PS3 Firmware (v2.80) Update

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Hello, I just wanted to provide everyone with a head’s up that the next PLAYSTATION 3 system software update (v2.80) will be coming soon. The playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been improved.

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  • Can you explain a little more?
    You mean that now we have support for more codecs? Like the mkv?

  • Thankyou for the news! Keep them coming

  • Does this mean faster XMB browsing and Trophy syncing?
    Seriously, it’s the second update in a row where we have no concrete info about what the update does.

    • Hi Andrefpvs
      I completely appreciate that this isn’t the most exciting firmware update we’ve ever seen but the team are continually working hard to improve the features on the PS3 and sometimes it’s necessary to make smaller incremental updates in-between the feature releases.

  • Oh great, gunna be forced to download this :(
    Probably when i want to play something as well. why cant we background download?

  • Nice. Does this mean I can organise all my media like music and videos properly instead of having one amazingly long list? I know you can assign stuff to albums but more control would be welcome.

  • Any further details on the exact updates we’ll be installing?

  • Yes, “some software” isn’t really helping us. MOAR DETAILS!

  • [JohnSketch]
    Was hoping for more in this update… =(

  • Give something more useful for a change.

  • Iam missing on important feature that i used alot on x360 and that is to join and play with a friend on same server if he is playing a game i have that i can se on his status message etc.

  • all aboard the hype train =D lol

  • I just want them to move the clock so it does not clash with the battery and notifications area. Seriously how difficult is that to fix…

  • Yes bloody hell sony ‘pull your finger out’!!!

  • Fascinating stuff.
    Seems that insider gy was right :) So he is probably right about Slim too ;)

  • We definitely need more info.
    By the way, I’m getting really tired of downloading and installing small updates like this. Why don’t you bundle these small updates in ONE big update. That would save me a lot of time.

  • It’s just going to be stability issues, nothing else.

  • will the clock be finally moved

  • So little information on what the update actually does :(
    My wish list.
    Better designed XMB design as seen at
    New avatars on a regular basis.
    Cross game chat.
    Ingame music across all games.
    Full backup actually backs up copy protected saves and restores providing you are using the same psn id.

    • Nice list, EternalMovement.
      We know that some of these changes and features are popular requests, so I’ll be sure to relay your request to the dev guys to see what they can do.

  • Also, this pretty much confirms that there is a hidden “major” feature in there somewhere but which does nothing as yet

  • So we got… nothing? How useful.
    Would have much preferred no update at all, and instead, make one big meaningful update.
    Unless there’s something actually valuable to PS3 owners, that we’ve yet to be told about, I see this update as a waste of time.

  • Downloading and installing updates does not bother me (I actually like doing it) because they’re quick to download and install (at least on my end). What I can’t stand is this “hai guise, new updatz! try nd figure out wat it doez cause we aint tellin ya! lolz” attitude from Sony. If they’re improving system stability, that’s great but let us know what was improved. Most of us are not tech-ignorant.

  • Faster XMB, and trophy sync is always useful.

  • you need to stop with all this minor updates sony. seriously.

  • Will the text chat censouring be fixed
    it censours words out like cave or Peter etc

  • “you need to stop with all this minor updates sony. seriously.”
    I like the frequent updates. Shows that they still know we’re out there ;P

  • Playback improved? Isn’t that usually a 0.01 increment update? Unless you’re trying to fill the numbers to 3.0 because it’s coming soon…
    we can hope can’t we?

  • Thanks alot , all updates are free and most welcomed , Thank you Sony..

  • There must be something else it does.

  • thx for the heads up, sony ftw

  • I wonder why there has been such an increase in the numbers of late.
    First it was 2.70 to 2.76 which was interesting enough seen it was to improve playback. Now its 2.76 to 2.80 which to increase playback functionality.
    There has to be some other features they are not telling us about. Or they are busy preparing something in the background to enable something later. We have gone from 2.70 to 2.80 in about 2 months.
    I think potentially we will see Firmware 3.0 by the end of the year.

  • I would also appreciate more information on the updates.
    On my wishlist, voice chat across games would be very useful, some way to manage friends list more easily and censored text chat removed (as the censorship seems to be based on all european languages, it is very difficult to talk at all).

  • Why Isn’t this 2.78 or something?
    I thought .10 updates added NEW features (In-game XMB, Text chat Etc)
    Dos this firmware (2.80) add anything new?
    More info please :)

  • Reckon its in prep for the EU launch of the Blast factor and Last Guy patches !!!

  • Another update without anything new…

  • WHAT NO ” FIX THE CLOCK ” posts?
    Or X game CHAT POSTS?????

  • Thanks for the heads up :)

  • Like some of the other people on here, I’d love to know what’s meant when you say playback quality has been improved. Does it mean framerate and/or stability improvements? Also, which software is affected? Really would be nice to know as there have been quite a few similar updates in the past.

  • ..wordless about communication.. about useless firmware.. disappointed about continued indifference concerne communitiy questions and request

  • Can’t argue with any update really, it’s good to know progress is being made.
    On the other hand, why can’t you give us a bit more detail into what these updates include? Just a quick change log of the little tweaks, or just the noticeable ones, and if you can’t because the update is paving the way for an unannounced feature, you could say that. Then you’ll have people all excited and not just thinking “this update is a complete waste of my time”.
    I’m sure you’re reading this so if you ignore me I will be very upset. :'(

    • Hi Milky_Joe
      Yes, me and other guys here are reading all of your feedback – thanks for your comment.
      Although this is quite a small update, now that we have the blog we feel that it’s important to let you guys know whenever there is a new version of the firmware available, even when it’s a relatively minor update.

  • All the recent rumors were true then. Bring it on.

  • In the spirit of this new blog, could more details be actually given for once when the sentence “The playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been improved.” is use?

  • hey SONY -meh- that’s all this update deserves.
    quit being vague on the details, just tell us WHAT
    you have done to improve ‘playback’ *coff*
    we paid good hard cash for your system the LEAST you
    can do is tell us what you’re forcing us to download.
    Firmware 3.0 and the PS3 Slim being readied for xmas 09??

  • J’ai juste envie de dire pitoyable… Mieux vaut sortir une ou deux mise à jour par an histoire que le firmware soit plus utile…

  • We need VOICE CHAT SONY!

  • I hope this fixes the Blu-ray playback judder that started after one of the previous “minor” updates that otherwise did nothing noticable.
    Its particularly noticable as I use my TVs 120Hz mode which makes playback normally silky-smooth but then every so often its like a frame is dropped. Its annoying as when I first got my PS3 it did not do it, it happened after one of the updates but I do not recall which one.
    That said, its nothing compared to the 360 HD-DVD playback. That is not even close to smooth as it obviously does not decode the frames quick enough. Still, they never sold their console as the ultimate Blu-ray playback machine now did they. ;-) I bought the PS3 primarily as a Blu-ray player so I do expect it to work properly.

  • Sweet, i love updates.
    Hope it has Mobile Chat Invites.
    X’n me fingers once again.
    I just hope you guys NEVER chuck a 360 and change the interface and make it worse.
    Keep up the good work Sony!

  • STOP WITH THESE UPDATES. Stop with them now, or package them all together in one big update 3 times a year like 360 does. I am more than disappointed that you guys have had NO progress in streamlining your firmware updates. They are still erratic and mostly useless. This whole “improves playback quality” crap is useless to us as consumers when we aren’t even told what titles it’s for?! Does that make sense to anyone at Sony? Really, I’d love to know! Because it seems that our time is worth nothing to you people.
    Having to update our firmware for things like this seems like a compromise we shouldn’t have to make. If it improves the playback quality of some games, why not tell us which ones or not issue the update at all? It seems stupid to keep doing this when we aren’t being told why we must waste a half hour of our lives updating our systems a couple times a month! It’s pointless and I would like more details or a reform of policy.

  • Small updates are great, but please do tell us what they do. Making changes means you’ve initially made a list of to-do’s for the update, so it shouldn’t be too hard to simply show us which ones you’ve done. Thanks.

  • Thank you!
    Hope that one day insert the feature for Twitter.

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