the world have contributed to the global high score ranking lists on PSN. Just as an example, we originally estimated that the all time top high score in Arcade mode might reach a 500 million point mark, but as time has shown, players keep exceeding your expectations. Today, the top Arcade mode high score is over 1,7 BILLION points! We can only wonder whether it can be pushed any further, is it possible to go beyond 2 BILLION?? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Looking back, throughout the whole experience of developing Super Stardust HD, even with its success and critical acclaim the most important thing for us has been the personal feedback we’ve received from fans of the game from all corners of this planet. We’d like to thank you for all your kind words, emails and support. Although we’ve recently been busy with our current PlayStation 3 project, we still keep thinking of doing some updates for Super Stardust HD in the future. There is at least one specific idea that would certainly add a new dimension to the game…

Super Stardust HD, 1

If you have any thoughts, you can let us know what you’d like to see added to the Super Stardust HD experience; just leave a comment on this blog or email
Right from the beginning, working on Super Stardust HD felt special for us. It was one of those rare projects where everything just clicked into place, where every design and technical decision felt like it was the right thing to do. We started working on the game in August 2006, and it was subsequently released as the first globally launched PSN game on 28th of June, 2007. We believe strongly that what we came up with is our best game yet, and if you haven’t tried it for yourself yet there’s never been a better time to do so.
As we rapidly approach 300,000 pilots listed in the global Arcade mode high score list, more and more players keep enlisting every week. A third of these have also played their way onto the Solo Game Pack’s high score lists, with an increasing amount of gamers also playing the game with friends in either the included split screen co-op mode or the Team Game Pack’s multiplayer party mode.
We’re currently busy trying to outdo ourselves with our next PSN exclusive game that’s in development at the moment. We’d love to tell you more about it but will have to wait a little bit longer before we can reveal any details. At the moment, all we can say is we’re confident it’ll be worth your wait.
Keep blastin!
Peterri and the Housemarque Team

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  • £1.59 bit steep innit? ;-)

  • Didn’t know this game had such a long history! :O
    I’m definitely going to pick this up today, 2 euros is a steal!

  • are there anymore add ons planned? SSHD still is my favourite PSN title i would just like to see it updated

  • WOW, 2€? Really nie price.

  • Absolute bargain.
    @ Anyone who is considering purchasing this game – Get it! It’s an awesome game and one of my favourite PSN games.
    Did I mention that I have 100% trophies for SSHD. :P Quite proud of that one..Some of them were pretty hard. :D
    Looking forward to hearing more about your next PSN game, I’m sure it will be great. :)

  • I hace 100% too!!

  • An amazing game, I still cant survive 7 mins in endless without dying! >:(

  • Will the add-on game packs be cheaper?
    I got the ‘Team Game Pack’ Lots of FUN playing that with friends ;)

  • Awesome price! I got the demo and was impressed. So for under 2 quid guess I can’t go wrong? :D

  • Got this when it first came out , still one of the hardest games to get trophys on , Well done happy birthday !!!

  • Are there any rough dates for new add-ons?! I REALLY love this game and that’s saying something because I usually don’t like these sorts of games. I have all the trophies! :)
    When I got Late Boomer, I was almost in tears. Good tears. :p
    Any chance of an add-on that is music based (using songs stored on the PS3)?
    Please I need more!!! :D

  • Terramarque and Bloodhouse FTMFW
    You guys are awesome, SSHD is one of the best shooters I have ever played. Keep up the good work!

  • How did you do it? Twas the first game with trophies. Thats how you did it.
    But in all honesty it is a good game, even if you milked us abit with the expansions.

  • Will there be updates for the psp version?

  • Just wanted to say your game is fantastic, thank you for creating it.

  • Great game, I love it!

  • SCEE running a price promotion on the EU PSN Store??! Surely there’s some mistake! SCEE never run price promotions, only SCEA do such things! ;)
    Seriously though that is an absolute steal! I bought the game at launch as it happens, as it really was the standard bearer for the early PSN game releases (and looked gorgeous in HD!).
    It also shares many ties to the development of the PSN in general – it was considered one of the first “must own” PSN games by critics, it was one of the first PS3 games to allow custom music soundtracks, and it was one of the first games to have trophy support (if not the very first).

  • It’s legendary in fact now I believe anything finnish is awesome.
    It would be great if there were new add-on packs soon :(

  • Super Stardust HD is a great game!!
    I already own it, but I think everyone that don’t have the game yet! Buy it now 1,99 is nothing for such a great game!
    I hope that we can see some more games from you guys! Great studio (housemarque)! Super Stardust HD and Stradust Portable are both really good games!

  • Happy birthday Super Stardust! Such a great game! One of my first PSN game and also one of my favourite. I hope more titles from you coming to us guys. Cya.

  • Awww £1.59. Damnit! I have exactly £1.51 in my account.

  • Not only is Super Stardust HD one of the very best PSN titles, its also still one of the PS3 games out there. Gameplay, graphics and audio are all fantastic, actually I still stand by the idea that the add-ons are nearly worth the money for the new soundtracks they add alone!
    Thanks for the great game Housemarque, and I can’t wait to see what is next from you guys :)

  • Thanks to this game I was the first person on my friends list to get trophies. Great game as well, I’d recommend it to anyone.

  • Awesome game awesome game.
    Only wish you guys would start do those tunnel sequences & level select on each planet as in the TRUE superstardust game.
    The tunnel sequence could be when you slect a new planet (after unlock).
    but Happy anniversary!

  • Great game, the best on PSN I think, considering it is 2 years old!
    I was a fan on the Amiga too.
    Still struggling with some of those trophies though… respect to those who have mastered it!

  • AWESOME! , i never really bothered with these types of games, but as THE must buy PSn game, and 1.59 i cant say no, got nothing else to spend my 2.51 on…currently… so i’ll give this classic game a bash, i just hope its as good everyone says ;P

  • happy birthday super stardust hd today is my birthday 2 got this game along time ago if anyone has not got this game you should get it now because it’s fantastic

  • Petteri – thanks for writing a great article about SSHD, one of my very favourite games on PS3. I remember it on Amiga 500 as well and your team have done a fine job in bringing it to PS3.
    Here are is an ideas for something I’d like to see in SSHD! A 2 player mode where the two ships have to compete against one another rather than work together. A split screen mode would have the players actually shoot at one another with the aim of destroying their opponent’s ship. The ships would wear down each time they got hit rather than exploding on the first impact of a bullet. What would make this more tactical is the way that asteroids and other obstacles could be used to the player’s advantage. They could be used as cover from incoming fire. Alternatively, an opponent could aim at an asteroid near to an opponent in the hope that the fragments would hit the opponent. In this two player competitive mode, weapons options would be more limited than in the normal modes of play – perhaps only allowing a player to upgrade each weapon once (otherwise it would be too easy to hit the other player and the game would be over too quickly).

  • WOW :O
    2€ for this great game that stood the test of time?! I want it! :D
    Very good price, you’ve got to keep that spirit ;)

  • I’ve already got the game, but i’ve just sent out messages to me mates to get it :)
    Unreal game and at $4 (Aus), now thats an absolute bargin for anyone who doesnt have it!!!!

  • Ylivertainen Tähtitomu Teräväpiirto on nimensä veroinen. Peukkuja pidellään :)

  • hey thanks, super bargain price! i’m ready to purchase!

  • Magnificent game, still probably the best PSN title out there. I recall talk of a mode a while back where the asteroid and enemies’ speed and frequency were scaled to the beat of the custom soundtrack, which I think would be a brilliant addition. Some crazy fast techno track would produce a mode like Endless, whereas you could have an “easy” go to, I don’t know, Rod Stewart’s ‘Sailing’? People could post their toughest tracks!

  • Nice bargain for those who have not picked it up yet. But i am saddened that the DLC is still an astronomical (for size and funktion) 4€ each, would have gladly picked that up at a similar discount :-(

  • Yeah, best PSN title ever. So addictive! Would love for more DLC!

  • STHD is a really good game. It was the 1st game to got trophies, and I ‘ve bought it just to try them out. And I’m glad I did it. But i’m still one trophie short. It’s the damn split screen trophie. I don’t want to spend money on the expansion.
    Can’t wait to see what will be their next game.

  • Just downloaded it and played for half an hour and it is indeed brilliant . Im oldskool gamer (pong ,Game & Watch , Scramble , Atari 2600 , Spectrum 48k , Amiga , Megadrive ,PS1 ,PS2 PS3 ) This game has the spirit of the old days and the sexiness of the now days.

  • Just bought this and loved it, wish i got it sooner =D

  • I wanted to buy this but I refuse to put more money on the PSN Store than I want to spend, surely this breaks some EU Law. :rotfl:
    How will you EVER get a perfect fit for money loaded to the account, you should just be able to pay for what you buy! :(
    Its lost 2 purchases for far as my mate also refuses to put money sitting on there for nothing.

  • Now if you could reduce the price on those expansions as well … :)

  • Been so long since I’ve heard from Housemarque… painfully long…
    I wanna find out what that new expansion idea is!

  • Very addictive game! Don’t forget the PSP Version … also a great game!

  • R.I.P Michael Jackson :(

  • I’d love to see two things in particular. If I remember right, the framerate was a little off in splitscreen mode, so if there’s anything you can do with that with the experience you’ve got from the new game that would be totally awesome. Also, I’d love to see more boss guys, they were pretty cool as well

  • i have to say, this is a fantastic game, great fun after a few drinks too. :)
    i seemed to do better while drunk than sober funnily enough.
    and at this price you can’t go wrong.
    and it supports custom soundtrack.
    i think i have a new fave psn title.

  • I’ve never been very interested in the game, I must say, but for 2€, I’m thinking “Oh, what the hell”, and I bought it. :) It looks fun, I’ll play it later. :) Thanks for the great promotion. :)

  • Well this sucks:( I’m from Europe, but because we don’t have a PSN store in Slovenia, I can’t buy it. PSN UK won’t accept my credit card, but I was able to get funds on PSN US (via PSN card), where the game is still 9.99$. The demo was really fun, maybe I’ll get it there anyway:D The really anoying thing about not having a local PSN Store is DLC. US DLC doesn’t work with EU games, I learned that the hard way after spending around 15$ for SFIV costumes I can’t use.

  • Furious_187, you do realize that it is against the T&C to use a PSN account that is not set to your country? good job posting it on a official blog ;)
    anyway, i’m definitely going to pick this up tonight, saw it on the store yesterday but i wasn’t sure whether to buy it or not, but i”ve decided to in the end :)

  • Hyvä Suomi! :D SSHD is such an awesome game and must buy for everyone no matter if you havent previously liked games from this genre. Still I haven’t bought any DLC yet. I think I should. Hopefully there could be some price drops for DLC stuff too in a future. Keep the good work! Can’t wait your next PSN-game.

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